louis would end up playing with the babies and forgetting the mums!

Sweaters~ A Larry Stylinson AU.


Louis is always forgetting his sweater.

Harry is always there to warm him up.

Harry falls asleep sometimes

And Louis always lets him.

(OR. Louis and Harry are childhood best friends who fall in love with each other despite the others disorders, and despite the fact that one of them comes to term with their sexuality a little quicker then the other)


Harry is six years old and sitting on his front porch. It’s cold outside and the rain had just stopped, typical London weather. He’s sitting on the porch swing with his little hands wrapped around a juice box. His hair is much too long, curls falling all over his face. He has three layers on; the product of an over protective mother. His long sleeved shirt, his hoodie, and his sweater. All just because he absolutely had to drink his juice outside, and watch the new people next door carry boxes into their house.

“What are you looking at?”

Harry is suddenly aware of another boy, who looks a little older then him, standing at the end of his driveway. He’s wearing a short sleeved shirt and has his arms crossed over his chest, brow furrowed.

“I’m watching ya move in,” Harry shrugged.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Dunno,” Harry said, stepping off the swing, a wobble in his step and walking over to Louis. “My name’s Harry Edward Style. You’re my neighbor.”

“I’m Louis. I’m in grade three,” the boy, Louis says, less snappy then before.

“I’m just in grade one, but me mummy says I’m really very much mature for my age,” Harry says. Louis is taller then Harry, and thinner too. Harry is chubby and small, but it’s mostly just baby fat.

Louis also has brown fringe by his forehead, and bright blue eyes.

“I’m sure you’re very mature,” Louis replies sarcastically.

“Well. I’m mature enough that I know that you should not be in this weather with not a coat on,” Harry says, words rushed.

“I know. I moved from Doncaster to Florida. Florida is in the United States of America. In case you didn’t know. Well anyways, in Florida, the weather is warm. I don’t have a sweater right now. My mum has to go shopping,” Louis explained.

Harry nodded understandingly and slid off his outermost layer, his sweater and handed it to Louis.

Louis shook his head but Harry persisted until Louis had the sweater in his arms. Louis looked at Harry dumbly and slid on the sweater. “Well thanks Harry,” Louis smiled softly.

“I don’t have a lot of friends,” Harry frowned.

“Well, I’m too old to be your friend Harry,” Louis said.

“Oh. Alright,” Harry frowned, looking up at Louis with sad, watery green eyes. Louis quickly wrapped his arms around Harry, the way he hugged his little sisters when they cried. Harry circled his arms tightly around Louis’ waist and squeezed him.

“It’s okay Harry. Don’t cry. I’ll be your friend.”

And that was where it all began.


Louis and Harry became inseparable after that. Louis became Harry’s body guard of sorts. Harry was a sensitive kid, shy and reserved, and he was bullied for it. Kids didn’t understand why Harry didn’t talk much. Harry only really talked to his mum and Louis.

Louis walked Harry to the bus and sat with him always. After school Louis had footie practice, so Harry rode home alone. Sometime the kids picked on him, and he’d go home crying. On these days, Louis would go to Harry’s house and go up to his room, he’d wrap his arms around the smaller boy tightly and just gently coddle him until Harry felt like talking. After Harry was feeling better, he’d listen as Louis talked about his day. Harry was still a little kid, and his favorite thing to do was ask Louis pointless questions. That was okay though, because Louis loved to talk.

“How was footie?” Harry asked.

“It went well.”

“Are you any good?”

“I’d like to think so.”

“Are the kids nice to you?”

“Yeah they are.”

“Why aren’t kids nice to me?”

“Because you don’t talk to them.”

“Why are you nice to me?”

“Because you’re lovely Harry.”



“Can you teach me to play footie?”

“Yes Harry. I can.”


By the time Harry was in fifth grade, and Louis was in seventh, Harry was on the junior varsity footie team. Louis was on varsity. Harry’s team mates picked on him still, because he was different. He was quiet. He wore flowers in his hair. He had big sweaters that looked like dresses on him, and he wore them all the time without shame. Harry also wasnt very good at footie, but whenever Harry asked, Louis always answered the same.

“You’re the best on the team Harry.”

And that was that.

Because Harry believed anything Louis told him. Louis was his best mate.

One day, while they were walking to Louis house from the bus, Harry silently handed Louis his extra sweater. Louis was forgetful, and he often rushed out of the house without a proper jacket. Harry was the opposite, even on warm days he was wearing multiple layers. His mum says its cause he’s small, and he gets cold very easily. She says he’ll grow out of it. Harry isn’t so sure. He’s been as tall as Louis for a while now, but he still gets cold all the time. Even though Harry gets cold, he always gives Louis his extra sweater. Because Harry liked the way Louis smiled gratefully. He thought maybe if he couldn’t do much for Louis, the least he could do is help keep him warm.

“Wanna play for a bit?” Louis asked.

Harry nodded.

The two headed to Louis’ backyard and kicked the ball around for a bit. Louis always let Harry win. Harry never caught on that Louis wasn’t doing his best.

“Louis. I’m winning,” he’d smile.

“Well duh,” Louis would fake mock.

“Why duh?”

“Because Harry. You’re the best on the team.”

And that was that


In eighth grade Louis gets diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. He had to take two pills every morning, and a pill at night that helps him relax and sleep. Harry cries for a long time, because he’s only in sixth grade and doesn’t understand.

“Are you going to die?” Harry asked.

He was in a tent on Louis’ bedroom floor. Louis had just gotten back from the kitchen, where his mum had called him to come take his night time medicine.

“Of course not. Don’t be silly.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No. It’s not physical Harry. It helps my brain. Helps me focus and relax.”

“I think you were just fine before.”

“Well obviously I wasn’t,” Louis snaps.

They don’t cuddle much anymore, because Louis’ getting too old. He’s fourteen now. Harry is twelve. The boys are in the tent in separate sleeping bags, having a usual Friday night sleepover.

“I think you’d be perfect no matter what any doctor said.”

“No body is perfect.”

“You are.” Louis doesn’t say anything. Harry has always been like that. Fond and sentimental, always open about it. He never hides his feelings or emotions. Louis just unzips his sleeping bag and climbs into Harry’s. Harry wraps his arms around Louis tightly, because Louis really doesn’t like to snuggle much anymore, so whenever he does, Harry takes advantage.

“I’m not gonna die,” Louis assures him, going back to the original question.

“Of course.” Harry agrees.

“I’m sorry I snapped,” Louis sighs, arms secure around Harry.

“It’s okay. We’re okay. And…You’re gonna be okay too.”


Harry goes to Louis graduation. Louis doesn’t act like himself though. He ignores Harry in favor of his friends. He doesn’t explain to Harry the inside jokes his friends laugh at, or answer Harry’s questions.

“Are you excited for high school?” No reply.

“Louis do you want to come over?” No reply.

“Louis what are you all laughing at?” No reply.

Louis feels bad, he really does, and even though Harry will always be his best friend, there are times when Louis has to choose others before Harry. Because Harry is younger. Harry is only in sixth grade, and Louis is going into high school. Eventually Harry leaves the circle of people and goes to his mum, telling her he’s tired and wants to go home.

“You’re tired again?” Anne frowns.

Harry nods and waves at Jay.

Anne frowns and grabs Harry’s hand, saying goodbye to Louis mum, Jay, and leading her son to the car.

“We need to go to the doctor.”

“Why mum?”

“Because harry, you’re a little boy and you’re always tired.”


“Did something happen with Louis?”

“I don’t think we’re friends anymore mum.”

But before Anne can respond, Harry’s head is against the window in the back seat, and his eyes are closed.


“Harry I said I’m sorry.”

“Go away Lou.”

“Come on Harry. I can’t believe you’re mad at me for this!” Louis is banging on Harry’s bedroom door. Harry’s door doesn’t have a lock on it, but Harry Is on the other side holding it shut. Louis knows he could easily open it and over power Harry. He doesn’t want to though. He wants Harry to open it all on his own.

“Harry please let me in.”

Harry lets him in. Because he can never say no to Louis. Louis walks in, and he’s wearing one of Harry’s sweater. Harry stares at the sweater a little too long, and Louis feels the need to explain, “I missed you. You haven’t talked to me in a week.”

“I’m sorry Louis. I thought we weren’t friends.”

“Why on earth would you think something like that Harry?” Louis frowned, and hugged Harry tightly.

“Because you have new friends.” Harry wrapped his arms around Louis tightly and hugged him close. He began crying, because he couldn’t believe Louis was here. He thought Louis hated him. “Don’t cry Harry.”

“When you go to high school, you’re not going to want to hug a baby like me anymore.”

“You’re wrong Harry. I’m always going to hug you. Very tightly. Always. Because you’re my little buddy Harry. You’re my neighbor and my best friend. I love you lots,” then Louis pulled away and sat on the bed. Harry sits down beside him.


“Yes Harry?”

“I’m going to quit footie.”


“Too rough. The kids hurt me.”

“On purpose?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh alright.”

“When they bump into me it hurts.”

“It doesn’t hurt me.”

“Maybe that’s because you’re stronger.”


“Are you upset I’m quitting?”

“No. Whatever makes you happy.”

“Louis. You make me happy.”

“Thank you. You make me happy too.”

Harry lays down on the bed and falls asleep, and it worries Louis, because usually Harry has trouble sleeping. When Louis leaves, he pulls on a different one of Harry’s sweater, leaving the one he brought with him on Harry’s bed. Harry likes when things smell like Louis. On the way out, Harry mum tells Louis “don’t worry honey. He’s just felt over tired lately.”

“Is he okay?”

“He’s going to be just fine.” She smiled.

And that was that. -

“Fibromyalgia,” Harry is crying in his closet. Louis is on the floor across from him. Harry has his arms wrapped around himself. It’s the day before the forth of July. June was a bad month for Harry and Louis. Harry had to have constant tests at the hospital, going in once a week while they tested him for different things.

Louis just missed his best friend. Louis also hated seeing Harry so sad and scared.

“Maybe I have ADHD too,” Harry has suggested once.

“Maybe,” Louis agreed, but he knew he didn’t.

Today, the results were in, and Harry was diagnosed. He would have to start taking pills, but they would only help a bit. “What does Fibromyalgia do?” Louis frowned, scared for Harry. That sounded serious, and Louis hated it.

“It makes me tired all the time. And it’s the reason I always feel cold. It’s also supposed to make me depressed, which means I’m sad all the time,” Harry explained, trying his best to remember every symptom his mum had explained to him, but their were just so many, and Harry couldn’t remember them all, “It’s why in footie, when the kids bumped into me, it hurt so much. Because my body is fragile. I have achy bones. And sometimes they are going to hurt no matter what I do, but getting bumped into will only hurt them more.”

Louis nodded, because all of that made sense to him. Harry had always acted like that. He never thought it was a problem though. Recently Harry had become more tired though, so maybe that was a problem. Louis frowned and opened his arms and spread his legs, so Harry could crawl in between them. Louis hugged him tightly and whispered, “But you aren’t going to die, right?”

“No. The doctor said I won’t die.”

“Then this will be fine Harry. Everything will be great still.”

“Louis. I’m messed up.”

“So am I.”

“I think this is a bit more serious than ADHD.”

“Yes I agree, but you’re not alone here Harry. I’m on your side.”

Harry didn’t respond, and when Louis looked down, Harry was fast asleep in his arms. Louis began to cry, because this is what it would be like from now on between them. Harry would always be falling asleep, or be hurt, or feel cold, or feel sad, or feel sick. And it made Louis feel overwhelmed that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Anne came in that night and found them hidden in the closet together.

Something she would later find extremely ironic.


It isn’t as bad as they thought. Some days are really good, and some days are bad. For both boys. Some days Louis is being too aggressive or loud or impatient, and they can’t hang out. Some days Harry just feels tired or sad or sick, and they can’t hang out. Their syndromes cause them both problems, and their friendship is always a struggle, but they promise to never give up on each other, because best mates don’t give up on each other.

The summer is still good though.

They play footie, and Louis is extra gentle. Still let’s Harry win. Still tells Harry that even though he quit, he is the best on the team. Louis never pushes Harry or kicks the ball too hard. Harry is like glass now, and Louis is very careful with him. The way he is careful with his baby sisters.

They go to the beach with their families. Louis loves the water, he is so happy to swim. Harry and he play in the water for about an hour, before the waves begin to hurt Harry’s arms, and Harry has to get out. Of course, Louis gets out as well, and they lay on towels to dry off. Harry climbs on top of Harry and they lay together chest to chest. Harry falls asleep on Louis. Louis doesn’t mind. Though he can tell this image must appear strange to the others at the beach, he doesn’t care. He just wraps his arms tightly around Harry and naps as well.

Harry cries a lot about Louis going to High School, and every time Louis hushes him and promises that they will only be apart for two years before Harry is back in the same school as him. He talks and talks for hours and hours about good ways to try to make friends, to try to be social. Harry just disagrees, because, “those kids are mean, and besides, all I need is you Louis." 


On the first day of High School, Louis wakes up early, and he walks Harry to the bus, the way he has for the past six years. It feels strange to watch Harry. He’s biting his finger and tears on his face. It’s warm outside but Harry has three layers of sweaters on, to keep him warm. Harry has a flower tucked behind his ear and he gets on the bus, waving as he leaves Louis behind. 

Louis had never felt so sad in his life.


At school Louis makes new friends, and becomes good mates with his footie buddies. Josh, Niall, Zayn, Ashton, Calum, Stan, Michael, Luke, Ed, and Liam are his closet friends and are all his friends on his team. Harry doesn’t like hanging out with Louis when he’s with his friends. They are loud and rough, and so is Louis. Louis forgets he has to be careful with Harry when he’s around his school mates. He forgets to treat Harry like he’s fragile. Harry usually just goes home to sleep, and Louis feels horrible about that.


Louis learns about sexuality at school. Learns that some boys date boys. Some girls date girls. He learns this because his friend Zayn’s sister is dating another girl. After he finds this out, Zayn explains the entire concept of homosexuality to him. Louis gets anxious then, because he’s never had a crush on a girl before. The only person he has ever found cute is Harry. Harry is a boy. And then Louis is scared that maybe he’s gay.

Louis tells Harry about how some boys like boys, and Harry nods, because he already knew, and he had always figured Louis knew too. Harry just nods and asks questions, because he wants Louis to feel smart. Louis is older, and Harry thinks it might embarrass Louis to know that Harry knew about gay people before him. 

"I think I might be gay actually,” Harry says after their talk. They are laying on Harry’s bed, and Louis is in Harry’s sweater (as usual). 

“Why?” Louis asked, brow furrowed.

“I just think I may like blokes is all. Never been fond of girls.”

After Louis leaves, he cried in the bath tub at his home, because he doesn’t want Harry to be gay. He also doesn’t want to be gay. Because if they are both gay, then maybe they are more then best mates, and that thought scared Louis to death.

So Louis does what any boy afraid of his sexuality does.

He gets a girlfriend.


“Her name is Eleanor. She has brown curly hair, and pretty brown eyes. She is in art club and she likes fashion. She always smells nice. I like her because she is funny and nice,” Louis explains to Harry the second Harry opens his front door. Harry is confused at first, until he realized Louis is talking about a girlfriend.

“Okay.” Is all Harry says.

Louis breathes a breath of relief.

They go to Harry’s couch and play video games.

And that’s that. 


Louis tells Harry they have to stop cuddling. He says he can only do that with Eleanor now. When Harry starts crying, he doesn’t hug him. Instead he tries to explain, “Eleanor is jealous. I’m sorry. She’s a jealous person Harry. I have to do what she says.”

“Why do you have to do what she says?” Harry doesn’t understand.

“I love her.”

Harry kicks Louis out of the house and cries in his room, when his mom comes in, he tells her that he thinks he is in love with Louis. Anne smiles fondly and explains she suspected this all along. Harry then tells her that Louis loves Eleanor, and that Louis can’t hug or snuggle with him anymore because Eleanor is a jealous kind of girlfriend.

Harry explains he wants to sleep until he is happy.

Anne sighs and lets Harry fall asleep on her lap.

For once, Harry’s ability to sleep all the time comes in handy.


The boys don’t talk for months, because Louis is busy and Harry is tired. Harry begins to see a therapist, because his Fibromyalgia makes him sad all the time, and losing his only and best friend just makes it worse. Harry begins taking medication separate from his regular pills. Antidepressants they are called. He is supposed to become happier from them, but he doesn’t. He misses Louis so much.

Eleanor breaks up with Louis on his birthday, Christmas Eve. Louis doesn’t understand her reason, but he also doesn’t really care. He wants to feel more emotions about this. He wants to get sad or angry because he lost a girl he loves. Instead, he realizes, he is sad and angry because he’s stupid, and he lost a boy he loves.

Louis rings Anne and asks for Harry, but Harry is sleeping.

And that’s that.


In January Louis waits at the school bus stop. When he sees Harry, there is a flower crown on his head, and Louis wonders when he started wearing those. Harry sees Louis and stops in his tracks, turning around to run home. Louis doesn’t hesitate to chase Harry down, tackling him onto the grass. Louis hold Harry down and kneels on either side of Harry’s thighs.

“Louis,” is all Harry says.

“I’m sorry Harry. I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

“I know you don’t.”

Louis lets Harry go and sits behind him. The bus arrives but Harry doesn’t move. He sits still and misses the bus. The next half an hour is spent with Harry scolding Louis, telling Louis what true friends do and what true friends don’t do. Louis agrees with everything he says, and Louis feels like a very shitty person, and an even shittier friend. 

Louis opens his arms and spreads his legs, because usually Harry would crawl right into his arms and snuggle him. Harry doesn’t, instead he flinches and looks confused. “Eleanor and I broke up,” Louis whispers, hoping Harry would understand. 

“Louis. You should know I’m gay.”

“I know you are.”

“You should know I love you.”

“I know you do.”

Louis did know. He had known all along he thinks. He thinks Harry is too young to make up his mind about such things, he is only in seventh grade, but he also feels very happy that Harry is in love with him.

“Do you love me back?” Harry hesitates.

“I love you like a friend,” Louis offers, because he’s not ready to confront his confusion. He’s not ready to make up his mind about this yet. This entire conversation makes him uncomfortable and he feels weird. Feels like he doesn’t belong. But Harry hugs him tightly and kisses Louis’ cheek. Louis hugs him back, and then they go explain to Anne that they made up, and also that Harry missed the bus.

Anne calls Harry in sick and then she calls Jay to tell her about Louis. 

Harry sits on the living room floor with Louis, because Harry’s bones hurt from being wrestled to the ground. Louis can’t stop blabbering apologies, but Harry is nothing but forgiving and pleasant. Anne gives them green tea with sugar, and they sit and sip the hot beverages while Harry fills him in about the last five months they had been without each other. Harry tells him about his new pills, and the woman, Erin Miller, his therapist who he goes to talk to now about his problems. 

“Do you talk about me?” Louis asks.

“I do.”

“Am I a problem?”

“Not anymore.”

Louis shivers, and Harry hands him one of his extra sweaters.

It’s as if nothing had changed at all.


On Harry’s birthday, Louis gets him a gift card. It seems like a crummy gift, but it is backed up with bucket loads of meaning. It’s a card with fifty dollars on it, for the flower shop down the street. Louis explains to Harry that now he can go to get flowers for his crowns, and he won’t have to pay his own money for years, because flowers are so cheap, and he gave him so much money.

Harry almost cries at how perfect it is.


On Valentines Day, Louis gives Harry a rose. Harry gives Louis chocolate. It’s perfect, because Harry loves flowers and Louis loves sweets.

Later that night, they’re laying on the couch in Louis’ basement.

“I still love you, you know,” Harry whispers.

“I do know.”

“Will you ever love me back?”

“I can’t answer that Harry.”

After a bit, Louis starts to cry, because he knows Harry loves him, but it’s too hard to say it back. Louis wants to throw up because he’s hurting Harry, and he knows he is. Louis feels too much inter turmoil over such a strange subject to him. He doesn’t think he can accept his sexuality, and he’s in denial.

Harry holds him tightly while he cries.

Harry doesn’t question why he’s crying.

And on Monday at school, Louis gets another girlfriend. 


Louis has his new girlfriend for the next year, but he handles this one better then he handled it with Eleanor. This time he doesn’t outcast Harry.

Harry starts hanging out with Louis when he’s around his other friends again, because he wants to be more social. He starts high school this year and that scares him a lot. 

Harry always looks sad when Louis puts his arms around his new girlfriend, Jade Thirlwall. But he soldiers through it, and he becomes good friends with Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

Harry doesn’t feel like he fits in with Louis’ whole big group of friends, but when it’s just him and Liam, Niall, and Louis, he feels better.


Liam Payne comes out as gay to their entire group in March, and Louis is almost jealous.


A year has passed. When Harry graduates eighth grade, he goes out to pizza with Louis, Niall, and Liam. He emotionally sobs to his mates how he is scared of High School, and hopes to have friends as good as Louis’. Louis wraps an arm around Harry when he begins to cry. He does this for two reasons though, the first of course because Harry is crying. The second is because Liam is staring at Harry, and he has been all night. Louis hates it.

In the car, Harry falls asleep on Liam’s shoulder, which makes Louis sad. Because Louis is right here on the other side of Harry, but Harry fell asleep on Liam. 

Louis feels replaced.

This must be how Harry felt around Eleanor.


July sixth is a big day for the two of them, because Louis breaks up with Jade, and Harry has his first kiss from a boy (or anyone for that matter).

Big surprise. It’s with Liam Payne.

“I felt like I was floating. Do you feel like that when you kiss Jade?”

Louis shakes his head, because no, he never felt like that.

“Jade and I broke up anyways,” he whispered.

“Oh I’m so sorry Lou.”

“It’s fine. Are you going to like, be Liam’s boyfriend now?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

That night, Louis cries himself to sleep, shaking and sobbing at the thought that he waited too long. Harry is over him and doesn’t love him anymore. He clutches at his sweater, which is really Harry’s sweater, until his mum comes in and calms him down, tries to ask what’s wrong, but Louis just sobs.


The next day is a bad day for Louis. His mum forgot to fill his prescription and now he is out of medication for his ADHD and also for his ADD. He warns Harry of this before he enters the house, Harry of course lets him in anyways. 

“I think Liam is going to ask me out.”




“Because he kissed me of course.”

And then Louis does something horrible.

“He wouldn’t want to ask you out Harry.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re a silly boy who wears flower crowns and you have a stupid disorder that makes you sleep and cold and all you ever do is act emotional and tired. Why would anyone want to date someone like that? Why would anyone want to date someone with Fibromyalgia?” Louis yells.

Harry kicks him out, and Louis deserves it. 

That night Louis stares out his window into Harry’s window, watching Harry cry into his mums arms until his mum closes the blinds and the lights turn off in his room. Louis hopes he fell asleep. Actually, he knows he fell asleep, because Harry can’t help himself when it comes to that. And Louis made Harry feel ashamed of something he can’t control. 

And now Louis just feels ashamed of himself.


They don’t talk all month. When Louis goes to Harry’s house to apologize and explain it was his ADHD and jealousy talking, Anne won’t let him in. She says Harry’s not feeling well, but Louis knows that’s a lie. Harry just doesn’t want to see him right now, and Louis can’t even blame him really.

It’s Louis junior year, and Harry’s Freshman year. Louis and Harry sit on opposite ends of the bus, which makes both of them cry. They had both been waiting two years to be able to sit together on the bus again, but now they weren’t talking.


Liam does ask Harry out, and Harry says yes.


Fall turns to Winter and Louis’ birthday once again lacks Harry’s presence.

Louis and Liam don’t talk anymore.

Harry and Louis don’t talk anymore.

Louis has never hated his ADHD more.

Louis had never hated himself more.

That’s why he starts cutting his wrists.


They don’t talk all year, although Louis desperately worries about how Harry’s freshman year is going. It seems to be alright. Sometimes he asks Zayn to ask Liam how Harry is, just so he can make sure Harry is okay. 

Louis begins wearing his own sweaters, because he has to cover up the cuts, and because he no longer has Harry to give him one of his. He sits alone in the back of the bus, and watches Harry with his headphones in, sitting in the front, as far away from him as possible. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

That summer Louis goes to Florida to visit his family there.

Harry and Liam break up, but Louis didn’t know that.


When school starts up again, Louis has completely fallen apart. He now accepts his sexuality and knows hes gay. He also knows it’s too late to be with the only boy he thinks he will ever love. 

On the first day of Fall, Harry walks up to Louis in the school parking lot. Harry grabs Louis and he hugs him tightly. Louis just grips Harry for dear life and cries against his shoulder. Harry got bigger, taller. Grew so much. He’s taller then Louis now, but Louis is happy with that, because he needs the comfort. He just mumbles that hes sorry to Harry over and over. 

“I know you are,” Harry whispered.

Harry then takes Louis’ sweater sleeves and pulls them up, revealing his ugly scars. Louis doesn’t flinch away or try to hide them. He has never hidden anything from Harry before. Except maybe love.

“How did you know?” Louis asks in awe.

“You never remembered to grab a sweater. I knew there had to be a reason.”

Louis cries in Harry’s arms again, but Harry just grabs his cheeks in his hands and forces Louis to look at him. 

“I still love you. I never stopped loving you Louis.”

“Harry I’m gay,” was all Louis could choke out through his tears.

“I know.” And of course he did. Harry always knew everything about him.

“Harry I love you.”

“I know that too.”

Harry leans down and kisses Louis deeply, and Harry kisses him back slowly, enjoying it. Wanting the taste of Harry’s lips forever on his tongue. He reaches up and wraps his arms around Harry’s neck, tugs gently at the little curls on the back of Harry’s neck.

“Harry. Will you be my boyfriend?”

“You don’t mind stupid boys with flowers in their hair who sleep all the time?”

“I love stupid boys with flowers in their hair. Especially ones who sleep all the time.”

And that was that. 

In a couple of hours I’m heading off on vacation until Sunday. So, I decided to leave this with you all. Enjoy!

Liam tossed once more, turning to now face the alarm clock that sat on the bedside table. It was blinking boldly and red at him, the time now 3:48 in the morning. Why was he still awake when Liam clearly knew his mind and body were exhausted. He groaned as the time ticked away once again, tossing to face the other side of his room, the bed squeaking beneath him. Louis was going to kill him tomorrow morning with all the noise he was making. It wasn’t Liam’s fault though, he just couldn’t sleep. Hasn’t really had a decent nights sleep in close to a week. Not since he and Zayn ended things actually. It was a mutual breakup, at least that what Liam keeps telling himself. Things were great at first, they were riding on a high of the newness of it all for what seemed like months. Reality came crashing down on them far too soon after that. Six months of bliss and love all came to a crashing end. The semester was almost over meaning they were going to be going their separate ways until the next semester began. Zayn was going to be taking a summer internship in New York to work at Marvel Comics while Liam was staying in London for his summer job. They got spooked at the possibility of their relationship not working during the summer. Now Liam was left alone in his room desperately trying to get any sleep. It just felt strange, he was so use to Zayn cuddled up behind him as they slept.

“Screw it,” Liam decided, kicking the blankets off his feet. It was no use to try and get any sleep, it wasn’t going to happen. He sat up, resting his back against the wall as he grabbed his phone off the table. He immediately turned off his alarm before checking all his social media apps. Everything was dead, normal people were usually asleep at this time. He opened up Twitter and saw that Zayn had tweeted not even five minutes ago. Complaining that he too wasn’t able to sleep. Before he could even comprehend what he was really doing Liam got up, slipped on his shoes and made his way out the room as quietly as possible.

Walking up the three flights of stairs to where Zayn’s room was, Liam never once realized how bad of an idea it was. All he wanted to do was see Zayn and maybe convince him to try their relationship out once more time. It was clear they were both miserable. Louis would give him daily updates via his boyfriend and Zayn’s roommate, Harry. He was keeping himself busy with school and work, packing up his room and shipping things back home or taking them with him to New York. Never went out much or did anything social. Liam was the same way, his time was only devoted to work and school, which bothered Louis immensely. Louis tried his hardest to get Liam to go out, socialize and work out the funk he was clearly in. It was no use. Going out usually meant seeing Harry and Niall, friends he met through Zayn. If they were going to have a clear break he needed to cut ties with everything and everyone that reminded Liam of Zayn and what they once had.

His hand trembled as he opened the door to Zayn and Harry’s suite. It was always unlocked, something that always concerned Liam. They lived in one of the safest halls in the entire campus but it still wasn’t safe to just leave your door unlocked, especially in the middle of the night. Liam entered as quietly as possible, seeing the soft light coming from underneath Zayn’s bedroom door, meaning he was still awake. Harry’s door was open ajar and Liam could see that he was passed out, sprawled across the bed, face smushed into his pillow. He tiptoed across the room, dodging the things that were thrown across the floor, like Harry’s shoe. He must’ve went out that night seeing he was never this careless with his things. Liam took a deep breath as he approached Zayn’s door. Now what? What was he supposed to do or say now? Just let himself him and hope for the best. His mum would be so embarrassed for him of she could see him now. Ruth and Nicola would never let him hear the end of this if they saw him. Creepily sneaking in your ex boyfriends room to do what exactly? Demand that he take you back because you couldn’t sleep. How childish. The closer he got to Zayn’s door the more Liam regretted his decision to even get out of bed. If Zayn hadn’t tweeted maybe Liam would still be in bed, playing some mindless game on his phone until sleep eventually took over. That’s what he’s been doing for the past week anyway.

Releasing one more deep breath to calm his erratically beating heart, Liam knocked on Zayn’s door. He could feel his stomach tighten in anticipation, his palms starting to sweat with nerves. This was a bad, bad idea. Stupid really. Liam was smart, why didn’t he think this through more throughly. Now he had to wait. Wait for either Zayn to answer his door or completely ignore me.

“Liam?” Zayn opened the door rather quickly, rubbing at his eyes, trying to wake himself up. He looked good, he always did though. His hair sitting softly on top of his head, still no strand out of place. He was shirtless with his pajama bottom sitting low on his small frame, a little sliver of his briefs showing. He looked even more confused then Liam felt. “Wha-what are you doing here?”

Liam scratched at the hair on his belly, not realizing he had walked up three flights of stairs in just his boxers. Now he felt even more embarrassed than before. Oh yeah, he had to speak. Explain to Zayn why he was standing in front of his door. “I can’t sleep.”


“I can’t sleep anymore because you’re not next to me,” he continued. “This past week every single night has been torture for me. I toss and turn and eventually just give up. I’m falling asleep during my lectures or in the canteen eating with Tommo. It’s not okay and it only happened when we ended things.”

Zayn sighed, his hand still gripped tightly on the doorknob. He looked behind him at his bed, staring momentarily at it longingly. He sighed again, his shoulders slumping as he let out a breath. “Come inside. Don’t want to wake up Haz.”

Liam practically jumped out of skin at the offer from Zayn. He had no idea what he meant but it felt like a step in the right direction. He quietly shut the door behind them and sat at the foot of the bed when Zayn instructed him to do so. Baby steps. “Zayn-”

“Let me talk,” he interrupted him, raising his hand to silence Liam. “You can’t just barge into my room at three o'clock in the morning, Liam. That’s not okay. What if I was sleeping? What if I had someone else in here with me?”

“You’re seeing someone else? Already?” He asked, his head dropping. He felt panic flood is body instantly. That’s why Zayn was so casual with the break up, he had already moved on.

“No,” he quickly spoke. “I was just using that as an example. God Liam, what kind of person do you think I am? I devoted six months of my life to you with a purpose, for a reason.”

Liam lifted his head and audibly swallowed as Zayn’s voice began to rise. He was never one to yell or get mad, only when it was absolutely necessary. That’s why Liam was so drawn to him, they were so alike in that way. Never let their emotions get the best of them, always thought things through before coming to any sort of decision. That’s why Liam was so taken aback with himself over walking up the stairs and seeing Zayn. There was no thought behind it, just purely action. No rational thought in his mind would let him do what he was doing.

“Why’d you come here?” Zayn asked once more, kneeling in front of Liam, his hands resting on Liam’s knees to balance himself. “And the truth this time. You can’t sleep? Come on Liam, the truth.”

“I miss you,” he let out slowly, raising his head to look at Zayn directly. “I know we both decided to end this for the sake of our sanitizes and not wanting to risk the distance this summer. It’s bullshit though. I can’t forget the past six months like nothing happened, like you made this year bearable. Uni sucks but somehow I never want to leave, I wanted to live in our little bubble forever, babe.”


“And yeah, like, I can’t sleep either. Not without you at least,” he continued sheepishly, feeling the blush creep up his chest and neck to his face. “You spooned up behind me, holding my hand, our legs tangled together as you breathe into my neck. It’s the only thing that worked. Now all I have is Tommo farting in his sleep and laughing about it to himself. And you-you’ve got Harry’s chainsaw snores to lull you to sleep.”

“I sleep,” Zayn tried to argue confidently.

“Then why are you awake? Hmm?” Liam asked, raising an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. “And tweeting about it, too.”

“It’s only one night,” he countered. Zayn finally realized his hands were still sitting hotly on Liam’s bare legs, gently rubbing patterns into his knees. It all still felt so familiar for two people who were supposed to be unfamiliar with each other now. “You know me. I usually sleep like a baby.”

“You haven’t slept well in the past week,” Liam blurted out. “It’s impossible that I’m the only one dealing with this. Unless you’re heartless and never really cared about this, about me.”

Zayn opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He just kept gaping at Liam, not knowing how or what to say to him. He was right, his sleeping habits had been horrible within the past week. He was lucky if he got two hours of sleep at night, his mind refused to shut off. Refused to stop replaying their breakup conversation, Liam’s face as he walked out of Zayn’s life for the last time. “Get in bed.”

“Wait. What?”

“Get in bed,” Zayn repeated and nudged Liam’s foot with his own. “We both look like shite and need sleep. This is the only way either of us are going to get an decent sleep. So, get in bed.”


“We’ll have the conversation tomorrow,” he clarified, watching as Liam scooted up the bed and laid down on where he usually slept. Tucking the pillow just right underneath his head, throwing the blanket over his legs even though they both knew he wasn’t cold, just a creature of habit. Zayn hesitantly climbed in beside him, a little apprehensive on what he should do. Should be but his arm around Liam, cuddle him like they use to.

“Zayn,” he whispered, moving his head to look behind him. “Can you, I mean, do you mind if we cuddled?”

Zayn tried his hardest to make sure he didn’t show how much he wanted to smile at Liam’s words. Luckily the room was dark enough to hide it. He moved a little closer behind Liam, his front now that plastered against his back. Instinctively placing his arm around his waist, lacing their fingers together, resting their conjoined hands on Liam’s belly. “Better?”

“Perfect,” Liam answered, letting a content sigh escape his lips. He wiggled a little to get more comfortable, laughing when Zayn let or a groan behind him. “This is nice.”

“Liam,” he groaned again. He rested his head in the nape of Liam’s neck, what he use to use as his pillow. “Go to sleep.”

“Goodnight Zayn,” he whispered into the dark, feeling sleep overtake him in almost an instant. Whatever was going to happen tomorrow was going to happen tomorrow. For right now all Liam wanted to do was feel this moment and store it away in his mind forever.

I have so many head canons for the next gen like Victoire would totally be the posh yet motherly type I mean she is the eldest of the Weasley grandchildren - she’s used to babysitting and being a role model, but she still has that 1/8 veela in her so absolute perfection and grace with a bit of a short tempered side. And then her little sister Dominique would be the rebel of the family with colored streaks in her strawberry blond hair and a nose stud with a wizarding tattoo and she’d be a member of a wizarding rock band. Dominique would be so fucking cool and all the younger cousins would be awe struck by her. Louis would be a mama’s boy for sure and one of the calmer, intelligent Weasleys, he’d probably be in ravenclaw and have a great sense of style.

Ok now Percy’s daughters, Molly and Lucy, I imagine being twins or very close in age and very alike as well. They’re kind of exactly like their dad with the rule following but not as arrogant and are very respectful of their family. I also see them being really close to Rose. George’s kids with Angelina, Fred II and Roxanne, are totally the spunky ones who pull pranks and I see both of them in Gryffindor on the quidditch team with Fred being a beater and Roxanne being a chaser like her mum. I also see Fred being best friends with James Sirius because they’re close in age and both have that trouble maker side to them. Fred II and Roxanne are mixed so imagine brown skinned, freckled red heads wow. 

James Sirius is of course the nosy, trouble maker, who’s often called a git by all of his cousins and siblings because of his cheesy and often offensive sense of humor. He’s a chaser and team captain of Gryffindor. He doesn’t do that well in school because short attention span but he’s super intelligent and wicked at DADA, and becomes an auror like his dad after Hogwarts. He’s also a total ladies man. He’s also super protective of his family and often gets in fights or arguments when he sees someone bothering his baby sister. He’s super protective and would make it impossible for Lily Luna to get a boyfriend.

Albus is the quiet, shy, reflective sort who gets sorted into Slytherin. He has a huge quidditch rivalry with his brother and plays as seeker just like his dad. He’s also top of his class and best friends with Scorpius Malfoy which forces their dads to form a begrudging sort of friendship and a bit of a competition with whose son bests the other the most. Rose, Scorpius, and Albus form their own trio even though Rose gets sorted into Gryffindor and they’re like super smart and always getting perfect marks. Hermione is of course proud that Albus and Rose were willing to forget prejudices and befriend a Malfoy, but Ron’s still a little suspicious and a little peeved but warms up to him over time after all of those Weasley christmases Rose forces Scorp to come to. Everyone always thinks that Rose and Scorpius are going to end up together, but both feel nothing but a brotherly/sisterly kind of love for each other. They’re almost too close to have a romantic relationship even though they both were each other’s awkward first kiss in the summer before 4th year. 

Hugo is just like his dad interest wise but has his mother’s patience and social awareness down to a t. He’s a master chess player and the only one who can beat his dad and he has the bushy granger hair and brown eyes like his mum. He’s collected chocolate card frogs from of everyone who fought against Voldemort and has this framed and signed, and his best friend is Lily. 

Lily Luna is the princess of the family. The youngest and most protected of the bunch even though Hugo is literally a month older than her but no she’s the one that gets babied, not that she doesn’t like all the love and attention. She has her grandmother Lily’s darker auburn hair rather than the bright red Weasley type and she’s a total girly girl who loves quidditch but has to beg and plead with her brothers and cousins and uncles to let her play, even though her mom is 100% on her side because it totally sucks being the youngest girl in a family. At Hogwarts, all of the boys want a shot with Harry Potter’s daughter but her extended family won’t let her date until she’s sixty, but Lily’s fine with that because the only guy she’s interested in wouldn’t notice her because he’s best friends with her brother. Yes, in my head canon Scorpius and Lily end up together and all Draco says is how he can’t wait to see Lucius’s reaction to a Malfoy in love with a Potter.

anonymous asked:

I saw that you are side eying TMZ big time. Can you explain why? I'm just curious if you think things aren't ending soon and that we won't get a denial. Do you think TMZ is just taking us for a ride?

I think that things are definitely due to end soon. They cannot leave this situation in the kind of ambiguous purgatory that we’re in at the moment.

What I am side-eyeing and unimpressed with is they way in which TMZ is casually plastering #EndBabygate all over the place and now bringing the words “Larry” and “Stylinson” into it. This is fandom jargon that they’re using to rile people up and while I ultimately believe these are leading to an end, it’s making me deeply uncomfortable with how they’re doing it. “Babygate” and “Larry Stylinson” mean nothing to the general public and, while I don’t think they’d throw them into the mix just to turn around and be like, “Jokes! The baby is totally real, y'all are crazy!”, it leaves a heavy uneasiness as to how this is going to end.

Let’s consider for a moment that the end of Babygate was going to be: “The baby is real and Louis is the father.” Take Louis himself out of this and just retell the whole story with “male celebrity”. That would go something like this: “MC gets drunk and is papped getting into a car with a random blonde. MC the goes off back to work. Nine WEEKS later MC’s publicist announces that he got this random girl pregnant and that, while he’s not in a relationship with this girl, they’re going to have the baby and MC is very excited to become a parent. His mum is a midwife so she probably has some advice for this random one-night stand. The whole family is happy about this and in no way is it strange that an NDA wasn’t signed prior to him sleeping with her precisely for the purpose of preventing this kind of thing happening (or even the morning after). Eight months go by in which the topic is blacklisted for every interview with MC and MC only manages to say one sentence from his face about it which is "It’s an exciting time, I’m buzzin.” MC gets a new, very public, girlfriend and goes home to meet her family and drags them along to watch him get an ass tattoo and eat froyo. Pregnant girl has baby, MC may or may not have been there. We think he was because he went into a Sunglass Hut for less than a minute right after the birth where a staged pap was sitting taking videos of him with a vague white band around his wrist that could indicate he was at a hospital. MC proceeds to be papped six times in the first five days of this baby’s life and announces the baby on Twitter with random daddy kink lyrics. Photos of the baby come out and immediately rumours of Photoshop emerge and there are murmurs that the baby looks like a doll. MC spends the first two months of the baby’s life generally going back to his laddy lad ways. There’s apparently been no written agreement between him and the baby momma whose name MC has never actually said out of his mouth but he’s 100% that this chick would never lie to him and insists that no paternity test will be necessary despite the vagueness of their relationship and rumours that she put out a sex tape. There’s a fight in which the chick demands more money and he’s shocked but manages to settle out of court, without involving a judge who would need proof of paternity, and TMZ openly mocks MC for not getting a paternity test. MC goes out shopping with a stroller and a baby that TMZ asks the general public whether they believe is real or not and then TMZ starts a poll asking if people actually think this MC might be gay.“

That story is so incredibly unbelievable that if you tried to write it as a sitcom or film people would laugh in your face. Forget who it’s about - there’s no situation in where it is normal or believable. If the original "he knocked up someone who isn’t his girlfriend” was real that would be hidden by any competent PR team and, as much as I don’t particularly like how 1D has been managed, they’re PR people are not complete idiots and all of this is happening for a reason. I don’t know what reason but I can only use basic fucking logic to be like “This story is not true.” And wait to see what happens.

I think TMZ is just a willing participant, not a creator of this shit show. TMZ is run by a lawyer so you can bet your arse that they wouldn’t be slinging shit like this if there were going to be legal repercussions.

I know earlier I said I was going to go outside and enjoy my day but it started raining (damn London weather!) so now I’m in a pub because I forgot my umbrella. And decided to answer this question.

Anyways, thank you for your message. There are a lot of people I’m frustrated with but unfortunately they are faceless to me and the ones orchestrating this mess. In no way do I think Louis nor TMZ have total control over how this is going to play out. Which is both sad and unnerving.

You faint on your wedding day

Thinking of doing his pov to this. Thoughts?

You faint on your wedding day

Liam: You look at your dress in the mirror for the last time, it flows perfectly down your body, the corset feeling tight but perfectly in position. You look towards your bridesmaids, all wearing purple dresses that suit them all perfectly. You smile to yourself, feeling as happy as can be, there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing today than to be getting married. Liam’s sisters smile at you while holding their bouquet of flowers. “Do I look okay?” you question with a smile, “no, you don’t just look okay. You look fabulous.”
“Thank you.” You smile happily before you take a deep breath. “He’s here right?” You ask worriedly, your worst nightmare was that Liam would leave you at the alter on your wedding day. “He has been for an hour.” One of his sisters assures you with a chuckle. “Well lets get this wedding underway.” You happily comment, making your way out the door. You walk out and walk down the hall to where the exit is. You had rented the church and the place next door so you wouldn’t get hounded by fans or followed by the paparazzi trying to get to the church. “is everyone here? Is it time?” You ask worrying over every little detail possible. “yes, everything’s fine my love, you just walk when you’re ready.” His older sister smiles, but you can’t help but feel a bit nervous. After the ceremony is over you’re beyond happy and can’t believe you’re finally married. “Where are we taking photos my love?” Liam asks as he finally makes his way over to you, after being pulled away by his family outside. “The Garden just up the street.” You smile. “Oh yeah I forgot, are we walking?”
“it’s like a few meters away, of course we are.” You smile taking his hand, using your other hand to pull up your dress as you walk. The sun was shining down on you brightly, making your dress feel even heavier as the sun beams with radiant heat. You smile looking around at everyone dressed perfectly, standing and waiting for their orders for the photos. “I’m sorry, there’s been a mix up, give us 20 minutes to fix the cameras.” One of the photographers announces. If anything was to go wrong it had to be the cameras. “what?” You ask,
“We have the wrong cameras, just give us some time.” The woman smiles before she hurries off. “how do you get the wrong cameras for a wedding?” You question, looking towards Liam. “I don’t know, don’t worry they are sorting it out.” He replies, taking off his suit jacket, along with the other boys. Times you wish you hadn’t decided to get married in the midst of summer, London weather wasn’t meant to get so hot today. Every other day it is generally mid 20’s, not mid 30’s. “Anyone at least got a pint to go down with the blood hot weather?” Louis asks with Harry agreeing with him, “yeah Liam, supply your guests with satisfactory drinks while we stand in the heat.” Niall adds with a slight grin. “Not my fault lads, I didn’t plan for them to forget their cameras or whatever.” Liam replies.
“Well I hope you’re getting a few free pictures because this is ridiculous.” Liam’s sister scoffs, fanning herself. “I’ll make sure of that.” Liam nods before you begin to fan yourself, your dress not helping the hot situation, “Arg this dress is so tight.” You groan, trying to get some air between the dress while fluffing it out at your stomach. “I’m in pants.” Liam comments, “I’m in a heavy dress.” You mumble feeling rather hot. The woman who hurried off earlier comes back, and begins setting up her camera. “so sorry, so what are we taking first? Everyone? Or just the groom and the bride?” She asks,
“Uhm everyone first.” Liam says,
“Alright, I’ll position the others first give me a minute.” She smiles before getting the men and woman into a specific position. You take a breathe, watching as Louis is placed on the end, you feel your head get heavy and begin to feel dizzy. “come on sir just say there.” The woman laughs as Niall tries to move next to one of the bridesmaids he fancies. You chuckle softly before feeling things spin and a blankness take over.

Harry: You smile widely as you watch Harry interact with your niece, her little white dress twirling as she spins around, you walk over to the two of them, “Hey cutie, so you like your uncle?” You ask, watching her eyes light up. “He sings.” She smiles happily, funny enough she actually likes one direction and knows exactly who Harry is. “Yes I know, you’re obsessed with their music.” You chuckle before she smiles, “I’m going to have to steal him away, we have guests to greet.” You comment as more people start to arrive and walk through the doors. “do we have too?” Harry huffs and you nod. “Everyone’s here but you need to greet a few people.” You whisper, taking him to a few tables, thanking everyone for coming. “I think your niece is obsessed with me” Harry points out as she follows. “she loves you.” You smile as she takes his hand. “That’s true.” He agrees with a smile. You both go and sit back down, as the food starts to come out, “I don’t want this.” Harry whines as he looks at the Beef in his plate. You roll your eyes and swap plates with him, taking the beef. As soon as you finish eating you’re dragged around to your family, demanding your attention before you’re dragged around to everyone else. “hey our first dance is soon.” Harry whispers as the DJ plays a slow song, you nod before siting back down at the table, and taking a sip of the red wine you ordered. You watch your Niece yet again dancing with Harry, your nephew dancing with Eleanor, and your other niece dancing with Niall. “how’s married life huh?” Zayn asks,
“Great, how about yours?”
“Magnificent.” He exaggerates,
“Love every minute of it”
“I am so far too.” You reply, starting to feel odd, a sickening feeling in your stomach, the room temperature feeling like it has risen quickly. “Hey I’ll be back, we’ll continue this conversation in a minute.” You excuse yourself getting up and walking away, you walk around the dance floor, the room seeming even hotter, as if the heaters have been turned on. “Y/n” Harry calls your name, and you turn to face him. “they’re about to do our first dance.”
“oh, uh not now.” You stutter,
“Is something wrong?” He questions, intently looking at you. “it’s really hot in here and I just feel weird and sick.”
“let’s go outside, it is a bit warm in here but it isn’t that hot love.” Harry comments, placing a hand in the small of your back. “it feels really hot, did they turn the heat on?” You ask as you walk with Harry. “No love they didn’t, maybe it’s the wine?”
“I have only had one glass.” You reply, pulling at your dress. “Oh well maybe it’s a rush of emotion or something.” Harry suggests, “I don’t know, I think it may be the food, because I feel like being si-” you begin to say but before you could finish your legs go weak, and all feeling you had goes away.

Louis: Your maid of honor watches as your mum and dress designer pull at the lace of your dress, trying to tie the corset together. “Not so tight.” You hiss as they pull tighter every time. “we have too darling, otherwise it won’t stay.” You mum sighs, pulling again, “Oh god.” You let out, having to intake a breath, struggling to exhale properly. How people breathe in these dresses is beyond you. “It wasn’t this tight when I tried it on.” You complain,
“Did you put on weight?” Your sister asks, only getting a glare in return. “Darling we didn’t tie it tight enough remember?” The designer comments,
“I didn’t think it would end up this tight, I can barely breathe”
“No pain no gain baby” you mum chuckles as she places her hand on your side, pulling at more lace. “Great.” You mumble unhappily. “it is your wedding day smile.” Your maid of honor encourages, you put on a smile before looking at your phone, showing your maid of honor (your best friend) the texts from Louis.
“I need to see you, I have a surprise.
Baby. Answer me.
I need to see you.
Y/n answer me.
Your still marrying me right?!?
Answer me. I’m going to sneak in. I have a surprise for you.”
You roll your eyes at your fiancé who can’t seem to stay away from you, 24 hours is technically up, but he isn’t meant to see you before the wedding. A knock on the door sounds, and your mum grabs it. “no no you can’t be here.” She exclaims,
“I have a surprise.”
“It is against the rules, Louis go”
“Too late, I never listen to rules. Y/n can I come in?” Louis asks,
“you can’t see me in my dress before the wedding. It’s bad luck.” You complain,
“I’ll close my eyes.”
“I have something for you.” He comments before you allow him in, your bestfriend getting everyone else out. “you look perfect” Louis comments as he sees you. “you were meant to keep your eyes closed”
“Oh shit whoops. Well I just, I just wanted to give you this.” Louis smiles as he holds a long blue box in front of you. “Louis I didn’t need anything.”
“I know but it means something.” Louis smiles, opening the box for you to see the Bracelet that lays inside. It’s gold and has engraving on it. “It’s the date of our first date and our wedding day. On the back it has our names and the first time we met.” Louis smiles,
“That’s so sweet.” You smile, starting to really struggle to breathe with the tightness of the dress. “would you like to wear it?” He asks,
“Undo my dress.” You quickly change the subject, unable to handle it anymore. “what?”
“My dress, undo it Louis.” You cough,
“What? Why?”
“Louis un-do it.”
“how?” He asks confused and unaware of anything. “The back.” You answer feeling your body swaying a bit. “Why do you want it off?” He asks,
“Louis hurry.” You snap, before trying to turn around so he can undo the dress but before anything your body freezes before plummeting to the floor.

Zayn: You dance around the floor with Zayn for your first dance, the music and lighting perfectly in sync, along with the best man as the maid of honor. “Perfect, just perfect.” Zayn whispers, making you smile,
“I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”
“You could have actually, you could have asked for better arrangements. They did screw up the cake after all.”
“don’t remind me, I’m still upset about that.” You whine softly. The cake you saw yesterday which was to be picked up this morning wasn’t the cake that was picked up. Somewhere there was a mix up and you didn’t get the specific cake you ordered months ago. The cake was meant meant to be 4 layers, an off gold colour with roses that had diamonds in them to give them more of a look. The inside of the cake was meant to be chocolate marble, there was meant to be gold lace around the edges not gold. Not to mention there were meant to be over 200 vanilla, Red-Velvet cupcakes, with perfect white frosting, embedded with 3 little red roses in the corner of the frosting, some having ‘just married’ written on white Chocolate, that sits on the frosting. Instead you have 200 red velvet cupcakes with no roses, and 'y/n and Zayn’ written on the white chocolate.
“The cake will probably taste good don’t worry.” Zayn chuckles,
“The cupcakes taste good despite not being decorated with what we ordered.” You reply with a giggle. “But the food was terrible.”
“I know, I agree.” Zayn chuckles.
The night goes on and you, along with everyone else danced the night away, your feet have blisters on them but you don’t care, you only want to dance and have fun. The guests begin to leave, getting tired from partying the night away. “Y/n ready to go to the room?”
“yes, my feet are killing you.” You reply, your stomach also grumbling from not eating. “Need me to carry you?” Zayn offers but you shake your head, “nah I’m good.” You smile, taking his hand and walking to the room, leaving the staff to clean up. “today was amazing.”
“it was, I agree.” Zayn nods as he hands you the key to the room, you unlock the door and push the heavy door open. “will you be helping me out of the dress?” You ask cheekily,
“Of course.”
“Can you unzip me?” You ask turning so he can unzip the dress and help you out. You slip the dress of, your body feeling free from the heavy and thick material. “ah” you exhale happily, loving the feeling of feeling free. You bend down and pick up the veil that fell as you took your dress off, only to get a bit dizzy. You stumble back a bit but regain your balance. “Can you put this with the dress?” You ask Zayn and he takes it from you, putting it in the zip up bag for the dress. You sit down on the bed debating on putting on a night gown or not. You know how this night is going to end, and it won’t be by falling asleep right now. “y/n want to help with my tie?” Zayn questions, moving his tie to loosen it up. “Yes.” You exaggerate, pushing off the bed quickly, a bit too quickly, getting very dizzy and fainting before attentions to sit back down.

Niall: “Niall I thought we weren’t doing speeches.” You whine as he sips a beer, “I have a speech.”
“I don’t.”
“You don’t need to have one.”
“if you’re saying a speech I do too.” You reply as you watch your guests mingle with each other. “Y/n stop worrying.” Niall silences you with a kiss. “but-”
“Shh, no buts.”
“so what’s in your speech?” You question, “you’ll find out when I say it. Until then, kiss me again.” He instructs with a cheeky grin, “I don’t like surprises.”
“I’m not telling you.” Niall smiles, pecking your lips again before his nephew toddles over with his mum holding his hands above his head. “Oh hey big man.” Niall smiles as he picks up Theo, placing him in his lap. “Are you having fun bud?” Niall asks, only getting a few babbles from Theo, and a slobbery hand to his face. “I take that as a yes. Charming all the ladies on the dance floor Hm?” Niall questions, as if to get an answer from the blue eyed adorable baby. “Uh you have your eyes on y/n don’t ya? Well sorry pal she’s all mine.” Niall smiles as Theo looks at you with bright blue eyes. “How was dinner?” You ask Nialls sister-in-law. “Lovely, absolutely lovely. It was perfect.” She chimes seeming amazed with dinner. “Niall picked it so he gets the credit. I picked dessert.” You smile,
“Oh don’t even get me started on dessert, I nearly took Greg’s plate.”
“There’s more, just go ask one of the waiters, tell them I sent you.” You explain,
“I might just do that, it was amazing.” She admits before walking away. “Come on Theo, lets go.” Niall gets up, “where you going?” You ask,
“Secret men’s business my lady.” Niall smirks with his eyes beaming with joy. “what are you up too Horan?” You ask but he shakes his head. “Nothing dear.”
“Don’t call me dear.” You laugh, and he winks before walking away.
“alright, alright can I have everyone’s attention, can you all please stand up.” Nialls voice beams over the speakers, and you stand up “now, as you all obviously know, today I got married to the lost beautiful girl in the world, she’s everything to me, she is my world, my heart my soul. I can’t live without her, really I can’t; her cooking is to die for.” Niall chuckles while Theo is in his arm. “Y/n, I am not the easiest person to live with, or to deal with, but you manage to put up with me. I’m not perfect but I try to be perfect for you. I don’t care about anything else in this world but you, you’re my everything, I’ll give you my world, everything I have. I’d give up 100 free days just to see you smile. I’ll do anything for you.” Niall smiles at you. “From the moment I met you, I knew you were the one, I don’t know if you remember but we dated in the 7th grade, broke up, dated in the 8th, broke up, then dated in the 9th grade, broke up and didn’t date until you were a freshman in college. I don’t know why you kept coming back to me, I was such an idiot, but for some reason you have me more chances, and I promise that I won’t make those mistakes again. I’ll love you and will never let you go.” Niall walks closer to you, you give him a smile, hiding the fact that you feel like you’re spinning. “Babe can I get you around here?” He ask away from the microphone, you nod and walk around the table, standing in front of him before he continues speech. You could feel a dizzy spell coming on, you have has them before, your body gets all tingly, your head fuzzy and you just don’t feel right.
“Ni” you whisper as the guests laugh at one of his comments, he looks at you, “I-I’m going to faint.” You get out in a stuttered whisper, ruining the moment and the speech completely, feeling terrible for ruining it but he needed to know, but before he could do anything you fainted.

Preference- Your Child Runs Away
  • A/N: Zayn's is different from all the others and I'm not even sorry
  • Louis: Four times Louis had told your son James not to play football in the house, and yet the mischievous six year old was still kicking around the ball. He had nearly just knocked over one of Louis' Brit awards, and that was the last straw. "That's it! You're grounded, no football for a week," Louis says, taking the football and holding it out of James' reach. "Go to your room." James' eyes get wide; he has never been grounded before. "Dad, that's not fair! That's mine!" "James, I told you four times to stop playing in the house, and you still did. You live in my house, you live by my rules." Your son stomped off to his room, only to come out a few minutes later with his small backpack slung on his shoulders. "Dad, I'm running away," he declares, a determined expression on his face. Louis looks at him skeptically, remembering when he did this same thing when he was six, and decided to do the same thing his mum did to him. "Really, James? Why?" "I can tell that you hate me now. I'll leave so I won't bother you anymore." Louis sighs, a serious expression on his face. "I don't hate you, buddy, but you are six years old. I can't stop you if you really want to leave." James mouth falls open in surprise as he sees his dad reach into his pocket and pull out a few pounds. "Here's some money for the tube, and for a pay phone so you can call us when you get somewhere." The little boy is still speechless as Louis walks him to the front door. "I'll miss you, James. Maybe you can visit on Christmas or something," Louis says when they reach the porch, bending down to give James a hug. "Dad, you're letting me just leave?" James asks incredulously, and Louis nods. "You're six now, James, you're old enough to make your own decisions. If you don't want to live by my rules then I guess you'll just have to find somewhere else to live." James starts walking down the front walkway, taking slow, unsure steps. When he gets to the street, he glances back at his father, watching as Louis gives him one last wave and turns to go back inside. "Dad, wait!" He cries, running back up to him and jumping into Louis' waiting arms. "Dad, I'm really sorry I played football in the house. Please don't make me leave." Louis picks his son up, holding him tight to his chest. "I won't, James. I could never let you just leave. You're my partner against mum and your sister. If you left, I'd be all alone." The two go back inside, deciding to forget all about James' punishment.
  • Niall: "Shit." Niall cursed to himself when he opened up your six year old daughter Emily's room to find it empty and the window wide open. He had sent her to her room ten minutes ago after he found her eating a bowl of ice cream before dinner, even though she had been told multiple times not to. Niall had been having a rough day, having just got back from a small tour in America and being jet lagged, so when he discovered his daughter disobeying him, he let his temper get the best of him and scolded her rather loudly, causing the small girl to burst into tears and run into her room. Niall had calmed down a bit before going to Emily's room to talk to her, only to find her missing. His heart pounded in fear as he ran outside, frantically calling her name as he ran down the block. He reaches the end of the block and halfway through the next before he hears the familiar whimpers of his little girl. "Emmy," He says, his heartbeat slowing down when he sees her sitting against a tree, clutching her Hello Kitty book bag to her chest. She looks up at her father's voice, quickly running into his open arms, her tears creating a wet spot on his shirt. "'M sorry, daddy, I was gonna come back, promise, but I got lost and couldn't see home anymore," she mumbles, and Niall gently rubs her back, picking up her book bag as he starts to walk back to his house. "It's alright, Princess, I'm here. Daddy's got you," he whispers to her, "Don't you ever do that again, Emmy. I was so scared." Emily bring her head up to look at him, their identical eyes locking. "I'm sorry, daddy. I love you." Niall chuckles lightly, kissing her cheek as he responds. "I love you, too, Princess. Daddy's sorry for yellin' at ya earlier."
  • Zayn: You had passed away from cancer about a year earlier, leaving Zayn and fifteen year old Ally alone, and lately, the two have been distant and rude with each other, not quite knowing how to cope with their feelings without you there. So, when Zayn comes home from the studio one day to find the house empty and quiet, he doesn't think much of it, as Ally was often out with her friends or boyfriend, Hayden. However, when it got to be the next morning, and he still had not heard a word from his daughter, he began to panic, calling her cell multiple times only to get sent straight to voicemail. By lunch, he had gotten the police involved, filing a missing persons report, and he felt awful. This is his fault, if he had been closer to Ally and actually spent time with her then this wouldn't have happened. For the millionth time, he wished that you were here, because he was honest to God terrified and needed your comfort right now. Finally, at 10:08 PM, he got a call from an unknown number and picked up on the first ring. "Hello?" "...Daddy?" Relief courses through Zayn's veins at his daughters voice, although he is still slightly angry. "Ally, where the hell are you? I've the police looking--" he suddenly stops at the sound of Ally sobbing, and his anger quickly vanishes. "Ally, what's wrong? Where are you?" "Dad, I'm at some gas station next to the Super 8 motel a few towns over, you know? H-Hayden wanted me to run away with him because he told me it would help me deal with mum being gone and I said yes, because I'm tired of feeling like this, and you never comfort me anymore or anything, I felt like Hayden was the only one who cares about me." Zayn starts to interrupt, but Ally just continues. "B-but he doesn't, daddy, he brought me to this motel and tried to--tried to do stuff I didn't want to do, and when I refused, he got mad and hit me, and that's when I came here. I wanna come home, dad, I'm scared." Zayn's heart broke as he stood up and grabbed his keys, keeping his phone to his ear as he slips on his jacket. "It's alright, love, I'm on my way to get you right now. Does Hayden know you're there?" "I-I don't know, I don't think so, but he seemed pretty mad when I left, I'm scared he's gonna hurt me again, dad." Zayn's already in his car at this point, on his way to daughter. "Just stay on the phone with me, alright, Ally? I'll be there as soon as I can." His daughter hiccups on the other end, and Zayn continues talking to calm her down. "And for the record, I love you so so much Ally. I am so proud of everything you have done. I know I've been shit at showing it lately, but it's true, and I promise we'll fix our relationship. How about tomorrow, you and I go and see mum, yeah?"
  • Liam: "Dad, dad hurry up, it's almost starting!" Four year old Andrew said, tugging on Liam's pant leg. Liam doesn't look down at his son, too focused on his two month old daughter fussing in his arms. "Just a minute, Andy. Let me get your sister to sleep and then I'll be out to watch cartoons with you." Andy's face falls; Saturdays are usually Andy-Liam time, but ever since the baby came, he's had to learn to share you and Liam, an he wasn't used to it. "But Dad, Superman's already on TV!" This happens for ten more minutes before Liam finally gets frustrated with everything going on and snaps at the little boy. "I said in a minute, Andy! If you can't stay quiet until your sister gets to sleep then you won't be watching cartoons at all!" Andy's brown eyes fill with tears as he rushes out of the room, and Liam finally gets the baby to sleep a few minutes later. However, when he quietly closes her door and goes out to the living room, Andy is nowhere in sight-- and the front door is wide open. Liam's heart pounds as he rushes outside, contemplating what to do, not wanting to leave a tiny baby home alone, but still wanting to find his son. His eyes scan down the block, eventually spotting the small boy running down the sidewalk, towards the busy intersection. Liam sprints to catch up to him, shouting, "Andrew Joseph Payne! Do not take another step!" Andy freezes, his brown eyes widening. He's never been yelled at by his dad before. When Liam reaches him, he kneels to his level, a stern and angry expression on his face. "What were you thinking?! You know you're not supposed to leave the house without me or mummy, especially to cross the intersection!" Andy's bottom lip trembles , tears spilling down his cheeks. "D-daddy, you don't love me anymore. You forget about me all the time and you only love sissy now." Liam sighs, his expression softening as he brings the small boy into his arms. "Andy, you know that is not true at all. Sissy is just a little baby, she needs mine and mummy's help more than you right now. I love you so much, buddy." Andy wipes his eyes as Liam stands and begins making his way back home. "How much, daddy?" He asks, looking up at Liam hopefully. Liam laughs, moving Andy so he is sitting on his shoulders, just like he likes. "I love you to infinity and beyond, Andy."
  • Harry: The minute Harry steps through the front door after work, his fourteen year old daughter Paige rushes up to him, a frantic look on her face. "Dad, dad, I can't find Darcy anywhere, she's gone, I'm sorry-" An image of his four year old daughter Darcy pops up in his mind, worry creeping into his veins, but he knows he has to stay calm. "What do you mean, she's gone? What happened?" "Um, she was mad that I wouldn't play her princess game with her because I was right in the middle of putting Charlie down for his nap, and when I came out of his room, she was gone, I looked everywhere, even under all of the beds and in the cupboards." Harry sighs, closing his eyes as he rubs his temples, wondering why this had to happen on the one day Harry got home before you. "Alright, you stay here with Charlie and I'll go look outside," he tells Paige, and she nods, chewing her lip nervously. Harry turns around and exits the house, his mind working in overdrive. He tries to think of where he would go if he was an angry four year old, and it takes only a few minutes for Harry to figure out exactly where his daughter is. He makes his way over to the small, hidden fort he had built for Darcy a couple weeks and kneels down so he can knock lightly on the door. "Darc? You in there? It's daddy." A small sniffle is heard from inside before he door is swung open, a small body quickly flinging itself into Harry's arms. "Hiya, daddy!" Harry chuckles, kissing the top of her head before pulling back to look in her eyes. "Darc, you really scared Paige. She couldn't find you anywhere, she was very worried. Why didn't you tell her you were going to play out here?" Her tiny eyebrows furrow, a pout forming on her lips. "She told me not to bug her anymore or she'd tell Santa I was naughty." Harry laughed again, picking Darcy up as he stands and begins making his way back to the house. "Don't worry, Darc, Santa knows you were very good this year. Now, lets go apologize to your sister."
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