On the morning of October 6, 1789 a mob of angry Parisians, mostly women, marched to the Palace demanding bread. They stormed the Palace, ran up the Queen’s Staircase and broke into the Guard’s Room, then into the antechamber. Marie Antoinette ran from her bedchamber into her private apartments towards the King’s Suite to find her husband and son.


Today in History: May 16th, 1770 - Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette of Austria are married

A fourteen year-old Marie Antoinette and fifteen year-old Louis were married to form a political alliance that was supposed to stabilize often hostile relations between Austria and France. Although the marriage was always said to be amiable, Louis was very shy (it is also rumoured he suffered from phimosis, something royal doctors already stated in late 1772) and the marriage was not consummated for seven years. However, in 1778, the first of their four children was born, also the only one to survive past childhood. The couple was executed during the French Revolution, 8 months apart, after 23 years of marriage. After the death of her husband on January 21st 1793, Marie Antoinette went into deep mourning, refusing to eat or exercise. She was executed on October 16th, 1793. Their bodies were thrown in an unmarked grave. In 1815 their bodies were exhumed, and the couple is now buried at the Basilica of Saint-Dennis, a northern suburb of Paris.

You know, it’s funny to think that George Blagden’s period work could actually just be a whole timeline of an immortal character.

He starts off as Athelstan, a 9th century Anglo-saxon monk who (doesn’t die and) goes to Paris. He eventually whittles his way into becoming a French King in the 17th century and sets up an absolute monarchy, but then in the 19th century realises that it was a terrible idea and that the whole situation could pretty much be blamed on him so becomes a pessimistic revolutionary drunk.

Dear Tumblr,

Please stop assuming that Marie Antoinette did not love her husband, was trapped in a loveless marriage, or took a lover at any point during that marriage.

Please stop trying to further romanticize her life when it was already extremely eventful.

Marie Antoinette was very different from her husband Louis XVI, and yes, their marriage was arranged. But they were married when they were both young teenagers, which gave them plenty of time to become good friends and, ultimately, loving partners.

Marie Antoinette loved her husband.

Yes, she was a pretty, fashionable, charming social butterfly and yes, he was overweight and socially awkward, but they still loved each other–it was just that, a partnership

And by the way, Marie Antoinette almost certainly did NOT have a lover.

Her life was tragic in many ways, but fortunately, a cruel, loveless, or unhappy marriage was not a burden that she had to bear.

Please stop buying into this common misconception just because you saw it in a movie.

Thank you!

ETA: There’s ample evidence that Louis also loved his wife.