louislyrics  asked:

hey hi hey can you write me gender fluid, pan harry & demisexual louis??? if you're up for it!!!

“Just buy the skirt.” Harry said with a roll of his eyes. “You say that, but Lottie is picky. She only wears those skirts that go to her knees, but she’s a shorty.” It only took one look at Harry’s face to know he was going to make a joke about louis’ height, so he scoffed and grabbed the skirt, heading off to pay. Shopping together was always slightly stressful but mostly fun, and since they had been best friends since they were 14 and 16, it had become a regular thing for them. Especially after Harry came out to him, in a whispered tone as he pretended to be drunk when they shared their first beer together. Louis would hold his hand and pretend the dresses and the heels and the makeup they bought were for himself because Harry wasn’t confident enough yet. And when they’d both go into the dressing room, Harry wouldn’t mind when Louis got a bit too hands on. He knew the older boy rarely felt sexual attraction, but it was mostly directed at Harry and they both didn’t mind. Their dynamic was always a bit weird, always a fine line between romantic and platonic and sexual, but with Louis being super loud about being queer and Harry loving to see his best friend so proud of their identities, they knew they’d always have eachother in some way.