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Labor Day Travel Essentials

What every guy should pack for the long weekend ahead

Who’s looking forward to the three-day weekend? We sure are! Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of school, and kicks off football season. So, before the weather starts to cool off and you head back to the grind, take advantage of the holiday weekend and spend your time outdoors.

In preparation for the long weekend ahead, take note of these Labor Day travel essentials and stock up on the ones you need today! Click the pic to see which brands we love.

1) The Perfect Carryall

2) Be Shady

3) Stay Organized

4) Smell Fresh

5) Slip it On

Where are you taking off to this holiday weekend?

  Fourteen: Back to His Basics

 “Jermaine stop!” LaToya’s voice rung throughout the hotel room, as the two of them sat on the couch inside the living room. Instead of the two of them going out for the “surprise” he had planned, Jermaine decided they’ll chill at the room, eat pizza, and watch some television. Right now was something like his vacation. Once he hit Miami there was work that had to be done and he knew that, so right now he was taken the advantage.

“What’s the magic word?” His hand continued to rub over the sensitive skin of her thigh. The area that she was the ticklish in.

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Chapter 95: Opening Night (Part 1)

Jermaine pulled off his Dreamville fitted cap as he lazily dragged into the darkness of his home. Without a second thought, he dropped his Louis Vuitton Damier Duffle Bag in the hall, near the door, and he locked it behind himself. He cleared his throat as he walked through the first floor and headed toward the kitchen. He flipped on the light as soon as he was within arms length of it and his first stop was the refrigerator. As he opened the stainless steel door, he tossed his cap up on the island, and he turned around to search for something to satisfy his growling stomach. He stared at the cartons of eggs and shook his head. His thoughts of his lack of cooking skills tossed the idea of cooking bacon and eggs out of the window. His eyes lit up when he noticed the lasagna pan sitting at the bottom of the refrigerator and he immediately grabbed it and allowed the door to close on it’s own. Once he sat the pan down on the island, he noticed a Post It note sitting on the top if it and he dropped his head down a little lower to read it. 

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