At LAX Airport | Los Angeles, CA | May 2, 2015

Louis Vuitton ‘Celebrating Monogram Christian Louboutin Shopping Bag’ - $5150.00

Photographed leaving LAX Airport and on her way to Tokyo’s Narita for the start of the 1989 World Tour, Taylor toted a brand new Louis Vuitton bag — an exciting development in terms of Taylor’s taste in accessories! 

In tribute to Louboutin’s signature red sole, the back of this bag features a bright red surprise backpanel as well as tributes to the brand’s studs and bows.

Though I’m excited for the new addition of the bag, I’m not crazy about its styling to this particular outfit. I personally think LV shines best when used to dress up an outfit. A classic pair of soft-washed jeans, nude pumps and a tucked in white oxford button-up shirt would have been my personal outfit preference. 

What do you guys think of Taylor’s Louis Vuitton bag?