louis you perfect human being why

the fact that louis tomlinson exists and is not a fictional character nor a figment of my imagination and that he is an actual living breathing human being who is flawless and for all i know he could be making a grilled cheese sandwhich in his underwear and harry could be coming up behind him and kissing him on the cheek because boyfriends and that he is very much real really stresses me out


Between the girl being unapologetic about hitting Harry in the head the with the can, calling it a waste cause he didn’t pay attention to her.  (Sorry but her final apology was half-assed)  

The fans today that called him a retard

The fan a couple of months who gave him attitude and rolled her eyes because he didn’t pose the way she wanted in her picture,  (his reaction in the video makes me so uncomfortable)

And that’s just a few.  

And the others that treat the rest of the boys like property and servants that must do their bidding because they bought an album, a shirt, or a concert ticket that NO ONE forced them to buy.  

A majority of us could probably do a power point presentation on how sweet and kind he is to his fans.  (and yes I know he’s not perfect, he’s human)  All of the boys really, and the number of you all that treat them like that is ridiculous. 

They’re not your property.  They’re human beings.  

You’re all disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves.  Weren’t you raised better than that? I guess not.  

What the fuck happened to manners?  The boys have them, why can’t you?    

#127 He's not letting go
  • Harry: Because quite frankly, it's freezing and your tips of your fingers are turning purple from the icy weather. He brought your hands up to pepper them with kisses only letting the warmth of his breathe reach your skin for a few seconds until they went back to freezing. His arm around your waist, brining you into his chest, almost suffocatingly but the warmth radiating off his skin was the reason you hadn't let go. "I'm not letting go." He smiled, a dimple forming an indent in his left cheek. His hands, just as cold, cupped your cheeks. Harry's thumb running circles along your skin that was cold on the surface but warm on the inside while your heart thumped against your ribs. Silently hoping he couldn't hear, even thought the snow and wind blew so hard it was hard to hear anything. He smiled once again, before bringing you up to his lips.
  • Louis: "I'm not letting you go!" He screamed, his face was red with anger but his eyes showed sadness as they filled with tears that cascaded down his soft cheeks. Almost making you want to reach out and wipe them away but you had to bite your tongue and stand you ground. "I'm not letting you get away, (y/n), you need to understand that." Louis' words were comforting, as tears continued to escalade from his eyes. "Why should I stay? You only build me for my to far apart." You croaked, you were biting your tongue so hard at this point so you wouldn't brake out in tears. "I'm only human Louis, there's only so much of this I can take." His lips were pursed, his short masculine figure leaned side to side, his eyes bores scrunching in deep thought. And honestly, he's never looked so beautiful. You were cracking under the pressure of him being so perfect for you to the point where you couldn't leave, and as much as you wanted him to let go. You know he couldn't, and you wouldn't let him go either. "Don't let me go, Louis."
  • Niall: In the crowded room of people with banging music that made your bones rattle inside your skin. You found both of his arms around your torso as he led you through the crowd from behind you. How fingers dancing under your shirt and the burning skin from his touch. His lips lingering onto your shoulder, whispering sweet nothings but nothing could be heard aside from the music, and drunks screaming at the top of their lungs. With beer rolling down the chin, getting caught in their beards but none seemed to care. Men hooted and hollered as you and Niall walked down the walkway to reach the back table where all of his friends were. Immediately tensing into his front side, sinking into him deeper. "Don't worry baby, I've got you." And he was true to his word, he didn't let you go throughout the entire night.
  • Liam: "I'm not letting you go, sweetie." Liam chuckled into your ear. You gulped, looking down from the ledge of the bridge. "Liam, I don't know-" On the verge of tears, you backed away from the edge. Falling into Liam's arms, he smiled once again. Pecking your lips gently before standing you back up on your own feets. His hands never leaving the circumference of hips. "I'll hold you the whole time." Liam was fine with jumping off a bridge, but my god, you were scared to death. What if the harness breaks and you go tumbling into the water head first and die? What if Liam lets go and you die? The worst possible outcome was death and that's all you could think about. He forced you to the ledge once again. You gasped, cupping his hands under yours, gripping awfully tight. "It's going to be okay, you jump I jump." "What a sap, you think you're special enough to quote titanic?" You giggled, completely oblivious on how close you were moving to the edge. "Special enough to do this!" He laughed as you ascended off the bridge, never letting go of you.
  • Zayn: In the wee hours of the morning, his arms are tangled around your waist or breast, whichever, while his legs are wrapped together that causes them to fall asleep under the dead weight. The alarm goes off on your phone minutes later, but his legs still weigh you down. Making you sigh in content, and roll over towards him. Tracing the outline of his tattoos in hopes to wake him as gently as possible. The hum comes from the back of his throat, vibrating your fingers that lied on one of his chest tattoos. "Babe." He hummed once again, dried slobber sticking to his cheek but you didn't mind, your second alarm went off again, all Zayn did was stir under you. "I have to go to work." You groaned, moving your hand to play with his soft hair, twirling the ends. He chuckled, eyes still clammed shut and arms grower tighter around your waist, his feet locking together to keep you in place. "I'm not letting you go."
Rant... Again

So let me get this straight… Now people are hating on Louis and calling him all sort of names because he made a mistake and saying how disappointed they are? First of all, when will people realize they are 20-22 freaking years old!!! They are supposed to be reckless and make mistakes, they are only human even if they are famous!! Secondly, are some people really saying Harry/Eleanor deserves better and that Louis doesn’t deserve him/her? That is none of yours or anyones bussiness but them!!!
What bothers me most is that no one is saying tose things about Zayn, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they should, but why is it that people ALWAYS pick on Louis?
I understand that they are role models, but can you even begin to imagine the pressure they live under 24/7? Being famous does not mean they are perfect, if people idolize them then it is not their faults.
Besides, why does it seem that everyone is focusing on the negative side? Why don’t we discuss how even when they’re high they are thinking about what would make their fans happy? They are the two mosy underappreciated members if the band and still they are thinking about pleasing their fans. And come on, they have sound check and hours before the concert stars, and if anyone looks at the videos of that night’s concert, they look perfectly fine, so people saying how irresponsible they are for being high during their jobs can just kindly f*** off.
Lastly, I know Niall was amazing by raising all that money for charity, and I love him even more that before, but why are people saying the other three boys are deffinitely better than Zouis? How convinient that they seem to forget how many times Louis has done something for charity (including helping Niall btw) and how much money Zayn has donated.
I’m angry because even when I know they made a mistake I’m sure that if any other of the boys had been there things would not be so negative right now. Everyone who knows these boys knows that Louis is the hipperactive, act first-think latter guy, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a kind sweet guy who loves his fans and helps people whenever he can, same goes for Zayn.