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"where you off to so early?" you ask regarding louis selfie ..i say lilo morning run...;-) this girl can dream...

The Official Super Dads Fitness Club 2017 - LA Edition 

Founder: Liam Payne

Coerced participant: Louis Tomlinson

(No new members are being accepted at this time)


i’ve been laughing for like 5 years 

@ larries you tonight, reach yet a new low. Walking around and announcing that hating a baby is ok because ‘well everyone should be criticized’ (which what an absolute bullshit thing to say). These same Larries have gotten pissed off because they were told that they and their hate/shipping cult care not at all for Louis and what he wants or makes him happy (or Harry but this post is about Louis.)

Does Louis seem like the guy that would be OK with hating on a child? You say you care about Louis but does the louis you care about look like this:

or this:

or this:

Or this:

or this:



If the Louis you claim to care about is the one you see in the photos then you must also acknowledge that the same Louis in those photos are in these:

(hugging Niall)

(Kissing the top of his girlfriends head)

(carrying his newborn son out of a doctors office)

And last but not least:

Cradling his newborn son close to his chest and gazing down lovingly at him.

You can not hate on this baby boy: Freddie Reign Tomlinson

His SON, if you gave a shit about what Louis wanted or what made him happy. He loves Freddie, he has asked that you at least be respectful of Freddie yet you have announced that you have every right to hate his son. 

So Larries. You can not hate Freddie and love Louis. You can not call Freddie names and turn around and call yourself a fan of his father Louis Tomlinson. You either hate this child and Louis  or you love Louis and at the very least RESPECT his child. There isn’t any room in between.

Make up your mind because someone who would hate on a child isn’t a fan Louis would ever want.

me, minding my own business: :)

my brain: hey just in case you forgot Harry wrote a song where he said he was tired of feeling alone and Louis later co-wrote a song where he said you’ll never feel like you’re alone, I’ll make this feel like home

me: ………….  (╯ʘ‿ʘ)╯︵ ┻━┻

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hello, do you have any fics where louis is insecure? or just shy? I need soft louis, thankss

Insecure/Shy Louis Fics

more fics

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HL where Louis gives Harry a lapdance to Shape of You THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

Hearing Ed’s voice doesn’t make Louis feel particularly rowdy or anything. That would be odd, considering how close they are and how often they’ve stayed at Ed’s house, jamming the night away as most of the time, merely looking at Harry and Louis was enough to write some of his new songs.

(Okay, Louis knows the pair of them are disgusting, but you have to admit that it has some perks sometimes.)

It’s just… They inspired some of his songs, and the lyrics have always been touching and raw and descriptive in a way that Louis himself still hasn’t quite managed and is immensely jealous of, no matter how confident he is in his own songwriting abilities. They’re used to Ed hitting them right where it hurts. It doesn’t cut as deep anymore, but they’ve come to expect it. 

This new song, however? Not so much. 

“Do you think he based this one off of us, too?” Harry’s voice sounds from far away as the beats echo through their living room, the bass unmistakably drumming in their ears, heavy in just the right way. Louis can’t help but sway along to the rhythm, can’t help his body from following the beat. 

“Harold. Are you listening to these lyrics?” Louis says indignantly, stilling in his movements.

“Do I have ears?” Harry’s met with a blank stare, and he shrugs, adding, “The answer is yes, Lou.”

“And when exactly did we meet at a bar for the first time?” Louis asks patiently, raising his eyebrows.


“So do you think this is based on us?”

“… I mean,” Harry starts, and Louis throws him another one of his looks, inching closer until their feet touch. The song starts over, right from the beginning, and Harry scrunches his nose together, this time paying attention to the lyrics.

“What if this was us, though? You walking up to me in a bar with that bloody smirk on your face?”

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Top 10 Oneshots of 2016

To the Ends of the Earth by stylinsoncity
During a yearlong hiatus, Louis visits Harry at his cabin in Idaho, where long-buried feelings ignite like the fire keeping them warm.

Something Great by infinitelymint
In which a coincidence, instagram, a party, a piano and a planned coming out all come together to make two people fall in love. As it happens, it turns out to be a rather effective combination.or, Louis is a student and Harry is the mega-famous singer that happens to post a photo with Louis in the background. Together they kind of break the internet.

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Blogmas 4; A Very, Very, Merry Christmas.

What about a Christmas one with Louis where your really pregnant and it’s snowing and Johanna helps you give birth in the house with Louis on Christmas Day

I absolutely adored writing this one. Especially in the light of our darling second-mother, Johannah. 

I changed and tweaked the request up a tiny, little so it’s not going to be on Christmas Day but it’ll be a week or so before; but it follows the general gist of the request sent in. Thank you to to Anon who sent this in - it’s a wonderful little something.  

This story doesn’t link up with the Louis storyline I’ve got for his writing, but, it’s just a sweet little one-off something to make it Christmas-y.

Enjoy. xx

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Louis’ hand.

I forgot about this angle of the dancing video from October 2011, and I am having a hard time surviving right now.

Harry guzzling champagne while Louis’ hand rests gently on his hip.

And here’s where Louis comes up behind Harry. You can see him reach out and put his hand on the small of Harry’s back…

And finally, the conga line lead by James Corden with Louis behind Harry, a steady hand on Harry’s hip…

harry: [comes downstairs in his furry coat]

louis: harry where are you there’s a big hairy beast in our house

harry: it’s me i’m harry

louis: it talks and is pretending to be you

harry: c’mon baby

louis: and appears to have a penchant for pet names