It’s been sitting on my hard drive for a while, so here’s a bunch of 32x32 derezzed Twitter avatars that I drew as practice/warm-ups In January. They were all done by eye, with just two of them where I overlaid it with the original to check proportions.

L to R, Top to Bottom:
marc_cadoc, tonyszhou, bellhasabat, killscreen, genegoldstein, franco_egalite, LouisCyan, adamisntreal, iwilding, justinchans, tanyaxshort, ICELEVEL, beccaandthebox, lar0lar0, stripedbird, HeadOnAHinge, e_kubli, mousefountain, PIXELATEDCROWN, ButtOven, YourriHollier, JUSTIN_CYR, TimOfLegend, raspberryhazel, BlendoGames, LeelaWagner, camposanto, fabien_mense, kaseybrianne, ollymoss, PrsSlct, jessizabarsky, stepsoversnails, CauseImDanJones, RosemaryTravale, JGSBoutain, SandraDRivas, mike_holmes, boxerhockey, nikkinacks, ArtoftheTitle