1D as People I’ve Served at My Coffee Shop

Harry Styles: The old guy that comes in every night and gets a ginger tea. He is moving to France in a month and is very concerned they won’t have his favorite ginger tea there. I offer him a can with 30 teabags, he refuses. Gets 6 teabags in one large cup instead…Tips me $1 after each 53 cent refill. I make bank.

Liam Payne: The teenage guy that comes in with his Russian girlfriend every night like an hour before we close to study and I’m just thinking, hey man you’re putting quite the time crunch on yourself you don’t need that kinda pressure my guy. Always asks if I know his drink. Definitely know their drinks. Sort of acts like an old man but in an endearing way. Very lovingly pours a sugar packet in his girlfriends soy caramel latte. 

Louis Tomlinson: That guy that comes in every damn time and is on his phone the whole line and waits til he gets to the front to order, still on his phone, and says, “Uhhhh I don’t know what I want” while me and the 10 people behind him collectively sigh. He feels bad and tips the 83 cents from his change in the jar. Comes back later and gives me a dollar. 

Niall Horan: That guy that comes in everyday exactly at 3pm and chills for awhile. He always gets a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino but gets double the matcha. And when I ask if it’s enough he just keeps saying more and more and after 8 scoops I’m literally dying because that’s so much green tea, he looks at me with an almost chaotic smile and nods. I’ve won his approval. Always tips super nice guy.