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When he first hears you say it, it’s faint and he’s not sure if you actually said it or if his mind is playing games. All he hears his your voice,a mere whisper even calling the name “Alex” in your sleep. He can also here you whimpering and a change in your breathing pattern which he recognises as how are when you’re about to cum and he knows he doesn’t like it when you’re having wet dreams about another man, he hates it really.

So when morning comes along with it comes having to face reality and for you to deal with a very distant and angry Harry. When you confront him to talk about it,he promises it’snot big deal and that he’s just having an off day but having been with him for so long, you know he’s lying. You’ve finally had enough after dinner and you corner him when he’s the most vulnerable and his guard was let down : the shower.

“Harry you have to tell me what is wrong or else there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

“Who is Alex, love?” The nickname which was once used as a way to express his love for you and how it was not measurable is not used in a spiteful tone filled with hatred.

At first you're​ shocked and then you stop for a second and think which brings back the faint memories of a dream that you had the previous night. A dream starring your boyfriend as his character in his film, an arrogant look on his face as he nailed you against a wall and kissed you with all his might. At this you start laughing finally realising why Harry has been so bitter all day, he gets angry when he hears laughter bubble from your lips. it pisses him off about how you find the thought of you cheating on him with a man named Alex funny.

“What’s so funny? Is this relationship funny to you?”

“Oh harry, my sweet innocent baby boy, do you remember what happened when I came to visit you on set during the film?”

“You had fun. You spoke to Fionn, Barry, Aneurin, Tom and Jack and you told me how proud you were. What does this have to do with an Alex?”

You laugh at your daft and apparently clueless boyfriend. “ All that aside, what happened in the bedroom? After you came back from set?”

“Well the condoms I bought for your week long visit got over in two days. You loved my uniform, didn’t you?”A smile slowly grew on his face as he understood where this was going. Well two could play this game, he concluded as a sly smirk formed on his berry pink lips.

“And why was that?” You gasped as you felt his hand slide against your core,already slick and wet at the thought of him fucking you.

His left hand begins to gather your hair against one shoulder, his mouth planting spongy kisses against your neck as his right hand just lingered over where you needed him the most. Two of his fingers slowly entered your hole while his thumb rubbed circles against your clit without any rhythm. 

“So wet for me, aren’t you? Who did this to you baby?” his voice rough and husky as it was laced with desire, you failed to notice his accent was also a little thicker.

“You, Harry. You did this. Oh god, please don’t stop.” One of your hands went down to hold his that was still steadily pumping his fingers into you while his thumb continued it’s motion against your sensitive nub. He suddenly stopped, his fingers pulling out of you as his other hand released your hair from it’s gasp. 

“What did you call me? That’s not my name, is it baby girl?”He bought him fingers up to his mouth, his tongue peaking out and licking all the wetness that was coated on them as his jade irises stared point blank into your eyes, a lustful look in them.

“Daddy please.”

“Well, I would. But that’s not my name either.” His arms were crossed in front of him as he looked at you, finally having you in the place where he wanted you, All pliant and willing to do anything for him.

“Well I’m running out of answers and I need you Harry please.” You stomped your foot frustrated, tears pooling in your eyes as you were desperate for him. Desperate for his cock to be in you, to reach that sweet spot that made you see stars and feel like your were in heaven.

He stepped forward, cornering you completely  into the wet shower wall. Your back hit the cold tiles as you looked at him all doe eyed and desperate, his favourite look on you if he’s being honest.

“Well darling, you can call me Alex.


So that’s little thought I had this morning. I hope you all liked it, I can do part two of her actually calling him “Alex” in bed if y’all are up for it. @trulymadlysydney @oh-styles , you can’t beat me at my own game. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

Love you all so much, xx.


For Louis (new character of mine!)br> I used young Jared Leto because, do I need to explain myself?! That’s what I thought as well
I edited the eyes myself
If you would like more of my own character than please request!!!

A few years older than Edward.
Turned at an age of 19-20 years.
Had blue eyes in human life.
and never had any human blood.

Always- Alex!Harry

So this is my first installment of the Alex inspired Harry fic and I hope you like it very much. I had loads of fun writing it! I’d like to thank @oh-styles @trulymadlysydney @druggedaiquiri for their continuous support. 

Caution: Do not read this if you haven’t seen the film but that’s up to you. I’ll try and keep the spoilers to a minimum but caution is required.

Note: Although I used Alex’s surname as Dawson, Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance’s character) and Alex are not related in this fic.

This is more like an introduction to the actual one shot.

Hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated,xx.

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She always knew he was going to do something with his life, make it worthwhile and meaningful. She knew from the beginning of their relationship that all he wanted was to make his mum proud and happy that he was her son.  She met him when they were in secondary school, being at the tender age of 16 both of them were bright eyed and hopeful about the future despite the obstacles and the hardships they knew they were bound to face. After all living in 1935 wasn’t exactly a joy ride.

Alex was 19 years old when he went and signed himself up in the British Army. It was always his dream and goal in life to do something for his country, he wanted people to be proud and talk praises of him behind his back. He wanted people in his town to point to him and be happy to tell others that he was from their town or he was a friend or maybe even a neighbour. He and Y/N were fresh out of college and while she went and got herself a job at the local bakery, having always been interested in cooking and baking, he went and enrolled himself to dedicate his life to his country. If there was one thing he was certain about, it was his job; always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father who was a Captain in the army and died in battle when Alex was just four years old.

He was raised by his mother, Elaine, who worked day in and day out as a teacher at the local primary school to put three full meals on the table for the two of them.  He could only hope that someday he could be perceived as a person who was as strong and brave as she was, raising a child alone in a society where a woman without a man was not digested well is not simple task. He knew she faced a lot of criticism from various people but she always put on a brave face for him and made sure he had as normal a childhood as possible.


It was the April of 1938 when he enrolled himself, bright eyed Alex knew he had a lot more to go through before he found himself fighting in the battlegrounds, the real life experience being more daunting than the ones he had read about in his history textbooks at school. He wanted to be able to give back to his mother who spent all her time and energy making sure he had a good home environment and childhood despite the harsh conditions outside but he also wanted to be able to provide for Y/N who promised to love him with all her heart and wait for him to come back no matter what it takes until officers showed up at her doorstep to deliver some bad news and maybe even then she’d love him.

He had to go through six months of rigorous and tiring training before he was given the title of a Private and he couldn’t have felt happier . He was finally a soldier, he was Private Alexander James Dawson and he couldn’t have been prouder of himself, he just hoped his father would have been too. 

For the first couple months from November of 1938 to May of 1939 he worked near the cost of various cities all through the United Kingdom. Y/N didn’t see him very often, once every couple months if she was lucky but he did send her letter almost every other week, never failing to remind her of how much he loved her.  They wrote to each other regularly, she told him about her job at the bakery and kept him up to date with all the latest town gossip and he told her about how good it was to have finally come as close to fulfilling his dreams as possible. For the nights where she longed for him and wished foe nothing but to have her lover’s arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace, she kept in mind the conversation they had before he was sent off for his duties.

“You know I love you sweetheart, don’t you?” He held her face in his palms tenderly, fingers skimming over her delicate cheekbones to collect the tears that kept cascading down. He had a small frown on his face, his brows furrowed as lips formed a little pout being unable to take the sadness in his girl’s eyes. The moisture in her doe eyes made him a little anxious and tearful but he knew he had to be strong for her. 

His bags were packed, filled with essentials but also little memorabilia that reminded him of his loved ones and would help him keep them close although not in person. She came by his house before she left for the bakery, she didn’t care if she was going to go in late but Alex was not leaving without saying goodbye to her and God forbid she thinks of this as being the last time she saw him, the thought alone makes her shudder.

Her arms were wrapped around his waist holding on firmly to the cotton of his shirt, scared that he would disappear if she let go. She nodded meekly to his question, of course she knew he loved her and she could only hope it was as much as she loved him. She presses her cheek further into his chest, gripping him a little tighter as she tries to muffle her sobs, not wanting him to see her become a wreck in front of his eyes. She’ll miss him terribly she realizes as she tries to memorize his scent for what may be the last time for a couple of months, maybe even an year, having no guarantee that he’ll come back or if he even will but she chooses not to think of that. 

“I love you, Alex. So much.” She whispers under her breathe as she stands on her tip toes to press one last kiss against his raspberry lips, memorizing the softness of their texture and the way his hands squeeze her waist to keep her company in her memories for the many nights to come.


It was during the July of 1939 when she came home tired from the bakery after having done a late night’s shift that an unexpected surprise awaited her. She had been taking home leftovers from the bakery every night now that the war was fully fledged into position and food and basic commodities were scarce, the rationing had begun, only the well off and the ones who made sufficient money to sustain a proper lifestyle were able to afford buying goods regularly. The owner of the bakery, June Bennet, a middle aged lady in her early fifties was kind enough to let her employees take home the leftover at half the price that they were being sold for.

Y/N came home with a small brown paper bag in her hands that contained a loaf of bread and a couple of sweet buns along with a pint of milk that she hoped would last her throughout the week and maybe some of the next too. She was surprised to find bags placed in the doorway of her bedroom and the sound of rustling in the bathroom alerted her to the possibility of an intruder in her house. She walked with caution into the bathroom where she heard the water running and the silhouette of a man caught her attention. She pulled back the curtains thinking she’d find a stranger but was surprised to see the startled figure of the love of her life before her, his hair dripping from his long lashes and an expression that mirrored one of a deer caught in the headlights on his face.

Tears pooled at her eyes as she glanced at him and in a heartbeat or maybe less she was in his arms hugging the life out of him as sobs wracked through her body not even paying an ounce of attention to the fact the she was now soaked to the bone. Alex’s arms wrapped strong around her as he nuzzled his face in her neck feeling equally as emotional as her. He couldn’t believe that she was here, in his arms with her hands clutching him for her life. She was real and he couldn’t comprehend that after all the time he spent looking forward to seeing her and going home to her, she was finally here.

“What are you doing here, Alexander? Weren’t you off for duty? She was curious, as happy as she was that he was in her presence again, she knew him coming home would have a hidden meaning.

He fidgeted a little bit, nervous and not knowing how to tell her the reason for his sudden arrival. The letter that contained the news that he was supposed to tell her lay in his bag as a constant reminder of all the pain his words were going to cause her, the words it contained weighing down on his heart.

“Why do you go and sit down, love? I’ll just finish washing meself and be right with you.” 

She nodded as she stepped out, words escaping her. She changed out of her wet clothing putting them out to dry in the balcony. The atmosphere had changed drastically in her little flat; the happiness she once felt at the return of her lover was replaced with the anxiety of his impending news.

She was alerted of his presence when she heard the clearing of his throat behind her, turning around to face him with furrowed brows. She couldn’t help but step closer to him, wanting his comforting presence after being denied it for so many months. She rested her hands on his shoulder as she reached up to press a kiss to his lips, the simple gesture spreading warmth in her heart.  He pressed himself closer to her as his mouth put a little more pressure on hers, the taste of her kiss being one of the many things he missed about her.

“Is everything okay, Alex?” She whispered as she pulled back, her forehead resting against his whilst locked in his embrace. He didn’t know how to tell her that everything was not alright and if things went wrong, he was not sure they’d ever be. He sighed dejectedly knowing that he’d have to tell her eventually and better sooner than later is what he figured.

“They’re sending me to Dunkirk, sweetheart. And I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Tears pooled her eyes at his admission, Dunkirk? That was in France, wasn’t it? Why would he go there?  The question in her mind drove her crazy making her lose sight of her surrounding for a minute, the anxiety that washed over her made her dizzy as all the possibilities ran through her mind.

“Dunkirk? Why are you going there, Alex? Is everything okay?”

“Sweetheart, they’re sending me off to war.” He sighed, knowing that her heart was breaking in front of his own tow eyes. He wanted to console her, he really did but who is to guarantee that he won’t lose his life? Who is to say that he’ll come home safe and sound? Who is to say that he’ll come home? But he knew he had to be strong for her so he gripped her cheeks in his hands the same way he did the first time he left and tried his best not to let his emotions consume him.

“Hey, darling look at me for a second okay? I know what you’re thinking and I know it’s scary but I promise you that nothing will keep me away from you, okay? Nothing will stop me from loving you not even the bloody world war. I promise that I’ll come back to you. I always will, you’re my home remember? It’s you and I, forever. And ‘sides you have my mum here and she loves you so much sometimes more than she love me. She’s always here for you.”

Y/N had tears streaming down her face at an uncontrollable rate as she looked into the deep jade irises that she had fallen so much in love with. She nodded her head in affirmation at his soothing words. She was scared but she knew she loved him and she knew she would wait for him no matter how long or what it takes, she promised him that when he enrolled himself an year and half ago.

“Do you promise? That you will come back to me? For me? No matter what?”The innocence in her eyes made him let out a soft chuckle as he kissed her on the forehead before resting his against it.



Imagine you nudged Louis into lake.

Louis: What?! That were you?!

You: *nod and laugh*

Louis: I will fuck you that hard you will not be able to walk!

You: Scared to death, Tommo!

Its On

A small Louis fluff and I haven’t written in forever but I’m starting again so tell me what you think and send in requests (x). Or you can submit your own work here (x)

Your relationship with Louis was in the very beginning stages; flowers being sent to your work with a cute little saying from him, lavish dinners as his way to spoil you, watching movie and tv show marathons together, and little grabs here-and-there on each others bodies because you guys just haven’t been getting enough of each other.
The two of you were just having a night in, with your work schedule and his work at the studio you had rarely had a chance to see very much of him recently. You walked into his apartment with a couple bags of groceries hoping to cook something up for him before he returned from the studio. As you kicked the door closed with your foot, you could hear pots and pans rattling from the kitchen and for some reason this made you mad. You had just wanted to do something nice for him since he always goes above and beyond for you. You wanted to surprise him and finding him home before you made your eye twitch with irritation. “Well you’re home early”, you stated as you walked into the kitchen and released all the groceries onto the table. “I wanted to surprise you with a nice meal since you always seem to cook when we are together.”
Louis twisted around from the dishwasher to see you putting groceries where they needed to be. “Hiya pretty, that was a nice thought but don’t worry about it I got it.” He glided by you, placing a swift kiss on your forehead before going into his fridge and pulling out certain ingredients. Your wrinkle your forehead and give him a dirty look. “Oi, what on earth is that look for?! Thought you like when I cook somethin good to eat.”
Your eyes widen as you come to an understanding of why he always seems to cook. “Ohhh I get it now. You don’t think my cooking is very good, do you?” He starts mumbling his defense but you did not want to hear any of it. “Save your excuses because you’re wrong and you know it. I’m a way better cook then you are. You’ve never just let me cook you a meal to find out that I can kind of make your tastebuds explode with deliciousness.”
Louis chuckled at that but still had a weary look in his eye. “I’m not saying that you can’t cook but I know that my food definitely tastes better than yours. I’ve had your food a couple of times and its alright but nothing special. I have that secret touch that makes you moan with pleasure from how good my food is.” You narrow your eyes at him and sigh, pretending to feign defeat as he continues to prep for his meal. You smoothly started gathering your ingredients and the things you would need to make your meal. “What are ya doin now pretty? You can’t stand being told you’re wrong, can you?”
“You think you are better than me so prove it. Invite Oli, the boys, or any of your friends for dinner. I’m not wrong and I’ll show you, I’m gonna make my dish to perfection and you make your shitty dish and we’ll see who the true winner is.” You hurriedly start prepping with a determined demeanor. You are confident you will win, he just wants to be right and look good. You already know you got this competition in the bag.
“Babe, I really don’t want to be mean but I’m being completely honest here. I don’t want to invite people over to have you look bad. This doesn’t have to be a competition, we will just eat what you make and then I’ll cook tomorrow.” You barely even heard him as you were already focused on the meal and the recipe to follow. You were beyond the point of making mends and you were craving the competition between the two of you. There was nothing he could say or do to let this go and pretend it never happen.
“No Lou we are doing this. You better make your dish because if you don’t then I will not let this go and I’ll be bitter about it forever. Now stop being a wimp and suck it up. Make your dish but be prepared to lose.” He simply shook his head and continued his dish. He wasn’t about to half-ass his dish just to purposely let you win.
Even as both your friends began to show up neither of you dropped the competitive mode you guys were in. Neither of you greeted anyone, talked with anyone, and barely even looked at them. You were both as serious as ever and you both wanted to win. Louis ended up finishing his dish before you did but that just made you happier. Him finishing his dish early means that he made something simple and easy which would not even compare to her elaborate dish.
A group of friends were all sitting at a round table ready to eat with two plates in front of each. You had a plate of Louis dish and he had a plate of yours. You both presented your plates then waited as everyone was making their decisions. You tasted Louis’ dish and you couldn’t help but close your eyes and fully appreciate his dish, you couldn’t lie that his dish was delicious. It was then that you realized that you actually had some tough competition.
When Louis took a bite of your dish he nodded his head. He appreciated your effort but he knew he had won. Every time he would cook anything for anyone they would praise him and he even got a compliment from a professional chef! Its not that your dish was bad, it really wasn’t bad and it was pretty good for not cooking as much, but he had just had so much experience.
As you both stood in front of your friends waiting for their decisions, you nibbled on your lip and Louis was rocking back and forth on his heels. Finally, your friends had made their decisions and you were happy with the outcome. Even though they had picked Louis’ dish you knew that he had deserved it. You sighed and gave him a shoulder hug. “Congrats I guess. I’m not gonna be a sore loser because your dish was pretty good. Well, thanks for making a great meal and making me think that I can’t cook.”
Louis nuzzled his head in your neck and smirked. “It sounded physically painful for you to say thank you to me. And don’t worry about it pretty, thats what I’m here for. Maybe you should just stick with baking because you are for sure better at that.”

Not about her || H. Styles imagine

“Harry, you are never home, you don’t answer my calls, you are always late to every event we have together. And now you are asking me to move out? It’s like you are giving up on us.”
It sounded like a fight between to people on a relationship and that left Harry speechless. Hearing the girl in front of him pour her heart out for him, crying, sobbing even, a side of her he hadn’t seen before.

He didn’t even understand how he was in this position.

He thought it was very clear for the two of them that this meant nothing, he was trying to help her through her though time, bringing her home for a couple of weeks and giving her a shoulder to cry on. Somewhere along the way she had started to get strong feelings for him.

Who wouldn’t.

But he was just being nice, and always let her know that.
He had been trapped between her sad state of mind and his willing to make her feel better.
They weren’t even dating, he never thought he was in a relationship. But now she was asking him things that he didn’t want to do with her like going on dates and spending the night together, do things that only couples did, things that he only wanted to do with someone else.


You and him were always very close since the day you met each other, sparkles flew and everything was happiness every time you two were together.
You really like him but you didn’t know he felt exactly the same way because he was always with that girl, she was constantly calling him to go back home, making him bring her to wherever he was, so you assumed she was his girlfriend or some sort of that. Even though he always referred to her as a friend.
But he had tried to defend his case and explain you why she was living with him as soon as he noticed your mood shifting whenever he talked to her on the phone, but you wouldn’t let him.
After all you were just friends and you didn’t want to end up looking as a nosy person.
When you had learnt that she lived with him you distanced yourself from him, you didn’t want to end up being hurt, or being the one that got in the way of a relationship.
He noticed your change, how you didn’t reply his messages as often, how you would always make up an excuse whenever he offered to see you or didn’t answer his calls or morning/ evening texts.
He even tried visiting you in your job place but you basically kicked him out in the nicest way someone can be kicked out.

And it was killing him.

He hadn’t noticed how important part of his life you had become until now, that you had rejected yet other night out.
So he talked to his mom, after all he was helping the daughter of one of Anne’s closest friends, but it was becoming too much.
Anne herself didn’t know what to do, calling her friend and telling her that Harry couldn’t take care of her daughter in his house any longer was not an easy thing to do. So the two of them offered her a brand new flat near his house, in case she needed something as an emergency in the city that was new to her.
He misses his privacy, it was the only time he could be in his house alone before the tour started, or at least he had wanted that time with you.
“Amanda, I’m not giving up our friendship, it’s just I need privacy, tour is about to start and I am really gonna miss being by myself.”
“BUT THAT IS A LIE! You just want to spend time with that cu*t you are always talking about.”
“Please, be more respectful, she has a name.”
“I don’t care. And fine I’ll just go, so you can fuck that little bitch.”
Harry had to close his eyes, trying to ignore the feeling he got when she was calling you names.
That’s what you get when you act too nice towards people he thought.
And once Amanda was out of his house the first thing he did was to call you, but then again, you didn’t answer.
However that didn’t stopped him from going to your house. He felt as every single second away from you was a second gone to trash.
He knocked on your door nervously, feeling his palms sweaty in the flowers he had brought you- your favorites.
You had just gotten from work, complete exhausted, with no makeup on, just your pijamas and loose ponytail.
But he was just staring back at you, completely taken aback from how beautiful you looked in such a natural state. To his eyes, you just couldn’t get more perfect.
“Harry, are you ok?”
The only thing he could do was nod and hand you the flowers. And watch you smile at them.
He had remembered.
“Want to come in?”
He nodded again and you just laughed.
“You look funny, are you sure you feel ok?”
“You are just so beautiful.”
He had finally spoke, leaving you speechless this time, just blushing at his intense gaze.
“Thank you. Do you want some tea?”
“That would be nice, but let me help you.”
You too walked to your kitchen. You put the flowers in water and started hitting up the water for the tea.
He chose the tea and picked the cups.
Everything was and enjoyable silence for you, but it was killing him, the thoughts running on his mind.
As you served the tea in his cup you noticed how his hands were shaking slightly and how there was a glimpse of sweat in his forehead. “Sugar?”
“Yes, please.”
“Brown or white?”
You already knew the answer but liked the sound of his voice. You wanted him to talk all night.
“Brown would be nice.”
And it was silence again.
He started to move his leg up and down and he was also bitting his lip, an habit of his whenever he was nervous.
“I enjoy having you here but I’m guessing this is not the tea the reason you came for.”
He gulped hard, almost choking.
He came back to you for a reason, of course.
It was now or never.
“I like you, I really do like you. Gosh, so much that I hate that you think that there’s something between Amanda and I, we are only friends, I was helping her, she wanted to move here because she had an abusive boyfriend back in her city. There’s nothing between us. And I… I am risking it all by telling you this, cause i don’t even know if you like me back and…”
His voice lowered and quickened as his rant kept on as his insecurities surfaced. You had the power to make him feel so nervous yet so tranquil. It was confusing.
All of this was new to him.
Yes he had had girlfriends before but this was the first time he felt something so powerful towards someone and the thought of it not being corresponded drove him to the edge.
“I like you too.” You said, louder than him, nervous too.
Both of you felt your hearts racing up and a sweet weird feeling in your stomachs.
So this is what people always talk about. He had thought.
And he couldn’t stop himself, he took your face in his hands, his face following the route his eyes had made, leaning closer to your lips, putting a loose strand of hair in your ear.
And he was so close you could almost hear his heartbeat, his scent almost becoming yours.
But just before your lips could touch he muttered an “can I kiss you?”
You felt your knees even weaker. He was always so respectful.
You could only nod.
You could almost feel the fireworks exploding in your chest, the electricity flowing in your veins.
The need of air was the only thing capable of separating the two of you.
And you could’ve sworn you had never seen a smile so huge on his face, nor his eyes as green as now.
He was an angel.
“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
“Would you take a no?”
“Of course not.”
“Then yes.”

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for any mistakes.
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Reading Louis’s interview is making me so sad. He is able to open up about his insecurities and I can’t believe the way he thinks about himself. He contributed so much to one direction but people took him for granted. He deserves nothing but the best. I’m happy that he has the confidence to release solo music, it’s going to show how much talent he has. This picture shows how strong he is by making his mother’s wish come true. I’m honestly in tears after reading the interview.