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From the series 1D COINCIDENCES… Zouis blocking 1D trolls

This moron on Twitter, @bradtheladlong, likes to send stupid nasty tweets to the boys. On Sunday he sent this one below to Zayn (i don’t know if there are more cause he deleted some tweets).

So, first Zayn blocked him yesterday:

And thee hours later, Louis blocked him too:


The best part is that Rodger, The Evil Twin, had a very important job in these two blocks.

Well done boys.

anonymous asked:

ok so this new public Louis. to attract new fans. Larries believe L & H are together, but new public Louis is offering NO hints to that. To outsiders he is st8 lad, getting on with his life after break of LTR with girlfriend. We have hook-up shots, non larries do not doubt they are legit. Het Louis fans believe 'I am in fact st8'. Louis is playing along with this new narrative. In Manchester there are loads cool gay/mixed clubs; why not go there? The more I see, I am convinced Louis 1/2

2/2 Louis is in denial about his sexuality? he is presenting this very laddish bro persona. If you look back at early Louis, even his voice has altered, he uses more slang now and is actually even more Yorkshire, I feel this is media training to a degree, to mask the ‘flamboyance’ but even though I am gay myself & believe Louis is, he does not seem to be giving indications that he wants to be out. To outsiders he is a bit naff, a bit of a lad. as seen on comments on any press reports


It really baffles me that this ask is coming from a queer person but said queer person is unable to see that Louis is proud of who he is. No offense but you are either new or we’re following 2 different stories here.

Yes, that is undeniable that he got media training but it’s really woow. I don’t know what to say, you’re sending me an ask about him not being flamboyant and controlling himself in April 2015 when he’s the most flamboyant I’ve seen him since the iron closeting started. I have collected tongs of gifs for months now, all showing how flamboyant he stayed and he truly IS.

This was 2 days ago?? And look at that delicate wrist. He did it with fans, while fans were present. Not flamboyant enough?

Let’s go one by one.

1) I’m not here to convince you they’re together, I made several posts, if you’re still not convinced, then there’s no point starting to convince you now. My entire blog is dedicated to them, I have a tag list here, feel free to check it out.

2) saying that Louis is not fighting his closet and doesn’t want to be out is really triggering something very evil in me. Like.. he did everything in his power to rebel against the Elouno narrative, and I don’t want to be rude again, but there’s several posts and pictures you can find, you really don’t need to dig deep. Louis doesn’t want to be out: again, you really don’t need to dig deep to find gay beach shirt, he wore it twice, rainbow shirts, him communicating and waving to Rainbow Direction participants and come on he wore that rainbow Apple t-shirt with the proudest face. And if he doesn’t want to be out then maybe he should stop 

  • taking pictures of being stuck in a closet
  • rebelling against anything Eleanor
  • proudly sharing 6 sets of complementary tattoos with Harry
  • all the gay innuendos
  • “I need you here with me now because you’ve got that big dick”
  • “He’s the best I’ve ever had”
  • “Early bird gets the worm/wood-on”
  • “Trying to walk”
  • “It pummelled into me”
  • “So between me and Louis who is in front and who is behind?” “I think we kind of share that really
  • He owns a shirt promoting a well known gay beach. Wore it twice.
  • ”I think I’d struggle handling him at night”
  • [Liam] “You’re a creamy mess!” [Louis] “Say that again?
  • ”Harry showed Louis a pair of handcuffs and he responded with “later”
  • “I gave him it”
  • [Liam] “Harry are you good with your hands?” [Louis] “Really good!”
  • “Harry’s getting head” followed by a smirk and a lick of the lips.
  • Louis put his doll on its knees and leaned over to show Harry.
  • “Internal friction…”[Interviewer] 
  • “We’re going to find you some balls in a minute” [Louis] “He does that too”
  • [Harry]: Bring me a horse. [Louis]: He’s got one.
  • Louis’ coughing fit when Harry’s looking for someone.
  • then I settled down
  • Always in my heart. and then the twitter follow when the tweet disappeared
  • Larry Twitter follows.
  • and a ton of other quotes, body language and outings.

3) Louis’ sexuality: it’s plain rude to say he is not proud of who he is. He.has.a.triangle.tattooed.on.his.ankle.

4) The whole point of building his name is to give him an image, not as boyfriend of Harry Styles, but as Louis Tomlinson, so when they come out which will be no surprise for anyone in this world, he can be himself and not the shadow of Harry.

5) I’m just LOL’-ing on people believing he is straight. It’s.. wow.. I’m speechless that we have to discuss it.

People are not blind and not stupid. Outsiders know that when someone is unable to get rid of gay rumors - and the press sure hinted on this that years passed and he’s still unable to get rid of gay rumors surrounding him -  that rumor is there for a reason. You cannot judge this by checking comments on Perez, MTV and whatever sites sent anonymously by people who supported Elounor.  The BS2.0 really raised red flags in people and after that he was more out of the closet than before. There’s a saying “those closest to the closet door protest the loudest”. Louis being gay is being more widely discussed outside of our fandom than ever before.

Just a few tweets I saved:

6) we have hook up shots: are you referring that kiss or non kiss that had -451 chemistry? All I can say is that I saw hook up shots where the actors really did everything to make me believe something happened. Louis didn’t do shit.

Longass ask answer bc I’m stupid


If the Midnight Cinderella boys had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?”

I got carried away >.> this is ridiculously long, I seriously apologise to the person who asked. 

 Anyway, here we go, huehuehuehue… Just some ideas, and collating the answers for each character together to make it more organised ;) this is assuming that they’re with and/or like the MC, including her as a potential followed blog bc I want to ahahaha :D

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If you need a laugh, today: Louis CK trolls Donald Rumsfeld for a good 12 minutes about whether or not he is secretly a 12-foot tall blood drinking lizard-person; then spends another five minutes mocking his refusal to answer the question.

anonymous asked:

Apparently Louis cancelled his interviews today? And there's a tweet by Radio Aire and they said "You might want to have a word with him/his management. We were actively encouraged to ask him about life outside of music.." (A Larrie responded "Louis 'postponing' interviews... In other words his team is trying to figure out a new game plan since they were exposed" But why is that a bad thing?


Well these are kind of ….. not super related things, bunched together. (conspiracy theorists need to do that)

You have:

Radio Aire interviewed Louis LAST WEEK and were deluged by complaints that they’d asked personal questions, to which they responded with that tweet - which frankly in a subtle way called out larries who were concern trolling about Louis being “made uncomfortable by being asked personal questions” because Louis’s team themselves had invited those questions, and oh, by the way, Louis was FINE with it!

Then, Louis canceled or postponed one or two interviews today. Correlation != causation, etc.

Larries, who are still really outraged that Louis dare talk about his girlfriend and son in the context of his music, which some of it HE HAS SAID IT IS ABOUT, even though just weeks ago they were fantasizing that he would release an album of gay anthems, need to find a way to spin this to the positive column because they’ve been taking a lot of Ls recently.

I’d be VERY VERY interested, regardless of when Louis resumes interviewing, in how he’s going to talk about his very personal honest album about the last three years of his life without mentioning his girlfriend or son once, unless there is a complete contents shift in what he claims to have written…

… which would make the first week of his promo kind of awkward, don’t you think? Like I’m sure that would be a massive promo Good Look™ for him. Absolutely, after declaring that “these people”™ believe a crazy thing about him he should swerve and start catering to them! I am eager to see this new game plan in action that this larrie totally didn’t just make up.

I’m not sure what you mean by “why is that a bad thing?” Do you mean why would it be bad for Louis to figure out a new game plan? I do not believe that’s what’s happening, because I do not accept the larrie premise that what Louis has been doing with his promo and addressing conspiracy theories thus far has been detrimental to his career, nor has Louis’ team been “exposed” in any way. What they’ve said about him inviting personal questions is frankly self-evident and not at all strange.