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Hi I want to ask how do you see each of the boys careers ? ( harry , Niall , liam , louis and zayn )? Who do you think will have longetivity in the industry and why?thanks

Hello there! Thanks for this question and I apologize for my delay in answering. I’m going to do my best to answer this without writing an entire dissertation (as I am wont to do).  

*Author’s Note: I failed. I so failed.

First of all, I think all of the guys have the potential for longevity in the industry. But, it will depend on how well they manage to find their own sound and fully encompass it. It has to feel real and it has to feel authentic to the person. Fans will connect more with an artist that they feel really believes in their music. Whether it’s fun, dance music or pop punk, or folksy guitar strumming. If the sound feels authentic to the artist, they are proud of the work they put out, and they seem to really enjoy performing it, then it will work. If it feels fake or forced, then it means the artist isn’t connected to their own music so how are fans expected to be? 

Realistically, I think the guys will need at least 2 full albums out in order to get a better gauge of how long they could last. One Direction fans were chomping at the bit for new material from the guys after the band split, so of course anything they initially put out was bound to be gobbled up en masse. But now that we have new material, and we know what sound each guy is going for, the fan base will begin to splinter into which fans like which style. The second albums will show more accurately how well each guy has fared on his own with the existing fan base and how much, if any, of a new fan base he has gained.

So while I really think it’s too early to tell, if I had to say right now I think Niall has the best chance for longevity as it currently stands. Yes, I’m biased, but the music he is doing feels so authentic to him. He is able to talk about it and explain it with ease and he genuinely seems to enjoy performing it. Nothing about it feels forced or contrived. It just feels like we are finally getting a chance to see what Niall is really capable of. On top of that, his good fan engagement, coupled with his easy going nature, will definitely be a draw for fans looking for good music they can just put on in their car and enjoy, as well as offering a great live concert experience. That’s the kind of artist that will grow a base of loyal fans and hold onto them. He has consistently good music without any gimmicks or trends that could fade away and take him with it. I think as long as he enjoys it, he will be able to keep doing it. 

For Zayn, his biggest hurtle will be performing. As someone who suffers from crippling anxiety myself, I can completely understand and empathize with him. However, the majority of his fan base is young concert goers. They like going to see their faves perform live. He’s put out some good music, but he will have to start performing, even if they are just small, intimate shows, in order to keep interest in him going. You can’t survive as a two dimensional artist. Especially now a days where, because of social media, fans have unprecedented access to their fave artists. People want to know that you are real. They want to know that they are putting their time and money into someone who is worth it. (And let’s be honest, live shows are really the only type of “strenuous work” that most of these people do. I’m not going to spend my hard earned money to make someone else a millionaire, while they just sit around in their mansion. At least if I can see them on stage, I know they are doing something to earn that paycheck.)

For Liam and Louis I think it is still way too early, as neither has a full album out yet. Liam is definitely putting in the leg work to promote and get his name out there and that’s the best thing he can do. The more shows and festivals he attends, the more diverse audiences he will be exposed to. I also think that both he and Louis are smart to do collabs because again, it exposes them to entirely new audiences by reaching the fan base of the collaborative artist. I would like to see Louis try to do more festivals this summer like Liam, because it will help grow his confidence as a solo performer and will act as great exposure for him to new people.  

And then there’s Harry. Oh, Harry. All bias aside (to the best of my ability), I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen with him. Mostly because I don’t know what the hell he’s doing. When he initially put out his album, he tried to portray himself as being “reborn” as a serious artist who was going to revolutionize the music world. He freely threw around favorite buzzwords like “honest” and “authentic” as though his album was going to be this window into his soul and we were getting a real piece of him we never knew existed. It was all way too much and way over the top. (And if that album is a window into his soul, then I think it’s best he keep the curtains drawn.)

But despite his best laid plans, the Harry revolution never happened. He had the expected peak in his first week, thanks to hungry-for-content 1D fans, but then he took a nose dive off the charts and never returned. I think he was hopeful that his foray into acting and the subsequent promo from Dunkirk would help boost his visibility to the masses, and therefore bolster his music career, but that never materialized either. Now he’s executive producing a sitcom about himself, that will likely serve only to boost his own ego rather than prove to be of any benefit to his career. He’s really running the risk of over saturating the market by trying to be famous in every area of entertainment. Yet he doesn’t dedicate enough time to anything in order to really excel at it. 

But if I am sticking just to music for your question, I would say that the biggest threat to Harry’s longevity is the music itself. His lyrics are shallow, vulgar, and misogynist. They don’t tell a story. They don’t flow or move in a way that would allow the listener to connect with it on their level. Look, Harry is a famous, multi-millionaire who had, and will have, experiences that fans and the GP won’t. His world is completely different than ours in so many ways. But the one thing we all have in common is emotion. Human emotion doesn’t change just because you’re famous or because you have money. (Unless you’re an asshole who just doesn’t feel anything, but that’s not the point here.) Fans connect to music not only because it has a good beat or is catchy, but because they can understand it on an emotional level. They can compare the story the song is telling to something that happened in their own lives. Harry’s music doesn’t do that. It’s just noise and repetitive “la la la’s” mixed with over used clichés about “short skirts” and being “a devil in the sheets”. There’s no substance. No meaning. If people can’t connect with it, they aren’t going to stick with it. I realize he wants to be “mysterious” like Prince because, according to Harry, “nobody knew what Prince ate for breakfast” (It was pancakes and eggs, Harry! Google it.) Anyway, like I said before (so long ago) people want to know that you are real. Harry will have to be more than some character or played-up image if he really wants to have a long career. He’s going to have to let people see that he is human if he really wants to have a chance.

Omg this was so long and I am so sorry! Maybe I have a disorder or something? I don’t know, but I hope this, in some way, answered your question anon. Please feel free to stop by again! (Assuming you have a lot of spare time, LOL).  :D 

At the Harry concert there were Gemma and Anne (thank’s instagram), apparently there was also Louis. O.M.G. I heard that Phoebe said that Louis was in London just at the time when there would have been the concert of Harry ( I don’t know if it’s true but ok).