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No, but you see, my problem isn’t just the song per se, it’s that I have it on repeat and I just keep seeing Louis? Harry sings and sings and I see flashes of Louis, black&white Louis, younger, older, smiling, running, drinking his tea, kicking a ball, laughing, being soft, playing Fifa, rubbing his tired eyes, talking excitedly about something, but mostly smiling, smiling sweet, soft, pure, smiling in a lot of places, for a lot of reasons, that happy smile of his, you know? And then I hear Harry’s voice again, you bring me home, and Louis is there, smiling with his hand held out, rope on his wrist, and I start crying all over again.

  • Friend: Hey, you ready?
  • Me: just One Thing left to do
  • Friend: Okay well hurry up
  • Me: I have No Control over these Little Things okay?
  • Friend: Tay we really need to leave
  • Me: What A Feeling being late is, I will Happily be quick because at the End of The Day it's just You and I
  • Friend: Tayah. I know what you're doing. Stop it.
  • Me: Don't Drag Me Down, this is the Best Song Ever and I want to Live While Were Young
  • Friend: Fucking stop it.
  • Me: If I Could Fly away from you I Would, I deserve More Than This .
  • Friend: I will fucking leave
  • Me: Moments like these are What Makes You Beautiful to me, and One Way or Another I will not let us be late. C'mon, C'mon!
  • Friend: Fucking Christ
  • Me: [gets in car, starts leaving] I'll be Back For You so we can do this all Over Again!
Suitors & Princess MC React To: Fidget Spinners (feat. GIFs)

Ya know, these fun new spinning toys/pieces of senseless garbage:

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There are two VERY polarizing opinions about this device (As I mentioned before: fun toy or piece of garbage), so you decide which end of the spectrum you’re on. xD


Sid: *Has seen people use it, but hasn’t really taken the time/interest to actually find out what it does.* Is this like a fancy bottle-opener?

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Alyn: *Thinks it has the potential to be dangerous.* Maybe it’s some kind of a weapon..?

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Albert: *Researched everything and anything about fidget spinners.* It’s apparently a device used to relieve stress. I wonder if it actually does…

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Giles: *Isn’t really into the whole fidget spinner thing.* I wonder if Michelangelo would like this. *Gives fidget spinner to Michelangelo.* Well that’s one way to keep him occupied.

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Robert: *Attempts to use it as a paint brush holder. Ends up painting various designs on multiple fidget spinners.* I guess it is kind of useful, in its own way…

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Rayvis: Oh, I am very aware of what those things are. *Walks away at the very sight of fidget spinners.*

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Byron: *Takes him a while to figure out how to use the spinners, but once he does, he often plays with them absentmindedly.* Oh, so that’s why they’re so appealing. They’re actually kind of entertaining.

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Leo: *Plays with a fidget spinner during work.* At least it’s more entertaining than my meetings.

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Nico: *Immediately figures out how to use the fidget spinner. Can now do “tricks” with the toys.* Hey, they’re actually kind of fun!

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Louis: *Backs away from the spinners.* Oh no, do NOT let those things near me: I’ve seen what they can do to people with long hair.

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Princess MC: *Attempts to use a fidget spinner. Immediately gets it caught in her hair.* WHY ME?!?!

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BONUS - Louis: *Carefully helps the Princess untangle her hair from the fidget spinner.* I WARNED YOU ALL: KEEP THAT DEVICE AWAY FROM YOUR HAIR.


Wysteria Squad / Stein Squad (click images for higher res and captions)

Drew the whole group for this blog’s one year anniversary (07.16.15)! All of you make my otome gaming experience so much better, thank you! :D

For Angels to Fly by ithinkhesalwayswonderful 76K

To the Ends of the Earth by stylinsoncity 55K

PA Verse by whoknows 59K

a grocery list pinned to blue by dangerbears 19K

Amaryllis by hattalove 146K

Relief Next to Me by dolce_piccante 333K

wish i knew how to break this spell by eleadore 6K

fever started long ago by mediaville 7K

everything that shine ain’t always gonna to be gold by sacrasticfluentry 49K

Fugue by iwillpaintasongforlou 16K

all my love was down in a frozen ground by navigator 16K

Through the Darkest of Your Days by robpatFF 35K

All the Right Moves by cherrystreet 17K

star theory by starseas 6K

Core ’ngrato by Velvetoscar 49K

whatever you like by tomlincide 24K

Always Expanding by loutwix 38K

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1D Hiatus: Day 483

* ‘Sign of the Times’ debutes at #1 on Vodafone’s Big Top 40 chart

* Harry meets fans in London

* A picture of Harry with fans in Scotland last week comes out

* Niall posts a selfie on Snapchat

* A pap video of Louis and Eleanor out in LA today is released

* Niall posts a video on The Masters’ Snapchat story

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Apr 9th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #118