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Suga Update

I haven’t updated you ladies in a hot minute about what’s been going on in the hustle..for a few reasons such as bad juju after I made posts. The past few months have been hectic and I wasn’t hustling as hard BUT as of today I’m officially done with college a semester early yay! In any case, I’m going to tell ya’ll about this new POT and my day today. Lets call him Jet. Disclaimer: I ramble a lot in this post. 

I met him on Tinder. Our first date was incredibly brief, but nice. I was in the city and we figured we would meet quickly over coffee. Today we met at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. A little bit about him he is Indian, just shy of 40, and works as an investment banker on Wall Street. He describes himself as going “all the way” because he hustled to get into the best school in India, finished in the top of his class, and then came to America to get his MBA at an ivy, and then now works in Wall Street. He was so kind and rich with compliments.  At one point he grabs my hand and is like “What am I getting you for your graduation gift?” I laughed. “You’re putting me on the spot.” He tells me that I should think about what I want and the next time we see each other we will go shopping and he will get me my gift, “whatever I want”. He mentioned this over text too that I need to be gifted. (My tabs are open atm to LV I need a new wallet this is not a drill. I’m no longer shy about this shit I’m just going to say I need a new wallet, I’ve been wanting this one from LV it is $500 would that be okay?). He also does admission interviews for his alma matter and since I’m applying to law school he gave me A LOT of helpful tips on what admissions officers look for.

After the date we went to whole foods bc he thought I should have food for the train. I felt bad making him wait as I looked through all the cooked food and took my sweet time but he didn’t mind and after I got so much shit, basically went grocery shopping in this bitch he said, “That’s all? Are you sure?” I feel like the key is never to seem overly excited or in awe by their gestures. I just bat my lashes, smile and say “Thank you.” Like I feel like its easy to be in such awe when handed allowance for example but I think it’s best to give an appreciative smile say thanks and move on, almost unphased. Or to act like high class shit is normalcy. I got gifted a ring for Christmas that looks like an engagement ring I mean that’s basically what it is. When he complimented how “beautiful” my finger looked with my tattoo and the ring I looked at the ring, smiled, and said, “Oh this? It was a gift.” and moved on. I specifically wore that today so he knows I don’t play NO games *JoAnne voice*. I love to throw in a couple pieces in a simple outfit that just look classy. My three today were the diamond ring, this really dainty diamond necklace and this scarf from Saudi Arabia with a gold trim on the bottom. I was wearing a sweater dress, tights and thigh high boots. My whole outfit was like 30$ (minus my coat) but the added pieces just make you look like a subtle expensive bitch.

He did everything he could to just touch me or hold my hand towards the end of the date. Fixing my hair in the wind etc. I hate holding hands unless I’m like in love with a person, is that strange? I’m just so weird about being touched. So I had to bite my tongue when he said “Give me your hand” and played with my fingers and kissed my hand. He said “give me your hand” three times. He gave me “transportation cash” which was wellll over the cost of transportation which I was happy about. Shortly after we parted, he texted me compliments and that next time he’s not letting me leave so soon. He keeps texting how much he’s into me. His most recent text included “maybe some cuddles and kisses thrown in between too :)” I jump with glee when guys are bold with these statements because it gives me more incentive to be bold as fuck with opening my mouth and asking for things I want.  “Cuddles and kisses” will surely come..when my bank account is happy. I used to be scared to ask for shit but bet Imma have this Louis wallet in 2 weeks time. Speaking that into existence LOL.

But definitley looking forward to where this goes. I love men who drool over you bc even though it can seem annoying or obsessive those are the ones who will give you what you want, so long as you keep them on their toes.

alksjklajs i’m foken dying here you guys, yall Know Your Shit and i knew you’d make the right choice…

here’s my Verdict: vivic had the pink samsung when he was 15, at which point his alignment was Lawful Good, but then the razor came out when he was 17, coincidentally as his alignment shifted to Chaotic Good. a perfect match. he not only got the hot pink razor but had it bedazzled, then ordered a personalized mini maccachin charm to go with it. he got a louis vuitton phone wallet as a gift and loved it. people could see victor’s phone before he even walked through the door.

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prompt: mikaelson family holiday. with the boyfriends (Lucien and Enzo) and girlfriends of course (kat, bon and caroline)

A/N: Super, super late entry for Mikaelson day of 25 days of Klaroline (heads up most of my entries are proably gonna be days late “Why?” you ask beacuse I’m a mess that’s why).

Also my sincere apologies to the anon who sent this prompt to me years ago.

Thank you to @purestheartslove  a wonderful beta who I am extremly gratefulul for.x.

Katherine & Elijah

“Katerina, are you planning on taking that entire bag of shoes with us on vacation?” Elijah queried, edging cautiously in Katherine’s direction.

Katherine turned her head ever so slightly toward him, arching a perfectly plucked eyebrow in response.

“Yes… and?”

“You are aware that Niklaus and Caroline have invited us on a skiing expedition?”

“Is there a point you’re trying to make here ‘Lijah?” Katherine asked with a bored expression.

“I’m simply bemused as to why you feel the need to pack such excessive amounts of… footwear for one trip. To a place where we’ll be surrounded by snow no less,”

“Don’t be silly, Elijah. I have no intention of wading around in the snow, in £1000 boots. These-” she said holding up a pair of gold, strappy, heels. “-are for the cool nightclubs the place is bound to have scattered about,”

“I hope you’re not thinking of dragging me along with you,” Elijah asked wearily, taking down his suitcase from the shelf and unzipping it.

Katherine smirked and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

“If you’d only loosen up and have fun once in awhile-”

“I have plenty of fun, I’ll have you know,” he sniffed.

“Ah yes, afternoon tea at the ivory,” Katherine mocked, in an overly exaggerated British accent. “Is that your idea of fun?”

“Ignoring your crass attempt at mocking me,” Elijah began. “I would ask you as kindly as possible to refrain from over packing your belongings this time around, dearest. We wouldn’t want a repeat performance of the last… incident.”

“Alright, first of all, I don’t know what that bitch at the check in desk was thinking but I was nowhere near overweight. Just because her pathetic flight attendant salary isn’t enough to buy her a Louis V wallet, much less a luggage set! I’m telling you, Elijah, she had it out for me,” Katherine hissed.

“Yes dear, but just in case hmm?” he hummed, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

Katherine huffed irritably before her pout curled up into a devious smirk.

“Are you looking forward to joining the mile high club?” she asked suggestively.

Elijah sighed.


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