louis tommy


last night after Louis, Tommy, and Lottie were leaving, some paparazzi said something really offensive apparently and Louis and Tommy got really angry and their friends had to hold them back. This is why I really hate paps because especially during a hard time like this why tf do you gotta bother them, like sit tf down pls

The only boys I need in my life:

- Michael (Kors)
- Christian (Dior)
- Louis (Vuitton)
- Yves (Saint-Lauren)
- Tommy (Hilfiger)
- Giorgio (Armani)
- Louis-François (Cartier)
- Christian (Louboutin)


II LOOSEN UP - model: Armando Cabral - photographer: Thomas Goldblum - stylist: Wayner Gross - groomer: Mann Nance - prop stylist: Linda Keil - MAXIM September 2015

  • featured designers: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture - Louis Vuitton - Dunhill - Polo Ralph Lauren - Tommy Hilfiger - Giorgio Armani - Salvatore Ferragamo
Louis - Sexting

*Mature *
(Just saying)

Louis POV

I lay in my lonely hotel bed, scrolling through my baby’s Instagram feed. Yet again, I was hard from thinking about her beautiful body. I’ve been missing her more and more every day. Tour was getting old and my dick was tired of taking a beating by my hand.

“Hey, what are you doing love?”

I type fast with my left hand, while my right was in my boxers spreading the pre cum over my tip. As a moan fell from my mouth, my phone lit up.

“Nothing bored! I miss you!!”

“I need you…” I say getting directly to the point

“Oh really? Wow you’re nonchalant.”

I could tell she was probably disappointed in the activities I wanted to partake .

“No (Yn), baby… I just miss you so much. I cant begin to tell you how horny I’ve been lately.”


Even though I really wanted to have a different conversations. I knew , when Louis was horny, he was HORNY . So I decided to let him slide and give him exactly what he wants.

“I know love. What are you doing right now?” You send even though you already had a pretty good idea of what he was doing.

“Stroking my cock, thinking about what your pretty mouth would do.”

“Well, if you’re that curious. First I’d stroke you slowly just wanting to give you a little tease.”

“You’re always teasing me love.”

“Next I’d make sure I licked you base to tip. Then I’d take you all the way in.”

“Fuck that would be great love. Would you let me fuck your mouth?”

I secretly loved sexting Louis because it always felt like I was in control.

Louis POV

I lay there stroking myself slowly waiting for her reply. Imagining my throbbing member in her mouth. Feeling her tongue swirl around me so gently. Every movement making my penis jerk and twitch.

“Of course baby.”

“And why is that love?”

“Because I know if I’m good I’ll get a reward.”

I smirked at her devious words. She knew exactly what she was getting her self into. I massages my balls and tried to keep my self from climaxing.

“What kind of reward?”

Your POV

I honestly hated feeling this way without him being around to help me with my problem. Even though the sticky feeling in my underwear increased I didn’t want to touch myself. I just sit , typing my sentence.

“Well it would involve your tongue in between my thighs Louis.”

“Fuck. Would I lick your delicious assets? ”

“Yeah, it would feel so good. Your tongue rolling against me, making me even wetter. I bet just as I’m about to let go you would pull away.”

“Why would I do that?”

I smirk at his responds because we both knew what he would do next.

Louis POV

“You’d thrust into me so fast I’d gasp for air.”

I stroke my self faster imaging my fist was her core. A smirk played on my lips as I read her text. I was going to blow any minute. My grip tightened as I felt my climax approaching fast.

“You there?”

My phone lite , just as the liquid shot out of my member . I groan in excitement, the incredible feeling washing over me as I continue milking out my orgasm .

“Shit baby I’m sorry, but that was incredible!”

“I take it you came ?”

“ yeah, I promise I’ll make everything we talked about a reality when I see you.”

“And when that?:/”

“In three days lovely. Get some rest you’re gonna need it ;) I’ll make sure you can’t walk the next day.”

“Oh god , Night horndog. I love you btw.”

“I love you more. Night .Xxxx -LT”

I smirk to my self setting my phone down on the night stand next to the hotel bed. This was a promise I planned to keep and I could not wait .