sam smith and his boyfriend

kristen stewart and her girlfriend

zac efron and his boyfriend

*looks at larry*


Despite what anyone may think; no one, and I mean no one, is ready for one direction to perform No Control live.
Louis. Fucking. Tomlinson. Will. Kill. Us. All.


are you fucking kidding me?

Probably conversations louisandharry have twice a week
  • Harry: louis those pants are way too tight I can literally see the indention a of your curves
  • Louis: that means so much coming from the boy whose penis can't even breathe in his pants
  • Harry: what tattoos should we get next
  • Louis: I don't know getting our names tattooed on to each other is a bit much at least we already have our first words tattooed god when did we become so sappy
  • Harry: louis your tanktops sleeves are way to open I could literally stick my head inside your shirt
  • Louis: well my dear Harold you sir have your boobs basically hanging out of your shirts so don't dare complain
  • Louis: fuck that ha hell yes
  • Harry: you aren't badass louis I can literally pick you up and carry you wherever I want please honey stop youre like a hyperactive puppy
  • Louis: and i'd marry you, Harry.
  • Harry: my first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.
  • Louis: *screams to Harry* boyfriend!
  • Harry: i'm in love with Lou, and all his little things.
  • Harry: 'cos i can love you more than Stan.
  • Louis: i can't compete with my boyfriend.
  • Louis: Always in my heart, @harry_styles . Yours sincerely, Louis
  • Harry: *on Louis and Eleanor* i really don't wanna talk about that, to be honest.
  • Harry: *nods when asked if he's really dating Louis*
  • Harry: *writes "she didn't deserve his heart, let us love" on his journal*
  • Harry and Louis: *gets matching couple tattoos*
  • Harry: *on his partner being female* not that important.
  • Harry: *on gay sex* don't knock it till you try it!
  • Harry and Louis: *never denies their relationship*
  • Harry and Louis: *looks at each other like the other hung the moon in the sky*
  • anti-larries:
  • anti-larries:
  • anti-larries: THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS!
  • Harry: *stands next to a girl*
  • anti-larries: HE'S DATING HER CAN'T YOU SEE?