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There are many ways in which Harry is different to other people Louis’ slept with, but one of the main things has got to be how responsive, loud, he is. Louis can crook two fingers inside Harry and he’ll moan as if he’s getting sucked off, and Louis can suck him off and he’ll whine and moan as if he’s getting fucked, and then when he gets fucked, he just seems to lose all control of his voice and falls into a mess of babbling, whimpering, gasping boy.

(prompt: i just keep thinking of harrys earring swinging about as he gets fucked from behind tbh)


look what came in the mail today!

i printed my own copy of tif, and no, you can’t buy it. you have to print it yourself, as the owners dont want it being sold (but they gave permission to print yourself a copy) .

i formatted the book by myself and created the covers on photoshop in about 2 hours.. i did mine at http://lulu.com/ and it was pretty easy and inexpensive.. if you have any questions feel free to ask me here and i’ll answer all of them as soon as possible

There's a Time For Work, and There's a Time For Fun


The one where Harry’s the 20-year-old secretary and Louis’ the married 30-year-old boss. And if they occasionally like to fuck, then no one has to know.  (xxxxxx)

A/N: This is my first time writing smut so hopefully it doesn’t sound like a sex-ed teacher explaining how people do it.

Captain Niall Part 1

Okay so this is Larry oneshot that I wrote for larrystylinsmut. CAUTION: THIS IS SMUT. lolol never thought I’d say that ;) anyways I ran out of space,so Part 2 will be up soon. Sorry it just sort of drops off :/ Harry is a freshman in high school. He had just moved to a new school,where he meets senior captain of the football team,Louis. Harry and Louis had been paired in AP Chemistry. When Louis had gone over to his house,the shy,awkward freshman was getting yelled at my his dad,an alcoholic. Harry confided in Louis. They became very close. Louis was always there when Harry needed him. Until now……. —————————————— Louis shuffled down the hallway,sleep threatening to take him right then and there He had gone to Harry’s last night,the third time that week. Harry’s mom was working late and his dad always came home drunk. But Louis would come,every night,climbing into Harry’s room and laying next to him. He would hum lullabies in his ear,stroking his hair as he fell asleep. Louis knew that he was falling in love with the innocent,awkward freshman,and it scared him more than anything. He remembered how Harry curled into his chest like a small child,his curly hair tickling Louis’ chin. Louis smiled at the thought as he heard the banging of the lockers. His best friends,Stan and Zayn had thrown a boy into the lockers. It was a normal occurrence and Louis barely looked up until he heard Stan ” you think I don’t see you staring at him,faggot? He. Has. A. Girlfriend. He doesn’t even pay attention to you!” Louis looked up and saw Harry’s mortified face as he mumbled “I-i don’t k-know what y-youre talking about,Stan” Stan laughed and grabbed his shirt “shut up fag and stop looking at Louis. He hates you.” Harry looked up and saw Louis. He stared at him with pleading eyes,needing Louis to save him. Louis didn’t move. “STOP IT!” a voice with a thick Irish accent boomed as Niall Horan pushed Stan away from Harry. “What the hell is your problem Stan? He’s just a freshman!” Stan shrugged. “Ask gay boy here.” He said glaring at Harry. Niall sighed and turned to Harry. He nodded his head in the direction of the door. Hary grabbed his bag and ran out of the school. Stan glared at Niall and walked away. Niall saw Louis,still frozen where he stood. Niall sighed and grabbed Louis’ arm. He dragged him into an empty classroom. “Why didn’t you save him?” He asked Louis sadly. “Why should I? I don’t even know the kid.” Louis mumbled as he looked at the floor “Lou,I live in the house next to Harry. I can see you climbing into his window almost every night and leaving in the morning. I don’t really know what is going on between you two,but Harry is fragile. You need to tale care of him.” Louis pushed him back “Don’t you think I know that!?!” He yelled tears shining in his eyes. ” I have a girlfriend! But I love him! I love him more than anyth-” Louis stopped falling to the floor. “Please Niall. You can’t tell anyone. I will lose everything. My mom will hate me.” He sobbed. Niall hugged him “Of course I wont. I know the consequences of telling the truth,especially that truth.” “But you aren’t gay. What about Rosie?” “My brother was gay. They would taunt him endlessly and he hated them. But more than that,he hated himself. He committed suicide when he was 17. He didn’t have anyone. But Harry does. He has you.” Louis looked at Niall. ” I’m so sorry,Niall.I didn’t know. Thank you for helping him. I owe you one.” “Just be you. Thats all I want.” Niall smiled,his blue eyes crinkling. “See you later Lou” Louis smiled and stood.up. he grabbed his bag and ran out the door. He drove out of school straight to Harry’s house. He ran up and knocked on the door. No one answered. “Haz! Open up! Its Louis!” He called “Harry,please open the door.” Silence. Louis sighed and walked over to the side of the house. He climbed the tree he used to get to Harry’s bedroom almost every night. He looked in. Harry was wrapping his wrists,the aftermath of his crying making his breath erratic. Louis knocked on the window. Harry looked up and glared. It was full of hatred and betrayal. Louis swallowed his own sadness and crawled into the bedroom. “What do you want Lou.” Harry asked finishing the bandage. “I just wanted to see if you were all right.” Harry looked up again,his expression softening. “Why would you care?” Louis smiled at him. “I always care about you,Haz.” “THEN WHY DIDNT YOU SAVE ME?” Harry boomed,his deep voice rumbling,yet he still looked at Louis with wide innocent eyes. “Stan was harassing me in front of the entire school! Your best friend was hurting me,Louis. I saw you and I knew in my heart that you would come and save me. But you just stood there and watched! Watched him throw me around like I was nothing! I had to wait for fucking Niall to save me!” Harry crumpled back onto the bed. “I was afraid.” Louis whispered. “Why would you be afraid?” Harry said,not angry now,but still broken, ” you have everything. A mom that’s always there,sisters the love you. Friends that adore you. A girlfriend..” His voice broke on the last word and he started to cry. “That doesn’t make me brave,Harry.” Louis responded. “Let me see your wrist .” Harry shook his head. “Harry. Let. Me. See. Your. Wrist.” Louis said again,commanding him softly. Harry held out his wrist and he began to unwrap it. Harry hissed in pain as he took the last layer off revealing the angry red cuts,perfect lines across his slim wrist. They had already stopped bleeding,so Louis knew it wasn’t too deep. “Oh Haz. Promise me you won’t do this again.” “I promise,Lou” Harry said,looking at him .Louis bent down and kissed his wrist softly. “Good.” Harry gazed at him with wide eyes. Louis looked back and smiled. Harry started to tear up again. Louis wrapped his hand back up and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. He tried to calm him down,shushing him and humming to him. “I’m scared,Lou. I don’t want to go back to school. They all hate me there.” Louis pulled away and stared into his green orbs. “No they don’t. You have me and you have Niall. From now on I promise to protect you. ” Harry smiled softly. Something changed in his green eyes as he leant and kissed Louis on the cheek and whispered “I love you Louis.” He said placing his hand on his cheek. Louis looked at him in shock. Harry loved him back! All the fears and worries of Stan,of Eleanor,of his mother all flew out the window. All he cared about was Harry. “I love you too Harry.’ He whispered and smiled. Harry grinned,his dimples showing and his green eyes sparkling ‘hes so beautiful’ Louis thought. “Then kiss me.” Louis hesitated,then he slowly pressed his lips to Harry’s. They were soft and wonderful. Louis smiled and kissed him again,harder,smashing his lips against his. Harry giggled and tugged at Louis’ jacket pulling him closer. Louis groaned and straddled Harry. He ran his tongue against the boy’s lower lip,asking for entrance. Harry opened his mouth slightly. Louis roamed every inch of his mouth,tasting him. He pulled away and began kissing the streaks of tears that were still falling from Harry’s face. Harry whimpered and pulled Louis’ jacket off and then his shirt. His large hands roamed Louis’ slim body,cupping his ass. Louis groaned and returned the favor,then took in the sight. Harry’s curls were falling in his eyes,his eyes shining. His long torso ending in his jeans. He was so sexy. Louis felt the heat pool in his stomach as he grew harder. “You’re so beautiful Haz.” He said. Harry blushed “Louis?” Harry asked softly,his voice hoarse. “Yes Harry?” Louis said running his hands through Harry’s curls. “Will you make love to me?” Louis froze. “What?” “Fuck me Louis.” Louis looked at him. Harry wanted him. It was obvious looking at the front of his jeans. Louis felt the tightening in his own jeans. “Yes Harry. I will.” Harry kissed him roughly and Louis undid the buckle of Harry’s jeans. He pulled them down along with his boxers,leaving him completely exposed. Louis stared at him again. Harry’s cock was standing up,already leaking pre-cum from its red tip. Louis bent down and wrapped his hand.around it. Harry gasped “yes Louis!” Louis licked a strip on the underside causing Harry to moan again. He rubbed the tip with his thumb then took the tip in his mouth. “Louis I wont make it much longer. I need you to fuck me.” Harry spat out. Louis nodded, “okay baby.” He said and pulled down his sweatpants. His own cock was hard as well. “I will need to get you ready first. ” Louis said and spread Harry’s legs. He looked at the tight pink hole and moaned. He needed to be inside of Harry. “Do you have anything?” Harry nodded and reached over to the side table and opened the drawer,he pulled out a small bottle of lube. He handed it to Louis,who smeared some on his fingers. He slowly started to slide a finger into Harry,who hissed through his teeth. Louis started to pump faster,garnering moans and whimpers from Harry.

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