louis why do you do the things you do

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When something happens in LA it's at 5 p.m but what time does something happen in UK?

22 pm, I think

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That article was painting Liam in such a bad light. I am so angry why would you put Liam in a bad light that child is doing everything he can to please everybody let him leave and do his own things

I know!!!! Leave Liam alone, he’s so happy doing his music, just let his live!!

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Yesterday Louis got his publicity; Today Liam and Harry. If we get something about Niall tomorrow then OT4 are going to the Brits, even if I have to drag them there myself

Hahaha I’ll help you

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Do you think Ellen knows Harry is in a relationship with Louis? You would think she would have more respect for him if so.

I think she does, but Harry gives audience so…

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I’m sorry if I’m annoying but why do people think harry will show up at the Brits

Rumors and more rumors. And it’d be a good opportunity to show his face in case he’s really dropping music soon

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HARRY👏🏻AND👏🏻LOUIS👏🏻TOGETHER👏🏻AT👏🏻THE👏🏻BRITS👏🏻 bonus if my smol south african son, Caspar, interviews them

If they go….. Rip me

remember when we were all hoping harry would be a good influence and get louis to put his fucking shoes on? 

yeah no, i think it kind of worked out in reverse

from glittery golden boots and suede heels to adidas sandals over socks fml 

I mean, how can Star Wars even compete?

This actually seems really interesting ...

Credits to those who had come up with all of these. They’re pretty interesting questions. ;) Send in a number and I’ll answer it as honestly as I can. 

Time to get truthful. xx

1. How did you find out about One Direction?

2. What was the first song you heard them sing as a band?

3. Have you seen them live?

4. Have you met them?

5. Who’s your favorite member and why?

6. Favorite thing about Niall?

7. Favorite thing about Harry?

8. Favorite thing about Liam?

9. Favorite thing about Louis?

10. Favorite Bromance and why?

11. What One Direction quote do you use the most?

12. Favorite song off the album?

13. What one member would you love to be for a day?

14. If you were your favorite member for a day, what would you do?

15. Favorite Video Diary?

16. Favorite cover on The X Factor?

17. What would you do if they decided to split up?

18. How long have you been a fan?

19. 1D member you ship yourself with?

20. Initial thoughts on One Direction when you first discovered them?

21. Favourite personality trait about each member?

22. Favourite physical feature of each member?

23. Something you love about this fandom?

24. Something you hate about this fandom?

25. Favourite song off of Up All Night?

26. Favourite 1D quote?

27. Do you own any 1D merch? If so, what?

28. 1D member you think you’re most like?

29. Favourite One Direction group picture?

30. Favourite picture of Louis?

31. Favourite picture of Niall?

32. Favourite Picture of Harry?

33. Favourite Picture of Liam?

34. How you dream of meeting One Direction?

35. How long have you been a fan for?

36. Would you rather spend a day with all four or a week with just one?

37. Do you ever dress like them? 

38. What’s the top played song the boys have ever sung?

39. What would your reaction be if you met them? 

40. Have you ever been to a concert? 

41. Approximately how many pictures/gifs of them do you have saved on your computer? 

42. What’s the first piece of 1D merchandise you’ve ever bought?

43. What is your favourite music video? 

44. Who do you think has the best hair? 

45. Who do you think will be married first?

46. Who do you think will be married last? 

47. What made you cry the most during A Year in the Making? 

48. When was the last time you seriously cried over the boys?

49. On a scale from 1-100, how troubled do your friends and family think you are? 

50. What would you give up just to meet the boys? 

51. Do you often get yelled at by your parents over the boys?

52. How do you handle it when someone says something incredibly rude about the boys? 

53. Have you or do you know anyone who has been to one of the boys hometowns? 

54. Have you ever been to a signing?

55. Do you own anything identical to something one of the boys have?

56. When was the last time you told someone off after they’ve been blatantly rude about One Direction or one of the boys? 

57. How many really good friends have you made, because of One Direction? 

58. What is your favourite interview One Direction has ever done? 

59. Has any of the boys followed you on Twitter? 

60. Has any of the boys friends or relatives followed, RT’d, or responded to you on Twitter? 

61. Was there ever a time where you were so close to the boys, but weren’t able to go see them? 

62. Do you ever think you’ll meet them?

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??? or maybe he doesnt wanna do this whole thing publicly because he saw what happened with louis lmao its fucked up saying that he isnt excited about his own kid

“or maybe he doesnt wanna do this whole thing publicly because he saw what happened with louis”

… do you think babygate is real and if so why on earth are you following me?

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Do you think that people will forget haylor, hendall on H's part and dad thing on L's part in some other way then?

why do they NEED to be forgotten to change someone’s image?  Let’s start with Louis- he gets a pat test, oh hey not a dad.  done.  

Why do we need to hide Haylor and Hendall for Harry to be taken seriously?  He dated them in the past, it’s over.  oh hey, did you see this cool new film harry’s in where he’s super great? and wow this new album is awesome.  you knwo who’s a really nice guy? that Harry Styles.  he’s always in the papers for doing something great.  

Why Louis’ current rebranding is more effective and less harmful than you think

We all know it is vital that for 1D to have any sort of a future, they need to appeal to a more adult market. What’s the best way of doing that? Make them seem like adults. It’s pretty simple right. 

Sure, you say, but why do they have to push straight partyboy Louis? How is that helping anyone? Well, let me tell you. 

Straight partyboy Louis is, despite what the fandom thinks, the most innocuous, forgettable image that you can push on a young white male celebrity. Adults don’t really give a fuck that a 23 year old boybander is out partying and picking up girls. It’s a non-story and anyone who has been 23 knows it’s pretty standard tame behaviour. He’s not getting arrested, he’s not shooting up, he’s not using prostitutes or doing anything scandalous that would make adults sit up and take note. And whilst it feels to us that they are pushing the het thing really hard, remember that for most people heterosexuality is so much the norm that it doesn’t register. They won’t read these articles and go, oh my gosh, he must be straight, that is big, fundamental information I shall retain and never let go of, they will just go, meh, he’s normal, whatever. Or if they’re smart they will just point out that he is gay and this is PR.

My point is that these kinds of articles are the best way for his name to be in the papers, giving just enough of a sorry excuse for a story that they can print his name in non-1D contexts, without adults getting too suspicious that something is afoot, because the stories themselves are pretty dull. These are the stories people will skim past, shrug off, claim they don’t care about or that they are unshocked by…

BUT - and here is what matters - they will also subconsciously incorporate the name of Louis Tomlinson into their mental catalogue of adult celebrities. Skim past enough half-arsed stories about Louis Tomlinson and eventually, without even trying you will have an idea of him doing things that adults do. No more “One Direction, aren’t they like 16?” because no, somewhere in your mind you associate them with alcohol and clubbing and the use of drugs being non-shocking, so, your brain does the work quietly in the background and concludes, they must be adults.

Side bonus point - these sort of articles can actually prompt people to defend Louis Tomlinson as being an adult. Literally, they are provoking the public to actively assert that Louis is in fact an adult. 

Go check the comments on the article if you don’t believe me. Pay attention not just to what is being said, but to the number of likes and dislikes for each comment. E.g. “ He’s in his early 20’s, doing what people in their early 20’s do…leave him alone!” gets 1630 likes and only 179 dislikes. “He’s a role model to kids… needs to buck his ideas up” gets only 70 likes but 209 dislikes!

Happy days. The times they are a’changing…

What Larries think: Louis is in a committed, healthy relationship with someone who he loves and loves him back, who he respects and respects him back, and has been for over five years. Their families are united, they all get along beautifully. They’re talented, inspiring people that are forced to do things and go through situations that they would never do or go through by choice, by people who have been proven to be evil time and again. Eventually, soon, they’ll be free of that.

What antis think: Louis cheated on Hannah with Eleanor after ignoring her for months. Then, just a few weeks later, went public with Eleanor who he used for promo for their first album and single, at the same time as he deemed their relationship ‘more casual than dating’ for the world to hear for months. He queerbaited fans with his best friend, making innuendo jokes and talking about the two of them being a couple for two years because he found it funny, but the minute he realised fans had started believing it to be true, he got upset and started insulting fans and ditched said best friend, for fear that people would continue to think he’s not straight. He considers the idea of him supporting the queer community ‘laughable’, but he’s a coward who can only speak his mind about these things on Twitter and avoids the subject when he’s prompted to answer on video. He cheated on Eleanor with Briana, got her pregnant but left her before the baby was born and never acknowledged their relationship at all. In the meantime he took several girls back home with him and had parties in his hotel room. Within weeks of his and Briana’s break up he went public with Danielle. After that, he ditched pregnant Briana and never, once, travelled to see her. Choosing to spend his time doing basically anything but that. He looked dead inside whenever he was asked about his unborn child and eventually blacklisted the question. He’s got the most limited custody in the world but doesn’t give a fuck (no court would EVER agree on this kind of custody, all he’d have to do is threaten with a lawyer) and chooses to leave his child behind for weeks at a time, and four months after his child was born, he still has never acknowledged his baby’s mum exists.

Things I Need to Ask Louis

-pancakes or waffles??
-why did you used to tie your hoodie strings together ?? Do you still do this ?? Can you demonstrate ??
-what’s your favorite cereal(s) and why ??
-hot or cold ?
-spicy or hot?
-sweet or sour?
-scruff or no scruff ?
-why didn’t you bring back the cinnamon swirl hair ?
-do you like cinnamon rolls?
-save me

Can I ask a question? Why are we happy there’s an increase in Louis het girls? Why do people seem ok that there’s a part of the fandom that now views Louis as a womanizer? This is literally the last thing that should have happened. I remember when this shit started saying if they weren’t careful that’s the image he would get. I can’t tell you how many people said I was overreacting. Now you are embracing it? The fact that we are basically getting Harry 2.0? Do you see the amount of work that has gone into changing Harry’s image? It’s been like moving a mountain. Do you really want that for Louis?


lost my senses (i’m defenceless)

author: donnyslouis

word count: 13, 321

summary: “You are so infuriating, you know that?” Golden Orchid says, frowning. “Why do you do half of the things you do?”

Louis just smirks and shrugs. He seems to do that a lot around him. “S'fun. Gets your attention. Gives me a rush. A thrill.”

-the one where louis’s a technology genius who uses his powers for bad instead of good and somehow doesn’t know his enemy is also his roommate.-