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The signs as famous mistresses
  • Aries: Amalie Sophie Marianne von Wallmoden
  • Taurus: Hortense Catherine Schneider
  • Gemini: Hortense Mancini
  • Cancer: Liane de Pougy
  • Leo: Madame du Barry \ Louise de la Valliere
  • Virgo: Louise de Keroualle
  • Libra: Madame de Montespan
  • Scorpio: Barbara Villiers
  • Sagittarius: Émilie du Châtelet
  • Capricorn: Madame de Pompadour
  • Aquarius: Nell Gwyn
  • Pisces: Arabella Churchill

Louigan, proudly still shipping itea since season 3 

Eagerly counting down the days till January 25th 


Better quality Louigan images, from Late Afternoon In The Garden With Bob And Louise. 

My god they are adorable, and I love them so much.

WHEEEEE~! Another Fanart Friday! I started watching Bob’s Burgers a few months back after seeing one too many Tina gifs on here and I fell in love with the show. Netflix added season 3 the other day and I quickly fell in love with Logan and the Louigan ship. XD

I love these too very much… so there may be more of them soon… 

I can’t help but to feel like if Logan ever found out about Louise’s crush on him (which he would) that he would often tease her about it while trying to repress his secret feelings for her. I care not about the age difference. I’ve fallen for worse. XD 

ALSO Hurray for bunny ears since Easter is this Sunday. Yeay. XD 

First collage, and it’s gotta be a Louigan collage because they are still and always will be my OTP.  :)

Oh, and more collages to come. 

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with
She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with.

~Forever The Sickest Kids: She’s A Lady~