LES LIAISONS DE MARIE ANTOINETTE | The dressing room of Louis XVI is lined with carved woodwork and crowned by an architectural cornice. It was commissioned to the brothers and sculptors Jean-Siméon and Jean-Hugues Rousseau while under the direction of the architect Richard Mique. Reference, Chateau de Versailles

LES LIAISONS DE MARIE ANTOINETTE | The current layout of Madame Adelaide’s interior chamber evokes this princess who, according to the Countess of Boigne “had an extreme need for the studied elegance invented by luxury”. Reference, Chateau de Versailles.

   “J’étais parti pour aller faire ma cour au roi de Prusse, comptant ensuite voir l’Italie, et revenir après avoir fait imprimer le Siècle de Louis XIV en Hollande. J’arrive à Potsdam ; les grands yeux bleus du roi, et son doux sourire, et sa voix de sirène, ses cinq batailles, son goût extrême pour la retraite, et pour l’occupation et pour les vers, et pour la prose, enfin des bontés à tourner la tête, une conversation délicieuse, de la liberté, l’oubli de la royauté dans le commerce, mille attentions qui seraient séduisantes dans un particulier, tout cela me renverse la cervelle. Je me donne à lui par passion, par aveuglement, et sans raisonner” 

“I have departed to pay court to the King of Prussia, and I count to see Italy afterwards, and return after printing le Siècle de Louis XIV in Holland. I arrive in Potsdam: the large blue eyes of the King, his sweet smile, and his siren’s voice, his five battles, his great taste for retreat, and for work and for poetry, and for prose, all qualities that turn the head, a delicious conversation, of freedom, the renouncement of royalty in his interactions, a thousand attentions that would be seductive from a commoner, all this turns my head around. I give myself to him passionately, blindly and without reasoning.”

Voltaire to his friend, the Duc de Richelieu, from Berlin, 1751.


Strong empowered woman in a position of power and authority attempts to gain attention by jumping in the GamerGate hashtag on twtitter to say some stupid shit and attempt to make herself look cool and witty by reappropriating the term “SJW” like it’s really a cool thing and a badge of honor. A classic mistake that many idiots make, and it only goes to prove what vile, self-aggrandizing idiots they really are.

Where Louis is wrong, however, is that this isn’t the first time she’s done this. [Several months ago], she tried to manufacture controversy to gain attention and advance her political career by attacking GamerGate and insisting the Government, specifically the FBI, needs to making GamerGate and internet harassment (specifically against women) a top priority.

The pillars of her sob story about the evils of GamerGate and all the victims it had amassed? Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn. Because what goes together with a disingenuous opportunistic asshole than few more disingenuous opportunistic assholes?

And really.. Standing up to internet harassment and coddling women? This is such a cliched thing for any politician to do.

It’s time someone had the courage to stand up and say: “I’m against those things that everybody hates”.

At any rate, expect this shit to ramp up and spread like wildfire, because all the poisoned wells are already jumping on this. In search of that story from march, I ran across at least 3 different sites running stories about how Katherine Clark is so proud to be an SJW. It’s a pejorative that fits her like a glove and she’s got the track record and the moral crusader behavior to back it up.