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“We don’t know if the show’ll ever come back because Ben and Martin are both very busy bla bla bla” well I’M SORRY but if VIOLA FUCKING DAVIS - two times oscar nominee and once an oscar winner - can manage to find time to shoot a 15 episode show every year I’m pretty sure Benedict and Martin can shoot 3 episodes every 3 years in London where they both live so fuck off

Moriarty is alive and here’s why

When Moriarty shoots himself in the head the gun is still in his hand. But when people get shot they go limp and will let go of anything there holding. We can also see that his head is bleeding here and we heard a gun shot, but he landed on concrete so that could of caused the bleeding or maybe there was a small stone or something that would also cause his head to bleed (and there was also very little blood), so that means the gunshot was also faked, but Sherlock was in to much surprise to notice that the gun never really went off.

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So he is alive and nothing else can convince me otherwise. Feel free to add on

I think the beauty of Sherlock is the ambiguity. Like people think Sherlock is gay, bi, straight, asexual, autistic or whatever, like he can be whatever you want him to be, same with all the characters and the show. I think that’s the real masterpiece here guys, not a ship. And that’s beautiful.

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The Women of Sherlock - Quotes from ACD

Irene Adler

You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men.

And that was how the best plans of Mr. Sherlock Holmes were beaten by a woman’s wit… And when he speaks of Irene Adler, or when he refers to her photograph, it is always under the honourable title of the woman.

Mary Morstan-Watson

So we stood hand-in-hand, like two children, and there was peace in our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us.

Martha Hudson

Mrs Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, was a long-suffering woman. Not only was her first-floor flat invaded at all hours by throngs of singular and often undesirable characters but her remarkable lodger showed an eccentricity and irregularity in his life which must have sorely tried her patience.

Molly Hooper (from the Abominable Bride)

Amazing what one has to do to get ahead in a man’s world.


Trailer for Black Girl (1972). Starring Peggy PettitClaudia McNeilLeslie UggamsLouise StubbsGloria EdwardsRhetta Greene, and Ruby Dee.