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My heart aches for Louis all the time


My heart broke for him. It really did. He didn’t deserve that at the end, at all. I just want him to be happy. And like, I know what happened between him and Tara was awful, and Louis was to blame to some degree for the things he said to her, how he lashed out at her, and she was right to be upset with him.

But to leave him a voicemail? Basically dumping him. I mean, that’s what we took from it, right? That she dumped him. It was just so harsh, and so uncalled for, and I think Louis genuinely deserves to be happy.

I just hope that when the show ends, he’s with someone who loves him for who he is. For his flaws, and his idiocies, and his inability to be a normal human being sometimes, but for the fact that he loves very hard and he cares very deeply, and I want someone to appreciate that about him.

What I did love about that scene, though, was Rachel being there. It was a beautifully thought out moment between them, and I am so glad that Louis has Rachel. Their friendships is one of my favourite things about the show, so I hope that we see a lot more of it in season 7.


This episode of Suits was perfection and is by far my favorite this season.

Some of my favorite moments:
-Harvey actually opening up to someone (even if it was Louis)
-Troian Bellisario was a goddess.
-Mike was facing his secret again after a sort of moment of peace
-Rachel was fantastic as always
-Donna FINALLY finding out about Harvey’s issues
-The Darvey file room scene!
-Hardman being the dick we all know and hate even without screen time
-Donna’s ultimatum for Louis

Ooo! I’m really excited for next week!


Harvey&Donna + Louis&Rachel | She must be very special