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Sorry about the rant, but you know I had to...

I’m going to try to make this my last Perrie Edwards related post of the night. 

Here’s my issue with Zayn breaking their engagement/relationship. From the very beginning of their relationship, Perrie received the short end of the stick. She was the butt of the joke. Everyone hated her. I’ve seen nothing but a whole lot of nastiness thrown her way; she’s ugly, she’s using him, something about management, she can’t sing, she’s a gold digger, etc. I’ve read really mean jokes, I’ve seen really mean memes, and we’ve seen proof of him cheating on her. With all these things done, I’ve not said one thing about their relationship, I never found it my business to comment on someone else’s relationship unless asked advice and even then I keep it respectful. In the four years that they were together, I’ve witnessed Perrie having Zayn’s back 1000%; whether it was about his religion, him being mysterious, him smoking weed, him CHEATING, whatever. Anything Zayn did, she showed the world: that is my man, I am proud of him, we will work through this, I love him.

For a woman to dedicate herself to a man, that couldn’t find it in himself to remain faithful, for four years……….she must have really loved that man. I mean, of course she did. She took so much shit from Zayn and his fans and smiled through it all. Never once did she complain. I just hurt so much for her because she saw herself marrying this man but the same man turned out to be a child. No, not a fuckboy (yes but no at the same time) a child, because it takes a child to waste four years of your life AND plan your future together only to break things off over a text message.  What kind of shit is that? And you know what’s most fucked up, he did that shit while she’s touring and promoting with her bandmates for her own damn career. I can’t even put into words what I want to say next…. How is she supposed to put up this brave face for the next couple of weeks and act like her life hasn’t just been torn up and apart? How is she supposed to promote the next album without breaking down in front of cameras or audiences? How. Is. This. Fair. To. Her? 

I was upset earlier, but now I’m actually angry… Why? Because I put myself in her shoes. Hear me out, not only has this relationship that she thought to be magical gone down the drain and she’s out promoting BUT, these avid bitch ass Zayn fans have the fucking nerve to laugh about it. *tries to calm down* How is that funny? What did you actually win in this? Why are you feeling actual enjoyment from someone else’s pain? Ya’ll need to grow up, realize that singers, songwriters, actors, etc also have emotions. They are real people, someone is really hurting, and people around that person don’t know how to help. *holding back my own tears now* Ya’ll act like this is a game, like this is a scripted tv show… This is someone’s life, where is the compassion? Where is the empathy? 

I don’t know what has happened behind closed doors for those two so this isn’t my place to say this but I do not like Zayn Malik today. I can’t see his side of things. But at the end of the day, I’m all about empowerment and I hope Perrie realizes that their beautiful relationship was umbrella’d by all the bullshit Zayn and his fans carried. I hope Perrie doesn’t ignore her feelings; I hope she cries a lot and yells a lot, and somehow makes Zayn feel the hurt he gave her. I want her to get it all out so that she can move on. I want her to realize that Zayn is not a bad person, he just has his fuckboy tendencies and she’s too grown for that. I want Perrie to one day realize that she is not the butt of the joke, but the goddess that snatched the one dude everyone wanted, I want her to realize that she is loved by many and there is ten times the love compared to the nastiness she’s received. Perrie, your break up playlist is the same music that you made for your fans dealing with fuckboys honey, forget that boy….

Finally, I pray that these hatin’ ass 1D fans grow the fuck up because they really make it hard for me to like them.. Like seriously, every couple of months they fuck up. Stop bullying people, what the fuck. 

Noralise + History

You and me got a whole lot of #history

We could be the greatest #team that the world has ever seen…

You and me got a whole lot of #history

So don’t let it go we can make some #more

We can live #forever

Noralise + One Direction lyrics

Lou laying the smack down.


Massive Happy birthday to an amazing guy who is just over all fucking amazing and outrageously BEAUTIFUL ! I love you soo much and I honestly don’t go one single day without thinking about you and how much you mean to me. You are such a sweet human and it really shows when you do all that you do for charity and when you go out of your way just to take a picture with a fan. Everything you do is perfect and caring and you truly are our ‘Superhero’. I love you so much and I hope one day I can meet you in person to tell you what you mean to me. I hope you have the happest and best 22nd birthday in the entire world because you deserve it! I love you ❤️