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The Larry shippers are like the crocker teacher of the magic godfathers. Always looking for evidence, trying to convince everyone and nobody believes us. But … you know what? The fairies were real.

Okay so I might have fallen a little bit in love with my own fic, so here’s the follow-up to yesterday Lilo fairy fic. Still very PG, but there’s some kissing this time!


Living with Liam is great.

Not that Louis lives with him, of course, he just happens to spend most of his time in Liam’s house. It’s just convenient. You don’t have to worry about a great hulking bird eating you, and at night it’s even warmer than sleeping with squirrels.

At first Louis comes in the evening when Liam’s back from work, keeps him company in his human form while Liam makes dinner, then eats half of what Liam’s cooked just so Liam doesn’t have to eat alone. He’s selfless that way.

And when it becomes clear that Liam likes having him around and that he’s sad when Louis leaves, well, Louis decides to stay.

He likes Liam’s little house. It’s not very big at all, in fact it’s just one large room and a smaller one where Liam washes himself, but it’s got a lot of nook and crannies where a tiny fairy might hide (being tiny is a good thing when you’re a fairy. Louis is the tiniest of them all), and he doesn’t waste time in making himself a little nest into a discarded shoe box at the top of a bookshelf, just in case.

But what he likes most of all is Liam’s bed. It’s huge and it’s got pillows and a very pretty patchwork comforter that apparently was made by Liam’s mum when he was a baby. A few patches have images on them, ducks and bunnies and even fairies (none of them are as pretty as Louis, but they’re not too bad), and Louis likes to trace them with his fingertip when he listens to Liam tell him about all these weird human things Louis’s never really bothered to learn about.

He also likes to transform into a cat and go to sleep curled up against Liam’s warm belly, scratching Liam’s hand until Liam gets the hint and pets him. Then in the morning when Liam gets up to go to work (Liam’s tried to explain “work”, but it mostly sounds boring to Louis and he’s not quite sure why humans waste time on it), Louis-the-cat curls up under the covers, right in the hot spot where Liam’s body was, and goes back to sleep.

It’s a lovely way to live, and Louis’s already set on doing this for a good few years when Liam comes home from work one night and tells him to leave.

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Me as Louis' "fairy god mother"
  • Louis: who the fook are you??
  • Me, the most noble fairy god mother there is: I little one, am your fairy god mother.
  • Me *now a stuttering mess*: Oh never mind that little one, appearances are but a figment of the imagination now aren't they? I am here to grant you any wish you desire
  • Louis: Oh my god how did you even get into me house??
  • Me: Let's not focus on the details here ... I can assure you, I am a certified fairy god mother.
  • Louis: *looks at me with skepticism* any wish you say? ...
  • Me: anything you desire
  • Louis: Okay. Well this is something I've always wanted, all me life I've just- I wish to be 5'9.
  • Me: *heart begins to beat fast* W-well how t-tall are you now?
  • Louis: I'd rather not say...
  • Me: *secretly taking out my tape recorder* Oh please I must know, it's extremely necessary for me to know your exact height in order to grant your wish.
  • Louis: Well alright I'm-
  • Me: *presses play on the recorder with shaky hands*
  • Louis: 5'7
  • Me: *whispers, teary eyed* oh my god ...
  • Louis: Are you alright?
  • Louis: I'm calling the cops
Fanfic Fridays

My Feet Can’t Touch The Ground by LoadedGunn:  Harry’s developed a bit of a wing kink. Fairy Louis indulges. (4,359 words, Larry, AU, fairy!Louis, daddykink, bLouis, explicit)

if you don’t want to take it slow by istajmaal:  Harry sucks a lot of dicks but won’t let anyone suck his, until Louis. (4,120 words, Larry, AU, gloryholes, service kink, mentions of Gryles, mentions of Lirry, explicit)

Nothing You Can Do (But Learn How To Be You In Time) by Teumessian: A Canon Compliant Semi-AU. Louis braids Harry’s hair. There are good times, bad times, fancy houses, supportive bandmates, secret boyfriends, small rebellions, bigger revolutions, some nail varnish, ribbons, cute clothing, and a Pinterest. (28,079 words, Larry, canon compliant, daddykink, crossdressing, face-fucking, bHarry, explicit)

ask me no questions (and I’ll tell you no lies) by colourexplosion:  an au where people actually use yahoo answers for stuff. (7,557 words, Larry, AU, meet-cute, fluff, teen and up)

Coup de Foudre by anonymous: Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t.Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15,038 words, Larry, AU, love at first sight, unsafe sex, drifter!Louis, bHarry, mature)

wanna taste your heart, don’t interfere by MarchieTheHare:  harry presents as an omega, louis is his alpha best friend, and there are hidden feelings that just get harder to control. (16,493 words, Larry, AU, ABO, pining, bHarry, explicit)

shine by togetherwecouldbealright:  Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along. (40,480 words, Larry, AU, homophobia, angst and fluff, pining, side Ziam, mature)

body, baby, body, body (love to funk my) by bottomlinsons:  Harry wants to go hiking, Louis is reluctant and Hawaii is beautiful. (3,371 words, Larry, AU, genderswap, fingering, mature)

anonymous asked:

(Ask-lord-louis) "Welcome to Morning Fairy Café, How may I help you?" The young man said with a greeting smile, hair in a bun with a cap on and the logo on the top. He dusts his apron off before pulling out his note book, "Today's special is a BLT with any salad and free refill of coffee, soft drinks or water." He looked over at the man and patiently waits.

The man that was waiting for looked up to, his jet black hair was slicked back with a few strands of grey littered all over it. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes and looked like he serious business to attend to. Along with that attitude he wore a white button up with a black tie around his collar and black slacks with black shoes. His black jacket of course was a behind him.

“I’ll take a black coffee with today’s special then,” his face seemed emotionless as he had in front of him a newspaper to read while there. He seemed more like a agent then a regular person.


a list of halloween aus 👻

basically h&l as various creatures because it’s almost halloween 

domestic monsters series by g_uttertrash witch harry, vampire louis, etc etc

Keep Me In Your Pocket by ologist  louis was cursed by a witch 

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The top Harry/Louis fics of May 2015

Hi!  Lots of good fics in May. Fair warning, most of these are smut. As usual, sorted by kudos. I have some more fic lists here. Happy reading!

1.   Shine  by  Togetherwecouldbealright                  

Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.

2.  Are You Gonna Be My Girl?  by  LoadedGunn  

  Louis reenacts his first time, and Harry wants to be his good girl.

3.  My Feet Can’t Touch The Ground  by  LoadedGunn            

Harry’s developed a bit of a wing kink. Fairy Louis indulges.

4.   If You Don’t Want To Take it Slow  by  istajmaal                    

 Before Harry’s brief affair with a warlock in uni, he was perfectly happy getting off by himself into a sock every night before bed. But after that one disastrous night where Harry came prematurely in Nick’s eye and ran away mortified before getting the other boy off, he’s been physically incapable of orgasm unless he’s actively giving someone else pleasure.

or, Harry sucks a lot of dicks but won’t let anyone suck his, until Louis.

5.  Keep Me Safe, Keep Me Sane, Keep Me Honest     by    Hilourry    

 Louis is the Prince of England. All past omega princes and princesses have been married and pregnant at age 18, so his parents arrange him to be married to Harry Styles, the royal family’s PR guy.                   

6.  Taste On My Tongue Just Can't  Get Enough of You) by   Messyjessy08         

Harry and Louis just had a baby and it’s been a while since they’ve had sex.          

7.  Put It On Me   by  Anonymous 

Harry’s bachelor party doesn’t go as planned.           

8.  Now I See in Shades of Roses   by  Harryswhale

 Harry goes on a shit basketball date. Louis is the cutie who sits next to him. There’s a Kiss Cam involved.

9.  Give It To Me (I’m Worth It)  by  Sweaterpawstyles  

Louis can’t resist Harry in the red shorts that he wore during the James Corden skit. Featuring locker room sex.

10.   Ask Me No Questions (And I’ll Tell You No Lies)  by   Colourexplosion        

Louis clicks the new tab button, fingers hovering over the keyboard before typing in Yahoo Answers.  He can’t believe he’s doing this. Again.

or, an au where people actually use yahoo answers for stuff.