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Monon, Indiana

The first image above shows the spot where an “X” was formed by the Monon railroad. Viewing a system map of the Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville, better known as the Monon, one sees a line moving from Chicago to Indianapolis and a separate line moving up through Indiana from Louisville to Michigan City. The two lines crossed here in the tiny burg of Monon.

A famous wreck occurred at this very location on September 18th 1951. A southbound passenger train called the Thoroughbred wrecked into the stone station here, demolishing it. It is believed that speed was a factor—the train not being able to negotiate the curve of the wye track between the two lines at 50 miles-per-hour. The engineer was killed and several passengers in the station severely injured.

Recently I found this CSX unit working cars, moving back and forth, at the infamous location. The locomotive was built in 1972 as L&N number 8162, a General Motors EMD SD40-2. The second image shows a Monon caboose on display nearby where an historical plaque explains the importance of the railroad to the local area as well as to Indiana generally.

Two images by Richard Koenig; taken August 18th 2017.

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