My MET Gala 2015 Favorites

Fan Bing Bing: As soon as the MET Gala photos went up, one of my first searches were for Fan Bing Bing. With a flair for drama, she has always been one of my red carpet favorites and she did not disappoint. Opting for one of her favorite designers, Chris by Christopher Bu, she draped a beautiful, jewel-toned, embellished cape over an equally dazzling gold gown. This was styled perfectly with a clean, parted updo, yellow diamond Chopard jewels and a Louis Vuitton clutch. Her choice fit right into the theme (no surprise) and oozed both elegance and opulence. 

Sun Fei Fei: Despite my love for drama on the MET Gala red carpet, there’s also something refreshing about simplicity. Pairing a Michael Kors silver gown with jade drop earrings, red lips and killer winged eyeliner, I love how Fei Fei embodied retro Chinese glamour.

Six Inch Heels || Camila & Lauren

Lauren pressed her lips together, spreading out her liquid lipstick before carefully lining her lips with the product once more. She wasn’t sure how her best friend had managed to convince her to go to the club with Camila but she was already receiving text messages from Normani telling her to hurry up. She typed back a quick response and shoved her phone into her black Louis Vuitton clutch before heading out of her house and down to the cab that was waiting for her outside. She knew that she was going to be drinking so there was no point in taking her car, especially since she usually crashed with Normani after a night out on the town. Unless, of course, the other woman had found someone to take home for the evening and vice versa. But she was not planning on taking anyone home— not if Camila was going to be there. The tension between them was already high enough and she didn’t want to cause any problems.

Eventually, the cab pulled up in front of the club and Lauren handed the driver a generous tip. She fished her phone out of the small clutch and sent a quick text to Normani to ask for her location as she entered the club, only to spot her best friend due to the woman standing next to her with the familiar mane of curly blonde hair. Her eyes widened and she took a couple steps into the crowd, hoping the two hadn’t spotted her, but it was too late.

“Lauren!” Normani called out, a devious smirk on her lips.

The green eyed woman stepped forward with a tight lipped smile and pulled her best friend in for a hug, squeezing exceptionally hard before moving on to greet the woman she had been casually dating. “Hey, Jilly.” She said with an almost shy smile. She leaned in to press a quick kiss against the woman’s cheek and lifted her hand to caress the exposed skin along her lower back. “It’s good to see you again. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Mani called me up and said it was girls night out so I figured I could tag along,” The blonde woman explained while she leaned back against the bar to grab her drink and take a sip through the straw.

“I think Ally is coming too. I’m not sure, though. I texted her,” Normani added with a shrug.

Lauren simply shook her head at her best friend and stepped forward to order herself a drink. She was definitely going to need some alcohol in her system if she wanted to get through the night without going crazy. She didn’t even think the evening was a good idea to begin with but she was never good at saying ‘no’ to Camila and now she was going to have to pay for it. “Camila is on her way,” She grunted, handing the bartender her card so he could start a tab. “You can put everything on me,” She said, motioning to the rest of the girls while he slid her the first drink.