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Fanfic Fridays

My Feet Can’t Touch The Ground by LoadedGunn:  Harry’s developed a bit of a wing kink. Fairy Louis indulges. (4,359 words, Larry, AU, fairy!Louis, daddykink, bLouis, explicit)

if you don’t want to take it slow by istajmaal:  Harry sucks a lot of dicks but won’t let anyone suck his, until Louis. (4,120 words, Larry, AU, gloryholes, service kink, mentions of Gryles, mentions of Lirry, explicit)

Nothing You Can Do (But Learn How To Be You In Time) by Teumessian: A Canon Compliant Semi-AU. Louis braids Harry’s hair. There are good times, bad times, fancy houses, supportive bandmates, secret boyfriends, small rebellions, bigger revolutions, some nail varnish, ribbons, cute clothing, and a Pinterest. (28,079 words, Larry, canon compliant, daddykink, crossdressing, face-fucking, bHarry, explicit)

ask me no questions (and I’ll tell you no lies) by colourexplosion:  an au where people actually use yahoo answers for stuff. (7,557 words, Larry, AU, meet-cute, fluff, teen and up)

Coup de Foudre by anonymous: Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t.Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15,038 words, Larry, AU, love at first sight, unsafe sex, drifter!Louis, bHarry, mature)

wanna taste your heart, don’t interfere by MarchieTheHare:  harry presents as an omega, louis is his alpha best friend, and there are hidden feelings that just get harder to control. (16,493 words, Larry, AU, ABO, pining, bHarry, explicit)

shine by togetherwecouldbealright:  Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along. (40,480 words, Larry, AU, homophobia, angst and fluff, pining, side Ziam, mature)

body, baby, body, body (love to funk my) by bottomlinsons:  Harry wants to go hiking, Louis is reluctant and Hawaii is beautiful. (3,371 words, Larry, AU, genderswap, fingering, mature)

Me as Louis' "fairy god mother"
  • Louis: who the fook are you??
  • Me, the most noble fairy god mother there is: I little one, am your fairy god mother.
  • Me *now a stuttering mess*: Oh never mind that little one, appearances are but a figment of the imagination now aren't they? I am here to grant you any wish you desire
  • Louis: Oh my god how did you even get into me house??
  • Me: Let's not focus on the details here ... I can assure you, I am a certified fairy god mother.
  • Louis: *looks at me with skepticism* any wish you say? ...
  • Me: anything you desire
  • Louis: Okay. Well this is something I've always wanted, all me life I've just- I wish to be 5'9.
  • Me: *heart begins to beat fast* W-well how t-tall are you now?
  • Louis: I'd rather not say...
  • Me: *secretly taking out my tape recorder* Oh please I must know, it's extremely necessary for me to know your exact height in order to grant your wish.
  • Louis: Well alright I'm-
  • Me: *presses play on the recorder with shaky hands*
  • Louis: 5'7
  • Me: *whispers, teary eyed* oh my god ...
  • Louis: Are you alright?
  • Louis: I'm calling the cops
a list of halloween aus 👻

basically h&l as various creatures because it’s almost halloween 

domestic monsters series by g_uttertrash witch harry, vampire louis, etc etc

Keep Me In Your Pocket by ologist  louis was cursed by a witch 

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The top Harry/Louis fics of May 2015

Hi!  Lots of good fics in May. Fair warning, most of these are smut. As usual, sorted by kudos. I have some more fic lists here. Happy reading!

1.   Shine  by  Togetherwecouldbealright                  

Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.

2.  Are You Gonna Be My Girl?  by  LoadedGunn  

  Louis reenacts his first time, and Harry wants to be his good girl.

3.  My Feet Can’t Touch The Ground  by  LoadedGunn            

Harry’s developed a bit of a wing kink. Fairy Louis indulges.

4.   If You Don’t Want To Take it Slow  by  istajmaal                    

 Before Harry’s brief affair with a warlock in uni, he was perfectly happy getting off by himself into a sock every night before bed. But after that one disastrous night where Harry came prematurely in Nick’s eye and ran away mortified before getting the other boy off, he’s been physically incapable of orgasm unless he’s actively giving someone else pleasure.

or, Harry sucks a lot of dicks but won’t let anyone suck his, until Louis.

5.  Keep Me Safe, Keep Me Sane, Keep Me Honest     by    Hilourry    

 Louis is the Prince of England. All past omega princes and princesses have been married and pregnant at age 18, so his parents arrange him to be married to Harry Styles, the royal family’s PR guy.                   

6.  Taste On My Tongue Just Can't  Get Enough of You) by   Messyjessy08         

Harry and Louis just had a baby and it’s been a while since they’ve had sex.          

7.  Put It On Me   by  Anonymous 

Harry’s bachelor party doesn’t go as planned.           

8.  Now I See in Shades of Roses   by  Harryswhale

 Harry goes on a shit basketball date. Louis is the cutie who sits next to him. There’s a Kiss Cam involved.

9.  Give It To Me (I’m Worth It)  by  Sweaterpawstyles  

Louis can’t resist Harry in the red shorts that he wore during the James Corden skit. Featuring locker room sex.

10.   Ask Me No Questions (And I’ll Tell You No Lies)  by   Colourexplosion        

Louis clicks the new tab button, fingers hovering over the keyboard before typing in Yahoo Answers.  He can’t believe he’s doing this. Again.

or, an au where people actually use yahoo answers for stuff.                                                   

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that harry doesn't "like" gigi hadid is just a glorious thing that we need to apprecciate more lol thank god this frog has common sense

I just scrolled through my blog to see if something had come out of my queue to prompt this, but there was nothing about Gigi, so I can only assume this is Lewis being like 

Because I know Harry is too nice to do that himself. 

At first I was thinking that I doubt Harry even cares enough about Gigi to actively dislike her, and their AMA encounter was weird, sure…but then I looked at it again and the body language is pretty awkward bomb.

She hugged every other member of 1D and all the articles I’ve seen have been like, “GIGI SNUBBED HARRY” but clearly he’s the one who extends his hand out in a karate defence-like move to minimise contact.

I mean…Louis didn’t look particularly thrilled to be in her company either.

(only furthering my theory of who sent this message) 

Who knows. Maybe she’s mad that she was never in the running to become America’s Next Winter Girlfriend™ for Harry.

But yeah, Harry does look a bit…disdainful as he steps away and rolls his eyes. Every gif I have of that keeps crashing, but he did indeed roll his eyes and look like he’d rather be friends with a Yankee Candle than ever speak to her again.

I don’t really care. All I care about is how damn fine they all looked and how happy Louis looked when staring at his floral frog princess all evening.

Literally nothing else mattered than the Larry Date™ that happened at the AMAs.

It was seriously like 1,000 people had crashed their date.

I swear to GOD Chalupa Contigo, formerly of 5H, is asking for a wig snatch if she don’t keep those goddamn bunny ears away from Harry’s head. Gorl know your place.

Harry be like, “I thought I rented this entire auditorium out…why are all these people here?”

“Psst…hey. Hey LOU…LOUIS…LEWISSS. Lessgetouttahere.”

“Harry it hasn’t even started yet.”

“Shhhh they won’t know.”

Harry just casually dislocating his hip to get his knee to touch Louis. 

I see through you, you Demon Fairy Sprite. You just wanted someone to bring up these photos. 

got me losing every breath (i’m latching onto you)an au where louis is a fairy with a fear of thunderstorms and a talent of knitting and harry is a vet with three cats and a lot of love.

at candle glow and mistletoe - tomorrows (5k) an au where louis is santa, harry is a single dad, and niall is the worst reindeer to ever exist

listen to your heart (it’ll say that you were meant for me) - wildestdreams (17k)Zayn’s the new kid. Liam’s always high. Niall just wants the best for his friend. Louis is scared. And Harry didn’t mean to fall in love, it just happened. or the kinda, sorta Perks of Being Wallflower side plot AU.

Truth Be Told (I Never Was Yours) - JustForTommo (76k) or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.

all the lights are full of colour - anon (26k) Or, Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.

electing strange perfections - anon (8k) Harry and Louis meet through a mutual friend (Niall) and end up going Christmas shopping together.

These Four Walls - TheIfInLife (26k) Harry and Louis are both curious about their sexuality. So they try things out on each other. No strings attached. Well supposedly.

+love is a word (you gave it a name) - anon (21k) it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives

All I Want Is You (This Christmas) - TheWriterofFictions (8k) The one where Harry and Louis are both clueless idiots in love and Niall has a plan. Sprinkle holiday cheer on top.

+Beneath the Sheets of Paper - missberrycake (55k)In which Harry Styles is about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While his best friends Liam, Niall and Zayn battle with the trials and tribulations of another school year, it’s all Harry can do not to fall head over heels for Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson. Harry soon comes to realise that discovering Louis was a far greater piece of magic than anything Hogwarts could teach him. Magic, though, is not always what it seems…

+no one outshines me, i’m louis tomlinson - honestlyharry (8k)au where harry is a honey bee and louis is a fashion photographer who secretly hates himself

Louis is Bright

I think the universe is on my side / Heaven and Earth have finally aligned / Days are good / And that’s the way it should be 

For once in your life everything was going according to plan. You had your dream job, an apartment to yourself, a supportive family, and you lived in the city you always wanted to live in. All that you were missing from the perfect life was a boy to share it with. Of course the days were fine. You didn’t mind not having a boy, you were too busy to realize a boy was missing.

It was at night when the loneliness suffocated you. Everything seemed to be amplified at night—the cold, the sadness, the loneliness. It’s not that you needed a boy…but how lovely would it be to share your success and no longer feel lonely? To you that’s all you wanted. To no longer be lonely. You had felt lonely for years. The few relationships you had been in didn’t even feel any less lonely. 

They didn’t care the way you wanted them to; maybe that was selfish. Perhaps your standards were too high. The romance novels had taken over and you no longer understood the line between fiction and reality. They all seemed to blur. You weren’t sure what you could have and if you could actually have what you wanted—perfection. 

And then for whatever reason, whatever stroke of luck, somehow, Louis found you. 

You sprinkle stardust on my pillow case / Its like a moonbeam brushed across my face / Life is good / And that’s the way it should be 

Louis thought you were his fairy godmother. You made his dreams come true—like Cinderella’s fairy godmother waved her wand and made everything he dreamt on his pillow reality. You seemed to have all his best interests at heart right from the beginning. The moment he met you it was as if the world stopped existing. You weren’t from Earth. You were too good for Earth everything about it seemed so strange and peculiar. Even the way you two met was odd—a chance encounter. 

Louis was talking on the phone trying to set up a charity game. But he had no sponsors. And he definitely wanted a sponsor. He wanted to help someone. Of course he wanted to help someone. He could play soccer any old time, write a check for anyone at any given moment. But getting sponsors, getting other people involved in the charity is what was really important. 

“What do you mean it’s not a good charity?” He snapped at the phone while he bitterly looked over his notes. You were seated three seats down from him at the bar. And you had heard his case. It was a great case. All he needed was someone to close the deal for him. So downing the last bit of your drink (you wished desperately it was alcohol so that you would feel slightly less nervous) and sauntered over to Louis snagging his phone from his hands and gently introduced yourself. “I’m from the charity and I’m telling you right now with a name like Louis Tomlinson on the big screen, not only will this charity skyrocket, so will his publicity, which from the looks of it, you’re not doing such a hot job with now, yeah?” You said condescendingly. Everything you learned about business is that an offer is more likely to occur when the buyer is in an extreme mood. In this case, you would take anger.

Louis was at first surprised by how quickly you had taken his phone and he wondered how long you had been listening and the minute you were done talking he realized the whole time—unless of course you were with the charity. But something told him you weren’t. You hung up with a polite smile saying, “I look forward to the game, leave the rest to me,” you said. 

Louis smirked at you as you hung up. “How were you able to seal the deal and I wasn’t?" 

"You’re a singer, a performer,” you told him. “I’m a marketer. I sell your product.”

“You sell better than my publicist. Better than anyone I’ve ever met,” he said knowingly. You repeated your name for him and he smirked. “And how are you going to get this game going?” He asked.

You smiled. “You just leave that to me, Louis,” you said and ordered him another drink. 

Louis liked outer space. He always had. His fans found him bright and shiny like a sunbeam, a bright loud burst of sun when everything seemed bleak and sunny. Well, if he was a sunbeam, you were a star. A magical wonderful wish that he didn’t know he wanted until he saw you. You were incredibly beautiful, powerful, and you left Louis speechless with wonder of what you were capable of. 

And I see colors in a different way / You make what doesn’t matter fade to gray / Life is good /And that’s the way it should be 

 Louis gave you a huge hug at the start of the game. You had spent two months organizing this event and Louis was so thankful and grateful for you. “Babe, I owe you a million,” he said with a kiss to your cheek. He looked entirely gorgeous in his uniform. You weren’t totally shocked. He could make a paper bag look like a fashion statement. You had forgotten about the loneliness when you were around Louis. He seemed to make up for all the time that you had spent worrying about the future and spending it alone. You loved him. Obviously, who wouldn’t? You were thrilled to spend so much time with him. And shockingly, yet unknown to you, Louis was thrilled to spend time with you. He couldn’t imagine a better person. A more kind and wonderful human being that made all the stress of the world go away. Plus, in his eyes, it helped that he found you astoundingly beautiful. All you were was just so wonderful and perfect. 

You knew what Louis needed before he knew. You had everything set up a month ahead of time. You met with Louis frequently—maybe he was tired and probably didn’t really have time to meet with you, but he wanted to see you anyway. He loved you; it scared him. He always fell in love hard and fast. He didn’t mean to. It’s just. He hated being alone. He hated being without someone to care for just because he loved so hard and wholly. It had burned him once or twice before. But that meant nothing anymore because you were you. You were different. He wasn’t scared around you. He knew that you would be good. He just had to bring himself to ask you. You involved the fans, helped the kid involved in the charity and of course got Louis water, food, and whatever else he needed or wanted. Louis thought you were an angel. And he loved you so, so much for all of that. He had to ask you out. So at the end of the game, when just about everyone had left, he took you aside, kissed your cheek and handed you a bouquet of flowers. 

“What’s this for?” You asked sweetly.

“For everything you’ve done for me in the past two months. You’re wonderful. Thank you,” he said and smiled gently at you. Your heart fluttered. 

“Thank you Louis,” you said with a grin and your cheeks turned pink. “I’m happy to help you and I was so happy to see it all turn out so well for you. Thank you for letting me be involved,” you whispered. He bit his lip with a smirk.

“Considering you stole my phone I don’t think I had a choice,” he joked. You wrinkled your nose. 

“You’re happy I got involved,” you said knowingly.

“Beautiful, you have no idea,” he said and wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to him to kiss you.

Did you see that shooting star tonight? / Were you dazzled by the same constellation? / Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me? / I think you and the moon and Neptune got it right / Cause now I’m shining bright / So bright

Louis was sad because he hadn’t seen you in about two months. Everything felt awful without you. He missed you so much. He didn’t realize how much he needed you now that he got you. He missed you so, so much.

“Hi, Louis,” you grinned into the phone. You were so great about the distance. Louis was not. He whined constantly because that’s just the type of person he was. He wanted to be around you and he was mad he couldn’t have it right that minute.

“I miss you,” he said and he tried to be strong but his voice cracked sadly. He didn’t care one bit. He didn’t mind with you. The boys would have made fun of him, but of course you didn’t.

“I miss you too, bug-a-boo,” you whispered. “I’ll see you soon, though.”

Louis shook his head. “It’s not the same. I miss you, now,” he grumbled.

You smirked to yourself as you held the phone. “I know, Lou, I miss you too. A lot,” you promised.

He sighed sadly and looked out at the sky. “You know, Moonbeam, I keep looking out and seeing all the things you love so much about the night sky, that I don’t even remember how I could ever love the day time.”

“Louis, there would be no night without day. There is no day without night,” you remind him. You had no idea days could be lonely. It seemed that since you met Louis days were lonely. At night (at least when he was home, you saw Louis and nights just always seemed good, it was a bummer that it switched when he left). “What do you see right now?” He asked. Thankfully the two of you were in similar time zones—his night was darker than yours right now. He was going to see you soon, its what kept him holding on. He was going to see you in a few weeks. But it didn’t matter because he was lonely now.

“I see…” you looked out at the vast sky picking something that Louis could see as well. “I see Orion,” you said softly. “And the big dipper, and Taurus…and Jupiter is visible too,” you smiled. He almost moaned at the happiness in your voice how you seemed to lilt with awe and wonder. Louis had a hard time being dazzled by the same constellations as you—he could clearly see them, but he had grown so accustomed to watching you be amazed. That was more fun than looking at any of the shooting stars. “Louis, do you see the moon?” You asked softly.

“It’s so pretty tonight, isn’t it?” He held his hand up and made his thumb cover the small circle. “Are you covering it?” He asked quietly.

He missed you so much this wasn’t enough, but it was better than nothing. “Yes, baby,” you whispered. He sniffed once and shook his head.

“I miss you, moonbeam,” he whispered.

“I know, baby. I miss you too, a lot. I can’t wait to see you, it won’t be long now.” Louis sighed sadly and gazed out at the night. He listened to your gentle breathing and the sound of soft footsteps.

“Are you walking?”

“Just around the yard,” you promised. He wished he could lay with you under the stars and listen to you name each one that you knew. He wished you were there to hold him as he fell asleep because he missed you so, so much. “Do you see the shooting stars?” You asked him.

He looked up and saw the stars dancing across the sky, fizzling like a sparkler and he smiled happily as he silently made his wish. “I do,” he said softly.

“Me too,” you said quietly. It took him too long to realize how peculiar that was. That you were seeing the same shooting stars. You weren’t that close to each other—distance wise… 


Louis’ heart almost gave out as you clung to the front of him. He breathed into your hair. He wanted to kiss you but he wasn’t sure he could put as much emotion into a kiss. He loved your kisses but he also deeply loved your hugs. They were everything he wanted and loved about you in one tiny little embrace. It was a whole other world. 

Louis felt bright again. And so did you. He called you moonbeam, because you were his moon that brightened the night sky, but you only felt that way because you shined so brightly around Louis. “Missed you too much. Had to come see you,” you whispered to him.

“I love you. So, so much,” he mumbled and pulled back to stare into your eyes. There were galaxies in your eyes. He was found and lost all at once. And that’s all that mattered. 

And I get lost in your eyes tonight

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do u have any recommended harry fics

I’m not exactly sure what you mean?  So, I’ll give you links to a random few of my favorite fics, and if that’s not what you’re looking for, just let me know, haha!

Every Arrow That I Aim is True 
“I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”

Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”

Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.

nocturne in silver and blue
There’s a boy sitting on the branch. Harry’s sure he’s a real, live boy, not a pretend one. Only– he doesn’t look like any boy Harry’s seen before. Because he glows. His skin looks like there’s a gentle light coming out of it, and if Harry squints– are those colours on the boy’s skin? Harry suddenly thinks, looking at him, that he looks just like the sky.

[louis is a fallen star and harry brings him home. told over the course of fourteen years.]

Now All I Have Are These Memories That I Can’t Trust
Harry just met him, but he still kind of wants to drown this stupidly pretty non-English speaking boy into the sea and then pull him out to give him a blowjob before he kills him.

It’s an irrefutable contradiction.

(Or alternatively: Louis barely speaks English; Harry hardly knows French. It’s a breezy, spring night when they meet at a beach in Normandy.)

Waited My Whole Life for This One Night
It’s been said that patience is a virtue. Harry is sure that the person who came up with that cliche never spent eighteen hours waiting for the birth of their first child.

hold onto your stars before they fade
The first time they meet, it is sunrise, and Harry is naked.

(Or, the one where Harry is a lost fairy, and Louis takes him in.)

you set off avalanches in my heart
Louis has eyes that could burn down cities. Harry wants to be made of skyscrapers and bridges and concrete.

(or Harry is the editor of the university newspaper and has been in love with an anonymous poet for a year.)

Your Voice Was the Soundtrack of My Summer (Do You Know You’re Unlike Any Other?)
Harry works at a record store and writes songs about the sea. Louis comes in and isn’t quite sure what he’s looking for and finds it anyway. Including: drunkenness, cigarettes, sunsets, adventure, good music, waves, sea glass, tongues and teeth, concerts, bad habits, kisses kisses kisses.