Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics ❧ Interview with the Vampire

Does anybody else feel like they need a TV series based on Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles?

Because I do… Desperately.


Lestat is that type of person who inboxes you and says “can u like my profile picture 😘?” Overuses smiley faces and emojis such as 😘😭😉😚;P. Always tags Louis on pictures (Louis constanlty removes tags) in the album BAE AND ME ;) . He sent Louis a relationship request (it’s still pending). Tags everbody on his profile picture, so he would get more likes. Shares his profile pictures.
When he and Louis have a fight he posts some depressing love songs and statuses, writes things such as “everybody told me to forget you, but nobody told me how…#dedicated #L ; i am never going to trust anyone ever again…#L; sometimes, the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun #L.”
Sometimes Armand asks him what’s wrong, he answers either with “nothing…I don’t want to talk about it” or “inbox pls, I don’t want to talk about it here”
Uses internet acronyms, jargon, cyber slang. Posts selfies every 5 minutes with lots of hashtags and of course, it’s connected to his Instagram.

Louis always posts some deep, philosophical statuses, and when he’s chatting with someone always ends sentences with ” … “
He blocked Lestat from posting hearts on his wall.
When Lestat gets his way and they do take a selfie togheter, in which Louis is satisfied how he looks, he cuts Lestat and puts it as his profile picture. Lestat tags himself on that little lock of hair that is barely visible in the corner.

Marius doesn’t know how to use Facebook, uses it rarely, only to check on Armand and to post his work in progress pictures on timeline, cause he doesn’t know how to make albums and occasionally shares scientific and historic links. When he does inbox somebody, he ends his message with something like
Best Regards,
Marius de Romanus

Armand posts everything, from pretty paintings, silly statuses, selfies, music to high scores in games. Tags Lestat on screamers. Photoshops Lestat’s face everywhere. Posts ugly photos of Lestat he took without him noticing and tags him. Five minutes later Armand gets a message in inbox that says ” Hey, I don’t like this photo of me. Please remove it. “
He doesn’t.

continuing with issue 5. i love how every single issue the first few pages are relatively normal and every time i think ‘maybe this issue will be different’ but then

good evening

featuring more appearances of claudia where apparently every single tooth she has turned into a fang

… O_o

what the goddamn shitting fuck


And I only vaguely remember Armand letting me know that Louis was leaving him and he,Armand,did not want to go on. Hollow he sounded. Dry. Yet he gathered the moonlight to him as he stood there. And his voice still had its old resonance,its pure undertone of pain.
Poor Armand. And you told me Louis was dead. Go dig a room for yourself under the Lafayette Cemetery. It’s up the street.
—  Lestat de Lioncourt— The Vampire Lestat

ok this is for issues 6-8 because they’re actually getting less bad

actual picture of everyone who is sick of all the lestat centric books ^

louis suddenly has kawaii eyes and claudia’s got a huuuuuge fist *g*

random bug-eyed eastern europe vamp




but there’s still a few good panels

including eleni [i think] with some truly awesome siouxsie sioux hair

so you know, if you don’t hear from me again on this series, it might be because they permanently changed artists and it actually got good? guess i’ll have to keep reading to find out.

reading the interview with the vampire comic and laughing at how awful the art is

i mean

actual image of me reading this:

i am louis bc i also want to die after looking at this:

it just keeps happening

and one last one of louis being Really Extra

and that’s only the first issue lmao

feel free to use as reaction images or whatever

Lucille: Here you go, hot tea, because that’s what you are: a hottie.
Episode 2x05 “Sad Sack”

monstersinthecosmos  asked:


I love that the literal second I reblogged that post from you, you sent me this, like, you were ready. to. go lol <3

Favorite thing about them: His snark and how it goes against the image the book (and the characters) attempts to portray him in. He’s such an eloquent, intelligent, and poetic character and then the funniest shit comes out of his mouth. He’s the most relatable character for me, and therefore the most inviting one. He’s also one of the only characters who can actually put Lestat in his place. As both the foil and romantic interest for Lestat, his participation (pre-novel shitstorm) in their relationship is very unique and adds to his character development rather than distract away from it.

Least favorite thing about them: Despite his emotional and academic intelligence, he doesn’t seem to be very knowledgeable about himself. He hypothesizes a lot about his subconscious and his reasoning behind things, but he doesn’t typically come to conclusions about them. It’s a bit frustrating to occasionally see him as a character be so haughty towards other people’s haughtiness and not realize the irony behind it, especially when he is so self-aware on a surface level.
Also, there are some “problematic” things he’s done. I’ll talk a bit about some of them if I ever get around to the VC racism essay.

I haven’t read any of the recent novels yet but I understand his character has been butchered and he’s basically solely there for Lestat’s romantic needs and emotional support, which blows.

Favorite line: I know everyone’s favorite line is either A.) “…How would you say today…bullshit?” or B.) “My heart is yours” but MINE is “Lestat bungled it with his characteristic lack of common sense”

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