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The only boys I need in my life:

- Michael (Kors)
- Christian (Dior)
- Louis (Vuitton)
- Yves (Saint-Lauren)
- Tommy (Hilfiger)
- Giorgio (Armani)
- Louis-François (Cartier)
- Christian (Louboutin)

Fall Time With Fionn p.1

•Wearing fuzzy socks and one of Fionn’s oversized sweaters like every day

•Walking to a cute little cafe every morning to get a cup of tea

•Spending the whole day with Fionn raking up leaves just to have Harry appear out of nowhere and jump into every pile and messing it all up

•"Dammit Harry, who gave you our address?“

•Making brownies before having a ‘Halloweentown’ marathon

•Going to Bath and Body Works to find the perfect fall scent for your apartment that you share with Fionn

•"Y/n I do love this one because it smells like pumpkin spice lattes, but I also love this one because it smells like apples. Decisions, decisions.”

•"Fionn, it’s just a candle.“

•Going apple picking together and later on going back to your apartment to try to make apple pie, a recipe you found on Pinterest, but failing miserably

•Being at a pumpkin patch for hours because Fionn wants to get the perfect pumpkin for his girl

•"Fionn, at the end of the day, they are all just pumpkins. Can we please go home, we’ve been here for three hours already.”

•"No y/n, this pumpkin has to be perfect because it’s going to be our baby, and we don’t want an ugly baby. So help me find a pretty pumpkin.“

anonymous asked:

I still can't believe that happened....

Honestly, I really meant it when I said this:

I have no idea what in the shitting hell is going on. 

ESPECIALLY yesterday. WHY did all these professionals ascending onto Louis’ property look like a play put on by aliens about how to Human™? 

Like, “Here I am, I’m the doctor man! With my doctor tool!” 

“I am in my lawyer suit with my lawyer papers because I’m a very important lawyering man.”

“I"m the coffee man doing my coffee job, standing out of the way, for that pap on the lawn!”


I don’t really have any answers except that all of this is

It is so over the top and extra…I just really don’t even know what to say. It is a fact that the paparazzi are called for 90% of the shots you will ever see. The airport pap was called, presumably I feel, to capture them in their Tweedle Dumb and Dumber jumpsuits, which is fine because it’s clear that they are both under some sort of arrangement with Vetements. The return of what’s her face isn’t that surprising given that she was pictured with Gigi for official Tommy Hilfiger promo months ago and Zayn and Louis are still both, as far as I know, under Syco, so it would make sense that they roped their beards in together, and that they would use them for mutual promotion with TH. Maximum exposure required Zayn and Louis’ participation clearly. Louis recently followed Tommy Hilfiger on Twitter so it’s just like breadcrumb trail of stuntness that is right in front of everyone.  

There is so much overwhelming evidence to support that this was all planned. I don’t know about the hoodrats jumping them at LAX being real or fake, but I imagine that the “scuffle with the paps” was intentional, thus giving way to Dan fuckin W’s article about Louis’ mental stability and then the comment from the Desperado of Calabasas about him “not being himself”…this seems like a terribly drawn out and horrible season finale that everyone’s just tuning into out of fuckin obligation to the years they’ve invested in the show. 

It’s just…sad. It’s really sad for people who have bothered to look beyond the headlines, which are fabricated by yellow journalists and shitty PR people to build a narrative that is not true, and who know that this is the last thing that someone like Louis Tomlinson deserves. He deserves exactly none of this shit.

Not to continuously bring it up, and I wish I didn’t have to, but what I wrote about this subject over a year ago now is more relevant than ever. And that’s extremely depressing. If you haven’t read these, then hopefully you will and they can shed some insight into what I believe is actually happening behind the scenes. 

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