Crown Jewels spam - 1. The Spanish Crown Jewels

Two crowns are displayed in the coat of arms of Spain, atop the pillars of Hercules: The Imperial Crown of Charles V, and the Royal Crown of Spain.

Not much is known about the historical crown jewels of Spain, especially since the last coronation took place in the early Modern era. In portraits and sculptures, the monarchs from this period are displayed wearing a circlet (‘corona abierta’). Later paintings show a crown that resembles the heraldic item more closely.

A crown and sceptre of Isabella of Castille is kept at the Royal Chapel in Granada.

The current set of 'crown jewels’ consists of a funeral crown, comissioned by Charles III after the death of his mother Queen Elisabeth, and a sceptre, gift from HRE Rudolf II to Philip II of Spain. As a funeral item, to be shown on a catafalque, the crown is not jewelled and doesn’t have any pearls. This set appears in Palmaroli’s portrait of Amadeo I.

The fate of the aforementioned jewels (excepting, of course, the later) is unknown. It’s stated that they were lost either in the Napoleonic Wars, or in a fire in El Escorial, or during the Spanish Civil War.

1. Juan I de Castilla (1358 - 1390), by Vicente Arbiol y Rodríguez. 1848, Museo del Prado.
2. Enrique IV de Castilla (1425 - 1474), by Jose María Rodríguez de Losada. 1892, Ayuntamiento de León.
. Crown of Isabella I, Capilla Real de Granada.
. Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castille
5. The Family of Philip V, detail, by Louis-Michel van Loo. 1743, Museo del Prado.
6. Isabella II, by Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz. 1849, Museo del Prado.
7. Portrait of young Isabella II (detail), by Carlos Ruiz de Ribera. 1835, Museo del Prado.
8. Ferdinand VII , by Luis de la Cruz y Ríos. Private collection, Tokyo.
9. Amadeo I, King of Spain and Duke of Aosta, by Vicente Palmaroli. 1872, Museo del Prado.

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