Louis Tomlinson Will ‘Focus On His Record Label’ During One Direction Break

Aside from the knowledge that One Direction are having a well-earned rest, one of the only highlights about our fave four boys having the year 2016 off is that we can all watch them shine as individuals as they go full speed ahead on their non-1D related work.

And, if you wanted to get specific, we are seriously looking forward to seeing Louis Tomlinson don his best ‘boss’ suit as he focuses all of his energy on his new record label, which was announced back in April.

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Ooft, businessman Louis, we like that concept. A lot.

According to Simon Cowell, the label will be Lou’s priority during his break from the band, with the music mogul telling Capital Radio’s Dave Berry: “I know Louis wants to be an A&R guy, run a label; he was always going to be good at that. 

“I haven’t gone into too much detail with the others.”

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Well, we’re sure whatever they do - be it record labels, acting, solo music, or hibernating for 365 days -, it’ll be absolutely fab.

We all know that Lou is pretty amazing at everything he does, but when he announced plans for his record label earlier this year it seemed to all fit into place as the perfect career development for him.

After snapping up X Factor’s Jack Walton, Louis dished: “This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

“To be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling. I hope to sign some really exciting new artists down the line.”

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And with Simon Cowell also exclusively telling us that the 23 year old will be making an appearance on this year’s series of the X Factor once the boys’ OTRA tour finishes, it looks like this next year could be Louis’ for the taking.

X Factor 2014: Jack Walton trusted Louis Tomlinson more than mentor Mel B

“I didn’t really like the song choices,“ says the 18-year-old following his elimination this weekend

X Factor reject Jack Walton has revealed he trusted the judgement of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson more than his mentor Mel B.

Louis, 22, tweeted it was a “f****** joke” that Jack had been booted off Saturday night’s show.

And singer Jack, 18, thinks that Spice Girl Mel didn’t make the right judgements about his song choices.

He said: “I didn’t really like the song choices.

“Louis really believed in me though, he wanted me to do my own style. That’s what I wanted to do, and I should have stuck to that.

“I’ve got massive support from him, he’s been a massive help throughout the competition telling me what I should sing. I wish I had listened to him a little bit more. He’s been so involved. I trusted his judgment more than Mel B.

“He’s been there before, done it all. Mel B was honest but I didn’t quite get what she was trying to get out of me. I was doing completely different stuff every week. I just felt like I should stick to one type of style which is my own style and what I do at gigs.”