Happy 21st birthday Zayn Javadd Malik, the boy who just wanted someone to tell him that he could sing.The boy who once “couldn’t dance” and who was afraid to be himself.The boy who had to change schools because of his mixed heritage.The boy who was and STILL IS constantly getting hate because of where he comes from and his religious beliefs.The boy who brought his mom a house and who loves his fans with all his heart.The boy who is misjudged because of his reserved personality and tattoos.The boy who proved his haters wrong and was able to achieve his dream.The boy who is now in the biggest boy band in the world.The boy with a voice of an angel.The boy who is and will always be my hero.You deserve all the success you have gotten.Wish you nothing but the best babe!

  • desert island question


fan: if you were stuck on a desert island, and you got to take one of the other boys, who would it be and why?

interviewer: do you have a bff thing going on, do you want to answer individually?

louis: i think you should box clever if you want to survive.

liam: well think about how good i was at fishing yesterday.

zayn: i’d take liam.

niall: i’d take liam as well.

louis: i’d take niall as a sacrifice.

liam: i think i’d take zayn because he’s the most able.

harry: i’d take louis.