sadly, after four albums in five years, bombay bicycle club have announced they will be taking a break from music for at least the next year. their latest album, so long see you tomorrow, was released on the 3rd of february this year and topped the uk album chart. this album also features the successful singles ‘carry me’ and 'luna’, some of their most experimental but catchy tunes yet. since, they have toured worldwide, including two uk tours, also playing at many festivals. its safe to say they have been busy, but this in no way has affected the quality of their performances. some of jam had the pleasure of seeing them play at a sold out show on their penultimate night of touring and the whole experience was incredible. beginning with great support sets from peace and SIVU, the crowd was well and truly hyped for seeing bombay and the atmosphere was just immense as the hall was packed with hardcore fans. it seemed as though bombay enjoyed the show as much as we did, stopping halfway through to wish suren, the drummer, a happy birthday. the music itself was also impeccable with liz lawrence and louis bhose also making appearances.they played a mixture of old and new, having 'what if’ and 'carry me’ as their encores, a great choice as both are pretty upbeat and easy to rock out to! bombay bicycle club closed their 12 months of touring on the 13th of december at earls court featuring guest appearance from david gilmour of pink floyd. it is easily said that bombay have had an extremely busy few years with many successes so we hope they have a restful, well deserved break.


Bombay Bicycle Club North American Tour 2014

By Louis Bhose