louis your love is showing

Int: Have you had to modify the set list at all? Malik has a big solo on “Story of My Life,” for instance.

Harry: It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out. Liam [Payne] stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back

Can your hear me cry?

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So funny I was so happy to order Louis' CD I didn't realize I order Two CDs. I don't care cuz I can leave one in my car and the other in my husband car. I am still happy!! I really want Louis to be the number one.

LOL! Very true! Make sure your husband is showing is Louis love as well! We need all hands on deck. 

Louis needs us.

honestly? Fuck Hendall, Fuck douis, Fuck pr stunt, Fuck larry, Fuck everything. The most important thing now is Louis. He looks miserble, even worse than ever before during pr stunts. We have to show him our love. Not talk about all the pr stunts. People even say he cuts himself, they’ve seen it on his wrists. So please turn you sttention to Louis and show him your love and respect. I don’t want something bad happening to him please I beg you guys. Hendall, Douis and Larry are the least important right now. Louis’ health is more important than anything rn. Please send him nice twitter messages every single day, say you love and support him every single day. Please I beg you. He needs us. Please, I’m crying rn. He needs us. So stop with being busy with pr stunts and Hendall and shit because all that matters is Louis. Please send him your love and prayers, he needs it.

Preference #3 " fools gold"

Harry: You hated the fact that It wasn’t real. You knew that you loved him, you care for him and he cared for you. It was the moment you had to take it if was in the grasp of your hands. I only the circumstances had been different. “ the day I met you I knew you’d give it up to everyone you met..”. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my cheeks. “Harry you don’t understand.. things have changed.. I realized..” He leaned closer to you, he was trying to find something in your eyes. He cupped his hands against your face , his lips crashed against yours. The salty tears rolled down to your lips and you could feel the mix of subtle salt and sweet lips. You had him but at the same time you didn’t because he thought that all of it was fake when in reality you felt more in love then you’d ever imagine.

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your flaws he talks of [o.d//part two]

i hope this was worth the wait and yeah, enjoy

talk to me if you have any problems. you’re all beautiful and i can help you if you want. just talk to me, yeah? :)


It’s been two whole weeks of literal heartache. You ached to see Liam but you contained yourself from doing so. For two whole weeks, Liam called and left voicemails, but you never replied. You merely listened to the voicemails, deleted them and didn’t look back.

You sit outside in the park, watching the clouds as you take your sunglasses off and put them back on, finding the difference in having sunglasses on and off.

You shift in your seat when you feel a presence beside you. You scoot over instinctively. You pull your sunglasses back on and glance beside you to find the familiarity in brown haired and body structure of the person beside you.

Uncomfortable, you get up, deciding it’s time to get back home. You stop when he says, “[Y/N], don’t go.”

You stop, your heart hammering in your chest. You turn to look at him bravely. “Why not?” Is the first thing to come out of your mouth so you stick with it.

“Because I said so.” Liam says, looking at you sadly. “Or at least let me explain…” He says.

You stand there with your arms crossed, looking at him, waiting for him to continue.

“I didn’t mean what I said [Y/N]. I didn’t mean it then and I’ll never mean it…never ever ever.” He says and your heart speeds up at his sincerity. “I guess, I was just having a bad day…it’s probably why I said it. I didn’t mean a word of it though [Y/N], you’re amazing and I still love you.”

Without thinking, you thrust yourself into his arms, him catching you immediately. You hug him tight, your arms around his neck, never daring to let him go. “I love you too.” You mumble into his shoulder.

He pulls away only to press his lips to yours. “Come back to me?” He asks in a whisper and you purse your lips, nodding vigorously as you lean in for another kiss.


You sob into your pillow barely for a second before you hear a light tap on your door along with a spew of your name. “[Y/N]? [Y/N], darling, it’s me, can you open up? [Y/N]?”

Though his voice bring you comfort, you can;t help but have goosebumps run through your body–in both the comfort yet discomfort way. Your back faces the door as you sit on the bed, cuddling with your pillow with mascara stains down your face.

You sniffle and wipe away your tears, trying to say calm in the situation. “[Y/N], please open the door for me?” You hear Louis request again as he knocks on the door multiple times.

You jump out of place when the door swings open and you flop over to the edge, facing Louis, pillow still in hand. “Darling, are you okay?” He asks, striding over to you as he cups your face in his hands. “[Y/N], look at me.” He pleads.

You keep your eyes on the ground until he lifts up your face, both hands cupping your face. “Talk to me.” He says.

“Why don’t you talk to Eleanor?” You spat like poison.

A lightbulb goes off on him and he pulls you close. “Oh God, [Y/N], I didn’t mean it like that! I didn’t mean it like that at all!” He exclaims, keeping you in his arms.

“Then what did you mean?” You snap.

“I was reading a fan fiction out loud, I wanted the boys to know what goes on around in fan fictions and this one bothered me. We were discussing how we wanted it to be taken down.” He tells you.

Immediately, you feel guilty, yet depressed at the same time. He pulls you close. “Don’t listen to them darling, you’re perfect, and you always will be. You can never compare to Eleanor, she doesn’t mean anything to me. You, on the other hand, are everything to me, I can’t live without you. You’re perfect, don’t let anyone change that.” He says as he presses his lips to yours.

You smile in the kiss as you pull him closer. Let’s just say that for the rest of the day Louis had a nice day showing you how much he loves your curves.


You sit on the bathroom floor, sobbing your heart out. Niall stumbles up the stairs right after you as soon as you left his lap. He sits outside on the edge of the bed sadly, his head in his hands as he waits for you to leave the bathroom.

You sob hard, unable to believe what you heard moments ago. You stay in the bathroom, not wanting to leave despite the fact that you’re starving now–actually it’s the baby that’s hungry.

Niall gets up, wanting to try to coax you out of the room. He knocks on the door again. “[Y/N]? Princess, will you come out and talk to me, please?” He asks, his sadness seeping through his tone.

“Go away, Niall!” You snap, sobbing and sniffle like a wreck.

He sighs softly, knocking on the door again. “Not until you come out of the bathroom and tell me what’s wrong!” He exclaims, banging on the door now.

“I’m flipping pregnant! Okay?! That’s why I’ve been eating so much! That’s why I’ve been getting fatter! That’s why you talk to Harry about me!” You shout, sobbing in the process.

There’s a moment of silence before you hear Niall say, “Princess, open the door. Open it, [Y/N].”

You think about it before opening the door. You step out of the bathroom and close your eyes, prepared for the worst but instead he wraps his thick arms around you, pulling you close in a hug. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it.” He says, showering you with kisses. He grins big at you. “We’re having a baby!” He exclaims, picking you up and twirling you around.


Harry’s immediately crouched in front of you, pushing the blanket away from your beautiful face as he finds the tears. “Kitten, what’s the matter?” He asks, cupping your face in his hands as he frantically wipes away your tears. “Please don’t cry.” He says.

Your tears keep streaming down your face like a waterfall. He does nothing but pulls you tight into his arms and kisses your forehead, trying to comfort you as much as possible.

“[Y/N], tell me what’s wrong.” He pleads, drying your tears with his shirt now. You sniffle and try to keep your distance from him but you can’t help but lean into his strong chest.

“I heard you talking to the boys about me.” You mutter bitterly.

“[Y/N], I-I didn’t mean it that way!” He exclaims as he recalls what he said about you.

“Then what did you mean?” You ask, anger laced in your voice.

“I just meant that Kendall never gave me as much attention as you did and I’m not used to it. When I said what I said, I meant it in a good way, it wasn’t supposed to be a bad thing.” Harry explains quickly, wanting to tell you everything.

You sniffle, looking at him through your wet tears and eyes. “You promise?”

“I swear [Y/N], I would never say anything that would hurt you.” Harry promises as he clutches you tightly to his chest and you lean into him, sniffling away your tears. He looks at you, leaning down as he presses his lips to yours.


You lay scrawled out on your shared bed, mascara all over your face from the tears you cried. With the covers over you, your face still peaks out from the blanket. You look stare at the door for the past hour, dreading the moment Zayn steps in the room.

Speak of the Devil, you think as Zayn finds his way in the bedroom. Seeing your tear stained face, he drops his things and rushes to you. “Holy shit! [Y/N]! Babe, what’s wrong?!” He asks, pulling you into his arms.

You glare at him, giving him your glare as he cups your face and vigorously wipe away your tears.

“You butt dialed me and I heard what you said about me.” You say bitterly as you resume glaring at him.

“W-What do you mean?” He asks, still wiping your dried up tears. You sigh and shake your head. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Zayn.” You say. “Apparently, I’m not pretty enough for you, huh?”

“What?! Of course you are! You’re beautiful! Absolutely flawless!!” He exclaims.

“Too bad I can’t compare to Perrie.” You snap.

“What?! You’re better than her! You’re perfect! You’re amazing!” He tells you.

“Stop lying!” You screech.

Zayn huffs and gets to his feet. “The boys and I were talking about Selena because an interviewer asked us what we thought of her, okay? Then we compared her to Perrie and I said that you were obviously better.”

“That’s not what I heard.” You say.

“Maybe because you hung up before hearing the whole story?” He suggests and you think momentarily before finding it to be possibly true, knowing that you hung up in the middle of the conversation.

“I’m sorry.” You say, looking up at him in shame. He sighs and pulls you up to him. “It’s fine.” He says, pulling you in for a kiss.

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1D Preference #3 - You had a bad dream

Harry: ‘Y/N, Y/N! Wake up. You’re having a bad dream.’ You feel how he rubs his knuckles softly over your cheek. You open your eyes and the tears stream down your face. ‘My parents! They had an accident!’ You scream as Harry pulls you closer to him. ‘Sssh it’s okay.’ he hushes you and he wraps his arms around you. ‘It was just a dream.’ He whispers in your ear. ‘Well it looked very real to me!’ You yell as you push Harry away. He nods, gets out of bed and grabs the phone. You look at your boyfriend who dials a number. ‘What are you doing?’ You ask as he brings the phone to his ear. ‘Hello Mr. Y/L/N, it’s Harry.’ You get up and walk over Harry. ‘I’m sorry to call you in the middle of the night but Y/N had a bad dream and I just wanted to check if you and Mrs. Y/L/N are all right?’ You hold your ear next to the phone and you can hear your dad’s voice. He tells Harry that they’re both fine and you can even hear your mom in the background asking who would possibly call them in the middle of the night. Harry ends the call and the two of you go back to bed. ‘I can’t believe you just did that.’ You whisper as he puts his arm around you. ‘I’ll do anything for you if it makes you sleep better.’ He mumbles. And before you know it you’re both sound asleep.

Liam: ‘Babe? Babe? What’s wrong?’ Liam turns on the lights and the tears start streaming down your face. ‘Hey! Come here.’ He puts his arm around you ‘Did you have a bad dream?’ You nod and put your arms tightly around his muscular torso. ‘What happened?’ He asks. ‘We were walking down the street and this little boy was playing with a ball.’ You stop for a minute to catch your breath. ‘His ball rolled onto the street and he starting screaming because he wasn’t allowed to cross the street.’ You’re talking so fast Liam gestures you to take another breath before continuing. ‘So you decided to be the hero and run after his ball but you didn’t look so BOOM a freaking truck hit you. There was so much blood and you..’ He puts his finger on your lips to interrupt you. ‘It’s okay. It’s not real. I’m right here.’ He lifts up your face and you stare into his eyes. ‘Promise you’ll never cross a street without looking?’ You ask ‘Promise. Now let’s go back to sleep.’ He protectively wraps his arms around you and holds you till the sun comes up.

Louis: You slowly wake up out of your dream and you can still feel your body shaking. When you’re fully awake you clamp onto your pillow and feel secured by the texture you feel under your shaking body. You feel next to you but there is no one there so you switch on the lights. ‘Lou? Louis?’ You anxiously call for your boyfriend. ‘Right here, love.’ Louis shows up in the opening of your bedroom door. He is holding a glass of water and walks over to you. ‘Drink this.’ He says and you accept the glass he hands over to you. The past week you’ve been having the same dream every night. That dream were you’re falling without ever hitting the ground. You keep falling and there is nothing you can do. ‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’ You ask between two sips of water. ‘Because that’s what I did last night and this happened.’ Louis lifts up his shirt and it reveals a big blue bruise on his chest. ‘Oh my god! Did I do that?’ You exclaim as you softly run your finger over his chest. He shrugs. ‘I’m sorry..’ You whisper and you feel how a tear runs over your cheek. ‘Don’t cry. It’s not your fault.’ He wipes the tear away with his hand. ‘I hate this!’ You yell and clench your fist. Louis puts his hands in the air ‘Are you gonna punch me again?’ He chuckles. ‘That’s not funny!’ You yell angrily. ‘Sorry. Come here.’ You can hear he is worried and answer his embrace by holding him tight. ‘Maybe your dream represents how hard you fell for me.’ He whispers. ‘Just remember how hard I can punch if you ever think about leaving me.’ You murmur back at him before falling asleep, safely with his arms around you.

Niall: 'Niall, wake up! Please wake up!’ You say as you try to wake up your boyfriend. ‘What?’ He growls. ‘Do you know who I am?’ You ask as you poke into his belly. ‘Huh?’ He opens up his eyes and looks confused. ‘Oh no! You really don’t remember me!’ You start to panic and get out of bed to grab your phone to call a doctor. ‘Y/N! Calm down. What’s wrong?’ Niall jumps out of bed and grabs your hand. ‘Wait! You know who I am?’ You look at your boyfriend who has a worried look on his face. ‘Of course I know who you are, but please tell me what’s going on.’ He gestures you to sit down on the bed. ‘I had a nightmare. You were lying in a hospital bed and you had amnesia. You didn’t know anything! You didn’t know who I was.’ Niall starts laughing and softly rubs with his hand over your thigh. ‘How could I ever forget about my silly girl?’ You grab his hand and his fingers intertwine with yours. ‘I don’t know. You also had no idea how to play the guitar.’ Niall lets go of your hand and gets up to grab his guitar that’s places at the foot of the bed. ‘What do you wanna hear while you fall asleep?’ He gestures you to lie down and sits next to you on the edge of the bed. ‘Can you play Wonderwall for me?’ You close your eyes as Niall plays the first chords. Relieved and very happy, you fall asleep.

Zayn: ‘HELP ME!’ You cry out as you sit up in bed. You look next to you and see your boyfriend is still sound asleep. ‘Are you serious? I could hire a Mariachi band and you’d still sleep through the noise.’ You move over to him and place your mouth next to his ear ‘I hate to say it but you were right.’ You whisper softly. You lie back down and roll over facing the wall. ‘About what?’ His voice makes you shiver. ‘You scared me! I thought you were asleep!’ You yell as you turn around to face Zayn ‘And I thought you said you could watch a scary movie without having a bad dream.’ He raises a brow and pulls you in for a hug ‘I should have listened to you and watched Titanic instead.’ You admit. ‘Maybe you would have dreamed about us dancing on a big boat’ He whispers before planting a kiss on top of your head. ‘Or about Leonardo DiCaprio who tells me I’m beautiful and says it would be an honour to draw me.’ You exclaim happily. You notice how a smile appears on your boyfriend’s face. ‘Okay.’ He nods and lets go of you. ‘Hey! What are you doing?’ He reaches over to grab his sketchbook that’s placed on the nightstand. ‘May I draw you? Because it would be an honour.’ You start giggling. ‘Now? I look like a mess.’ You say as you brush a hand through your hair. ‘You are beautiful, babe!’ Zayn answers and he starts drawing. You hear his pencil move over the paper and feel how he observes you as you slowly fall back asleep.