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You had just got back from an award show and you were exhausted. Like completely exhausted.

You had been feeling sick all night, the lights and the pressure around you had not done anything to help the headache you had been fighting all day.

You were the assistant to One Direction’s manager, and as she was back in London making last minute plans for their next tour you had been given the job of making sure that all the boys did what they had to at the award show.

It wasn’t a hard job. You got on well with all the boys, they were your best friends in the world, especially after being on tour with them for the last two years, so it was never not a good night when you actually got to go to an event with them. You were in charge of making sure they were all dressed and presented nicely, and had to keep a good eye on them so they made good decisions, but they weren’t stupid, and they’d done these things a hundred times, so you didn’t really have to worry.

It had just been a little awkward with Harry lately. At the end of the last tour you two had been getting close and you were starting to have real feelings for him. However you knew what he did and who he was so you didn’t put your hopes up. You were realistic. You knew he probably wouldn’t be interested in a manager’s assistant, so you distanced yourself.

You had a little break after the tour but now you were back with the boys.

He had confronted you about it earlier in the week when you met up again, saying that he felt you were giving him the cold shoulder.

You swear you could see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke.

Maybe you were wrong about him not being interested?

So the night had finally come to a close and you’ve all gone back to Louis’ home to rest for the night. You were currently in LA and Louis was the only one who had managed to secure a house, the other boys preferring to live in London, so the decision was made that you could all crash there for a few days before having to head back to the UK for the start of tour.

The plan earlier was to head to Louis to change and then head out again to go to an after party, but the thought made you feel even more sick than you were before. You were coming down from the high of the event and it was hitting you hard. There was no way you’d be able to go out again.

The five of you headed into Louis main living room and you looked straight towards the couch. You just wanted to collapse on it.

“Alright guys quick change and we’re out of here! Wanna go party like its 1999!” Liam proclaimed, heading quickly to one of the spare bedrooms that he had claimed for himself for the next few days. Niall nodded and headed in a similar direction. You observed Louis heading upstairs to his own bedroom.  

You on the other hand went and sat directly on the couch, holding your pounding head in your hands. Harry noticed your statue and sat next to you, placing a soft hand on the top of your back, rubbing gently.

“You ok?” He asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“Not really,” you laughed sarcastically, trying to laugh off how bad you were actually feeling. You slightly shrugged Harry off your back.

“Can I do anything to help? It’s your head isn’t it? I always used to get headaches after these stupid award shows?” He said, a lightness to his voice.

You just didn’t really want to be around Harry right now. Not only was your head pounding but your feelings for Harry were right at the surface of your mind again now that he was back in your life and you just didn’t want to deal with the rejection.

“I’m fine Harry, Just go get ready to go out with the boys, I might skip this one tonight.” you shrugged him off completely and moved away slightly, shifting further down the couch.

Harry huffed under his breath. “Can you not do that?” he said, shifting his body towards you.

“Do what?” you huffed back. You were frustrated with how you were feeling and the situation with Harry.

“Shrug me off like that,” he proclaimed. “You know I care about you and I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

You looked up at him and saw his eyes wide with concern and confusion. You felt bad. You didn’t want to shrug him off, you just didn’t want to fall into the pit of feelings that was starting to develop again.

“I know Harry I just don’t want to deal with this right now.” you said putting your hand through your hair and resting your head on the back of the couch.

Harry looked confused. “Deal with what?”

“You Harry. I just can’t deal with you coming over here and saying that you care about me and making me have feelings for you when-”

He grabbed onto your arm and interrupted you. “Wait. Wait. You have feelings for me?”

You went pale for a moment. Paler than you had been a moment ago. You weren’t meant to confess your feelings to him so bluntly. Now you felt like an idiot.

“Harry just forget about it.”

He shifted closer to you. “I can’t just forget about something like that. I’ve been waiting two bloody years for you to say those words.”

Your head rose from the back of the couch and you looked at Harry. “Really?”

“Yes Y/N. I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I can remember. You pushing me away was breaking my heart.”

You felt guilty. “I’m sorry. I was pushing away because I didn’t want to get rejected it was easier for me to just move away slowly.

Harry placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re so silly.” He chuckled.

The next thing you knew you are being pulled into him arms, your head nuzzled under his chin.

“You know what? I think I might stay here tonight too. Don’t really feel like going out,” Harry said, putting his arms tighter around your waist.

You cuddled in closer to his chest. “That sounds good.”

He chuckled.

Moments later you were fast asleep. Harry reached over grabbing the TV remote so he could settle for the next few hours. There was no way he was moving.

Louis came in from upstairs and saw the sight in front of him. He caught Harry’s eyesight and laughed to himself . “Fucking Finally,” he said to Harry.

Harry chuckled. “Shut up.”

When the boys were finally completely ready they came back into the living room, awing at the sight. Liam gave Harry a thumbs-up and Niall gave him a small smile, knowing how much this moment meant to Harry.

Niall and Liam were respectful of you sleeping and crept out the door with Louis in toe. They knew how sick you had been feeling all day, saw how much you were struggling all through the night, and wanted you to get some rest.

Before completely leaving, Niall secretly took a few shots of the two of you on his phone, knowing Harry would appreciate them at a later time.

The boys shut the door behind them and headed down to the waiting car.

“Fucking finally,” said Liam.

“That’s what I said!” Louis proclaimed.

The three boys laughed to themselves.

Marshmallow & Hot Cocoa (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: A christmas miracle happen over a small café with a marshmallow and hot cocoa 

Pairing: reader x harry 

Warning: only really cheesy words 

 Harry’s POV 

I look up the sky. Snow falling to my face. Christmas is one of the holidays i like. Family and friends gather together, enjoying good quality time. Everyone where they supposed to be. 

 With their love ones

Well except for me. I’m still finding her, she who i don’t know yet. This life is getting empty without her. All the people the touring, I long to share it to her. My very own someone. Shrugging my thoughts I shouldn’t be sad or gloomy in christmas eve. I should be happy, this is the first day off I can get after long times of working in the studio. Sadly, I can’t be with my family this christmas. The weather is getting colder. Tightening my coat, I step in to a small café. The place looks cozy and expectedly hardly anyone is there. Except a girl there sitting in the corner near the window. She’s caught up in her book. Constantly reaching to the bowl in front of her, now empty. I looked down to mine. Oh marshmallows. I decide to order a hot cocoa to the waiter. Inspecting her further, I think to myself. 

 She’s beautiful. Intriguing actually. 

Reaching out to my bowl, I pick it up and walk towards her.

“Out of marshmallows?” I said and smile when she lifted her face from her book and stare at my presence.

Have you ever seen an aurora? Even from the tv or even google? Its magnificent. I may sound cheesy right now but God help me. This girl in front of me, would be like a hundred auroras and flowers combine together with all those others nice and sweet things.

“Haha yea.. Seems like I’m too caught up.” She smile as she reach forward taking one from mine. “Thanks um?”


“Y/N”. She said smiling.

“Well what are you doing here alone in christmas eve?” She asked me

“Didn’t get to see my family. So currently being a loner.” I chuckled.

She frowns. “Same, I guess we can be two loners then?”

I grin at her. “Definitely.”

“What about girlfriend? Boyfriend? Hey I don’t judge!” She wink. 

“No, I’m single as a pringle.”

“Really? I am having a hard time believing Harry Styles doesn’t have anybody up his sleeve. No offense.” She lean back to her chair.

“No.” I chuckled. “I see that I blew my cover.” I said meaning she recognise me.

“Haha, sorry if I creep you out. But I try my best to start a normal convo, I think you don’t fancy me screaming when Harry Styles is talking to me.” 

I smiled again. She is something, okay. 

“So, what about you? Taken by anyone or just book and marshy over here.” I point to the marshmallow on the table.

“Nah, same luck as yours haha.” 

“Well care to hang out with me?”

She seems to be thinking for a while.

“Well why not? Not like I have anything to do.” She smile and closing her book.

After we finish our cocoa and the marshmallows, We decide to have a walk around the freezing river.

“So, hows life?” I asked as we stop and take a seat at one of the chair. 

“Well, always been a slut fucking with everyone’s life, but well, its good good. Wbu Mr. Curly?”

“Just got my day off after long time working in the studio. Just my luck, cant spend it with my family, but hey! I got you! That’s much better than I can ask.” I said truthfully making her blush, her cheeks reddening even more in the cold weather.

“Well for me this gotta be the best christmas eve ever. I met you, and now we’re both hanging out.” “True.”

We just stare at each other for a while before I lean in. Her lips just looks so enticing. Inviting.

So I did, I kissed her. And it taste like marshmallow. Sweet, but at the same time magical.

Overhearing a confession

Hi! First, I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to read my One Shots. It makes me so happy! :) 

This is a One Shot about Harry being your best friend and falling asleep on top of you. Unfortunately, that’s the exact time your friend decides to talk about how obvious it is that you have feelings for each other. 

Picture is not mine, I found it in the depths of Tumblr. 

It would be accurate to say that Harry was exhausted. Filming a movie taking place during world war 2 had really began to take it’s tool on his strength - physically as well as mentally. When him and the band had first started to think about taking a break, he hadn’t imagined feeling more emotionally drained than when he was touring. But then again, becoming an actor had been more something than he’d stumbled upon and not something he had planned.

When it was announced that filming wouldn’t be continued for two weeks, Harry was quick to decide that going home would do him good. He bought a plane ticket and the same evening he was back in my tiny apartment in England. I had been very surprised at his sudden appearance, given that I hadn’t heard from him for a few days and when I did, he had always claimed that he couldn’t wait to go back to America. But instead of his sunny porch in LA, he stood on my doorstep in ever rainy London. After ushering him in, Harry apologized profoundly for interrupting my quiet night in with my friend Mary, but unaware to him, seeing him had been all that was missing to make me happy.

“It’s fine, Harry,” I’d assured, stopping his ramble with one finger raised, “Perfectly fine, actually. I’m always happy to have you here, you know that.”

What he couldn’t have known was that when my eyes had found his, my heart had speed up and beat so fast I’d feared it’d jump straight out my chest and to his feet. Self-consciousness crept up on me and I wished I would’ve worn something more flattering than thin leggings and a white t-shirt adorning my torso. I wasn’t even wearing a proper bra but a simple black bralette I’d gotten for £7. Luckily Mary was quick to step in and invited Harry to join the two of us for a glass of wine on the couch.

As soon as I’d settled down comfortably, Harry moved closer and lay down beside me to rest his head in my lap. His face was nestled against my stomach and my body tensed upon feeling his warm breath against my thinly clothed skin. My friend’s raised eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed by me, but I couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t unusual for Harry and me to cuddle and to be genuinely more comfortable with each other than other friends were, but normally no one else was around to whom it could’ve looked odd.
Harry didn’t care about that though. All he cared about was how at ease he felt since he had entered my apartment. He sighed in content when I carefully laid a blanked over him and his arms around my waist squeezed me gently after I loosely placed my own arm over his shoulders. Harry didn’t engage much in the conversation Mary and I carried and after feeling the rhythm of his warm breath slow, I knew he had fallen asleep.

Me and Mary still sat with each other, talking quietly. At some point I subconsciously began stroking my fingers through Harry’s smooth hair. It still felt strange to touch the soft strands and have them end so close to where they began, but I loved it either way, long or short. My hand gently caressed his cheek every now and again and I smiled upon remembering how nervous he had been when he had first revealed the newly short haircut. There hadn’t been any reason though. Harry was effortlessly beautiful. He always was, as well as was so warm, soft, gentle and kind. Mary knew of my feelings for Harry and smiled when she noticed my hesitant touches to his face.

“You do know that he fancies you, right?” she asked. “At least as much as you do him.”

I looked up at her with a small smile and shook my head. “Don’t make fun of me, Mary.”

“I’m being serious,” she assured, “He looks at you and his face lights up. When he has news, you’re the first person he calls. Filming is interrupted, yet he doesn’t go to his family or to his home in LA. He comes to you. Those are pretty obvious signs, honey.”

I quickly shushed her when her voice rose slightly. “Why does the time you find fit to have this conversation when he’s right here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Relax, he’s asleep. You’re just trying to escape this conversation, as you always do.”

I shook my head and focused my attention back on Harry. His forehead was wrinkled and I gently smoothed it with my thumb. His pink lips were slightly open and I admired how his long eyelashes rested on his soft cheeks. He looked vulnerable and innocent. My heart swelled at the sight and I could practically feel myself fall even more in love with him. All I wanted was to cuddle him and shield him form any harm.

“You love him,” Mary continued in a cooing voice.

“Pst!” I scolded and shot her a glare. “He’s right here, for crying out loud! Are you trying to ruin my friendship with him?”

She threw her arms up and sighed dramatically.

“I’m sitting here, observing two people completely unaware of how smitten the other person is with them and you expect me to just keep my mouth shut?”

“What I expect is that you don’t take the piss out of my feelings for him. Feelings I’m sure he doesn’t return,” I muttered harshly and focused my gaze back on his flushed cheeks. “He told me about some model from Spain he was thinking about going out with,” I admitted quietly. “He wants someone he can sleep with for a while and go on crazy adventures with, without her getting her hopes up. And that’s not me. He just has to look at me from across a room and my hopes shoot up into the sky.”

Mary giggled and shook her head. “You would sleep with him, though.”

“Shut up.”

“I think you don’t quite realize how he sees you,” she continued in a more serious manner. “Maybe you should just tell him and see how it goes. It could be worth it.”

My hair shielded my vision when I shook my head and I quickly pushed it back. Harry’s grip around me had slightly tightened and I shifted to adjust myself.

“No way I’d risk loosing him with a weak attempt at getting him to want me, Mary. I’d rather be stuck by his side as a friend than not be with him at all.”

“Well,” she took a long sip of her wine glass, “the fact remains that his head is in your lap and nobody else’s.”

I giggled and urged my heart to stop jumping so badly. With his face pressed against me I feared the sound could wake him from his slumber.

While we quietly conversed some more, my fingers found their way back into Harry’s hair, from there to his neck and from there to his shoulder. His peaceful expression brought me joy and set me at ease. Harry released a long sigh and cuddled closer to me. He even moved his legs up to completely rest in a fetus position.

“I’m gonna get going,” Mary decided as she got up and I moved to do the same, but she quickly stopped me. “Don’t. Stay like that. It’d make a lovely picture. One that you could send everyone as a christmas card when you celebrate as a couple for the first time.”

“Text me when you get home safe,” I asked her quietly, ignoring her comment and she nodded. She waved one more time before she left the room and shortly after I could hear the front door shut.
I sighed in content and focused my vision back on Harry. With him cuddling me like that I could almost pretend that he loved me. That he was mine and had returned to me because his heart had ached from our separation as much as mine had. My fingers were in the middle of drawing a pattern against his temple when Harry suddenly pursed his lips and blew out air. I shrieked at the tickling feeling and tried to move away, but his arms held me still and he continued his playful torture, only stopping to laugh.

“Harry,” I cried and pushed at his head. “Please stop!”

He didn’t move away though and I felt like a bucket of ice water had been dropped over my head when I felt his lips press against my tummy in a kiss. Or maybe it was steaming hot water.

“I thought you were asleep,” I stuttered and he moved into a sitting position next to me. My lap felt cold and empty already.

“I wasn’t really,” he shrugged, a smile gracing his lips. “Just enjoying a snuggle and hearing the newest gossip.”

My rapidly jumping heart jumped straight down to the very pit of my stomach while all the blood shot up to my cheeks. Harry still looked at me with a confident and wide smile, his eyes sparkling and my brain went through every possible scenario of how I could possibly talk my way out of this. He couldn’t have heard what Mary and I had discussed, right?

“Did you get some rest?” I asked and he frowned. “Are you hungry?”

I moved to get up but was stopped by his hands reaching forward and clasping my wrists.

“Where do you think you’re going, love?”

“To fetch you something to eat,” I answered and freed my wrists from his hold.

“I don’t want anything to eat. Come here.”

He sat up straighter and opened his arms. Though part of me wanted to leave the room and hide from his suspicious gaze, I had never been able to resist him. My still burning face was buried where his neck met his shoulder and I inhaled his familiar scent. Harry sighed and wrapped both arms around me, pulling me up so I was sitting in his lap.

“You have no idea how much I missed you, Y/N,” he whispered against the shell of my ear before pressing several kisses to my cheek. “I hate being away from you.”

Not as much as I hate being away from you, I thought, but decided to only answer by pressing myself closer to him. Harry moved his hands down and cupped my thighs before wrapping both of them around his waist. A harsh breath escaped my lips at this sudden closeness and when I felt him press more kisses to the skin of my shoulder, moving up to my neck. I shuddered. He knew. He was always cuddly and affectionate, but he might as well have kissed me on the lips and taken me to bed. He acted as if he was about to.

“Stop it,” I muttered and pressed my hands against his chest.

“What’s wrong?”

He stayed sat but his eyes followed me when I stood up in front of him and I cleared my throat.

“What is it that you were just doing?” I asked, my voice quivering. “You heard me and Mary’s conversation, didn’t you?”

Harry swallowed hard, but continued to smile, not looking guilty at all. “Yes, I did.”

I didn’t give my stomach time to knot itself and continued to speak. “And now you think that just because I have feelings for you, I’m going to share your bed?”

“What?” Harry seemed surprised at my sudden accusation. “No, of course I don’t think that.”

“You were practically kissing me!” I almost shouted.

Harry reached up to smoothen his messed up hair and got to his feet too, the smile had been replaced with a serious frown on his face.

“Y/N,” he spoke, reaching for my hands, “You don’t have to be scared, okay?”

His green eyes stared into mine and the grip on my hands tightened in a gentle squeeze. The black cross on his knuckles stood out against the pale skin.  "I love you.“

I shook my head in denial. If I allowed myself to believe him now, it’d hurt more later when he was done with me. I had watched him parade his lovers around one too many times and wasn’t willing to suffer the same end as they had. Always pushed away and to the side by him.

"Don’t say that.”

“Oh, I’m going to say it many more times, because it’s true.”

He reached up and gently caressed my cheek. “I love you and I know that you don’t believe that I mean it and that you think I’m just looking for something easy and meaningless, but I’m not.”

“You said you were,” I protested. Wasn’t that the reason why I had laid awake so many nights, thinking about what girl he was with for that night? Because he had said that he wanted to have an easy and no strings attached kind of relationship with someone who didn’t even understand his mind or care for his heart?

“Only because I was certain that I could never have you,” he swore. “When you are all I ever wanted.”

My breath hitched in my throat when he moved closer, both hands resting against my jaw and neck now. His lips looked impossibly soft and inviting and I had to bite my own in order to restrain myself from kissing them. He seemed to feel the undeniable pull between us, too, because his breath was uneven.

“Please,” he muttered, “Please let me.”

A nod from me was all he needed to lean forward and close the distance between us. His lips pressed against my mouth, feeling every curve. He moved them slowly but in a way it felt like he wanted to mesmerize every detail about my mouth. My breathing got irregular and I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him down and closer to me. A low moan escaped his throat and my entire body froze, but his roaming warm hands eased my tense muscles and soon I melted into him. One hand fisted his hair, the other moved to hold him by his cheek. When I felt him smile and pulling away, my head instantly followed in search for another kiss. The laugh died in his throat when I pressed another needy kiss to his full lips, one that he returned willingly. His hands gripped my hips and he squeezed the bare skin there. When I did finally allow him to break the kiss his face had transformed into an even bigger smile than the one that had graced his features earlier.

“Does that mean you’ll go out with me sometime?” he asked, his voice husky.

My brain still had it’s doubts, but my heart couldn’t be more confident. This man in front of me, this insanely handsome and good person had owned my heart for longer than I cared to think about. He was my best friend and though I didn’t know how we would transform our friendship into a relationship yet, after kissing him all those doubts seemed to have been thrown right out the window.

“I’ll think about it,” I giggled and cuddled myself closer against his chest. He rolled his eyes with a playful huff before connection our lips once more. After kissing some more he moved his head and pressed several pecks down my neck and to my shoulder. 

“I want you to be my boyfriend,” I confessed before I could stop myself. I felt his lips stretch into a smile and my heart squeezed in relief. He squeezed me tightly and nodded. 

“That sounds like something I’d like very much.” 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it and as always, feedback and requests are always very welcome. :) 

  • Alive: Too much Sex
  • No Control: Good morning Sex
  • Love You Goodbye: Goodbye Sex
  • Temporary Fix: Anytime Sex
  • I don't think I need to continue
Stone Cold - Harry Styles

This is something that’s been going on in my head for a while now. It’s a stand alone piece I guess? I’m not sure but this is an amazing song from a very talented person so we’ll see how it goes? I hope I do Demi’s song justice.


To anyone who observed from a distance, Harry and Y/N were the perfect couple who were destined to be together. They looked happy and so in love that they had no conscience of anybody in the world except each other. To anyone who knew them as a couple or as individual people, they were the type of couple who complimented each other so well they fit like lost puzzle pieces. They knew each other like the back their hands and navigated their lives in coordination with each other.

To anyone who was like family to them, they were the couple with a love story that could be found only in books or those cheesy romance comedy movies that make you wish you had it too. They had the love story that was written in their fates, bound to happen. Often referred to as star crossed lovers, they had a love story that became an envy to many and an inspiration to everyone who knew them.

Best friends since their diaper days, Harry and Y/N grew up in the same part of town, went to the same school, had the same circle of friends and even went through the awkward phase of life called puberty together. Y/N was there when Harry got his braces, when he went through his chinos and scarves phase, when his skin broke out and his voice cracked. She was their through it all to comfort him when he needed a shoulder to cry on and buy him ice cream when he needed it, though she ate most of it.

Harry pretty much reciprocated everything Y/N did for him. He was there for her when she started spurting boobs and looking like the beautiful woman he knew she’d eventually turn out ot become. He was there for her when she had her first period during gym at school and was terrified to death of telling anyone about it, scared that they would make fun of her. He loved her enough to walk into the girls toilet, talk her down and make sure she was calm and not freaking out before he went out to talk to the teacher, ignoring all the glances and whispers he received from his classmates. He was there for her when she got her braces too, would accompany her to her doctor’s appointments when her mother couldn’t make it. He was there when it was prom season and every girl in her class got asked out except her and watched her cry that nobody waned the nerd with braces as their date, having eventually asked her out himself and feeling like the happiest person on the planet. He was there for her to assume the role of the protective best friend to ward off any boys to dared to go near her and to be her shoulder to cry on when the impending break-up actually occurred.

He was eighteen and following his dreams when he asked out the girl of his dreams and found out that she reciprocated his feelings. Harry was elated the day Y/N finally became his and told him that she loved him too. He swore to himself from that moment that he would protect her and love her unconditionally come what may.

To anyone who observed from afar, Harry and Y/N were the couple that everyone wished to be.

Little did they know that the inside workings of this clock were not so smooth after all.


Y/N and Harry had been distant for as long as she could remember and it broke her heart. It hurt her to know that her relationship was falling apart and they both knew it but were not willing to face the reality of it’s almost non-existence. Harry’s side of the bed had been cold for ages, cold like the chill that settled in her spine, the uneasiness in her gut and the warning bells in her head telling her that she’s only making it worse by pretending the distance was all in her head when it was anything but.

The guest room of their house had never been occupied by either of them through the course of their relationship despite the gravity of the numerous fights that took place. They always had a simple policy of never going to bed angry and sorting it out by talking rather than assuming and drawing conclusions that could only add salt to the wound rather than heal it. Yes, the guest room had never been occupied in the five years that they had been together but now the bed seemed more familiar with the warmth and comfort of Harry’s body than she had been. It felt like the bed memorised the nooks and crannies of the she’s loved for the past twenty three years more than she remembers, the comfort of his being slowly going form blurry to unrecognised in her memory. It had been so long since they did simple affectionate acts like kissing him, holding his hand or even giving a hug sounded foreign to her ears.

Y/N doesn’t know when the went from living with each other to living around each other but she prayed, oh did she pray, that it was just a phase that would eventually pass and they would go back to the fun couple that they had always been. The love between them, according to her, was not gone but just forgotten. They’d both forgotten how much the other means to them and she felt that over time this realisation would dawn on them that the love they had for each other is unbeatable. She prayed every night that Harry would eventually stop going straight for the guest bed when coming home after an exhausting day of meetings and studio recordings. She prayed that he would divert himself to what used to be their bed and slip under the covers on the right side of the bed and that maybe , just maybe he’d stay long enough for her to appreciate and memorise his beautiful presence all over again.

There was no doubt in her mind that she loved Harry. It’s an answer to an unasked question, an answer she would give without doubting her love for him, an answer that she would give without hesitation, the possibility of it being a no close to nonexistent. For the sake for her happiness and well being, she hoped his too, she was determined to make this relationship work. To show Harry that their love was not absent but only forgotten, that they were meant for each other and that there was still some fuel to their fire.


When she suggested a break, she did it in the hopes that distance would make them realise just how intertwined and dependent they are on each other. She knew that he was it for her and that nobody after him, if there actually was anybody, would come even an ounce closer to him in comparison. Harry was the best partner she could ever find and even if somebody was out there who might be better for her than he is, she didn’t want them. Nobody could ever make her feel like Harry did and nobody possibly ever will.

When Harry entered the house after another exhausting day at work, he was greeted with the same silence that had greeted him everyday for the past few months. He was pleasantly surprised to find Y/N sitting on the couch in the living room, scrolling through T.V channels in the hopes to eliminate her boredom. This was possibly the first time in ages that he saw her face during times other than dinner, lunch, breakfast or when he needed to take out clothes from his wardrobe in their room since he never got any time to fill the guest room with clothes of his for when he needed them. When he saw her sitting there looking like she was waiting for ihm, he didn’t know whether ot be mad that this was out routine or to be worried about the impending events.

She looked over her shoulder to see him standing near the doorway with a frown on his face that probably matched the morose expression on her own. She gulped visibly and plucked the courage and strength that was necessary for her to have this conversation with him.She took a deep breath before uttering the words that could decide her future.

“We need to talk.”

Harry gulped visibly when the words left her mouth and he started to tense up, a shiver running down his spine at the thought of her knowing what he thought she did.

When Harry met Laura, she was only a friend of his girlfriend. Not even a friend, an acquaintance more like. She was introduced to him at the birthday party of one of your friends from university and he quickly took a liking to her, quickly getting on with her and talking all night long about the various topics that he couldn’t remember. Y/N didn’t notice this as anything out of ordinary, only regarding it as Harry socialising with her friends from university which made her quite happy to be honest. She were absolutely clueless about the growing friendship between Harry and Laura that possibly might be crossing the boundaries of friendship but she were quite oblivious to it.

Laura was new, dangerous and exciting. She was territory that he was not allowed to explore, someone that was forbidden. And it excited Harry deeply. He craved the thrill that came with a new relationship despite having gotten used to the routine of his with Y/N. He loved her with all his heart, he probably always will but he didn’t think it was in the romantic sense. He had been distanced from her for so long that the comfort of her presence and the happiness it brought him was long forgotten. He craved something were he wanted to be in the person’s presence all the time and he liked to think that he can find it with Laura. Laura who is funny, spontaneous, adventurous as opposed to Y/N who seeked the comfort and presence of ones you loved rather than doing something risky. Something risky that to Harry only sounded like living in the moment. The thought of leaving her for Laura sounded exciting and new, leaving his relationship with Y/N sounding like leaving his mother’s house to explore the world and all the possibilities it had to offer. He would miss the comfort, the safety and the assurance it offered but he was excited for the new prospects leaving her would bring.

Harry wasn’t one to cheat. He wasn’t raised that way and he knew his mother would be deeply disappointed if that were to happen. Instead he just waited for the relationship to die out. he felt like there was nothing left to fight for anymore, the love they had for each other long changed from romantic to platonic. He, personally didn’t think there was anything left to fight for anymore, the past year with university and his newly fostered movie career taking off at rocket speed, he didn’t really have anytime to make his relationship a priority or more like didn’t bother to. He knew it sounded selfish, leaving his girlfriend of five, almost six years for a girl that he barely know but would like to know better but he didn’t care. He only thought of it as putting his happiness and his needs before anything and he liked to think that he was doing something for himself for once, slightly deviating from the selfless, forever giving person everyone makes him out to be. He was so caught up in his head and this new thoughts of a new life, the thrill of a new relationship, that he forgot that Y/N was standing in front of him waiting for a response.

“Harry? Are you listening to me?” She asked with cheeks that appeared to be tear-stained, nose red at the tip and eyes foggy with bags under them. Y/N’s disheveled look caught him off guard, it being the first time in days, weeks even that he took a proper glance at her and not just to mumble a half-heated response.

“Huh? Yes, of course I’m listening. I think we need to talk too”

Y/N’s throat clogged up with the thoughts of the impending conversation looming around her head. She realized in that moment that the next few minutes would decide the fate of her relationship with the love of her life, a thought which became too unbearable for her, causing her to flop on the couch with a heavy heart and tear filled eyes.

“ I think we need to take a break.” She said expecting him to fully contradict and plead with her not to follow her words with actions and having hopes to work it out. Instead she was met with a weapon that hurt her more than daggers, silence. She looked to see Harry standing in front of her with his eyes cast to the floor, hands fiddling with themselves- a habit she knew as a sign of nervousness, having known him since birth- shifting between the toes and heels of his feet, a furrow between his eyebrows. She knew the clogs in his brain were turning a a rapid speed, his body language giving it away. Him not uttering a word made her contemplate that maybe, just maybe, living in blissful ignorance was way better. At least when she pretended everything was alright, she may not have had his emotional presence and love with her but she had his physical presence around and maybe, to her, that was better than nothing. He may not have been her’s in a literal sense for a long time but he was still there.


“Maybe you’re right,” he whispered, looking into her eyes, “maybe a break will do us some good. We need some space from one another and this the best way to handle that,” he mumbled, fumbling with his fingers and picking at the cuticles hanging from his nails.

“We can get through this, can’t we?” She questioned, more to herself than to the man standing at the other end of the room, his head ducking back down to his chest. If someone had asked her at the beginning of this conversation about it’s outcome, she would have been very positive. But now, she’s not sure if she’s gonna get the answers she expects from him.

“I don’t know, love. I really don’t,” he responded, guiltily. “Just, answer me one question,” she started off, her voice trailing as Harry kept his eyes locked anywhere in the room but her figure. Looking at her would mean facing the reality of their conversation. Looking at her would mean his resolve dissolving. Looking at her would mean realising that he is not only losing his girlfriend of five years but also his best friend of twenty three years and he was not ready to face that yet.

“Harry, please. Just answer me one more question.”


“Is there someone else? Are you confused? Are you unsure of what to do and maybe in need of a break to sort your head out to understand where we go from here?” She wondered, praying deep down that the answer she was expected would come from his lips. The awkward and uncomfortable silence being something she didn’t expect.

“There is someone else. I’m so sorry,” Harry whispered, not daring to look from his toes.

“There is someone else. Someone else has stolen your heart from me, when I’m being foolish and thinking you’d just forgotten how you used to love me. These last couple of years have been the end for us, haven’t they?”

“I guess so. I never intended for this to happen, though,” Harry grumbled, finding the courage to lift his head up. “I never intended for my feelings to shift from you to her. It was never a plan and I didn’t want it to happen, but, we’ve been so distant lately and I knew an end was coming and she was there,” Harry whispered, “I’m so sorry. I know this is hurting you, and it’s hurting me just as much, but maybe this break is it. Maybe this is where we say our goodbyes and focus on other people. Experiment and experience new feelings,” he explained, staring at her as she almost fell apart in her standing stance.

“I wasn’t expecting this to happen, if I’m going to be honest,” she stated, her voice cracking with sadness.

“What were you expecting? Me to apologise for being distant and we carry on like we have been for the past couple of years? I don’t love you anymore,” he winced, the words feeling foreign on his tongue. “I don’t, and I know it’s not what you want to hear.”

“You’re right. I wanted to hear you fight for us. Say that this break is just a stupid thing and that we’ll be okay, but I was wrong. I was foolish, yet again. I was naïve to believe that we could work through our problems like a couple who were hopelessly in love but had forgotten how to show it. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same,” she cried, tears dribbling down her cheeks. “I love you Harry, and I always will. You know I always have, and you know I always will. Maybe there’s a chance for us in the future.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen,” he sighed.

“It happens rarely and we just so happened to be the unfortunate ones. These things happen, Harry. Just promise, that whoever she is, she looks after you. She treats you how you deserve to be treated and she loves you just as much as I did,” she whispered, her heart breaking at the words leaving her mouth, travelling through her mind without much thought. “I love you.”

“I wish I could say the same,” Harry whispered.

“You should go to her. She’s probably expecting you. But, don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll be fine,” she stated, wiping the dribbling tears with the back of her hands.

“I’m sorry, and if and once you feel comfortable with us being friends again, I’ll always be there for you. We were best friends before, and I’ll have some significant part of your life, just like you do in mine. It may not be as my lover, but, you’ve got a place in my life that seems pretty permanent,” he smiled softly, his feet carrying him to where his boots laid on the floor with his jacket crumpled in a heap at the base of the sofa. “Stay safe, okay? Find someone that loves you the way you deserve to be loved. I’m sorry it had to end like this, love.”

His hands were lingering on the door knob when she called his name for what could possibly be the last time. He turned around to see her sitting on the couch of the house that he grew to love with all his heart as it used harbour the love of his life in it.

“What happened to us?”

“I dunno, love. I really don’t. I’m sorry.” He said for the last time before his feet carried him out of the house that held thousands of memories of the relationship that just ended.A house that experienced laughs, fights, parties, surprise visits and reunions. The reality of the situation was not set in his mind yet, instead he focused on the positive side of it. The excitement, the freedom and the sense of his single status after five years, finally setting in. He let out a sigh before setting off in his car, the house slowly leaving his line of sight.


The break-up never really set in Y/N’s mind. She still hoped that what happened between her and Harry was just a part of a nightmare. A nightmare that seemed to haunt her everywhere she went. A nightmare that she was reminded of every time she came home to an empty house or woke up to no sign of life in the place except her. A nightmare she never seemed to wake up from.

She hoped, still, in the deepest of her desires that Harry never actually meant anything that he said, that there was nobody else and he said it out of spite. But what would he have to be bitter for? A relationship that was fading? A girlfriend whom he thought of as ordinary, standard, mellow and boring? Guess not.

She still prayed that he would call, she waited by the phone every waking moment in hopes that he will. She still believed that he was not in his right mind and despite the fact that he said there was someone else who made him happy, happier than she made him, he would realise, during their time apart, just how much she meant to him and that their love was indeed not lost or gone but only forgotten. She prayed that he would realise that he loved her just as much as she loved him, if not more, and nobody would ever compare to her. But unfortunate for her, that day never came. A day when he realised was Y/N was indeed the love of his life and that he cannot live without her. A day when he realised how much she means to him and how he was quick to jump to conclusions about their relationship. A day when he realised that he didn’t want a break from her and in fact, he wanted no one but her.

But she hoped because hope was all that she’s had for the past year. Hope on their relationship, belief in her love and faith in Harry’s love for her.


The revelation that he might not be coming back came a month after he left her. A month after her heart was plummeted and stomped upon. A month of absolute torture and possibly the worst days of her life.

She spent her days burying herself in her textbooks and busying herself in assignments. Her days were spent surrounding herself by company who actually cared for her and meant it. She spent it with her friends from uni, her mum, her family and acquaintances who when they say they care for her, actually mean it. But after that number Harry did on her, she really didn’t know who to believe anymore but she held on.

The nights she spent in the house were lonely, cold and depressing to say the least. She spent them crying, eating large tubs of ice cream and watching sappy movies where everything turns out just fine for everybody but apparently the world has different plans for her. The bedroom was the worst part of the house because though they hadn’t slept in the same bed for months, it at least held the scent of his cologne and traces of his body as a proof of his presence in her. But now, any trace of Harry actually having lived with her has disappeared, his cologne washed off the sheets, the bathroom void of his hair products, toothbrush and essentials which once occupied most of the space. His wardrobe has been stripped clean off his clothes, every single one of them. Harry had come to collect his belongings when she was not at home, the only trace him being there being his set of keys under the doormat and a note that he had put up for her to see on the fridge.

“Take care of yourself, xx.” It said in his sloppy handwriting that she that she loved dearly. The loopy alphabets made her smile as they entered her line of vision but later caused her tears as she remembered the various hundreds of times Harry had written her notes, greeting cards, drawn stick figure drawings for her during the span of twenty three years. She also spent her nights looking through photo albums of her and Harry which was like a timeline of their relationship consisting of everything from home-made photo shoots in silly costumes to candid pictures of both of them. She loved to think of what could have been instead of what happened, the possibilities making her happier than the current situation.

She never really found out who the other women was until a photo surfaced on tabloids one day of Harry being spotted out for dinner with a ‘mysterious’ red-head. The sight of him, though only through a screen, made her heart skip a beat. He looked absolutely breathtaking in one of his infamous button-ups, his hair sticking up the sides, still short from when he cut it off for a movie. He had his arm looped around the waist of a tall girl in a blue dress, his protective arm and demeanour protecting her from the harsh lights of the clicking paparazzi cameras. He smiled at her in an all too familiar way. A smile that once used to be directed at her, belonging to a person who once would have done anything to protect her, but now belonged to someone else.

It was in that moment that a realisation dawned on her; maybe she wasn’t trying to salvage their relationship all along but his happiness. There was something soothing about seeing him happy in that picture that reduced to ache in her heart even if the happiness wasn’t directed towards her. His happiness was something that she hoped for all along. All she wanted was for him to be happy and maybe she had hoped that he would find it with her again because he used once upon a time. She had hoped that maybe she would have been the cause for his happiness a little longer. Because his happiness made her happy.

And if to him, happiness meant the red-head in the blue dress, then Y/N is happy for him.


So that’s about stone cold! As you can see it’s only loosely based off on the song! This is probably my most cherished piece ever and as you can see, it ranges over four thousand words which is the longest I’ve ever written. I really hope you all like it and thank you for reading it. I know it’s sad and mellow but I loved writing it.

All the love,xx
P.S. this is my writing but was posted on my old account which has been deleted.

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