the Louis Tomlinson meme:

this meme was created to celebrate, appreciate and express the love for this  beautiful snarky bastard [once again this meme is moderated by ashley.]

how it works:

you can pick and choose which memes to do to celebrate Louis and all the things we love about him.

the tag:

I’m tracking the tag #louismeme, so please tag your posts with it so that I can reblog your wonderful work to the blog!

the meme:

  • favorite quotes (5)
  • favorite quotes about Louis (3)
  • favorite outfits (6)
  • favorite traits (5)
  • favorite relationships (4)
  • favorite songs (4)
  • Louis + colors (4)
  • Louis + body parts (3)
  • Louis + hair porn (1)
  • Louis + sass (3)
  • Louis!centric aus (2)


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louistrpg asked:

all of them! :)

Send me ツ for an excited text.

[Text]: you killed it at the concert tonight!

[Text]: seriously, well done, my friend!

Send me ♡ for a lustful text.

[Text]: saw you dancing at the concert 

[Text]: those hips certainly don’t lie

Send me ❧ for a text that was meant to be for someone else.

[Text]: you absolute cupcake, i love you so much! 

Send me ♀ for a heartbreaking text.

[Text]: i know you were freaking out about the whole drug thing, but it sure doesn’t seem so bad at a time like this.

Send me ✼ for a mean/rude text.

[Text]: stop texting me! i’m trying to study, shithead!

Send me ☄ for a text that was supposed to be deleted, but was accidentally sent.

[Text]: have you and lottie mended things yet?