1d as ur family members
  • Harry: ur hip n young wine aunt that won't shut up about her latest gluten free diet n plays her spin class audio recordings as background dinner music during christmas
  • Liam: ur uncle who wears gold chains from the dollar store and gives u good Christmas presents n always comes 2 ur bday
  • Louis: that 1 brother in law that always makes u skip family gatherings n instead get high on the beach n hear him cry about pandas going extinct
  • Niall: the cousin that always plans the family reunions and insists on doing a unique 2.3 minute handshake with every family member every time they meet.
  • Zayn: that one cousin that doesnt show up to any family events and has an ongoing emo punk phase n plays the same my chemical romance song on the guitar when yall do meet


#57 - His Insta Post For Your Bday

*send requests*



@/niallhoran : happy birthday sweetheart . love you to the moon and back .


@/harrystyles : Happy Birthday Love.


@/liampayne : love you a lot baby! happy bday!


@/louist91 : massive happy birthday to my babe xx

anonymous asked:

Harry selling his public house, both of them were MIA for the majority of Harry's bday, Louis skipped one day of promo and tweeted. They all tweeted. Now we also have OTP4 articles and the narritive 'H&L hate each other' destroyed again. Plus Harry has a new ring and tattoo as a bonus 😊 it's all very 👀👀👀👀

Jan 1st, Danielle
Feb 1 st, all the things you mention
March 1st, ??
April 1st, ??
May 1st, ??

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here's my receipt: harry went to louis' xfactor performance. harry was mia for every single promo event louis had for JHO. Louis skipped a promo event on Harry's bday. Louis has been mia all week while harry has been prepping for his snl show. :D

Damn spill that tea ☕ 

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I mean, Louis didn't take off work for Harry's birthday and Harry didn't tweet that Louis pic (without a hack cry or blaming larries) for people to be saying they broke up ;)

Oh god, Louis taking H’s birthday free. Of all things, that keeps hitting me the hardest all the time. Bless.


genre: I’m pretty sure this is fluff with some angst thrown in there but not that much. angst ain’t my type.

words: 4k+

warnings: Swearing! there’s swearing. 

summary: While Phil is away up in the north to celebrate Christmas, he starts wondering just how much of a clingy boyfriend he is. Because sure, he misses Dan a lot, but does he misses Dan to the point he hallucinates conversating with his 2009 and 2012 versions? Or maybe he just needs to sleep. It is 3:30 AM after all.

a/n: Merry Louis Tomlinson day. This is for my cute friend @pjothekick I hope you have a great day, Alex :’) also this is… 2009x2012x2015? Yeah? That’s not a thing? Oh.

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DAY FOUR of Christmas countdown, that was supposed to be up last night, is dedicated to @humanitysoldier and @share-that-really, two lovely people I’ve met here on tumblr that mean a lot<3

Now that I actually have time, I’ll be posting a drawing each day up until Christmas day and dedicate it to people here on tumblr as a little gift. I obviously can’t make one for everybody that I would want to draw for, but I’m gonna do my best, and if I don’t mess up totally I’ll try to keep it going to New Years Eve too.
Happy Holidays!