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Emmerdale Spoilers & Cast List  25-29 December Christmas week.

Robert experiences very surreal Christmas Day

Monday 25 December Christmas Day

Hour-long episode 5.50pm

When Robert wakes up on Christmas Day, he finds himself in a very surreal set of circumstances, repeatedly waking up to a different reality.

During a special hour-long episode – which uses themes from classic films A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day – will Robert be able to decipher what is real and what isn’t? Will he learn a lesson about his lost love Aaron? Will the Emmerdale badboy learn anything?

Over at the Dingles, the family sit down for lunch amid the usual chaos. But Aaron’s mind is clearly elsewhere…

Can Faith help Aaron face his self-harm demons?

Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day

half hour-long episode 18:10pm  

Aaron’s trying to start a new romance with hot doc Alex but there’s something holding him back. Aside from his baggage with his ex, Robert, Aaron’s got another problem weighing on his mind. Worried that Alex will recoil when he sees his scars from his self-harming, Aaron has taken to pushing Alex away to skirt round the issue. When Faith, who has had a double mastectomy, realises what’s scaring Aaron, she opens up the issue for discussion… Will her words ease his mind?

At Home Farm, Rebecca clocks a pile of unopened presents which Robert has bought for their son Seb. Will she listen to Chrissie and bin the gifts?

Gerry wakes up with a hangover having experienced his first Dingle Christmas.

Nicola is propositioned by dodgy Morris from the council

Wednesday 27 December

Nicola and Jimmy aren’t really cutting the mustard as fine upstanding citizens of Emmerdale at the moment, are they? Having been ousted for nicking Lydia’s inheritance, the pair is instantly plunged into another messy moral dilemma when dodgy Morris from the council, who’s causing the Dingles no end of drama, offers up a proposition for the couple to consider…

Sad to see her brother Robert looking so sad, Victoria conjures up a plot, hoping she can help him clap eyes on his baby son Seb.

Elsewhere, Liv’s chuffed to see things are going well for Aaron and Alex.

Robert has a BIG CHAT with his sister Victoria

Thursday 28 December  

Hour-long episode 7pm

Robert’s been pushed out by the Whites for his evil deeds. And he’s paying for the pain he’s caused them by not being allowed to see his baby son Seb. But it’s not just Robert who’s caused the family grief. Little do they realise, Lachlan has played a part too. Victoria reels when Robert tells her what Lucky’s been up to. Will she share the information elsewhere?

Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Rebecca confesses she’s been doing some thinking and tells her family about her new plan. Is all this new information about to change things for the Whites?

Having been propositioned by Morris from the council, Nicola and Jimmy have a decision to make. Will Jimmy’s conscience get in the way?

Elsewhere, Bernice is nervous about her date with Daz.

The Dingles face an inquiry – Zak is doing everything to protect his clan

Friday 29 December  

Christmas is over and with the New Year poised to start, the Dingles have a dark cloud threatening to rain on their parade.

With the council wanting to tear down Wishing Well cottage, the family home, to make way for an access road to a golf course, Zak’s been doing all he can to protect his clan.

Now, a big moment is upon him and the rest of the Dingles, who front up to an inquiry into the development which is being held at the village hall.

Seeing as how Zak’s been handling the last few weeks’ stress over this whole thing, this is unlikely to go well! Hold on to your seats, peeps!

Cast List

  • Aaron Dingle Danny Miller
  • Adam Barton Adam Thomas
  • Alex Mason Steven Flynn
  • Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell
  • Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper
  • Bernice Blackstock Samantha Giles
  • Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw
  • Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop
  • Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
  • Charity Dingle Emma Atkins
  • Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
  • Chrissie White Louise Marwood
  • Dan Spencer Liam Fox
  • David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden
  • Daz Spencer Mark Jordon
  • Debbie Dingle Charley Webb
  • Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen
  • Doug Potts Duncan Preston
  • DS Benton Justin Pierre
  • Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell
  • Faith Dingle Sally Dexter
  • Frank Clayton Michael Praed
  • Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham
  • Gerry Roberts Shaun Thomas
  • Graham Foster Andrew Scarborough
  • Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton
  • Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant
  • Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson
  • Jimmy King Nick Miles
  • Kerry Wyatt Laura Norton
  • Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson
  • Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy
  • Lawrence White John Bowe
  • Leyla Harding Roxy Shahidi
  • Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
  • Olivia Flaherty Isobel Steele
  • Lydia Hart Karen Blick
  • Megan Macey Gaynor Faye
  • Mel Chloe Harris
  • Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb
  • Morris Blakey Douglas McFerran
  • Nicola King Nicola Wheeler
  • Noah Dingle Jack Downham
  • Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt
  • PC Bishop Tom Shaw
  • PC Swirling Andy Moore
  • Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan
  • Rebecca White Emily Head
  • Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel
  • Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley
  • Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
  • Ross Barton Michael Parr
  • Sam Dingle James Hooton
  • Samson Dingle Sam Hall
  • Sarah Sugden Katie Hill
  • Sunil Batth Anand Desai-Barochia
  • Susan Talitha Stone
  • Syd James Foster
  • Tom Waterhouse Ned Porteous
  • Victoria Barton Isabel Hodgins
  • Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell
  • Estate agent Tim Sanderson
  • Guard Adam Waddington
  • Guard Jamie Smelt
  • Police officer Louise Atkins 

George Harrison during a rehearsal at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 22 August 1962 (Courtesy of The Source: Savage Young Beatles)

Photo: Bill Connell/Les Chadwick

The following is an excerpt I’ve typed up from Joe Flannery’s book Standing In The Wings: The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Me, regarding George (and his parents)… It’s quite lengthy, but offers a wonderful insight into George, his love of music and cars, and his personality, in 1962. Hope you enjoy!

“That summer of 1962 still ‘looms large in my lunchtime’, as the Beatles might have said. […] [W]hen the early morning light dawned over Gardner Road and a Beatle or two had, yet again, stayed overnight, it was up to me - ‘the Colonel’ as John and George often called me - to get them home and make sure they were safe in the arms of their families once again. I didn’t simply have to do this, I felt committed to doing it. Brian [Epstein] and I had standards and Liverpool has always been a city in which one had to keep one’s wits about oneself. It’s difficult to remember those four lads as lads, after all this time. But that’s exactly what they were […].

Dawn in Liverpool, at least in the summer months when it isn’t raining, can be spectacular. A big sky full of promise, streaked and blotched with clouds of red and amber fire, can be a rude awakening to a young, bleary-eyed musician who had come off stage a 2 in the morning and slept perhaps an hour or so on an overstuffed chair in front of the fire. No sooner had that fresh, moist, salty air and dramatic half-light hit George or John or Paul than they were immediately awake, talking thirteen to the dozen about the previous night. No sooner, however, had they piled into my lovely Vauxhall Cresta than the fresh air coupled with the heat from the interior of the car sent them into a sleep-induced trance once again - except for George, that is. The Speke district of Liverpool, where George’s family lived, was usually last on my list of drops. It was a council estate on the outskirts of the south end of the city, built alongside the river on the road towards Widnes and Runcorn. It was quite a drive from the Stoneycroft area which housed my flar and, shortly before reaching Harrison’s home, George would eagerly persuade me to allow him to have a little drive of the Cresta. It was a big car, but George was fascinated by vehicles and speed, and was determined to learn to drive as soon as possible.

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