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13 Going on 30 (Part 5)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,352.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Always love to hear your guys’ feedback. 

@spidweeb & @heaventide - i love you guys, thank you for the help. 

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Suitors at a job Interview

With all my interviews and such… I decided a little humor was in order.

Byron: “I’ve run a country since I was 16, and conquered two others.”

Interviewer: “Can you change the toner in a copier?”

Byron: “A what now?”
Interviewer: “Why should we hire you?”

Nico: “I take really short bathroom breaks.”
Interviewer: “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment at work?”

Giles: “Next question please.”
Albert: “I have a great resume as you can see.”

Interviewer: “Your resume says, ‘King Byron Fanboy Club President,’ and ‘Benjamin Bunny Caretaker.’”

Interviewer: “Please tell us about something stressful at work and how you dealt with it.”

Robert: “I once let a country fall into ruin. I left to travel the world…. that sounds bad doesn’t it? It didn’t sound that bad in my head…”
Interviewer: “Can you explain what you do at your current job-”

Leo: “As little as possible.”
Interviewer: “Can you describe your current job?”

Sid: “I drink and I know things.”
Interviewer: “Sir, why are you wearing a suit of armor?”

Alyn: “I like to be prepared.”

Interviewer: “This is a job interview for a bakery shop.”

Alyn: “Have you ever had a three day old roll thrown at you? I thought not.” *pulls down helmet*
Interviewer: “How do you feel about teamwork?”

Rayvis: “Ew.”
Interviewer: “Do you have any special skills?”

Louis: “I’m pretty.”

Interviewer: “Hired.”

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Hey! I was just reading your larrie story(? and I was wondering where do you stand in the whole RBB and SBB thing? Like, I'm guessin you think Larry was behind it, but why do you think they were doing it? and why do you think they stopped? Also, what's the thing about your tattoo? I'm curious! Btw you're gorgeous :)

Oi thanks!!! I mostly think Harry and Louis were behind those bears, yeah. For a number of reasons. I think they were doing it to collectively educate the fandom about closeting/queer history in the industry, and possibly to communicate the amount of coercion and stress they were under at the time in regards to their giant PR/BTS war (though I think the symbolic interpretations some fans ascribe to the bears is too ridiculous and detailed to be plausible…even if everything about this band is in some ways, too ridiculous to be plausible.) 

Even as I type it out it, the intention behind the bears seems so wildly far fetched and insane, but somehow LESS far fetched and insane then believing some crew member had the time and budget to stage such elaborate tableaus just to queer bait the Larrie side of the fandom. Like yes, queer baiting happens, absolutely. But the BTS climate at the time, combined with the sheer EXPENSES the bears required (Rolex watches? Build a Bear accessories? SMART FUCKING PHONES???) makes me believe this wasn’t the case. Like that’s SUCH an expensive way to queer bait and draw larries in. The point of queer baiting is usually to keep the queer part of a fandom hanging on long enough to buy tickets/recored/whatever else, so ultimately, to MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEM. It seems counter intuitive for them to have spent so much money on queer baiting when they could have just as easily done so with something free for them…like letting Harry and Louis interact on SM, lmao. It’s too round about, it’s too obtuse. Especially for their notoriously bad media/PR/SM team. 

I often tattoo myself when I have a new machine I want to try it out before I use it on a client. I have a bunch of throw away, weird tattoos as a result; this isn’t my weirdest one, not by a long shot. It’s silly and ridiculous but I also genuinely think those bears are important as a piece of fanlore, as a piece of FOLK LORE, honestly. I mean…the fact they happened at all, no matter who did it, is fucking incredible and bizarre and sort of encapsulates the madness of being a 1D fan and participating in this strange and wonderful fandom as a whole. 

 I love the Bears because REGARDLESS of those behind them, I they’re hilarious and subversive and astounding. I think it’s fucking amazing and fascinating that the fandom was  educated so extensively on queer history through these bear tableaus. I love that I meet 18 year old queer kids who love Erasure (one of my favorite bands) because they found out about them through the bears. I love that young lgbt fans felt safe and cared for at 1D shows because of the Bears, that they know about KD Lang and Judy Garland and Divine because of those fucking bears. It’s wild and impressive that this fandom is aware of all this JUST because of those Rainbow teddybear tableaus. That’s insane! So yeah it’s a larrie tattoo, but it’s also a tribute to fan culture, to queer history, to subversive story telling. Those bears are absolutely wild, regardless of their origin. 

I’ve been working at an event full of people all day and Harry’s name’s been brought up a few times because of the BB charts. So far, my favourite overheard comment has come from a guy insisting Harry was dating Zac Efron last year. Or maybe just having a fling with Zac Efron. More likely a handful steamy hookups, yes.

I think what I find the most fascinating with tinhats is how determined they are to be unhappy.

Like, yes, they pretend to be happy. They spend their days saying antis are pressed and miserable and that they, the virtuous tinhats, are just enjoying the lives of their favs, despite hating everything they actually see of said favs’ lives and regularly feeling angst about it.

But we all know what they thrive on is despair.

And I just… don’t understand why?

Because at the end of the day, turning their tinhat theories around and putting a positive spin on them would have been… so easy??

Why didn’t they just decide that Briana was a surrogate? That Danielle and El (and whichever girl Harry might be briefly linked to) are friends of theirs happy to help them “blend in” until they’re ready to come out?

Why didn’t they just go with the idea that instead of a big conspiracy to keep Louis and Harry unhappy, they themselves just decided that they weren’t ready to come out yet, or did not want to deal with the inevitable scrutiny?

They could get to enjoy Freddie, they wouldn’t have to imagine Louis as a mere pawn, a spineless man whose suffering is basically ignored by his partner. They could just enjoy both Harry’s and Louis’s solo careers for what they are, and STILL imagine them spending time together whenever we don’t see them.

Like, they’d still be wrong, obviously, but at least they’d have things to rejoice over instead of spending their days desperately trying to find explanations for things that can’t be explained away!

Yet any time a tinhat tries to put a positive spin on things, they’re shunned by the rest of the group.

And I sit there wondering… why???

I mean, how can Star Wars even compete?

Does Alaska have the same dollars we do?

white woman, in San Louis Obispo, on her iPad, outside of Starbucks

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The only thing I’m gonna say about this is this:

Being negative gets results. Being positive is great and I love that people are here to post about good and happy things. But people saying that being negative achieves nothing annoys me.

Why do you think we now have a working link to a verified Vevo on Louis’ website?
Because people complained about the newsletter linking to the wrong account.

Why do you think we got the first version of the website in the first place?
Because people complained about the lack of one and were threatening to make one themselves.

Why do you think the typos on his website were fixed?
Because people complained that they were unprofessional.

Why do you think the mistakes in Louis’ bio on the JGG website (like his age ffs) got fixed?
Because people complained.

Why do you think his management finally posted about his appearance at the Ultra Music Festival days after the fact?
Because people complained and called them out for not promoting it.

These are just some examples off the top of my head. I could literally go on for ages because there have been a ton of instances like this. Being positive is great but being negative has its merits, too.

Preaching to the convinced (hopefully)

I guess this is in response to the multiple anons I’ve had, from either side of the ‘argument' 


  • Harry has had a lot of money put against him to promo SOTT (rest assured he’ll have to pay it back). 
  • Harry does seem to have a competent team behind him. 

  • SOTT does seem to be doing pretty well in terms of sales. 


  • Good promo does not equal being 'free’, he is still closeted and we have no idea of the level of freedom his new contract affords him. 

  • No amount of money can buy back the traction that has been lost in terms of streaming. The first 12-24 hours are critical in terms of capitalising on hype/radio play/promo and turn that into non-fandom interest and streaming. No amount of promo and effort now will recreate that, it’s a one time thing. I’ve seen the media say he possibly lost hundreds of thousands of first day streams, that’s the difference between starting a career as a perceived ‘success’ or a ridiculed ‘failure’. The media won’t care what the legitimate reason was. 

  • Sony are currently in the middle of a stand off with Spotify which could cost both parties more money than we could imagine - make of that what you will in relation to the first day ‘glitch’ SOTT experienced.

This post is not to guilt people into supporting him.

It is to maybe just encourage you to go into bat for him if you haven’t as yet because you thought his team had it all in hand / you felt frustrated at the apparent discrepancy between how he was being treated as opposed to Louis (Louis has it beyond awful, that is a whole other post).

We’ve supported him since he was basically a child, and we can see that this song is profoundly personal and important to him. 

We can help him. We can do this. We have a track record of doing amazing things. So why wouldn’t we? Let’s just do it one more time for Harry. 

No regrets. 

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You seriously need to get over the hard candy thing It isn't that big of a deal

I wish I could get over it. I wish I didn’t have to live every day of my life thinking about this issue. I wish I didn’t still have nightmares on a weekly basis. I wish I didn’t have to scan the crowd everywhere I go because my abuser is out of jail and I have a paralyzing fear of seeing him again. I wish I didn’t have to hide and hold my breath every time a car I don’t recognize pulls into the driveway, fearing it is him. I wish I could make my husband understand that when I cringe and pull away when he touches me unexpectedly that it has nothing to do with him, it’s just my normal reaction to touch because of what I experienced. I wish I could enjoy intimacy the way I hear people talk about it, the way I read about it. I would give anything to be able to get over it. If you know of a way, I am begging you, please tell me how.

I remain baffled that a fandom made up of mostly girls has decided that lyrics referring to sex with underage girls is totally okay. As long as it comes from Harry of course. The others would have been crucified.

I want you to understand that just because it doesn’t impact you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact other people. I am hardly a rare case as sexual abuse is unfortunately far too common. Abusers love to find music, films, and art that they can identify with. I promise you those lyrics will be sung proudly by sexual predators and will become a memory connected with the abuse by their victims. I also want you to understand that Harry could have chosen another drink (if he was indeed referring to a drink, I’m still not convinced) but he didn’t. He could have addressed this issue once he realized that fans were connecting it to sex with underage girls and he chose not to. Maybe instead of getting over it, we need to ask why Harry and his team insist on ignoring the issue. Maybe we should ask why we, the victims of abuse, are expected to just get over it instead of Harry being held accountable for his actions.

I also want to remind you that they do see what we say and they do find ways to respond. Remember when the fans were upset about the 1d potato thing and the bears posted that pic with the potato masher? Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to know that the fandom got angrier over a fucking potato than they did about lyrics about sexual abuse? Harry and Louis felt a potato was worth consoling us about, but not lyrics about sexual abuse? A FUCKING POTATO! A fucking potato is worth more fandom angst than the victims of sexual abuse saying “these lyrics bother me, it appears he is condoning sexual abuse”. Let that sink in.

I can’t make you care, but please try to understand why I do.

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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Larry with a little side Ziam
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne
Additional Tags: road trip au, british!Harry, american!louis, Fluff, Smut

Betas: @scrantonlou and @britpickerhl


“All you do is try to convince me that I don’t want you ,that you’re not worth wanting.” Harry was livid. “Why are you so sure I’m not a mess ? I’m alone in different country , no friends , no family. Why do you think that is ? Where do you think they all are ? Do you think leaving my sister alone right after our mother died was a nice guy thing to do ? ” Harry spat riffling through his hair sharply.“That’s the problem with your past it’s a constant , you can’t change it , you can’t move it, you can’t even run from it. But you can learn from it and you can change your future. I can’t keep punishing myself ,avoiding what makes me feel good ,letting the loneliness eat me alive inside just because I hurt the people I loved. So I choose you , not because it’s what I deserve but because it’s what I want.”


Harry is innocent, naive and on a road trip trying to find himself after losing his mom.Louis is jaded and in a toxic relationship with a closeted politician.Niall is Harry’s well meaning but clueless best friend and Zayn is Louis lazy conspiracy theorist roommate who falls in love with rich well to do Liam.

I guess what surprises me so much about this “hiatus” and the venture into the brave new world of solo 1D is the jealousy???

I’ll make no bones about the fact that Louis and Harry are my faves, and so I will probably cheer the loudest for them, but all of them are still our boys, you know? You’re not required to like what they do or the answers they give or how they dress, but why treat one poorly for the sake of another?

Bitterness, jealousy, hatred, these things do not make you a better fan, and they definitely don’t make you a better person. I have no qualms with anyone supporting their fave, what I think is terrible are the people who do it at the expense of someone else.

anonymous asked:

Someone please tell me WHY Louis doesn't fire these people who keep doing this shit to him

because contracts and contract clauses are a thing and it’s blatantly clear louis is not in a position of real agency and he can’t just fire all the shitty people around him. 

do you really think he wants any of this? do you think he wanted elounor 2.0 and to still be entangled with babygate? no of course not. if it were solely up to him i guarantee you none of this bullshit would have happened in the first place.

anonymous asked:

You all keep saying babygate gate is going to end on this date and that date and when it doesn't happen, you move it back to a later date and so on. Louis accidentally knocked up someone and is now a father. Larry could've been a thing and now it's not. Get over it.

I need to take a moment to fully comprehend how moronic you sound. It’s just…I find it quite ironic that you’re telling me to get over something when you’re over here getting heated in my inbox about my opinions which have absolutely nothing to do with you. 

I’m usually up for a civilised debate or discussion or explanation about why it is that I feel the way I do, but in order to do that I try to understand where the other person is coming from first, and I really can’t even try to drop my intelligence that low to be on your level.

The whole “Larry is real but Louis had sex with a woman” thing is so unfathomably misguided. And wrong. 

I can’t even hear you as you float in the sea of wrong whilst I go by on my ship of right. 

This situation has nothing to do with with Larry. It is, however, truly testament to 1DHQ’s assessment of the average intelligence of 1D fans. Clearly some people like yourself are unable to do anything but take everything at face value despite blatant and wildly contradictory actions from literally everyone in One Direction.

If we rewind to that dark day in January, this is what ACTUALLY happened…


1. Louis knocked up someone he wasn’t dating, who happened to be part of an organised pap shot

2. Louis remained completely silent on the claims until GMA and his only words were

3. Father to be continues clubbing, taking home various girls, smoking weed, and generally carrying on with his carefree, laddy-lad single life

4. Nothing more is said about the baby, with many reporters claiming that it is a blacklisted topic during MITAM promo

5. Literally no-one, from his large, child-loving family to his child-loving bandmate, Harry Styles, has said a word about this baby. They have nothing to say about this?

6. Up until hours before this birth, Louis is parading around with a new girlfriend while his baby mama is going through this entire pregnancy by herself, without Louis ever saying her name or acknowledging her as the mother his child.

7. Louis went to see the birth of his son and then immediately thought, you know what would make this life event even better? Sunglasses.

8. An update account claims that Louis, on the evening of the birth of his first child, decides to go clubbing in West Hollywood. The Sun claims that Louis is now a “devoted dad” since he attended the birth because apparently all men have to do is show up to be a devoted father. After straight up blanking questions about the baby hours earlier, Louis tweets that the baby has been born and then minutes later One Direction’s official account tweets about The Brits

9. Because one tweet about fatherhood isn’t enough after nine months of almost complete silence, Louis (apparently still clubbing in West Hollywood) tweets “Daddy daddy cool” followed by a string of smiley faces, still neglecting to mention the mother and still not having said any actual words out of his face about this child.

…Keep calm indeed.

While stories of Louis’ philanthropy and his love for children have been buried over the past year as claims that he is a womanising, deadbeat father have run rampant, it is clear that there has been a steady and aggressive attempt at complete character assassination. If Louis was actually the kind of person who would act this way, no publicist in their right mind would let a word of that run rampant around the media and yet One Direction’s management has been downright negligent in the handling of Louis Tomlinson’s image.  

Why, as One Direction is beginning a hiatus, would they focus so much negative energy on Louis? With rumours that One Direction are leaving Syco, it almost seems like the kind of attack one would make on someone who isn’t your client, like someone who could be competition. Someone who started their own record label last January…

Would you really put it past Simon Cowell to try and destroy someone in such a manner?

I have never claimed to know when this shit is going to end. I have pointed out hints and shared shady anons, but other than that, whoTF knows. I certainly don’t and I’ve always been honest of the fact that I don’t know. You should probably calm down a bit and get over this weird compulsion to anonymously send strangers your completely irrelevant opinions that you use to try and hurt or insult other people with. In case you haven’t noticed, the people still around and still talking about everything that’s wrong Babygate have pretty thick skin. I personally am not going anywhere. Get over it. 

I can’t believe what larries are doing now. What do you expect her to do? It is pathetic to keep tagging Louis’ family in Larry things. How many times does Louis and his family and friends have to tell you “Larry isn’t real” before they get it? It’s never going to change, they’ve said it over and over again and none of you larries get it. Stop harassing, stop spreading lies, stop theorising about real human beings. It needs to stop, and you need to stop getting angry when the people who actually know Louis get upset with you. Why would they comment things if Larry was real? Why would it upset you so much if you think they’re lying? You know this shit is over, so why are you still doing this to them??

Can someone lead me the way out of this fandom?Cause I can’t do it myself alright?I joined because I love the boys as much as you love them too but there’s so much dramas happening. Larries and antis fighting,Elounor is fake,pressuring the boys to comeback using that hashtag #1Dcomeback project,fans hating the boys girlfriends. I get it,you love them and you can’t afford seeing them hurt but you can’t chose who they’re dating or not or if you don’t like who they’re dating or not.Ik for sure many Larries will hate me but please don’t make everything about Larry okay?You know the reason why Harry and Louis are not close as they used to be?It’s because the moment they talk or do the things they do with the other boys you always make a rumor about it.If Harry and Louis turns out as Gay it’s okay.But if not then deal with it.

Eleanor,I know you know how much hate she receives.Imagine if you’re the one in her situation?Is it okay for you to be bashed everyday or receiving threats?I think the fuck not. What If they really love each other?

About the hashtag #1DComeback project.
Yes,I do want them to comeback as much as you do and I also want Zayn to comeback(but it’s really impossible)but you can’t pressure the boys.Let then enjoy their career as solo artists at the moment.Let’s just support them and their music.Either they comeback or not let’s just love them and support them until the end.And please stop the dramas we are supposed to be a family not enemies.We’re in the same fandom.

butyournotniallhoran  asked:

hiiiiiii love your blog!!! just wondering if you have any roommate fics? preferably long? thanks!

Hi lovely! Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy:

Red Brick Heart by hazmesentir:

Summary: Harry has only had his room for thirty-two minutes when it stops being his.

Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.

we’re not friends, we could be anything by nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart:

Summary: The next second, Harry is firing back, “If I wanted to kill you I could have just poisoned your fajitas.”

Louis rolls his eyes. “Clever boy.”

Harry feels his skin start to prickle with irritation. The way Louis talks to him, so condescending… Like he’s smarter than Harry… Fuck that.

“I don’t have time for this,” Harry says. “Some of us have schoolwork to do. And jobs to get to. So if you’ll excuse me.”

Harry doesn’t wait for a reply before he pushes past Louis, hoisting his bag further up his shoulder and rushing towards the door. No, not rushing. That would imply Louis is chasing him out. He walks to the door hastily.

He’s not sure, but he thinks he hears Louis mutter “Fucking wanker” before the door to the flat clicks shut behind him….

Or, the one where Harry and Louis are unlikely uni flatmates who definitely don’t like each other and definitely won’t fall in love (even if Liam and Niall think otherwise).

Carried Away Like Butterflies by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate):

Summary: “Actually…” Liam said, scratching his chin absently. “I have a friend who is moving to London soon.”

“Without anywhere to live? Who is it? Do I want them living in my home?!”

“You met him at my birthday party. Harry, from Cheshire. Remember? Really tight jeans, curly hair down to here?”

Realisation dawned on Louis, staring at Liam who was gesturing round about his nipples. Did he remember Harry? Did he remember Harry?

He remembered Harry’s square front teeth biting into his collarbone, and he remembered Harry moaning, loud and obscene with no provocation. He remembered Harry dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and roughly pulling Louis closer. He remembered, vividly, Harry’s lovely plump lips wrapping around his-


“Uh- what?” Louis said, startled. “Oh, yeah. Um, I think I remember him.”

It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Shut Up and Wink at Me by kikikryslee:

Summary: “Did you get your housing information yet?” Louis asked.
Harry pursed his lips. “Yeah. So?”

“So? So it looks like we’re going to be roommates. Don’t you think we should know each other a little bit?”

“We’ve gone to the same schools since Kindergarten. I already know you.”

“Yeah, but we’re not like, friends,” Louis said.

“Ouch.” Harry pretended to be hurt, holding a hand over his heart. “That stings, Louis.”

Louis rolled his eyes. “Look, I would like to know at least something about you before I live with you for an entire school year.”

“What do you suggest?”

“I don’t know,” Louis said. “I guess just like, hang out and make sure we’re compatible?”

“You make it sound like we’re going on a blind date.”

“Trust me; we’re fucking not.”

“Again, ouch.”

Or, the one where Louis wants to go away to college to get away from everything having to do with his hometown. So when he finds out his roommate will be Harry Styles, perfect school athlete and the exact opposite of what Louis wants in a roommate, he’s not happy about it.

What’s Stopping You? by kikikryslee:

Summary: That shirt was what held his attention again. How many other guys had the same shirt that H and Harry had, and – wait. H… Harry. Harry did yoga. So did H. They both had the same shirt, and had both gotten home ten minutes ago and were cooking dinner.

No way.

Louis looked at the picture again, and stared more closely at H’s lips. They were pink and pouty, with the lower lip a bit plumper than the top, just like Harry. And H had brown, curly hair that reached his shoulders, just like Harry.

Louis looked over at Harry, who was putting his hair back up into a bun as the kitchen was most likely getting warmer.

“Holy shit,” Louis whispered. Have I been flirting with my own roommate all this time?

Or, the one where Harry wants to get over his crush on Louis, so he makes a Grindr account to find someone new. Of course, Louis messages him, not realizing H’s real identity. It only takes a few days for them to figure it out.

Loving You’s a Little Different by oakland30:

Summary: “Uh- Jake, I think? Met him at one of Niall’s ‘get together’s. He’s alright. Nice face.” Louis pulls out a paperback book and squints at its small print, “Won’t be calling him, though.“

Harry sighs, but it’s wasted. Why wouldn’t random boys with nice faces approach Louis in an empty library? The circles under his eyes are puffy and his hair is ruffled from a stubborn night’s sleep, but he looks gorgeous. Like he isn’t from this planet.

Harry’s in love with his roommate. Misunderstandings abound.

truth be told, i never was yours by stoleyouaway:

Summary: College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

lost my senses (i’m defenseless) by nouiiam:

Summary: “You are so infuriating, you know that?” Golden Orchid says, frowning. “Why do you do half of the things you do?”

Louis just smirks and shrugs. He seems to do that a lot around him. “S'fun. Gets your attention. Gives me a rush. A thrill.”

the one where louis’s a technology genius who uses his powers for bad instead of good and somehow doesn’t know his enemy is also his roommate.

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc:

Summary: Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

How Fast You Fall by FullOnLarrie:

Summary: They meet as transfer students at university orientation, and Louis wants Harry the first time he sees him. But Louis isn’t looking for a boyfriend. With school and work, he doesn’t have time for anything more than a casual hookup. When they become roommates, Louis decides it’s best not to pursue Harry and take the chance of messing up their living situation. They quickly become good friends and soon Louis realizes that his attraction is much more than just physical. However, because Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates, Louis assumes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and tries everything he can think of to make himself forget about his feelings for Harry.

remember when we were all hoping harry would be a good influence and get louis to put his fucking shoes on? 

yeah no, i think it kind of worked out in reverse

from glittery golden boots and suede heels to adidas sandals over socks fml