louis was like whoa

I look at pictures of Louis and I’m like whoa wtf he’s so fucking pretty how is this possible? He’s literally the most gorgeous human being I have ever seen. Then I see pictures of Harry and think the exact same thing. Then I see pictures of them together and it blows my mind.

...But we can’t.

Have the Zouis fandom really talked about those rare moments where Zouis have been caught almost doing something, but then realizing they shouldn’t?

I’ve noticed that not many of these moments have been made into GIFs, which makes this post more difficult. Somtimes even the videos have been taken down and can’t be found again. But still, I just thought it could be fun to take a look at, or at least talk about it. No overanalyzing, just some fangirl reaching. ;)


I want to rest my head against your shoulder, but I can’t.

Right after this, after looking into the camera, Louis moves his head away again. Like he realizes they are being too affectionate.

I want to tell you something, but I can’t.

I can’t believe there aren’t any gifs of this whole part. Because first of all, I think Zayn is grabbing Louis butt, and then Louis goes in to whisper something to Zayn but stops himself because it’s probably something he can’t say (he looks into the camera and stops). I would have made a gif myself, but I can’t find the video. It’s an interview from summer 2012… Anyone have the video? I’ve had it, but lost it… :/

I want to hug you, but I can’t.

Do you see how Louis actually moves his arm in the way of Zayn. Also he tilts his head awway from Zayn. I don’t know why, and of course there are hugs that aren’t like this. But I thought I should mention it.

Because even when they do hug, it’s mostly sidehugs.

This is the realest thing we’ve gotten since the “lift me up” hugs. And even this is mostly a sidehug. (nothing wrong with that though)

Anyone notice how Louis always try to keep his hand tied up? So he won’t do anything weird?

Also in this one. Notice how Zouis go for eachother, zayn putting his hand on Louis stomach… Though I guess they’re just too far away.

Here Zayn is holding Louis’ mic, but in a rather private area. We can see Louis thinking about grabbing it.

Here Liam has noticed the struggle and comes to help. Why he can and Louis can’t I don’t know. Even though Louis ends up doing it anyway in the end. (Also this is the interview where Zouis denied being in a relationship together.)

I want to touch you but I can’t.

This one… I mean, look at Zayn smiling and lifting his arm. I think he wants to ruffle Louis’ hair, because we know he likes doing that. But in the end he stops himself. But why?

I want to kiss you, but I can’t.

This one… I mean wow. I’m not even being biased when I say it looks like Zayn is trying to kiss Lou. And Louis is all “Whoa, remember where we are Zayn.“ Zayn seriously has a “Oh, right” face after.

JUST LOOK AT IT! ONE MORE TIME! He’s going in for it. On the mouth!!

I mean obviously Zouis are super touchy-feely all the time, I just thought these moments were quite interesting. :) If anyone want to talk about material for angst.

BONUS NIALL 1: Worrying Zouis will do something too obvious in front of the camera.

BONUS NIALL 2: Hiding Zouis before they do something. King of distraction.

Seriously, Zouis squad! We should talk about this!! ;) <3

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