since it’s spring and I’m getting closer to my follower goal, (20 more!) I figured I would put together a follow forever for the spring :) all of these people have made my dash a million times better, and have made tumblr a lot more enjoyable. 

(in no specific order)

haleboundride l maskank l nicolkacola l scisaacanal l kendork-schmidt l atluke5sos l louistmlenson l charliescarver l philcoulson l thirstynematode l celskier l dylanobj l niaollhoran l clara-oswalds l stilesune l dirikhale l amazingsugg l schmidthaynes l broofriends l jamesmashigh l ccarlospena l confusedastronaut l courtneyislikecool l isaaclaheyed l getliam l aladaos l hugdealler l dylanocryn l themredvelvetlips l kednall l wauldorf l whtvrnina l damnitrenee l nobreva l scottymccreerys l joshcutebert l poultrywill l hoechyeah

and these special angels who have dealt with me and my ramblings, whether it be on tinychat, private messaging, or text messages:

adelainekane l maxcarvers l banishee l toxic-twerking l insaneaboutwolfsbane l captainahmedica l startedstartedstarted l dappercriss l nicflor l anthonyraneri l haroldpaynes l pukiehemmings l isaacpup l louistomlinsom l ohhforpetessake l 

i was tagged by lol-irwin, thanks gorgeous ily xo

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions and write 11 new ones

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Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

lol-irwin’s questions

1. Do you believe in same sex marriage?


2. Tea or coffee? 


3. Favourite eye colour?

Josh blue

4. Favourite language?


5. Most embarrassing moment?

One time I was climbing a fence to get to class after P.E. and at the top of the fence I ripped my pant aaaand everyone saw my underwear. 

6. Middle name?


7. otp?

me and josh  Mary and Joseph Leo Dicaprio and Louis Tomlinson

8. Favourite youtuber?

Luan Legacy

9. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?


10. Broken any bones?

No just a sprain (:

11. Would you rather eat with your belly button or drink with your eyes?

Belly button like damn let me paint a face and feed my tummy


1. If you could change tumblr’s background color what color would you change it to?

2. What’s your favorite book?

3. If you could keep your nails one color for the rest of your life, which color would you choose?

4. If you could only wear one article of clothing in public, what would you wear?

5. What’s your favorite cereal?

6. Something you dislike that most people like?

7. What color are your bed sheets?

8. Would you rather have a southern accent or a New York accent?

9. Favorite physical feature of yours?

10. What super hero costume would you want to wear, if you could only wear one for the rest of your life?

11. What has been your proudest moment in life?

gladsyoucame asked:

Enchanted! :)


I bet you’ll never guess the Disney movie I’m watching.

- it’s not a princess movie. 
- it’s animated and real.
- it’s a classic. older.

I have 4 winners. (and 2 others on anon so)