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I think about your Won't Get to Space universe all the time. Did we ever see Harry and Louis comfort Liam after he tells his parents?

I *think* I’ve posted bits and pieces of this here before, and maybe even the whole thing, but here is the 5k contents of my Won’t Get To Space 2 draft, which has basically remained stagnant for quite some time now. Sequel to Won’t Get To Space If You Haven’t Got A Rocket (Liam/Harry/Louis, where Harry and Louis are off of the X Factor and Liam is a mechanic in training in Wolverhampton)

Like the sky is blue (all the things that stop you dreaming)

Come to London this weekend, we miss you xx

Liam grins down at his phone. He’s on his break, eating two ham salad sandwiches and a bag of cheese and onion crisps in the back of the garage, flicking through The Mirror.

Your both in the paperrrrrrrrr, he texts, once he hits the 3am pages. Did u rlly fall out of a clubbb??????

Shameless lies !!! Louis texts back. we stumbled gracefully !!!!

His phone beeps with a message from Harry. I fell out of the cab not the club. lou just fell over me.

Liam laughs at that. What u uptooo?

Hanging around the record company !! Meetings . Boring !! Louis this time. They must be together, and reading each other’s texts. Liam sort of likes the idea of them both peering down at the same phone, together.

Maybe touching all the way down one side.

He really likes thinking about them touching.

Gud luck xxxxx Liam hasn’t got long left of his lunch. Mums berthdaaay this fri so cant come down L sozzzzzzz L

He has to get back to work anyway, so he stuffs his phone into his pocket before the reply arrives, and heads back across the garage to get on with Mrs Holloway’s oil change.

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top 5 louis looks 🌻☀️

omg i feel personally victimized by this question, because top 5????? just 5????? i feel like my answer to this changes every day, but here’s the first 5 off the top of my head in no particular order:

1. denim jacket (lbr louis in any denim jacket is my fuckin jam)

2. july bty promo (I will never not be over this look)

3. the red tshirt

4. not heartbroken tshirt

5. joy division love will tear us apart shirt

i just really like casual louis also i really miss louis help

ask me my top 5 anything

louis in denim jackets

do you see this

this is cute louis in denim jacket. he is laughing at all of us, because he has that magical ability to look bloody amazing in any jacket he likes and we are all here just admiring him. also crying. personally i need to have a drink.

anyway. under the cut in no particular order there are many pictures of louis wearing denim jackets and everyone needs that in their life, i promise.

(gifs/pics are not mine. i have only pain)

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