Larry in 2017 (so far)

just bc i feel like it i present the following highlights reel in no particular order (many thanks 2 @strangenewfriends for her assistance in compiling this List of Larry)

louis’ bday tweet to harry

harry quoting the pink louis pics

the return of the green and blue keys (the footage was released in 2017 it counts ok)

harry celebrating JHO’s #1 with louis and steve (also footage we Received in this great year)

louis not being able to fucking shut up of how proud he is of harry in dunkirk

and then louis exposing himself as watching all the dunkirk promo interviews

roman kemp blessing us w/ the pee tweet exchange in the mariachi game and larry not being able to control their damn faces throughout

louis liking the smallzy tweet with harry

sweet creature and two ghosts Existing

when they had a haircut date w/ lou and she and lottie Exposed it on twitter

when louis posted That Picture that harry obviously took on his instagram

louis’ obsession w/ roses aka his expression of love for his Ultimate Rose

the way they STILL manage to follow each other around the globe wtf

harry STILL being obsessed with still the one thats Also a wtf

also them becoming BFFs w shania twain

bebe and steve being the ultimate louie harrie larries next only to niall

louis taking harry’s birthday off

louis being obviously mia during harry’s first show

harry’s friends liking a buncha pics of louis on ig

ALSO larry being relevant enough to the media in the year of our lord twenty seventeen to warrant as many larry denials as we’ve gotten in this damn year of our lord twenty seventeen

additions shall be made as my memory is jogged and/or as Larry larries

remember when they shone blue and green spotlights on rbb, remember when rbb celebrated louis and harry’s bday, remember when they gave us the phone number and then showed us a screenshot of how many messages are there, remember the blue and green stickers, remember larry ok favourited tweet, remember wedding gown and love larry, reemember louis being in the reflection and the reflection being blurred from then on, remember how they’d keep putting an image there until we figured what the fuck it was, remember how louis was across the treet from club where they took photo of rbb, remember how they changed lcations, REMEMBER HOME AND SOON TO RETURN I CANT DO THIS


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The press kit referring to Harry as *the* star of 1d is not helping the optics of his situation wrt OT3 (esp with him snubbing Louis on SM while Louis acknowledged his bday and Robin). I don't actually think it indicates anything irl, but it's creating a look that makes him seem less than generous. Same with him taking pride of place in interviews with the actual star of Dunkirk. I get why in both cases, but it's sure giving material to anyone checking.

I feel like there should be a kit for Harry defense, like a rainbow-colored marshmallow spray gun, some assembly required, not for children under age 6, additional warnings may apply. It’s easy, it’s pretty, it’s fun to use.

IMHO the only people who pay attention to SM metrics are fervent fans like us. Harry’s SM engagement is minimal at this point. Louis continues to have some fan engagement. There are personality and philosophical differences, and in my opinion Harry has been done for a while. The further we get into hiatus/ solo projects, the more I think this is the sane thing to do. He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. There is never enough he can do; he’s always doing too much. He’s trying to steal the spotlight from his co-stars; he’s not contributing enough. He’s talking too much, too little, etc. Despite all of that, his appearances for HS1 were things of radiant beauty. 

The Dunkirk promo machine has one job: to raise box office receipts. All of these quibbles with interview placement etc. will disappear as soon as the premier happens. If Harry delivers, he will star in another Nolan movie, as the director values actors he knows– the same with every other costar in Dunkirk. Our speculations are just that: speculations. Very inconsequential, in the grand scheme. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in [our] philosophy. Buy tickets to Dunkirk. Buy Back to You. Stream Back to You. 

#57 - His Insta Post For Your Bday

*send requests*



@/niallhoran : happy birthday sweetheart . love you to the moon and back .


@/harrystyles : Happy Birthday Love.


@/liampayne : love you a lot baby! happy bday!


@/louist91 : massive happy birthday to my babe xx

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Harry selling his public house, both of them were MIA for the majority of Harry's bday, Louis skipped one day of promo and tweeted. They all tweeted. Now we also have OTP4 articles and the narritive 'H&L hate each other' destroyed again. Plus Harry has a new ring and tattoo as a bonus 😊 it's all very 👀👀👀👀

Jan 1st, Danielle
Feb 1 st, all the things you mention
March 1st, ??
April 1st, ??
May 1st, ??

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here's my receipt: harry went to louis' xfactor performance. harry was mia for every single promo event louis had for JHO. Louis skipped a promo event on Harry's bday. Louis has been mia all week while harry has been prepping for his snl show. :D

Damn spill that tea ☕ 

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so Im curious what people will think when Louis celebrates Freddie's second bday and he starts talking and calls him daddy and all? would you think he is gonna do this forever even tho he isnt the dad or you will think he is the dad and you were wrong

Oh, child, how many times will you send these same questions to blogs? I will never believe that Louis is his father. I am not wrong, and your attempts to shame me into accepting your version of things will fail every time. Please go occupy yourself making a collage of Freddie’s head to send to your two friends.


genre: I’m pretty sure this is fluff with some angst thrown in there but not that much. angst ain’t my type.

words: 4k+

warnings: Swearing! there’s swearing. 

summary: While Phil is away up in the north to celebrate Christmas, he starts wondering just how much of a clingy boyfriend he is. Because sure, he misses Dan a lot, but does he misses Dan to the point he hallucinates conversating with his 2009 and 2012 versions? Or maybe he just needs to sleep. It is 3:30 AM after all.

a/n: Merry Louis Tomlinson day. This is for my cute friend @pjothekick I hope you have a great day, Alex :’) also this is… 2009x2012x2015? Yeah? That’s not a thing? Oh.

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I mean, Louis didn't take off work for Harry's birthday and Harry didn't tweet that Louis pic (without a hack cry or blaming larries) for people to be saying they broke up ;)

Oh god, Louis taking H’s birthday free. Of all things, that keeps hitting me the hardest all the time. Bless.

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I'm finding this entire iHeart Radio Festival debacle just ridiculous. We get an obscure hint at it from Louis' bday message to Niall and his response on Twitter. Then Bebe replies to someone with an 🤔 emoji when directly asked about whether Louis is her mystery performance partner. And then, the icing on the goddamn cake, a bloody radio station in NEW ZEALAND gets the exclusive on the announcement!! I mean, at least they are an iHeart station. But. Come-the-fuck-ON! What even IS this? smh

Hi anon,

Well it fits nicely with the larger strategy of “let’s make Louis do something so it looks like we put in some effort but in reality it’s still way below par and actually not helpful at all.”

Point in case - never announce stuff. Get him an iHeart segment with nobodies (the take a selfie stuff, Instead of e.g. the game Liam and others played with fans for iHeart, about who knows the most about them - artist or fan). Book him the same stuff as PM and then book PM on a bunch of other things, actually. Letting him attend a boxing match but dont publicize it, apart from a pap shot of him and the gf that nobody cares about except the daily mail. Never use his social media to positively promote his own song, but let him still come across as active in a minimal way. Letting him do a UK radio tour that was wholly unnecessary. Not letting him do a big US radio tour when US radio is more important since it counts towards charting position. Doing a great feature for high snobiety, noisey and the guardian’s observer, but never providing actual proper follow-up. Instead let media badger on about his arrest, or his girlfriend - in fact, let him spend an entire weekend walking up and down the street in nyc to get pap shots of the gf. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.