louis why do you do the things you do

I’ve been working at an event full of people all day and Harry’s name’s been brought up a few times because of the BB charts. So far, my favourite overheard comment has come from a guy insisting Harry was dating Zac Efron last year. Or maybe just having a fling with Zac Efron. More likely a handful steamy hookups, yes.

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Hey! I was just reading your larrie story(? and I was wondering where do you stand in the whole RBB and SBB thing? Like, I'm guessin you think Larry was behind it, but why do you think they were doing it? and why do you think they stopped? Also, what's the thing about your tattoo? I'm curious! Btw you're gorgeous :)

Oi thanks!!! I mostly think Harry and Louis were behind those bears, yeah. For a number of reasons. I think they were doing it to collectively educate the fandom about closeting/queer history in the industry, and possibly to communicate the amount of coercion and stress they were under at the time in regards to their giant PR/BTS war (though I think the symbolic interpretations some fans ascribe to the bears is too ridiculous and detailed to be plausible…even if everything about this band is in some ways, too ridiculous to be plausible.) 

Even as I type it out it, the intention behind the bears seems so wildly far fetched and insane, but somehow LESS far fetched and insane then believing some crew member had the time and budget to stage such elaborate tableaus just to queer bait the Larrie side of the fandom. Like yes, queer baiting happens, absolutely. But the BTS climate at the time, combined with the sheer EXPENSES the bears required (Rolex watches? Build a Bear accessories? SMART FUCKING PHONES???) makes me believe this wasn’t the case. Like that’s SUCH an expensive way to queer bait and draw larries in. The point of queer baiting is usually to keep the queer part of a fandom hanging on long enough to buy tickets/recored/whatever else, so ultimately, to MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEM. It seems counter intuitive for them to have spent so much money on queer baiting when they could have just as easily done so with something free for them…like letting Harry and Louis interact on SM, lmao. It’s too round about, it’s too obtuse. Especially for their notoriously bad media/PR/SM team. 

I often tattoo myself when I have a new machine I want to try it out before I use it on a client. I have a bunch of throw away, weird tattoos as a result; this isn’t my weirdest one, not by a long shot. It’s silly and ridiculous but I also genuinely think those bears are important as a piece of fanlore, as a piece of FOLK LORE, honestly. I mean…the fact they happened at all, no matter who did it, is fucking incredible and bizarre and sort of encapsulates the madness of being a 1D fan and participating in this strange and wonderful fandom as a whole. 

 I love the Bears because REGARDLESS of those behind them, I they’re hilarious and subversive and astounding. I think it’s fucking amazing and fascinating that the fandom was  educated so extensively on queer history through these bear tableaus. I love that I meet 18 year old queer kids who love Erasure (one of my favorite bands) because they found out about them through the bears. I love that young lgbt fans felt safe and cared for at 1D shows because of the Bears, that they know about KD Lang and Judy Garland and Divine because of those fucking bears. It’s wild and impressive that this fandom is aware of all this JUST because of those Rainbow teddybear tableaus. That’s insane! So yeah it’s a larrie tattoo, but it’s also a tribute to fan culture, to queer history, to subversive story telling. Those bears are absolutely wild, regardless of their origin. 

Suitors at a job Interview

With all my interviews and such… I decided a little humor was in order.

Byron: “I’ve run a country since I was 16, and conquered two others.”

Interviewer: “Can you change the toner in a copier?”

Byron: “A what now?”
Interviewer: “Why should we hire you?”

Nico: “I take really short bathroom breaks.”
Interviewer: “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment at work?”

Giles: “Next question please.”
Albert: “I have a great resume as you can see.”

Interviewer: “Your resume says, ‘King Byron Fanboy Club President,’ and ‘Benjamin Bunny Caretaker.’”

Interviewer: “Please tell us about something stressful at work and how you dealt with it.”

Robert: “I once let a country fall into ruin. I left to travel the world…. that sounds bad doesn’t it? It didn’t sound that bad in my head…”
Interviewer: “Can you explain what you do at your current job-”

Leo: “As little as possible.”
Interviewer: “Can you describe your current job?”

Sid: “I drink and I know things.”
Interviewer: “Sir, why are you wearing a suit of armor?”

Alyn: “I like to be prepared.”

Interviewer: “This is a job interview for a bakery shop.”

Alyn: “Have you ever had a three day old roll thrown at you? I thought not.” *pulls down helmet*
Interviewer: “How do you feel about teamwork?”

Rayvis: “Ew.”
Interviewer: “Do you have any special skills?”

Louis: “I’m pretty.”

Interviewer: “Hired.”

I guess what surprises me so much about this “hiatus” and the venture into the brave new world of solo 1D is the jealousy???

I’ll make no bones about the fact that Louis and Harry are my faves, and so I will probably cheer the loudest for them, but all of them are still our boys, you know? You’re not required to like what they do or the answers they give or how they dress, but why treat one poorly for the sake of another?

Bitterness, jealousy, hatred, these things do not make you a better fan, and they definitely don’t make you a better person. I have no qualms with anyone supporting their fave, what I think is terrible are the people who do it at the expense of someone else.

I mean, how can Star Wars even compete?

Preaching to the convinced (hopefully)

I guess this is in response to the multiple anons I’ve had, from either side of the ‘argument' 


  • Harry has had a lot of money put against him to promo SOTT (rest assured he’ll have to pay it back). 
  • Harry does seem to have a competent team behind him. 

  • SOTT does seem to be doing pretty well in terms of sales. 


  • Good promo does not equal being 'free’, he is still closeted and we have no idea of the level of freedom his new contract affords him. 

  • No amount of money can buy back the traction that has been lost in terms of streaming. The first 12-24 hours are critical in terms of capitalising on hype/radio play/promo and turn that into non-fandom interest and streaming. No amount of promo and effort now will recreate that, it’s a one time thing. I’ve seen the media say he possibly lost hundreds of thousands of first day streams, that’s the difference between starting a career as a perceived ‘success’ or a ridiculed ‘failure’. The media won’t care what the legitimate reason was. 

  • Sony are currently in the middle of a stand off with Spotify which could cost both parties more money than we could imagine - make of that what you will in relation to the first day ‘glitch’ SOTT experienced.

This post is not to guilt people into supporting him.

It is to maybe just encourage you to go into bat for him if you haven’t as yet because you thought his team had it all in hand / you felt frustrated at the apparent discrepancy between how he was being treated as opposed to Louis (Louis has it beyond awful, that is a whole other post).

We’ve supported him since he was basically a child, and we can see that this song is profoundly personal and important to him. 

We can help him. We can do this. We have a track record of doing amazing things. So why wouldn’t we? Let’s just do it one more time for Harry. 

No regrets. 

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Sonja, can I ask you a question? Do you really think that you know more about Louis' career thant Louis himself? Do you think that you love Louis more than Harry? Because that's what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong I don't like some things about Harry's promo and I share some opinions with you. How the Azoff's manipulated the fandom? Did thet pay bloggers? They inflitrated here? Why Liam can't speak how he wants about Zayn. Do you know what happened between them? Cause idk and I think you don't

what is this condescending nonsense. how many times do i have do say i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that i am reacting to what limited information we do have before people like you actually read what i’m saying.

the azoffs infiltrated the fandom via harry in 2013 (people got anons talking about how irving was going to take over the band) and made sure we all kept talking about them like the ‘saviors of the fandom’ when in reality it’s clear they’ve only ever cared about harry. they’ve done nothing for the band and they’ve especially done nothing for louis and if you can’t see that then i wish you luck with the serious case of cognitive dissonance you’re dealing with but i can’t help you.

and you’re right - you don’t know either. so why don’t you keep your patronizing tone to yourself and stay out of my inbox. and don’t forget, my track record lately has been far better than most of the blogs here when it comes to predicting and speculating what’s going to happen. i may not be privy to all of the behind the scenes details but my head’s not firmly lodged up jeff’s ass so i can actually look at things more objectively.

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Someone please tell me WHY Louis doesn't fire these people who keep doing this shit to him

because contracts and contract clauses are a thing and it’s blatantly clear louis is not in a position of real agency and he can’t just fire all the shitty people around him. 

do you really think he wants any of this? do you think he wanted elounor 2.0 and to still be entangled with babygate? no of course not. if it were solely up to him i guarantee you none of this bullshit would have happened in the first place.

I can’t believe what larries are doing now. What do you expect her to do? It is pathetic to keep tagging Louis’ family in Larry things. How many times does Louis and his family and friends have to tell you “Larry isn’t real” before they get it? It’s never going to change, they’ve said it over and over again and none of you larries get it. Stop harassing, stop spreading lies, stop theorising about real human beings. It needs to stop, and you need to stop getting angry when the people who actually know Louis get upset with you. Why would they comment things if Larry was real? Why would it upset you so much if you think they’re lying? You know this shit is over, so why are you still doing this to them??

Local kid and his friends fight an army of cloned spacemen to get back a baseball hat.


Can someone lead me the way out of this fandom?Cause I can’t do it myself alright?I joined because I love the boys as much as you love them too but there’s so much dramas happening. Larries and antis fighting,Elounor is fake,pressuring the boys to comeback using that hashtag #1Dcomeback project,fans hating the boys girlfriends. I get it,you love them and you can’t afford seeing them hurt but you can’t chose who they’re dating or not or if you don’t like who they’re dating or not.Ik for sure many Larries will hate me but please don’t make everything about Larry okay?You know the reason why Harry and Louis are not close as they used to be?It’s because the moment they talk or do the things they do with the other boys you always make a rumor about it.If Harry and Louis turns out as Gay it’s okay.But if not then deal with it.

Eleanor,I know you know how much hate she receives.Imagine if you’re the one in her situation?Is it okay for you to be bashed everyday or receiving threats?I think the fuck not. What If they really love each other?

About the hashtag #1DComeback project.
Yes,I do want them to comeback as much as you do and I also want Zayn to comeback(but it’s really impossible)but you can’t pressure the boys.Let then enjoy their career as solo artists at the moment.Let’s just support them and their music.Either they comeback or not let’s just love them and support them until the end.And please stop the dramas we are supposed to be a family not enemies.We’re in the same fandom.

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You reblogged a post about that. I still don't understand what Louis has to do with it. Again, it was 5 am, why would Louis and Calvin be together watching a lq video on Instagram? I understand Calvin, he lives for the attention so making it public is the same thing as the blond cousin posting a pic of the venue, but again, how is it a proof that Louis has anything to do with it? Do you consider the pic of the venue a proof as well? Because that's how it seems to work around here.

For pity’s sake, either Louis was watching it with him or Calvin is making a(nother) statement about Louis’ camp’s connection to Harry. It is the same, in the sense that it’s someone trying to make a connection to Harry, but instead of being someone who in theory should be connected but doesn’t actually have enough access to show a real connection, it’s someone who shouldn’t be connected who is making a statement about that connection. Use your brain to figure out the logic.

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To be clear, do you think Harry was forced to sign his solo contract or do you think he chose to knowing what he and Louis would both have to do?

i don’t think it’s either/or and i think you’re oversimplifying things and making the situation seem more black and white than it actually is.

the facts are that harry signed with sony and that he very clearly still has ties to OT (as evidenced most recently by the dinner with simon tonight). i won’t presume to know the exact circumstances behind why harry signed with sony (though i’ve speculated there was some blackmailing going on regarding louis’ situation and/or a matching clause came into play) but i don’t think harry made the decision lightly and i’m not sure how much true agency he really had over the decision to begin with.

as things stand right now, i think there are too many question marks and things we don’t know/don’t have access to for me to make any kind of definitive statements.

i think it’s also very important to remember just how many artists have been trapped in contractual red tape (the example going around tonight is kelly clarkson being tied to simon cowell for 10 years, of course there’s kesha’s situation, and i’ve talked about the veronicas, prince, george michael, and michael jackson before as well).

nothing is simple here and there are no obvious answers.

remember when we were all hoping harry would be a good influence and get louis to put his fucking shoes on? 

yeah no, i think it kind of worked out in reverse

from glittery golden boots and suede heels to adidas sandals over socks fml 

Fancy A Surprise

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The use of Eleanor and Sophia are present in this imagine, so if you don’t enjoy them, please skip those lines. I know Danielle and Cheryl make Liam and Louis happy but I can’t bring myself to write about them… not yet. Hope you understand x

The days have been passing within the blink of an eye whilst being on tour with Harry. You hold a love / hate relationship with it, but you wouldn’t be anywhere else but on the road, watching your boyfriend do what he loves.

“Fancy a dip in the hotel pool?” You taunt your boyfriend, who is usually very suggestive after a show.

He shakes his head, pushing his lips inwards as he lays a juice box back on the side-table.

“ ‘ve got some things I need to take care of.” He grunts, keeping his eyes trained on the iPhone in front of him.

You frown, normally he’d be charged with adrenaline after a show. He’d actually be the one to suggest a late-night swim if it were allowed.

“They can’t wait till tomorrow morning? I bribed the workers in charge of the pool so we’d be let in.” You poke his cheek.

“They can’t, I’m sorry.” His eyes don’t leave the small screen in front of him. You pout, leaning over in attempt to peek at what kept his attention.

He furrows his eyebrows, locking the screen before glaring, “Nosy.”

You throw your hands up, “Sorry! I just wanted you to glance at me before rejecting me.”

A guilty look is thrown at you before he returns to studying his phone. You pout for a moment then decide otherwise.

“I’m going to go visit the girls.” You inform him, only to receive another grunt in reply.

Eleanor and Sophia had invited you for a film night but you told them you’d be with Harry. Changes of plans, as the universe would have it.

“Y/N!” Eleanor squeals around you, happy to have you join them. It would just be the three of you since Liam and Louis were well, Liam and Louis.

“Changed your mind about us?” Sophia winks.

“More like he rejected the pool before I could even change into a swimsuit.”

She frowns, “Why’s that?”

You shrug, “I don’t know. He’s been sneaky lately and if I’m honest, I feel like I should be worried about it.”

“What do you mean by sneaky?”

“Like, him disappearing for certain amounts of time and not sharing much when I ask him about it. He tells me not to worry but I’m starting to. Last night on the bus, him and Niall were huddled together, talking very secretively. Even when I asked Niall about it, he told me not to worry as well.” You explain whilst seated at the edge of the bed.

Eleanor pulls you in for a hug, “I’m sure it’s nothing big, just a bit of Harry being Harry?”

She isn’t sure what to say because she knows exactly what’s going on. Both her and Sophia, but they were sworn not to say anything. Harry would kill the two of them if anything slipped out.

With a sigh, you respond, “Maybe. I don’t know. He’s not normally like this, you guys know that. We don’t keep things from each other and  I know privacy is still a thing but still, he feels… different.”

“Don’t worry,” Sophia smiles, “It’s Harry, he wouldn’t hurt you.”


You wake with an absence the next morning. Harry is nowhere near his normal position of being up against you, snoring softly with a tender grip.

Instead you’re alone, with a note in replacement of your boyfriend.

“Didn’t want to wake you, baby. Got to take care of some stuff, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Love you.x H”

The paper crumples in your hand before you lay it on the bedside table. You sigh out of frustration. There have been a lot of things Harry had to “take care of” recently, but he wasn’t sharing any of it with you. Not that you wanted to be nosy, but this secretive behaviour concerns you more and more each time.


MetLife Stadium is buzzing with the 1D crew, all working frivolously to set up in time. You’re in awe of the seating capacity as you sit at the edge of the stage, proud of how the boys are able to sell out such a venue.

“Do you know what city we’re in?” Eleanor asks, laughing to herself as she plops next to you.

“Erm.. it’s somewhere in New Jersey, I’d like to think. I’m not sure, I know as much as you do coming into this tour.” You giggle, swinging your legs back and forth like a child.

“Right, right. I’ll have to google it. Or maybe ask Mark, he always knows where we’re going today.”

You hum to yourself, trying to enjoy yourself in the midst of the set-up storm around you. Various sounds from drilling to heavy-duty lifting. It amazes you each time, how efficiently they work to dress the stadium up and down in such short time.

“El?” She glances over at you.

“Does Louis ever do.. business? Outside of what the boys have to do.”

She nods, “Yeah, mostly with charities if not football. He’s always donating and offering himself to certain places, finding out what he can do to help.”

“Aside from that, which is fantastic, but I mean does he tell you that he’s doing them?”

“Most of the time, yeah.” She replies, “Other times I’ll just find out through Twitter. I don’t think he does anything else though.”

You bite your lip, Harry has done some of those things as well. But he’d be as open as Louis if anything, possibly even more.

“Why?” Eleanor pokes your side, “Harry up to something?”

“Yeah, just what I told you last night.” You pick at the hem of your blouse, “This morning he left early and I haven’t seen him since. He said he had some ‘things’ he needed to do?”

Her eyes widen as she knows the meaning behind his behaviour.

“Ah-um.. I wouldn’t look too much into that.”

You shrug, “I don’t want to be a pessimist and see think of the worst but he’s been like this for a couple weeks now and becoming increasingly distant over the last few days.”

She gulps, searching for an excuse. She wouldn’t be the one to let it out, oh no.

“Well, whatever it is-”

“I think I’m going to go look for him.” You cut her off suddenly, hopping up from the platform.

“What? Why?!” She speaks anxiously, tugging you back.

“To talk to him about it?” You give her a weird look at the sudden outburst.

“No! Don’t do that!” Her eyes widen, she can’t let you find him. It’s partly her job and a few others’ to keep you distracted for the time being.

“If you bring up something personal like that then it’ll be like you’re accusing him of something we both know he’s not doing, you don’t want him to think that you don’t trust him, do you?” She rushes.

You stammer, quite alarmed at her words, “Uh-n-no? I trust him completely-”

“Then let him tell you. Or show you, rather. When he wants to.”

“I… ugh.” You roll your eyes, “Fine. It’s just, he’s never like this. That’s all.”

Before Eleanor can answer, Lottie approaches the two of you from the side of the stage.

“El, have you seen Har-” She cuts herself off once seeing you next to her.

“Harry?” You question, jumping down to the gravel where she stands.

“Y/N!” Lottie deflects, panicked at the situation she put herself in.

“I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“You literally just said you were looking for Harry.” You’re confounded as you peer at her.

“Would you mind coming with me? I’d love to do your makeup today.” She pulls you along, signally for Eleanor to tell Harry that she’s got his girlfriend.

“Actually, I-” You say in an attempt to stop her but she continues on.

“I’ve got this idea for a new look that I think’ll look fantastic on ya, I’m really excited to try it.” She babbles on about a certain shade of eyeshadow you hadn’t really heard off before but believed her nonetheless.


Eleanor scours the backstage portion, seeking the room where your boyfriend is located.

“Harry!” She calls to the curly-headed man, who is wears a face of stress in the centre of a crowded room.

“Lottie’s got her now, so-”

“What?!” His eyes bulge, “She wasn’t supposed to get her for another hour!”

“Yeah, well, change of plans. I’m sort of glad Lottie got her, she was getting doubtful of you.”

Harry lets out a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Fook.” He paces around the small but he could.

“I-I could help you! What do you need?” Eleanor offers, throwing him a hopeful look.

He eyes her with exasperation, “More time.”

For Harry, preparation began weeks prior to the current day. It took a bit of convincing on management’s part to allow such a thing aside from their busy schedule, but he managed to charm them through.

It has to be amazing. He consistently told himself. She deserves that.

His journal is filled with many notes regarding this event. From the proper decor to his prepared speech, everything that he could think of was planned precisely. Gathering the proper team wasn’t as difficult as was the prospect of making them promise that they wouldn’t tell you. The surprise is the key to things like this.

“Fancy a dip in the pool?” You asked. It took everything in him to deny you, considering all he wanted was to go night swimming with you. However, plans for the day’s event had to be confirmed and so he was forced to stay back.

Although it killed him, keeping something like this from you. You two share practically everything with each other, being best friends and lovers. Every time he left to keep planning, he knew you were becoming resentful. He wanted to let you in on all the plans but well, that would defeat the whole purpose. He had come too far to let it all go now.

“Harry, I think you’re making a bit too big of a deal about this, I don’t think she’ll mind-”

“Even if she won’t, I will! Her cake isn’t even here yet!”

Eleanor giggles to herself, “You’re acting like the mother of a pageant queen rather than her boyfriend. It’s just a party, mate.”

“She’s only going to graduate from University once!” He argues, “Well. Unless she decides to pursue something else but that’s not the point. She’s worked so hard to get where she is and she deserves to have this be absolutely perfect, especially since I wasn’t there for the ceremony.”

Unfortunately for the both of you, tour rehearsals landed on the same day as the day of your graduation ceremony. You were crushed to not be able to celebrate it with him but eventually had your own not too late after that.

With a sigh, Eleanor pulls out her phone to text Lottie. “I’ll tell her to take her time then redo Y/N’s makeup again so that you’ve got more time. But instead of freaking out, we should just get started.”

He nods, revealing several different streamers and banners he bought the day before. Days were spent carefully choosing a colour scheme along with the proper pattern and other things to go along with it.

“Oh my god, she’s going to love these!” Eleanor raves, taking out the rest of the decor.

“I hope so.”


“Wow.. and are you angry about it?” Lottie inquires, brushing the top of your cheekbone with a bit of highlight.

You chew on your bottom lip before responding, “Erm.. I don’t know if I’m really angry about it rather than just hurt he wouldn’t trust me with whatever information is so important to him. I mean, I get privacy is a thing but he’s been sneaking around for weeks now so it’s just like… ugh.”

She nods, understanding a bit of what you’re going through with her own boyfriend.

“I wouldn’t doubt him, though, because he treats you better than any other man I’ve ever seen in a relationship.”

Her words are true. If there were mandatory guidelines on how to treat your partner in a relationship, they’d be written by Harry. Indubitably, Anne raised him to regard people with the utmost respect, especially the ones that he loves. He looks upon you with genuine  kindness. You’ve never known anyone to be more of a gentleman than your gentle giant.

A buzz from Lottie’s phone stops her from brushing your face, excusing herself for the moment.

“Shit.” You overhear her groan, going over to Lou to explain.

“What? What’s happened?” You attempt to investigate but no one replies, simply scrambling around, all aware of Eleanor’s orders.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N! I screwed up so I’m going to have to redo all of it!” Lottie blurts out.

“All of it?! Lots I can see half my face in the mirror and it looks fine!” You scoot your body sideways, trying to view the other.

“But your other half is not, so I’m going to fix all of it.” She tells you rapidly, running around the rest of the room to tell Lou.

You turn to Lux, who plays with her dolls in the corner.

“Lux, love, you don’t think it’s that bad, do you?”

The young girl makes a face and you breathe out. All you really want to do is see Harry.

“Oh, god.” Lou studied your face, pretending as though Lottie made the biggest mistake of her life. “We’re going to have to fix this, it’ll take a bit of time but don’t worry, you’re still in good hands.”

Your eyebrows frown as you speak, “Will one of you please just tell me what’s going on?”

Lottie carries a wary look, throwing it to Lou. “Don’t worry.”


“Oi! Styles! Ya want this ‘ere?” A Welsh worker man shouted at him from across the room. Several chairs are in his grip so the decision had to be hasty.

“Sure!” Harry calls back, pursing his lips afterwards. It isn’t really where he pictured them being, but he can’t always get what he wants.

However if he’s being honest, the room came to be grander than he thought with the time constraint. Your school colours festoon the room with “2016” amongst them in bold font. Gold balloons line the back table, with photos of you through your school time. Harry’s taken most of them, always telling you you’re his muse when he shoots candids.

“Anything we can do to help?” Liam offers once entering the room.

“Yeah, erm…” Harry points out the door, “I think Sarah’s almost finished, maybe help her carry the food in?”

He agrees, exiting as quickly as he arrived.

Harry stands with his hands on his hips, admiring the appearance of the room. Licking his lips, he smiles to himself. He remembers the proud feeling of seeing you in your cap and gown, a degree clutched in your hands. He recalls the countless nights of you remaining sleepless on account of revision, always begging you to come to bed. You’d reassure him that bedtime would come soon, but spend another half hour scribbling down in your notebook. All of it paid off, and he’s so happy to have supported you through it.

“Five more minutes!” Eleanor announces, iPhone in hand.

“Fook.” Harry swears again, dashing to lay food on the table. His hands move with speed as he lays the champagne glasses on the table, little caps on all.

“Everyone!” He yells, grabbing the attention of all volunteers. “Hey, hi, erm..” He rubs the back of his neck, “As you might’ve heard, Y/N is coming shortly so thank you for helping me put all of this together, I couldn’t have done it without each of you.”

The people clamour in cheer, admiring the great lengths Harry went to in order to set everything together.



You shift your head to find Sophia sprinting towards you, a bag from Primark on her side.

“I got you this outfit,” She pants, “and I really think you should wear it tonight.”

“Wait,” You pause to gape at her, “you got me some clothes?”

She nods slowly as if you’re the strange one.

You sigh, taking the held out bag into your own hands. “What the fuck is going on with everyone.”

Sophia displays a look on confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Everyone’s been odd lately, like Harry’s been closed off, Eleanor, Lottie and Lou all rushing to get me places and now you’ve gone out of nowhere to get me something to wear. It isn’t my birthday nor is anything else special happening to me, so..” You cross your arms, unable to identify the situation.

“Oh just put it on.” She pushes you into an empty room. “Don’t question the good things.”

Once finished changing, you thank Sophia before walking out.

“Y/N!” You hear, causing you to snap in frustration.

“If I hear one more person trying to distract me from finding Harry, I’m going to shoot something.” You threaten, glaring at Eleanor.

“Sorry!” She retorts with sarcasm, “I’ve just come to bring you to him but if you don’t want that then..”

“No! No. I want to see him.” You jerk her backwards. She laughs, taking you into a different direction to reveal your surprise.


“Do you think she’ll like the flowers? I went to a florist this morning and spent an hour trying to get the perfect arrangement but-” Harry’s sentence is snipped by Louis, who warns everyone of your distance.

“She’s coming!” He announces, rushing back to his place in the room.

“What’s, why are we going-” Your boyfriend listens to you mumble, quickly flipping the lights on.

“Surprise!” Everyone cheers, leaving you in shock.

You stand with your mouth ajar, taking note to the vanity of the room. It’s magical, turned from a dingy worn out dressing room to a Pinterest-worthy background.

“Surprise, darling. Since I couldn’t throw you a graduation party at home, I thought we could do one on the road.” Harry grins cheekily. You’re unsure of how to react but at least your impending question has been answered. This is what he’s been up to.

“I-Thank you!” You echo to everyone, noticing the beauty in the room.

“You did all this?” You turn to Harry, who nods shyly.

“Well, I mean they all helped but I planned it so.. do you like it?” You nod frivolously, leaning to give him a peck on the lips.

“Thank you.” You whisper discreetly before the boys come to embrace you.

“Congrats, Y/N!” Niall greets you, teeth present as he beams.

Liam hands you what appears to be a homemade card, “This is from us three.”

“Aw, I love it.” You thank them, running your fingers across the scribbles from each of them. Most of the space is occupied by random drawings from Louis, leaving Niall and Liam to write in their own corners.

Several more members of the tour crew approach you with smiles. All of them have become an extended family while on tour, taking you in with ease.

Harry’s hand does not leave yours as you make your rounds in the room, thanking everyone for being present and helping out. You’re in awe of the room itself, the furnishings and colour scheme transforming an old locker room to something spectacular.

“I can’t believe you did all this.” You murmur to your boyfriend, whose eyes do not leave yours.

“Why’d you say that?” He smirks jokingly.

“It’s all so.. wonderful. You put all of this together whilst I was out thinking other things of you, which I shouldn’t have. And I’m sorry about that.”

Harry only pulls you closer, resting his chin on your head. A kiss to the top is gently placed whilst gripping your body against his.

“I know you are, and I know what you were thinking. I would’ve too had I been in the same position. But it’s alright, I’m just hoping you like all of this.”

“God, it’s perfect.”


From the stage, Harry’s attention never leaves you as your body shakes to the beat of each song. Ocassionally, he’d run over to your section, bending down to get as close as he can to you. The proxcimity would drive the fans crazy, but he’d go through with it anyways as the tease he is.

He can’t help but be amazed at you for all the things you’ve done for him. Now he’s glad he can give back just a bit.

The party was put on pause for the few hours of the concert but pulled back with more cause for celebration afterwards.

“Everyone having a good time?” His voice booms into the microphone, receiving screams in return.

“I see you, woman in the front with a polka dot dress. Don’t think I didn’t hear you scream, “no”. I’m keeping an eye on you.” The fans laugh at his mockery, a smirk making its way to his face.

“So, erm, over the past several weeks I’ve been planning something completely on my own and being very secretive about it if I may say, which in itself sounds slightly suspicious now that I’m saying it out loud, however, it all came down to this day in lovely East Rutherford, New Jersey, where I’ve planned a surprise graduation party for my amazing girlfriend, Y/N.” The camera focuses on you, whose cheeks turn vermillion at the mention.

“Darling, you don’t know how proud I am of you for working so hard to get your master’s degree at University so congratulations on receiving it. It feels incredible to call myself your boyfriend and I hope you enjoy the party. I love you so much.”

You grin at the loss of words, tears pooling to your eyes at the beauty of the situation. The fans’ screams are deafening but all you feel is the unconditional love for Harry reigning through your mind.

“I love you!” You shout, and though thousands of voices surround you, you know full well that he heard as well.


“Oi oi, you’ve graduated!” Louis slurs, a pint in his hand.

“Slow down Lou, you’ve only been at it for an hour and a half.” You laugh, wrapping an arm around his waist to support him.

“Can’t help it,” He hiccups, “your boy pulled out all the goods.”

Harry did not stop at any expense, with several bottles of tequila, vodka, beer and other assortments of everyone’s favourite booze on a separate table of its own next to the food.

“Has anyone seen the grey adidas bag I brought to the stadium?” Louis calls, suddenly searching around feverishly for the item. “I’ve packed a few joints in there for this party.” You hear him mumble, causing you to giggle.

“DON’T STOP ME NOW!” Harry screams whilst whirling around you, pissed drunk as he sings along to Queen. “I’m havin’ such a good time, I’m having a ball!”

You roll your eyes, eventually making eye contact with Eleanor across the room.

“Who let him buy this much alcohol?” You mouth, chuckling afterwards.

“It’s a bit funny though, seeing them all like this.” She tells you once in right next to you.

You chortle, “I’m going to need evidence of this day.” Snapchat is pulled up and you begin recording.

“Oo I’m burning through the sky, yeah! Two hundred degrees, that’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit!”

“He’s just the gift that keeps on giving.” You laugh, posting it on your story.

With a glance around the room, your heart becomes filled with admiration for everyone. Your loving boyfriend has gone above and beyond to prepare all this for you, with everyone else working to put it all together. They’ve all come together to celebrate all the years of stress and hard work that comes with suffering through school, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

“What’re you doing just standin’ there, c’mon!” Sophia pulls you into the centre, filling a cup up with your favourite concoction.

“Right, right.” You laugh off the thoughts, deciding to give everyone thank you presents later. Now is the time for complete madness.


“Good morning Mister Fahrenheit.” You whisper once Harry’s eyes meet yours. They flutter open in a cautious fashion, afraid to be hit by the gleaming sun that streams inside your hotel room.

“Shh,” He mumbles, stuff his mouth into a pillow as his words are muffled out, “don’t even mention it.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it.” You giggle whilst patting down his feral curls.

He grunts in response, enjoying the sensation of your hand caressing his head.

“I feel a bit bad about it all though, still.”

Harry looks to you with hooded eyes, softening as you smile at him.

“I was telling the girls about how I felt with you being so secretive when in truth you were just out being the best boyfriend. Granted, they knew so they were trying to mitigate my doubts but I didn’t want to have them in the first place about you, H.”

A sigh escapes his lips as he shifts positions from on his stomach to on his side, full face of compassion whilst meeting yours.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Don’t, love. Don’t even apologise, you have no need to.”

You furrow your eyebrows lightly, turning your head at him in confusion.

“If this were the other way around, I might’ve been worse by trying to mask resentment for you sneaking around. But I wanted to tell you, baby. I really did because I knew it was affecting you. But I also knew that you wouldn’t want something like this to be spoiled, so as long as everything is okay now, I don’t care about anything else.”

You lick your lips as the corners of your mouth curve into a smile. His hand reaches over to lace with yours, rubbing the back of it gently.

“You’re so good to me. You’re too good to me.” You speak with adoration dripping through your voice.

He shakes his head, “It was just a party, my love. That’s never enough to make up for how much you’ve supported me through everything else.”

“Hey,” You pout, “don’t think you haven’t been supporting me as well. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know if I would’ve survived the intensity of Uni. I know some nights I’d miss out on us cuddling but just knowing you were there for me whenever I needed one is more than I could ever ask for.”

A kiss is shared between your lips and his. You’re both incredibly grateful for each other that no one would win the argument over what’s what.

“Thank you, H.”

Harry says nothing but flashes you another one of mesmerising smiles, one soon being replicated onto your own face.

“So,” He breaks the pause of silence whilst scooting even closer to you.

“Hm.” You hum before burying your head into his strong chest.

“Still fancy that dip in the hotel pool?”

When reading this, my friend thought Harry was cheating, then going to propose after a bit. Talk about being played ;-)

Anyways, I’ve realised that none of you really know much about me so I figured I’d share five facts to start :)

1) My name is Isabel, but if you call me Izzy or Iz then I’d love you just the same if not more.

2) I’ve been a fan of the boys since early 2012 and the love has only grown exponentially since. 

3) I’m from California but part of my dream is to someday live in London, which is why I write the way I do about some of the things I do, if that makes sense hah.

4) My fav films are About Time, Notting Hill, Edge of Tomorrow, Inception aaand I forgot the last one lolz

5) Besides the boys, I listen to a lot of Indie / Alt. / Rock / EDM / Whatever the fuck you’d classify Coldplay as. 

Now I’d love to hear a few things about you guys so please, please send me a message on yourselves as well!! If you’ve got any questions on me or you just want to talk, I’m always here :D

Love to you,

Iz xx 

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Oh, my God! So you just say that Harry fell into sales because the larrie part of the fandom did not support him enough because of babygate. You think Louis is not to blame for his "sad" situation but Harry did and that's why they did not support him. Applause! What must we do to get them as involved as with Louis? Wait, you guys do not give a shit about Harry. It does not seem bad to me, they are in their right only that they do not lie saying that yes they support to Harry when they clearly no

i…. didn’t mention larry anywhere in my post and i’m afraid i can’t hear you properly over my constant stream of SOTT, bye bye!

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