louis waddling

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(Low key sure the 'Louis waddling' thing is just bc when he walks sometimes he waddles and it's just super adorable but idk)

Same, he has booty to support, it makes him a lil unbalanced sometimes, it’s so cute the way he walks sometimes I love my son


Your Water Breaks

Harry *Your POV*: I guess it wasn’t a very good idea to take a bath today. How was I suppose to know that my water would break while I was in the tub and Harry was at the store?! It was a struggle to get up but I finally managed to get my robe on and call Harry. “Hiiiiii, sorry I couldn’t get you but if you leave a-“ “Styles I’m going to kill you!” I shouted as I dialed the next person’s number. “Gemma! It’s (Y/N)!” I yelled into the phone. “Hey, love, what’s up?” she asked. “My water just broke and Harry’s at the store and he’s not answering and-“ “WHAT?! I’ll kick his ass! Mom! We need to get (Y/N) to the hospital!” I heard her call out. “Hold on, babe, we’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Ten if I drive.” I chuckled nervously and thanked her before hanging up the phone. I walked out of the room and carefully changed into my sweats before waddling down the stairs just as Harry walked casually into the house. “Why isn’t your phone on?! “ I yelled at him frantically. “Never mind, my water broke!” He dropped the bags and froze for a second before running over to my side. “Oh my god I’m such an idiot let’s get you to the car” he said letting go of me so he could run upstairs and get the hospital bag. “You better call your mother and tell her you’re here” I told him. “Oh and be careful because I called Gemma a few minutes ago and pretty sure she’s gonna beat you when we get to the hospital.” “Yeah well I’m sure to her beatings by now” he joked grabbing my hand. “Let’s go have ourself a baby.”

Niall *His POV*: I was watching the game in the living room while (Y/N) was upstairs taking a nap. Poor thing must be so exhausted being almost a week overdue. I was about to get up and go make a sandwich when I heard (Y/N) calling me from upstairs. I began walking towards the stairs but my pace quickly got faster and faster as I heard her calling getting louder. “What, babe, what is it?!” I asked frantically as I barged into our room. She was standing up soaked in water from the waist down with a horrified look on her face. “Niall, I think the baby’s are coming” she said holding her stomach. My eyes widened and I started bouncing in my place. “Really?! My boys are coming?!” I asked excitedly. She nodded walking over to her dresser looking for the hospital bag. “Okay um, I’ll go call the cab and get the stuff in the car” I told her grabbing the bag from her. “You get changed okay?” She nodded again and I was about to walk out of the room when her small voice called me back. “Niall…..I’m scared” she mumbled with a nervous expression on her face. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. “Why, baby, I thought you were excited?” I asked. “I am” she replied instantly. “I’m so happy but…I’m just scared if something goes wrong,” I squeezed her hand gently. “I’ll be right by your side holding your hand the whole time okay? And you just feel free to break it from holding on so tight alright?” She smiled and nodded leaning up to peck my lips. “Let’s go have our babies.”

Liam *3rd Person POV*: You were at home lying on the couch watching TV like you have been doing the past few days. Your mother was over to watch you incase anything happened while Liam was at work. It was half past noon and suddenly you felt a weird feeling in your lower tummy. “Hey, mom, could you get me my tea from the kitchen please?” you asked her. “Of course, sweetie” she smiled getting up. You groaned feeling another pain in your stomach before the couch suddenly felt wet. “Uh oh…” you muttered seeing the wet spot in your pants. “Mom! Forget the tea my water just broke!” you screamed panicked as she rushed back to you. “Oh my gosh really?!” You nodded struggling to get off the couch. “The baby bag is in the closet. You get that and I’ll call Liam.” Meanwhile, your husband was currently in the middle of a press conference with the boys on the other side of the city. “Harry, what can we expect on the upcoming album?” an interviewer asked him. His foot tapped nervously wanting to finish this up and get home to you quicker. He didn’t like being so far away especially when you’re overdue. Suddenly, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He saw he had a miss call and a text message both from you. He opened the text dropping the phone on the floor in shock. “The baby’s coming” he mumbled before turning to Zayn. “The baby’s coming!” he shouted standing up and running off the stage. It took a minute for them to realize what was happening before they all took off after him completely forgetting about the interview.

Louis *Your POV*: It’s his first game he’s playing in, in months and I didn’t want to miss it. Everything was okay so far but I had a feeling that something was wrong. “Are you okay?” Harry’s wife asked me. Her and Harry had picked me up earlier to bring me to Louis’s football match. “Yeah, just feel a bit off” I told her. “Well, you are a bit overdue. You sure you don’t want us to take you home?” Just as she said that, I felt a weird sensation and heard a ‘sloshy’ sound. “Uh…..”I stammered putting my hands on my stomach. “Actually, I think you might need to take me to the hospital.” Her eyes bulged. “Oh my god are you serious?!” she squealed as I nodded my head. “Harry!!” she screamed turning to her husband startling him. “(Y/N), water broke!!” He looked like he was about to pass out. “Oh my god! Okay, let’s go!” Thankfully, we were sitting near the front so it wasn’t hard to get through everyone and down onto the sidelines. “Wait! I have to get Louis!” I screeched waddling back to the field where my husband was playing. (H/W/N) and I stood on the sidelines while Harry went to go tell his coach. I kept looking for Louis and when I finally saw him, he happened to glance my way. I started waving my hands frantically but he just waved back thinking I was cheering for him. “No!” I groaned pointing to my belly. His eyes widened and he immediately started running towards us confusing everyone watching. “Wait, what about the game?” I asked as he pulled me towards the exit. “Fuck the game we’re about to have a baby!”

Zayn *His POV*: I was still up watching TV while (Y/N) was sleeping peacefully besides me. I chuckled watching her large belly poking out from her night shirt slowly moving up and down from her breathing. It’s good that she’s finally getting more rest. She must be so uncomfortable since she’s due any day now. I continued flipping though channels trying to find something good to watch when something suddenly felt weird in the bed. My hands grabbed the sheet pulling it back and my eyes widened while I jumped off the bed. “(Y/N)!” She groaned opening her eyes. “What, Zayn?” she asked in a sleepy voice obviously unaware of what just happened. “Your um thing…your thingy it…Your water broke!” She pulled the sheets off and sat up seeing the puddle of water around her. “Oh, so I wasn’t dreaming about swimming” she giggled. “How are you making jokes?! Your water just broke! The baby’s coming! The baby’s……oh my god the baby’s coming” I said steadying myself against the wall suddenly feeling faint. “Holy shit I’m gonna be a dad.” She was already up grabbing the hospital bag we packed and grabbing some extra clothes while I was over hear nearly having a panic attack. “You coming?” she chuckled putting her hand on my shoulder. “I just…..We’re having a baby.” She looked worried seeing my blank expression. “We’re having a baby!” I cheered hugging her tightly. “Um I love your hugs, babe, but we should probably get going.” I laughed and pecked her lips before running out the door with her.


I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out. But in the top pic, the person believed to be Louis seems to be doing the wide gait walk aka the Louis waddle. So, not only do the sizes and clothing of the two people in the top pic fit Harry and Louis, but the post-sexy-time-Louis-strut seems to fit as well. Just thought I’d throw that out there. ;)))

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Well it was a little while since they last saw each other, so things got extra, um… enthusiastic.

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Ok yeah pregnant Harry would be cute but like... Pregnant Louis would be 1000000x cuter. Harry making stupid jokes about being a baker and putting a bun in his babe's oven, Louis waddling around with his big round tummy glowing like a white dwarf, Harry being protective and adorable the way he gets around pregnant women, and not to mention the way it'll make Louis' bum and hips and thighs even bigger. And imagine him afterward with post-baby chub... I need to sit down, it's too cute...

Fuck you.


Honestly I don’t mean it. Please don’t take this the wrong way. Just it’s too perfect