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Your Cup.

The first time you had ever met Harry’s family, Anne, Robin and Gemma, there were a few things you had noticed. But none of them stuck out like the cups. Them god damn cups. Everyone within the family had a cup with the first letter of their name. Harry’s, for an example, was ‘H’ and Gemma. ‘G’. It was one of your favourite things about the Styles/Twist family. You were currently on your way to Anne’s with Harry of course. You were cuddled up in the passenger seat of his Range Rover. H was driving and you couldn’t be more bored if you tried. You constantly leant up and kissed Harry’s cheek and when his hand wasn’t placed on the gear stick, you would pick it up and place a kiss on each knuckle making him shiver a little. “M’love, I’m tired if you keep doing that, I’m going to fall asleep.” He said taking your palm in his and repeating your actions. “Maybe we should pull over and take a nap.” You suggested. Harry shook his head, releasing your hand. “I just wanna get there, y’know? Have a cuddle on the sofa or somethin’.” He said, you just simply nodded.

“Love, we are here.” You heard a soft voice whisper. You slowly opened your eyes to find your gorgeous boy friend kneeling at your door. He’s stroking your like and looking up at you with such a soft face. You grumbled, you took the blanket that was wrapped round you and held Harry’s hand as you walked to the door, cuddling into his side. As he pressed the door bell he kissed the top of your head causing you to cuddle in a little more. “I love you” You whispered. This was the second time you were meeting Harry’s family after ten months of dating, but you were still nervous. Anne opened the door and wrapped you both in a hug. “Welcome home!” She said. She takes a look at the pair of you and notices your drowsy expressions. “Come on in, I’ll make some tea then you can hope off to bed.” She says. You took a seat on the sofa, that was far too comfy, you didn’t mind though. Robin suddenly appeared. “Hello!” He said, He shook Harry’s hand and gave him a man hug, then looked down at you and have you a hug and kissed your cheek. “You bought your bags in?” He asked. “Shit.” Harry swore realizing he had forgotten the bag in the boot. Robyn offered for him to go and get them, but then didn’t give Harry a choice has he took Harry’s keys from the bowl and made his way outside. Harry placed another kiss to your head and whisper yet another ‘I love you’, of which you returned. Anne soon walked in the living room door with two mugs, normally you would get the guest one. It was normally just some patterned mug, where as Harry always got his ‘H’ mug. Anne always made sure to have it. This time, you were given a mug, different to any of the other you have had. It was the exact same mug as Harry’s, just with the first letter of your name. You smiled at Anne as you took the mug. “Is this mine?” You ask. Anne nods. “Of course, what kind of member of the family would you be without your own mug?” She says. You look at your beautiful boyfriend, who’s smiling at you. He leans over and places his warm lips to yours. You can’t help but smile at your family.


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You & I set

If there was one thing you loved, it was being on set and following Harry at work. You loved seeing Harry in the atmosphere and he enjoys and loves. After all this was Harry’s life and you had entered it. You loved it too. You had also been able to travel the world as see amazing things that you most probably never would have been able to see with out the love of you life.

It was time for the boys to film their music video for one of their latest singles ‘You & I’ it was one of your favourites. Unfortunately, Harry had woken up with a cold and wasn’t feeling his best. You gave him some flu tablets and had a shower with him just to make sure everything was good. Who didn’t want to see Harry Styles naked knowing he was all yours? You had seen it and you loved it, just to say the least. You were leaving your hotel room in Somerset and heading towards Clevedon Pier where the music video would be filmed. Harry was really excited but, he still felt really bad, that made you heart break a little. With a few kisses to the head and a cuddle, Harry felt that he was at least just a little better and able to go on set.

You watched as Liam came off set and was immediately wrapped in a coat. “It’s focking cold mate, you sure you want to do it today?” He asks a very cold looking Harry who had numerous coats on, blankets, scarfs, gloves and hats. He was still far from warm though. “Yeah” He sniffed. “Just get it done with, then I can go home and cuddle with the missus.” He smiled at you. The make-up artists put some power on his red nose and cheeks and soon, all the layers keeping him warm were gone and he was left with just a wooly jumper, jeans and his staple black boots. Half way through his scene, which was going perfectly, he sniffed, therefore, he had to do the whole thing again. It really wasn’t going well for Harry and you really wanted to warm him up quick.

Harry’s scene soon finished and he came rushing over to you. “Love, can I have some of your hot chocolate?” he said. You nodded. He took your cup and downed half of it. It was a good job that it wasn’t too hot. You mad him sit down and you began wrapping him in blankets. After he was all wrapped up you sat down next to him and pressed kisses on his lips. “God, I love you” He whispered. “I love you more” You smiled and kissed him again.

Once getting home, later that evening, you saw a picture put online and it made you giggle.

@/harryupdates: Look at Y/N helping Harry keep warm on set! Rumors said he was ill!! Poor Baby!!


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Best friend.

Harry was indeed, your best friend. You couldn’t imagine life with out the happy soul. Of course since your boyfriend Wilf, things haven’t been the same. Wilf didn’t like Harry. To be fair, Harry didn’t like Wilf. But Harry had warned you. Definitely warned you to be careful and it wasn’t a ‘Stay away’ kind of thing, Harry just cared and claimed that ‘You’re so kind hearted and anyone will be willing to take that away from you Y/N’. You knew that this was partly true. You cared for everyone.

Yours and Harry’s friendship occurred when you had bought one of the penthouses somewhere in LA. It was quite a big achievement. It was your first pay check from your dream job, writing for Vogue. You’d bought the penthouse and moved in. Upon your moving day, you encounter someone with curly locks and green eyes that make your heart drop a bit each time. This was of course, Harry Styles. he introduced him self and offered to help you move in, you declined but HIS kind hearted mannerisms helped you anyway. You were thankful. At the end of the day after moving in, Harry offered pizza round his and some celebratory drinks. Of course you moaned about him doing so much for you then paying for pizza? It was ridiculous, you offered to pay for the pizza but Harry simply reminded you that buying you pizza was the least of financial worries. That, you couldn’t disagree on. Since then your friendship had come along away and you were happy to admit that you were indeed, best friends. The fans knew about you both and often supported you romantic relationship, of which there was none. The fans starting realizing this when Wilf came about. But now, it was different. You had just broken up on with Wilf. You had found him. Cheating on you, in your bed. The cheek! You found your self wondering the streets trying to clear you head a little. You didn’t want to bother Harry, Harry was stressed about the bands new album coming out and he was all over the place. Plus, going to Harry’s would be going back to your apartment really with it being opposite.

As you walked past Starbucks the rain soon began to fall, making this day even worse. Your hurried in inside and grabbed a coffee. You sat in Starbucks for another half an hour and a fan came up to you. “Hi!! Are you Harry’s friend, Y/N?” The young girl asked. You nodded your head. “I sure am!” You smiled, dispute your unpleasant mood. “That’s so cool! Is really that sweet?” She asks. You nod. “Harry is the sweetest person I know, he’s always so kind and caring. I’m honored to know such a man. I truly am grateful.” You smiled. The little girl smiled and looked at you. “That’s so nice of you to speak of him like that.” She says. You take a sip of your coffee. “He’s such a good friend for me, I have to at least be nice back” You giggled. You said your goodbye and you walked out the door with her Twitter @ written on your hand, with a promise to follow her when you got home. It took you a minute to realize where you had to go. You had to go to Harry’s. Harry was home for you. You walked quite quickly towards Harry’s. You got up into the escalator and made you way to Level 12. The doors opened and you didn’t dare look at the apartment that had caused you so much pain the in past three hours. You knocked on Harry’s door and they he stood. He looked so soft and comfy. He was wearing a green tee with his stable black jeans and his grey woolly socks. “Hey babe,” He said as he opened the door almost as he just knew it was you. He took one look at your outfit to see that you had been drenched by the really bad rain. “Oh god, love, you must be freezing! Come in!” He said ushering you inside. He took off your jumper and it left you in a vest top. “You’re bloody freezing baby!” He said. He dropped the jumper to the floor and then he looked at you. His eyes scanned over your face. Your bloodshot eyes, your blotchy cheeks and you hair wild. “You’ve been crying.” He stated. “No, I haven’t” You denied. “Don’t lie.” He said. All it took was his soft eyes to make you burst out into sobs. “He’s a prick H! A fucking prick!” You shouted. Harry wrapped you in a cuddle as quick as he could. “Wilf?” He questioned. Hearing his name made yo sob even more. “Harry, I caught him… H-he cheated!” You shouted. A gasp escaped Harry’s lips. “I’m so, so, so , so fucking sorry, love.” He said. His grip had tightened. “Fuck, Y/N. I’ll hit him.” Harry said. You sighed. “I’ll fucking hit him so hard, love. I promise.” He said. You shook your head, wiping your tears. “Don’t bother. Will I ever find love?” You sobbed a little. Harry pulled away. “Y/N, don’t you ever, ever say that. I promise you’ll find love. You’re so beautiful and kind hearted and anyone would be a fool not to fall in love with you, you care about everyone and its so lovely how much you care. I honestly, cannot believe a man could honestly treat you like that, god damn.” He gets up and start pacing across the room. “If I had you, I’d never fucking treat you like that, you’re to god damn worth my life to do anything horrible.” He said. His pacing stops and stares at you. “Harry,” You whisper. “For fuck sake, Y/N, I’m in love with you. I didn’t wanna say anything, I just. I’m so in love with you. Every look I ever gave you, every thing I ever did, was because I love you. And that’s okay. Its okay to be so in love with someone that it physically pains you to see them with someone else. Its also perfectly okay for you not to be in love with me too. I understand. I perfectly understand. I just needed you to know, you don’t have to say it back what so ever. Just, just know how I feel” He says finally sitting down next to you. You take his hand in your own and hold it close to your body. “Harry that was so beautiful” Your eyes are watering and you lean in and peck his lips lightly. His hand slowly rises up your back and rests on the back of your head pulling you closer to him. His lips tease yours and you tease back. He lets out a little moan. “Harry,” You whisper so softly. “I love you.” You say. He smiles against your lips and you both pull apart. “Bath?” He questions you. You hadn’t even noticed how cold you were.

After the really warm bath that cheered you right up. You got out, blow dried your hair and put on one of Harry’s tops. You went to the sofa to see the girls @ still on your hand a little. You asked Harry to borrow his phone as your was in your flat and weren’t quite ready to face that yet. You logged into Twitter and followed her immediately. Harry asked what it was and followed her too. It made you smile when she tweeted you.

@/swayzestyles: THANK YOU @/Y/N AND @/Harry_Styles FOR FOLLOWING ME!! I OWE YOU EVERYTHING!!Xxxx

This may had put a smile on your face, but nothing was compared to the smile on your face when you both said ‘I love you.’.


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