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Youtubers & Their Signs
  • Aries: Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg
  • Taurus: Joey Graceffa, Louise Pentland, Finn & Jack Harries
  • Gemini: Dan Howell, Tanya Burr
  • Cancer: Shane Dawson, Mark Fischbach
  • Leo: GloZell, Bunny Meyer
  • Virgo: Joe Sugg, Connor Franta, Alfie Deyes, Anthony Padilla, Mamrie Hart
  • Libra: Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, Jesse Wellens
  • Scorpio: Jenna Marbles, Emma Blackery, Colleen Ballinger, Felix Kjellberg, Hannah Hart
  • Sagittarius: Ian Hecox, Marcus Butler
  • Capricorn: King Russell, Jim Chapman
  • Aquarius: Phil Lester, Oli White
  • Pisces: Jeana Smith, Justine Ezarik
Daily Doux Theme Songs from Classic Teen Shows

Dido - Here With Me (Roswell)

Carole King & Louise Goffin - Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls)

Paula Cole - I Don’t Want to Wait (Dawson’s Creek

The Dandy Warhols - We Used to Be Friends (Veronica Mars)

Phantom Planet - California (The O.C.)


Feast your eyes on our latest original Sherlock movie trailer by the very talented Lee Dawson, this time for The Abominable Bride

These people from the internet are taking over pt. 3 <3


pt. 2

pt. 2.5

Remember when in January 2014 #TeamInternet came together to get Grace her subscribers back and she hit 1 million subs in less than a month?

Remember when in February 2014 #TeamInternet came together during a Trinity livestream and managed to get Hannah the last few thousand subs within a couple of hours so she hit 1 million?

Remember when #TeamInternet came together to promote the shit out of Mamrie’s channel so she’d finally, finally hit 1 million subs? NO, ME NEITHER; BECAUSE IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET!!! But it can, now!!! Third time is a charm, right!?

So manyy things are going on! I thought things were slow with Janiel… But they just sped up!

We have Colleen saying Daniel is Joey’s boyfriend. But just like Shane and Brittany, I think it does not make a difference. It just brings us peace of mind! Lol.

I found this picture on Intagram that shows Joey and Wolf won for the best Celebrity Selfie. I don’t know how accurate this may be, but I sure hope they won!

All those photos of the 4 of them are life right now! They are the cutest thing! If someone wants to help me do a collage of all of them I would be very thankful!

Starting the New Year with great Janiel material!

Update. Thats her in my header btw

So theyre laying my great great grandmother to rest on Saturday and i will not be able to make it since i live so far. Oddly im ok bc i think id rather remember her better than that. For those that dont know shes been on my page alot over my time here. She turned 101 on Sunday and passed away that same morning about 5am. She lived to see 6 living generations. Arlease Walker raised 11 children in a shotgun house in pinebluff Arkansas she bought from her sharecropping white family with her husband Jack Walker where they lived until his passing in 2001 at 90. I wanna tell yall how blessed my family is. It was shared with me that Daddy Jack (what he was known as) worked until the day of his death. Can you imagine?? They said his heart just stopped. As for Ma or Mother she had never been to a doctor or hospital until the family moved her to wichita with the dawson side of the family and she was 92 where the doctor told my great aunt Mildred that shes been having mini strokes for years these arent just headaches. Mini strokes and this woman was fully functional at 92. She was fully functional besides walking when i seen her a month before her death. My great grandmother is their oldest child. Her name is Louise Dawson she birthed about 11-13 kids. I lose count alot. 2 of those being my grandmother and her Twin. My grandmothers twin passed away in march but in this last decade he got extremely close with Ma and spent nights and almost every day with her helping my aunt mildred. Ma did not know my uncle pete was diagnosed with HIV and COPD within the last couple years. He never told her he just more than his part all while feeding people at the church and at a nursing home. He passed away lying in bed with her. I believe ma passed away from a broken heart. She was diagnosed a month later with congestive heart failure and put in hospice. A woman who had almost never been sick and even tho we had her on regular checkups was fine until uncle pete passed away. The family decided not to take her to the wake for him because they thought itd hurt her but she begged and begged so we brought her. I watched and recorded her saying “look at my bald headed grandson” “he look good. You see he look good” “he aint tell nobody he was sick you know” “he come visit me eveeeery day” she cried a few tears and she says “you know i hear him calin me. He say come on grandma. I say no i still have family to help. Im not done yet ” Arlease Walker is the ideal woman in my eyes. Theres something about my family. I truly feel blessed. Its so many of us and ik we have only lost about a handful over the years most living into the 2000s. Ma said 2 things all the time. If you asked her what her secret was she says “i found god at 12 years old. Thats my secret” then the family motto she set “Dont let an ounce of my blood go in vain”. Lemme get off here for i get into a testimony.

Arlease Walker——- Jack Walker
Louise——-(. ) Samilton
Deadria —Oran Adams
Oranda Hubbard—–Jared Weston
Jasmine Weston (me)

im just 5th generation but i have cousins who have already started multiplying.