The Top Cities For Finding Employment Right Now

To determine the best cities for finding employment currently, national staffing agency Adecco considered factors like industries in a particular city, cost of living and the presence of companies with varied employment opportunities. Adecco used data and feedback from regional offices across the country as well as employment rate data from the Department of Labor to determine which 10 cities provide the strongest job opportunities right now.

Opening up this bottle this evening. I picked this up a while back when I visited Jim Beam. I was impressed by the sample and wanted to bring some home with me.

I really enjoy this pour! On the nose I am picking up oak, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel. My first impression on the taste is vanilla, caramel and a very peppery burn.

If you are a fan of Jim Beam products you will love this! If you have not tried much of Jim Beam, I would still recommend this to everyone!


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okay so basically some guy came in and was like she’s really sick and we were gonna cancel but she really wanted to do this so no kissing and only one pose and don’t take a long time and if you kiss her then I will throw you out and so she came in and was feeling sick so we all went and took our pictures and she was so nice and then she was like idk if it’s bc of the south but you all are so nice and patient and quick and thank you I’m sorry I feel bad and we couldn’t have an awesome time and then she was like I’m gonna sign these posters and then she played the songs while she was signing posters and when she got done she was like I’m gonna go on the bus a lay down sorry guys but you all can listen to the rest of the songs and she said bye and she loves us and yeah also while she was signing posters we all stood around the room but then she was like come closer and sit by the table guys! and so we all moved up and she was so nice