louis vuiton bag

anonymous asked:

Every time I see a picture of Yoongi with his Louis Vuiton duffle bag standing next to Jimin I always picture him waking Jimin up in the middle of the night and telling him they are running away together and he's got money in the bag they can live off of.

jimin feels a hand brushing over his hair softly and lips kissing his forehead

“hyung.. what are you doing in your coat? its 3am”

“get in the car, baby.”

“what? why?” jimin says, sitting up and noticing the duffel bag full with underwear and toothbrushes packed, dollar pills crammed between them.

“i got it. the last of the loan paid back. we can go now!” yoongi says excitedly, holding jimins hands

“go where?”

“where we can finally be together”

jimin stares into yoongi’s eyes, soft smile playing on his lips as he reaches for his shoes 

“then what are we waiting for?”