louis tomlinson what have you done to me

What Makes You Beautiful - Cover
The 1975
What Makes You Beautiful - Cover

Everyone needs to hear this at this once please, out of all covers they have done, this one is my absolute favorite. 

*not my work, just my upload* 

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Can you believe Louis and Harry love us so much?

OK honestly, I can’t believe it. like, sometimes i just sit and think about everything they’ve done, and it just blows my mind. the lyric tweets when stuff was about to go down, the warning selfies, the tshirt messages, and the bears. and it’s like… i think about the bears a lot, but then sometimes I /think/ about them and it’s like? Oh my gosh????

so. you mean to tell me that Harry and Louis spent hundreds of dollars on various props or whatever, so they could use these bears to interact with us? to tell us what to look out for, or when something was about to go down, or just to teach us about lgbtq culture?? which is their world and also the world of so many other people who may not know about the culture they are a part of???Or just to liKEE??? HAVE FUN WITH US?? and they gave RBB&SBB a phone AND a number!!! so we could call them or text them whenever??? and the fact that the phone is still on, the fact that they preserved the RBB handle, the fact that they still want us to keep in touch with them and that they /asked/ us to, the fact that they fought an ugly potato, and blurred out all the keys on the keyboard except for rainbow, and told us they creep through tumblr and see what’s going on, and taught us about all these people (which, fun fact, a couple months ago i was looking at something and i can’t remember what it was, but i saw a picture of Divine and i knew exactly who it was because my bearants told me!!!!!)

and like. it was all so unprecedented, you know? because everything you hear and understand about celebrities is that they’re supposed to be inaccessible entities you know? the stuff of fantasy. but with RBB, and everything harry and louis have done to let us know they’re here and that they love us, it’s just… they’re not Harry Styles™ and Louis Tomlinson™, they’re just two dudes who are so thankful and proud of us and humbled by the fact that we’re here, and our relationship with them feels so familial you know? that’s why i’m always like… yep… they are 100% my dads…. because i would go to bat for them, and they would do the same for us. it’s just such an honor to be fans of them you know? and not just this version of them that we created and romanticized. it’s like. actually them. and we /know/ this because they’ve shared it with us (and the world, but we’re the ones who listen) and it’s nice to be fans of them, we truly do have the Best faves ever. they aren’t perfect, and neither are we, but we all work so well together and love each other so much, and it’s… amazing honestly.

You Look Perfect Tonight

“Haz? Baby I’m home”

I’ve had a good day. The song writing went well, and everything was coming together perfectly. I called Harry in between sessions to check if that dinner thing we have is still on and he was so jolly and happy that we can finally spend time together after our hectic schedule. That’s why it doesn’t make sense at all to see him in our bed sobbing pitifully. I rushed to his side.

“Oh my god. Harry, babe what’s wrong? Are you alright? Look at me please.”

His eyes were red and puffy so he must have been crying for a long time now. I held him in my arms as he continued sobbing.

“Baby please tell me what’s wrong. You’re worrying me.” My voice cracked at the end of my sentence. The last time he was like this, it was my mum’s fu-

“I-I’m fine, Lou. It’s just- there’s this song-” He hid his face on my shoulder as he weep silently.

“What about this song, H?” I stroked his back and his hair to try and calm him down. He sat up straight and looked down.

“It’s Ed’s song.” Oh. Okay I think I know what it is about. I lifted his chin so that I’ll be able to see his green eyes.

“It’s about us?” I held his hands and squeezed it lightly.

“Y-yeah. I was talking to him awhile back. You know me I ramble a lot, especially about you. So I started talking about you, about how we were so young when we fell in love. But we made it work, despite the management holding us back. How I admire you so much back then and even now because you are the strongest person I know. With Eleanor, the homophobic rumors, the cheating, the baby, Briana, and your mum. You faced so much Lou and still you’re here with me. Remember when we danced? Right in the middle of a fuckin’ crowd?”

I chuckled remembering how awful we really are at dancing. “Yeah. We were so awful” Harry smiled.

“I told that to Ed to. I was so happy and giggly and he was writing something down. I should have known. That bastard. Going back, I thought to myself back then, I wanted to be the one you share your secrets and problems to. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to have your kids. I wanted to be your home. I saw our future together. And I should have been scared to think of something so serious but I knew you were it for me Lou.”

I didn’t know I was crying until Harry was wiping a stray tear cascading down my face. How did I deserve this beautiful human being again? He held out his hand and I took it.

We silently walked downstairs and found ourselves in our backyard. It was a beautiful evening out. There are stars above which is usually rare. And it’s the perfect ambiance for something. I ran inside and connected my phone to the speakers. Ed’s song started playing as I walked back outside.

“Mr. Harry Edward Styles-Tomlinson, would you like to dance?” I saw Harry beaming at me.

“It would be my greatest honor to dance with you, Mr. Tomlinson.” He took a step forward and wrapped his hands around my waist. His head on my shoulder as we swayed to the beat of the song. He started humming.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song. When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath but you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.” He sang as his deep green eyes met mine. I knew right there and then that I’ll never be able to let this boy go. That I won’t know how live the next few years without him by my side. And that he needed to know how much important he is to me.

“Harry, you know I love you, right? I don’t know what I did in my past life to deserve someone as sappy, as kind, as beautiful, and as tall as you but I’m not complaining. I want you to know that I love the way you talk slow, and how you dress, and your very long hair. And everything weird about you. I love you so much that I don’t even care that we’re basically re-creating Ed’s song right now as we are dancing literally in the dark and actually I might have been stepping on your foot. And also I’m in between your massive arms, check. We’re bloody barefoot too, oh my god what have you done to me. And this song might not be our favorite song but it’s becoming one of our many favorite songs. And yes I have met an angel in you. You look perfect, not only tonight but everyday too, Haz. I love you. How’s that for sappy?”

Harry’s crying and laughing by the time I finished and I know that I would gladly repeat this every night if I have to just to see him smiling like that, always.


The person all these articles are talking about is the actual NICEST, MOST CARING PERSON I’VE EVER MET. Louis’ done so much for me and I’ll never forget his generosity. He took time out of his life to fly me to Ireland. He didnt have to do that. He didnt have to pay for my flights or my hotel or let me come backstage or sit me with their families. He did though. And he did it for a good cause. Because THAT is the kind of person Louis Tomlinson is. THAT is the person they’re slandering and throwing under the bus. The BEST person I know. 

The Last Something That Meant Anything

By jaded25

Chapters: 12/12 

Words: 95,276 

Language: English

Tags: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/Original Male Character(s), Perrie Edwards/Zayn Malik, Harry Styles/Original Female Character(s), Harry Styles/Original Male Character(s), Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Perrie Edwards, Original Character, Nick Grimshaw, Break Up, Angst, Fluff, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Eventual Smut, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, What Have I Done, Attempted Rape/Non-Con

Summary: "You know my heart - so tell me honestly, did you ever really want this?
So I’ll sing this song for every word that comes out wrong
But I’ll be okay – is that what you want me to say?“ 

In the end, it’s neither the fame or the pressure, nor Management or the constant hiding and denying that tears them apart. Or maybe it’s a sum of all and so much more on top.

In the end, it’s Harry.

When Harry leaves the band - leaves Louis - to pursue his dreams of a solo career, he breaks much more than just One Direction.

It’s a gamble and a new start for each of the boys but while Harry walked away smiling, finally having got everything he apparently dreamt of, Louis is left to pick the pieces up. Some hearts don’t break even, some are simply shattered. So can you really learn to un-love someone?

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Hello, it's me again, the wholehearted anon (feel free to block me soon, I keep bothering you so much)! Have you read Be with me so happily by BriaMaria ? It's a new one and amazing as well! And kind of, very low-keyly famous/non famous too. I thought you'd maybe enjoy it. :-)

OMG I haven’t but I’m already in love with @briannamarguerite‘s fics !!

Be with me so happily : Harry Styles may have had his doubts at first, but by the time the gates to the elephant sanctuary came into view he was one hundred percent positive. Louis Tomlinson hated his guts. Like hated, hated. Like loathed-him-on-sight hated. From what Harry could tell, he hadn’t even done anything close to insulting enough to warrant the disdain that was Louis Tomlinson’s default expression whenever he looked at Harry. It really wasn’t fair. Especially since he’d been lusting after the man from the second he’d laid eyes on that pretty, pretty face with those pretty, pretty eyes. Or … the one where Harry Styles has a bad reputation and a heart of gold, and Louis Tomlinson wishes he wasn’t so enchanted by boys who looked like Disney characters and wore shirts with bumble bees on them. [aka Louis is the director of the Styles Elephant Sanctuary and really doesn’t want to babysit his funder’s spoiled lay-about son for two months] (42k)

Have you read these fics already ?

Singing To Tiny Dancer  : Or … When everything gets to be a bit too much for A-list actor Louis Tomlinson, he runs back to the town he had never really called home and the boy who was the only one he did. (22k)

Save your loving arms for a rainy day   : Or the one where Louis is a pop star who has lost his voice and Harry helps him find it. (18k)

apparently i have a new story every week, yay

my male straight 26 y.o, friend (shoutout to phil, we share the love for pancakes and appreciation for sebastian stan’s beauty) saw this lovely gif on my phone yesterday:

and said WHAT THE HELL, how can this guy look SO HOT in the knitted sweater, this sweater looks like my grandma made it for my 10th birthday or something.

yeah, i said to phil, i know, right? this is louis tomlinson and he is hot. you can google him now. you are welcome.

okay, he said, alright, maybe i’ll google him, i’m interested.

and he did, because today we had a VERY LONG conversation on the phone about it, i’ll just highlight the major points brought up by phil:

- louis tomlinson is hot

- “they all look like maroon 5, panic!at the disco, fall out boy and adam lambert brought together, only younger and hotter” LMAO

- when he made a youtube search, he immediately found haveyouquitefinishedlouis‘s “flamboyant” video, so he watched it and then watched another 5-6 of her videos, including those about larry and “who is harry styles”


- “so some people don’t think louis and harry styles are together? no? WHAT THE FUCK AND WHAT ABOUT THE TATTOOS? i’ve been with my girl for five years now, and we have one MATCHING SET, but their tattoos are all COMPLEMENTARY WHAT THE FUCK ALEX”

- apparently phil loves songs which are blatantly about sex, so he fell in love with no control immediately

- “so you are saying that happily is about love too, but they are singing “and if he feels my traces in your hair”, TRACES?? IN HAIR?? HOW MANY LINES ABOUT SEX DO THEY SING EVERY DAY TELL ME”

- “yeah, i see they are all hot and all that, but LOUIS TOMLINSON, fuck, you know that the only guy who’ve ever made me question my sexuality was sebastian stan, now i’m telling you there are two of them, what have you done with this fucking gif”

- he hopes they can come out eventually, and he says “idk about russian audience, maybe we’ll never even hear their story properly, what with our media doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of the world. but if i didn’t know anything about them and then i hear about two guys from 1d being a couple, i’d listen to all their fucking albums immediately. i’d be totally interested, this is a unique story, a mature story, i hope they’ll use it like they should”

- harry looks like disney prince and it’s kinda intimidating

…and all of that because of ONE SIMPLE GIF. the power of louis tomlinson, i can’t believe it.

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I MET HIM I MET HIM AND I AM SO EMBARRASSED I WANT TO CRY. I SAW HIM IN THE DT AREA AND I was so fucking shocked I literally just went up to him and said “You!” and it came out all accusatory oh my fucking god and danielle and oli and another guy were there and everyone was just quiet and then louis started laughing and was like “Me!” AND THEN I ASKED HIM AND I CANNOT BELIEVE I ASKED HIM THIS IM SOBBING I ASKED “Why dont you wear suspenders anymore??” 1

and he said “I don’t know I guess they just don’t fit me anymore.” AND I LITERALLY SAID. WITHOUT HESITATION. “But aren’t they adjustable?? Or different sizes??” WHAT THE FUCKING IS WRONG WITH ME IT TOOK ME A SOLID 30 SECONDS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT HE MEANT THEY DONT FIT HIS STYLE ANYMORE AND I WAS SO EMBARRASSED but again he just started laughing and I think he thought I was joking??? but I literally was not?? 2

oh my god. But listen to me. This is the worst thing. This is hands down the worst thing I have ever done. He goes, “So, you want a picture, then?” like all sweet and polite and I fucking said: “My camera takes shit pictures. Can we take it on yours and you text it to me??” so there we go that’s the day that I embarrassed myself to hell and back with louis tomlinson and he was so sweet and never made me feel stupid even tho im a moron 3

so what im saying is: LOUIS, if you ever see this ask while creeping on your secret blog, I am so fucking sorry that I was so weird and you are a literal cherub thank you so much for being kind to me and also fuck you because I was late to work and when I got there I just stood there shaking for a solid ten minutes. oh my actual god 4


This is adorable. Every story about people meeting Louis highlights how sweet he is and how comfortable he is with people. Thank you for sharing!

1D Plus Sized Series // Harry takes you to your sorority formal (submission) - Harry

You’ve been so excited for your spring sorority formal. You’re a senior so this is your last big uni event until you have to be faced with the real world. This year the theme is a Masquerade ball and you knew that you would have the time of your life, date or no date. You wanted Harry to come with you so bad but you knew that he might have to say no, so that’s why you were so hesitant to ask him. But eventually you let it slip to him over Facetime. After working out his schedules he made it possible that he not only could come to your formal, but he was going to be with you for a week.

The past week all you could think about was that you finally had a date to one of your sorority dances. Being a bigger girl in a sorority wasn’t the easiest, to the fraternity guys you were just the cool funny (Y/Sorority Name) who had all these cute friends. After a few years of self-finding you’ve come to love your extra curves and your large butt. You were shocked when you met Harry, at one of the local college bars near your cool. He was hanging out there after a show, and walked right up to you and asked if he could buy you a drink. You were star struck at first, but all the vodka in your system helped you get over the shock of it all and let you treat him like any other guy. You two instantly had a connection and after a few weeks of nonstop texting and calling, he finally asked you out, he even flew in to take you on a date. That was a year ago and you couldn’t be more in love with him.


Today was the day of the formal, your little sister and grand little sister, your sorority family,  have been sending you photos all day of the two of them getting ready for the ball. They invited you get ready with them, but you turned them down so you could spend more time with Harry. As you were finishing up putting the last hot curler in your hair you heard a knock on your small apartment door.

“Coming!” You yelled from the bathroom. When you got to the door you took a breath trying to calm yourself down. It’s been over a month since you’ve gotten to see your boyfriend face to face and you missed his face so damn much.

“Hey baby!” Harry said as you opened the door. He quickly put his bag down and wrapped his arms around you and even picked you up a little. Something that he does now, even if it scares you. You don’t want him to hurt himself, but every time he promises that he can do it and tells you to stop being so hard on yourself, he loves the way you are and loves your bum too much for you to ever change.

“I’ve missed you so much Harry.” You say as he puts you down and brings your face up to his lips.

You and Harry stand in your door way kissing for a few minutes when you feel your phone buzz in your pants pocket. When you pull away from Harry you check your phone, you have a Snapchat from your little sister in your sorority. You open it to find her looking ten times better than you could ever try. She’s skinny, but not too skinny. She has all the boys at your uni fawning over her. You lover her to death but sometimes you feel disconnected to her. Sometimes you which you could steal just an ounce of confidence that she has. You can’t help but feel a little sad. You know as hard as you try all of your sisters will look better than you tonight. None of them have to worry about pulling up their dress to make sure their boobs don’t fall out or making sure their spandex stays where it’s supposed to stay and doesn’t roll up or down.

Harry follows you into the bedroom and puts his bag down and starts to pull out everything he will need to start getting ready. You walk back to your bathroom and stare at the dress that is hung on the back of your door. It’s the dress you wore to your senior prom back in high school. You haven’t put on the dress in over four years. Deep down you are praying that it fits. You loved this dress so much in high school, it’s a dark blue princess ball gown with jewels covering most of the bodice. Harry offered many times to pay and buy you a new dress, but you didn’t want him to do that. Why waste money on a dress you were only going to wear once when you have a perfectly good dress sitting at your parents’ house? The only problem is that your hips have gotten a little bit bigger since then. College stress eating is a real thing.

“Babe I think we should probably leave from in in forty minutes if we want to make it in time for our dinner reservations that I made. I got a great table at your favorite place downtown.” Harry calls to you from the bedroom.

You don’t say anything. You are still wrapped up in your thoughts about how your larger curves will make your dress not fit. As you sit down on the floor you feel some tears start to spill out of your eyes. When you don’t answer Harry comes into the bathroom and finds you sitting on the floor crying.

“Oh babe. What is it?” Harry says kneeling down.

“My stupid dress.” You say with a sniffle, you try to pat the tears away, you already did your makeup you don’t wait to ruin all the hard work you put into it.

“What about it?” Harry asks pulling your face up to look you in the eyes. He has worry on his face.

“It’s probably not going to fit. I was stupid and didn’t try it on like I should have. But what does it matter? I’m going to look gross compared to everyone else tonight.” You say looking away from Harry, willing yourself to stop crying, you don’t have time to redo your makeup.

“Hey. Don’t call my love stupid. You are not stupid. And you will be the most beautiful woman their tonight. I’m probably going to get jealous the way that all the guys will be looking at you and have to show them that you are mine. Proper kiss you and everything right on the dance floor.” Harry says pulling you into an awkward hug seeing that the both of you are sitting across from each other.

“Come on. Stand up and finish your hair. Then I’ll help you into the dress.” Harry says as he stands up and holds out his hand to you. You let him help you up and your reluctantly finish your hair as he gets dressed. By the time you take your hair out of the hot curlers and into a half up half down hair style you can see Harry waiting on your bed for you.

You take the dress off of its hanger and walk into your bedroom still with a sad look on your face. You place it on the bed and take off your t shirt and running shorts that you had been wearing. Harry watches you take them off, you can’t help but blush. It’s not like Harry hasn’t seen you take your clothes off before, or even naked for that matter, but you are still a little self-conscious of your body.

Harry gives you his smile that always makes you melt. It’s a little crooked and his dimple always pops out. You feel a little better with him around, but you are still down on yourself.

“You ready to put this on love?” Harry asks as he picks up the dress. You shake your head no and let out a deep sigh.

Harry puts down the dress and walks over to you.

“You are perfect just like you are Y/N. Who cares about your other sisters I bet you will knock them out of the water. I wish you could see how sexy you are babe. God. I just love the way your hips move when you walk. And your bum. OH you have a bum of dreams baby. I’ve dreamt about your bum way to many times to count. That first night we met I couldn’t stop looking at it. Those skinny jeans you were wearing did me in good that night.” Harry says pulling you close to him and giving your butt a nice squeezes.

You open your mouth to say something but Harry quickly kisses you to get you to be quiet.

“SHHH. I’m not done yet love. And your Boobs, oh don’t get me started. I thought I was an ass guy but damn you might be changing me. They are perfect and fit just right in my hands.” Harry says with a chuckle. You feel yourself blush even more. Harry has told you many times how much he loves you the way you are, but never in this much detail.

“Your tummy. I love pulling you in for a good cuddle, I got something to hold on to and show some loving to for later in the night. Your thighs. Oh God your thighs make my mouth water. Your lips. Oh I could live off of just kissing those lips. If I ever got to choose a way to go, I’d want to die kissing those beautiful lips of yours. I know you hate your body but babe I wish you didn’t. I wish you could see how amazing you are. Even you standing here right now like this makes me feel some type of way. If we weren’t on a time crunch I’d be all over you on this bed of yours right this very minute. I don’t want anyone else but you baby.” Harry pulls you in for a deep kiss. You feel yourself relax as much as you can. The love of your life just told you that he loves all the things that you hate about yourself. All the things you have spent nights crying yourself to sleep over. Who cares if you don’t look like anyone else. Harry freaking Styles loves you for you, and the only other person you need to please is yourself, then that’s all that matters. You might as well listen to your boyfriend. You pull away from the kiss and take a deep breath and whisper a ‘Thank You’ to Harry.

“I’m ready.” You say looking at the dress. Harry picks it up and holds it open for you so you can step into it. The dress fits perfectly, even a little better than it did at your senior prom. Harry zips it up for you and makes you do a little spin in it. Harry lets out a moan and pulls you in tight.

“Y/N you look drop dead beautiful in that dress. You better not have any plans for after this dance cause I’m bringing you home and showing you just how much I love you. If I can last that long. God you do things to me that no one else has ever done. I hope you know what you are in for when we get home love.” Harry says with a chuckle.

life as a larrie
  • larry: acts cute in interviews
  • me: aww yall are so cute i ship you guys
  • larry: turns up looking freshly fucked
  • me: i think you should tone it down a little because-
  • larry: smirking, lip-licking, winks, caresses each other
  • larry: gets 500 trillion matching tattoos
  • management: you cant sit together you cant have interviews alone you cant touch each other stay away when in public louiS YOU ARE IN FACT STRAIGHT
annie-pie replied to your post “I have never, not once, had a parent friend say that becoming a parent…”

I think I must have blocked this out - did he actually say that?

“Congratulations on that. Has that changed your writing? Having a son”

“No, I don’t think it’s changed me writing too much. Writing in particular, I don’t find, I’m not really, you know it’s not as if I’m writing songs about me son. I mean, I love him obviously, but um, yeah I don’t know. I don’t think it’s affected, I mean it’s affected how I am as a person a little bit”

“What has it done?”

“I mean, I’d like to say it’s made me a bit more mature. I don’t know if that’s actually true.”

*the boys at a party*

*louis and Harry making out bc drunk*

Zayn: remember when we kissed Liam?

Liam: God please no

Niall: fuckin hell I shoulda taped it!

Liam: good God Jesus save me

Zayn: *Winks* if that’s what you want Liam.

Niall: he’s right, he’s Jesus.

Liam: my god *Facepalming*

Harry: the fuck you dickheads talk in about *Slurring*

Louis: shhhhhh my head is hurty *grabs Harry’s face and makes out with him again*

Niall: Hurty? That’s not even a word.

Liam: why do I even try with you guys.

Zayn: Maybe we should try that kiss again?

Liam: I will punch you and so will Sophia.

Zayn: (Jealous.) So? I don’t care. I’m going to get a drink. *Gets up and does that, comes back with some type of strong drink*

Liam: You okay there zayn?

Zayn: you know what? Fuck it. *Grabs Liam’s face and kisses him*


Louis: is this some type of make out party? Well at least for us. *Looks at Niall and giggles*

Niall: Hey! Shush.

Liam: *Kissing back not even paying attention to anything that’s being said, climbs onto zayns lap, straddling his waist*

Niall: well shit. *Taping the entire thing casually* is this considered some type of porn?

Louis: *Shrugs taking a sip of vodka* Maybe.

Harry: remember when Niall tried to make our sex tape?

Niall: hey! *Looks over at Zayn and Liam making out* Don’t you idiots have girlfriends?

Louis: Stop talking about parrot and soapy. Giggling*

Niall: oh my god..

Harry: babe it’s Pearl and Sophie.

Niall: You guys are wasted..

Louis: *Stands on the table* I like us better when we’re wasted! *Singing*

Niall: Oh my fucking.. Lord.

Liam: the fuck is going on here? *Lips swollen from sucking face with zayn*

Zayn: Oh my god you actually kissed me back.

Liam: hush, this will never happen again. *Gets off of him* god what have I done..

Zayn: me if you want to. *Winks*

Liam: good fucking God zayn shut up.

Harry: Niall taped you guys sucking face. He called it porn, probably uploaded it online.


Niall: Oh shit! *Gets up and runs*

Liam: *Chases after him*

Zayn: well that was something special wasn’t it

Harry: if you say so. Quite entertaining, indeed.

Louis: *Starting to strip* fuck yeah bitches. *almost falling*

Harry: oh my fucking God

Zayn: well my que to leave

Harry: Louis William Tomlinson you stop that right now!

Zayn: why? This shit is gold.

Louis: I like big butts and I can not lie! I have a big butt. *Falls down and giggles*

Harry: Louis!

Liam: Niall!

Zayn: well, bye. *Gets up and leaves*

Perrie: oh no you fucking don’t.

What did I even write

Should I even continue this?? Was supposed to be a one shot but it’s interesting to write

So thoughts ??

You're His Sister's Friend-Louis (Mini Series) Part 7

    Parts 1-2-3-4-5-6 here! 

       His POV: 

           I smiled cheekily as I saw Niall rushing backstage, he brought a girl with him, Paul told me whilst we waited for Niall to get to Leeds. He spun the girl around and grinned at something she had said before she pecked his lips quickly and he turned red. Liam interjected at this moment and she spun around. 

      “(Y/N),” I spoke with shock, she looked me in the eyes quickly before averting her gaze and looking anywhere else but at me, I didn’t know what to say. Here she was, standing in front of me three weeks after our initial ‘break-up’…and she looked-stunning? She was gorgeous, not that she wasn’t beautiful before but there was something different…a glow almost, she looked…happy. Yet, there was a sadness to her as well, something different and dark. 

      Niall laced their fingers together and (Y/N) almost visibly relaxed, the tension buzzed through the air as everyone waited for someone to say something…anything.  

     ”Lads!” Almost as if on cue, the host for the dance showcase walked backstage to thank us once again. 

    “You did fantastic, I’m so glad…” his voice drifted into the distance as I kept my eyes fixed on (Y/N) and Niall, he whispered something in her ear and smiled into her hair as she nodded softly before turning to face him and look him in the eyes. There was a time when she looked at me like that once, or…so I thought she did. 

     ”Thanks again boys, you did amazing.” he shook our hands individually and Liam cleared his throat. 

    “Guys wanna get something to eat?” we all nodded and walked out towards the van, I turned to tell Niall to hurry up but he was leading (Y/N) towards a limo…guess they came here together. 

      “Niall just texted me, says that Arts is quiet enough for us to make it in and out.” Harry said, we all nodded and told him to text him back. 

   ”Louis-” Zayn started and I held my hand up, 

    “Nothing, leave it alone.” I replied quickly, turning back to my phone to mindlessly swipe through screens until I was lost in my own thoughts. 


      We soon arrived at the cafe and piled out of the van, I quickly noticed that the limo was already parked over to the side. I breathed in through my nose and sighed before entering. 

      “Table for…” the waiter trailed off, 

   ”Six,” Liam nodded and the waiter pulled six menu’s out, leading us to the back of the cafe. 

    “Tonights specials are a pesto along with…” again, his voice trailed of as I found my eyes fixed on (Y/N) once again, I couldn’t get over how…damn wonderful she was. Her eyes were fixed on the waiter as Niall played with the ends of her hair, she smiled as he tugged on a strand every now and then to get her attention and playfully rolled her eyes. She was…well, it didn’t matter-she wasn’t mine anymore. 

     ”What are you going to have?” Harry asked (Y/N) and she skimmed the menu before her eyes fixed on something and she smiled slightly, running her finger over the laminate before looking to Harry and grinning, 

     ”Milkshake,” she replied and he laughed softly, 

   ”A milkshake? that’s not dinner!” he replied and she shrugged, milkshakes were her weakness, no matter how mad she was or even how sad…she could never say no to a milkshake. 

     ”We can just share whatever I decide on,” Niall shrugged and she smiled softly squeezing his forearm before telling him something and getting up, leaving the room. 

     ”Alright Niall…what’s going on?” Harry piped up. 

  “Harry!” Liam countered, his eyes widening. Harry shrugged and crossed his arms, waiting for Niall to respond. 

     ”I…she needed me. We’ve grown close since-everything happened.” I narrowed my eyes, but kept my eyes fixed on the table cloth. 

     ”When things happened that night, I…found her in the shower of her flat. The water was freezing cold and it was almost as if she couldn’t feel it, she was curled up at the bottom of the tub, just sitting there, not shivering, not crying. Numb. I picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and set her on her bed. She fell asleep rather quickly after that but I just…couldn’t shake the feeling that this was was all going to get worse, but it didn’t. She’s strong,” Harry nodded in understanding, 

      “Yeah but…Niall, that was Louis’s girl. You know we have a strict-” Niall nodded, interrupting. 

     ”I know, I know, the ‘off limits’ code. (Y/N) is different, she told me the things that Louis told her…Louis I’m sorry man. I love you, you’re like a brother to me, but (Y/N) is special. I don’t- no I can’t see how you could possibly do something like that to her.” I clenched my fist and shook my head before standing up. 

     ”None of you guys know anything about what happened that night. (Y/N) and I never would’ve worked out anyway, we’re too different. She will never be anything but Lottie’s best friend, a little girl. I loved her once, yeah I’ll admit it. I fell for her, not out of pity but truly. She is strong, you’re right Niall, but I didn’t break up with her because she was my ‘rebound’…I broke up with her to protect her from all of the media scandals, the paps, the fans…I wanted her to be safe. Something you’ll quickly realize when we leave for tour, and you stop having feelings for her.” I turned around quickly and stopped in my tracks as (Y/N) stood directly in front of me. 

      “(Y/N),” I spoke, shock racking my body.  

    “No Louis…I get it now, I really do. You’re so wrapped up in your own goddamn self that you don’t see anything around you. You…you’re a bastard. I loved you, I gave you my heart and all of my unconditional feelings and all you ever did with me…was use me. You speak of trying to protect me, but the one thing you should be protecting me from…is yourself. I’m sorry that I’ll never be anything to you, I guess I’m just not cut out to date a pop star. I’m sorry if I spoilt your meals…I’ve-I’ve gotta go.” she turned quickly and stormed out of the cafe. 

      What the fuck have I done? 

Part 8? Sorry, this sucked ass :/

Getting You Back

Requested Part II to Cheating in All Directions


Just like you had promised, the flat was empty. He dropped his keys in the dish and sigh, sitting on the sofa. You had changed your number, email… All of it. He could find you, really, if he wanted to. But he didn’t think that would be fair given the circumstances. He had cheated on you more than once on the last three tours… How does he make a come back after ripping your heart out? Niall decided though, he missed seeing your things, being around you, all of it… Then why would he stray? He had been bored and missed sex. He went down to your parents’ house where he knew you were at. He knocked on the door and your dad answers. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He growls. “Dad, I can deal with it.” You say, pulling your dad back. You shut the door and fold your arms, “Baby-” Your hand comes up to silence him, “You aren’t allowed to call me and you can’t speak first either.” He shuts his mouth and looks at the ground. “I was around for three tours. Three of your, literal, fucking tours.” Angry tears pricked your eyes, “You promised me a forever, that I was the only one and that-that doesn’t match up. You and I… We are no more and never will be. You are suck a dick. I deserve someone better than you.” Niall opens his mouth to say something but doesn’t because of the sheer surprise. He thought it was going to be easy-easy to sweep you off your feet… He was wrong. Niall couldn’t get you back, because you were right, you deserved the best. And that wasn’t him.


He ran back to the hotel room and as the woman comes to kiss him, he pushed her away. “I got to go after her, that’s the love of my life.” Harry pulls on his boxers and jeans, tossing the tshirt over his head. “If she was the love of your life, you wouldn’t have been fucking me. Or any of the other girls.” She speaks angrily as he hunts for his little brown booties, not being able to find them. He tried to ignore her, but she had such a valid point. Yes, he loved you, but not always for the physical aspect. And sometimes it got lonely on tour! You were explaining to management that you needed an escort the airport. Harry found his boots and runs down the stairs, the elevator wouldn’t be fast enough. he didn’t care he didn’t bring a body guard like he was supposed to. You were leaving and he needed to stop you. He needed you. You were getting in the car and he pushed his way into the car as well. It started moving before you could shove him out. “Get the fuck out of the car.” You say, not wanting to look at him, not being able to get the image of him pile driving into that fucking bimbo out of your mind. “Y/N, I need you.” He says simply, but with a begging tone. “No, you need to get your head out of your arse.” You glare, “If you needed me as much as you think, you would be faithful to me.” You ask the driver to pull over and get out. “I never want to see you again Styles. Ever.” You grab your bag and call for a cab to come get you. 


Liam was relentless in calling you, even as far as sending you emails. You had unfollowed him on twitter and instagram so he couldn’t message you over those forms of social media. Nothing. You had ignored him. For almost two weeks now. You went as far as to change your number so the texts stopped. Liam had break coming up, and he couldn’t wait to get back to the flat. It was first yours, and you knew his break was soon, so you paid people to come pack up his stuff and put it in storage and you changed the locks. Liam saw your car in the car park. He was surprised, but also excited, you had forgiven him. He loved you and you were his girl, of course you were, why wouldn’t you? He hurries upstairs and goes to put his key into the door-but it wouldn’t turn. You heard the door and bite your lip. You would answer when he would knock, but not until then. Liam didn’t knock, he pounded on the door. “Y/N! Baby!” You had changed the locks on him and he would admit, it stung more than it should. You open the door, opening  it wide enough so he could see the inside of it. Liam saw all of his stuff missing. “Here’s the key to your storage locker.” You say in a dead pan tone. “But-” “No buts, I watched you fuck another girl. You don’t even deserve your shit back. You’re lucky I am not fucking psycho. I loved you and you fucked me over in such a way that I can honestly NEVER get over. Good luck.” You shut the door in his face. Liam stood there, looking down. He deserved all of this, but it didn’t make it hurt less. 


Zayn was a free man now. He was free to fuck who he pleased… But… It still felt wrong. He hurt you, he meant what he said on the voicemail, it wasn’t supposed to end that way. And for some reason, it did. And it was wrong and hurtful. When they got back into town, he went to your place of employment. He watched you serve a few people their coffee and when you saw him you dropped the pot-shattering it. Everyone turned and look and he pulled his beanie down, “We need to talk.” You wanted to make a scene. Throw hot coffee on him. Scream. Call him names, but it would not look appropriate. You walk away, feeling weird, like you were floating. You knew he was following and you could hear phones going off, taking pictures. You lead him to the walk in freezer. “I have half the mind to fucking lock your cheating arse in here.” You growl. “It wasn’t supposed to-” “No I got your fucking message. But you know what, instead of cheating, you could have broken up with me. But no, you go with a girl in your first month of tour. I tried, you know?” You shake your head, “I tried so hard to make it work for us, but you couldn’t do that. You gave up. And Zayn, if you’re here to apologise or to try and get me back, don’t.” You shake your head, “I am over this, over us, and over your cheating arse. Now go.” You point to the door, “Y/N..” “Go.” You say again and Zayn just goes, sighing to himself. He fucked up, but maybe it was for the best. 


He slammed the door to the flat and punched the door afterwards. Fuckin’ Tiffany. He should have changed the picture or something. Louis dresses quickly, needed to do damage control. Louis grabbed your keys, having a good idea where you were off to. You had driven to the edge of town, to a spot that was yours. Yours for thinking, being on your own, you and Louis made love here for the first time. You were crying in the car. You and Lou had an entire year together and he threw it away for some cunt who knew you two were still together. How could he? Louis pulls up to the spot, getting out of the car. You watch him, the nerve of the fucker.  You get out and throw his keys at him. “You fucking go. Leave.” “Y/N, it’s not-” “No, it’s not? What about the big cock that she misses?” You yell and watch the blood drain from Louis’ face. “Exactly. I’m going to pack up my stuff and I’m done. I’m out. You disgust me. I’m sorry that I am not this Tiffany bitch. But good luck keeping her faithful while you’re on tour.” You push past him, grabbing the keys from his fingers. “I hate you Louis Tomlinson, I hate you so much.” You say as you open the door, “Because I still love you, and that’s why I hate you.” “I shouldn’t have been playing chase when I had you-” “Damn straight, and now you don’t have me, play your damn game all you want.”

Hi! This is a list of 30+ great Harry/Louis fics that have no smut.  It seems like it’s almost a requirement to have smut in fics now, and a lot of people aren’t into smut, or just want a good break from from it. Whatever the case is, these are all really really good and smut free. Several people mentioned wanting a list so here we are. :) I think most if not all also refrain from super in depth discussions of sex as well. :)

 (If anything has smut it in and I’m somehow mistaken let me know. I worked really hard to make sure nothing on the list had smut)

More under the cut.

Happy reading! PS more lists Here

Never Shut Us Down by Togetherwecouldbealright


Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

In which Harry and Louis actually meet two years prior X-Factor and fate having a funny way of working itself out. 

Louis almost can’t believe it when he gets the text: I have a friend who thinks ur cute. But when Harry won’t tell him who his mysterious ‘friend’ is, Louis decides he’ll just have to figure it out for himself.

Harry misses Louis a lot. Too much, probably. Normal mates don’t hang out with each other’s families while the other is out of the country, do they? 

Everyone knows 7th year Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Louis Tomlinson and 5th year Ravenclaw prefect Harry Styles are dating– except for Harry. Fluffiest fluff to ever fluff.

Harry is the shy boy in the back of the class that no one really notices. Louis is the loud, outgoing football player that everybody likes.

Harry and louis are best friends who also happen to be in love. they kind of figure it out on christmas eve.

Harry is hit with a rogue truth spell and can’t control what comes out of his mouth; a bit awkward when his adoration for Louis has only grown over the years. A Hogwarts AU for Smut Free Ficathon. 

“I swear to God,” he mumbles under his breath as he squeezes them on, “if this is all a ploy to kidnap me, I’m going to feel no guilt for keeping your jacket.”“Just trust me, alright?” Louis holds his hand out for Harry once the other man straightens up, his soft face flushed in a way that only the holiday rush can do. “I couldn’t hurt you if I tried, Harry Styles.”Harry places a tender hand over Louis’. “Okay,” he answers, a little breathless. “I trust you.”
an au where louis is santa, harry is a single dad, and niall is the worst reindeer to ever exist

“Must be fate,” Harry jokes, rolling his eyes and Louis’ face softens as he nods in agreement.

“Well Harry, we are soulmates after all,” Louis reminds as if he thinks Harry might’ve forgotten, even as his hand is still stuck to the wall.

AU where Harry doesn’t believe in soulmates despite living in a world where soulmates and fate are key words. Louis is just a boy he meets but at the same time, he’s so much more.

high school au, aka shameless fluff. louis goes to harry’s after a bad date.

   In which Harry Styles is about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While his best friends Liam, Niall and Zayn battle with the trials and tribulations of another school year, it’s all Harry can do not to fall head over heels for Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson. Harry soon comes to realise that discovering Louis was a far greater piece of magic than anything Hogwarts could teach him. Magic, though, is not always what it seems … 

The one where Harry picks up Louis’ fallen glasses and Louis makes Harry cry.

Louis is 18, up in the air and being forced to spend a weekend with his family at a friend’s wedding instead of attending Leeds Fest. However, he ends up having a much better time in the quiet village of Holmes Chapel than he expects - and it may or may not have something to do with the boy whose house they stay in. 

Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital. 

It’s not a crush or anything outlandish like that, he just finds Louis as a good person to just sit around and admire what he’s like. But that doesn’t mean anything. The only reason why he’s even here is because he was a fool that decided to be a supportive friend, completely forgetting that he’d be overexposing himself to the likes of Louis Tomlinson (who Harry’s pretty positive can cause temporary blindness when looking straight at him because he’s that bright). Not that it matters, seeing as Louis has been devastatingly underexposed to Harry (i.e. Louis, as well as basically everyone else in their year, has no idea that Harry even exists.)

Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole "crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby. 

harry and louis decide that they need to come up with the best senior prank possible. if it means pretending that they’re married, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. 

In which Harry is 16 and Louis is 18, Harry works at a public swimming pool and they go skinny dipping together.

Louis falls down the rabbit hole of makeup, and Harry’s always there to catch him. 

The one where Louis receives a note from his secret admirer for every letter of the alphabet.

Harry’s a good kid, Louis’ misunderstood, and they meet in detention.

Louis goes on a three day long fishing trip with his dad. He comes back to find out that Harry has never been fishing before. So obviously he has to teach him. It doesn’t go very well. (Did Harry mention he has a very real phobia of fish? He didn’t? Opps.)

“Listen, I’ve tried to be helpful,“ Niall said. "But it’s been three years. It’s time for you to make the move. There’s only so much encouraging I can do before it starts to get repetitive. And annoying.”
“I feel so loved,” Louis deadpanned.
“Of course we love you, Lou,” Zayn said. “We just need you to tell Harry how you feel so you can stop feeling so down on yourself.”

Or, the one where Harry dresses as Miley Cyrus for Halloween, and Louis is the tiniest bit in love with him. 

It’s like learning the boy’s name brings about a new desire for Louis to see Harry all the time. If he can learn Harry’s name, then what else can he discover? So when Louis’ head hits the pillow every night, he wishes, he hopes, he prays that he’ll get to see Harry. And sometime he does and sometimes he doesn’t, but when he does, something awakens in Louis. A silly thought: being asleep, yet feeling more awake than ever. He supposes it’s Harry’s doing.

[Or, Louis likes to sleep, particularly because the only time he gets to see Harry is when he dreams.]

Harry misses Louis a lot. Too much, probably. Normal mates don’t hang out with each other’s families while the other is out of the country, do they? 

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anonymous asked:

wait so u think danielle campbell is a shitty person for being a "beard" when u have absolutely no hard cold evidence besides crazy conspiracies that she's a beard lmao ok larries are fuckin wild pls love yourself

Oh, sweaty…

I’ve done my research. And that’s just the information based on what’s available to the general public. It was enough for me to confidently say that if you look at all the information and ask yourself what makes more sense - the story in the tabloids or the “crazy conspiracy” that I’ll stand behind the crazy conspiracy any day. 

Please educate yourself. Larries may be fuckin wild, but we’re statistically the more intelligent critical thinkers of the fandom, and for sure we have the most fun. 

1D as Dads

So, this just hit me while I was sat in my room watching Harry Potter. I have no idea why I was watching Harry Potter and thinking about One Direction, but I was. Anyways, have you ever imagine them as dads, and how their kids would be? How many of the would they have? No? hell, I thought about it while I was watching Harry Potter, and I have no idea why I just said Harry Potter so many times.

But hey, here is the way I imagine their kids to be like as teens. Tell me if you like it?

The Tomlinson’s:

Running his hands through his hairs, the least h could do was admit he was angry. Not that he had been much different, but the fact that Robin Tomlinson had been skipping school was somewhat troubling to him.

He had just got off the phone with the principal and wasn’t happy at all to hear that Robin was skipping his classes and his grades had taken the hit for it. He was going to fail the year and Louis had no idea of what to do.

He let his body fall on the big armchair of his living-room, cohabiting if he should or shouldn’t tell you about the situation. It’s not that he would deliberately hide things from you, but you had been extremely busy with work and taking care of the kids. He just didn’t want to push you so you would have an anxiety attack, or worst. But he knew it was best to tell you about this just because you would get mad at him if he didn’t, so he decided to break it to you gently.

He was about to press call when the house door bursted open, showing a tall silhouette under the doors frame. Robin Tomlinson wore black from his toes to his hair. The combat boots were starting to get worn out thanks to being used to much, his black boxers were showed thanks to the low waisted jeans and the black t-shirt fitted him perfectly.  The teenager had an obsession over leather jackets that drove his father made. It was a good thing Robin was pale, otherwise the color wouldn’t look good on him.

Robin spotted his dad on the armchair, but ignored him, knowing all too well that look I his eyes. Instead of facing his anger, Robin turned his back at him and walked towards the kitchen to eat something. Louis just got up, holding onto the last spark of patience he had left, and followed his older son towards the kitchen. He knew all too well his patience would be required for that conversation.

He was tired of this passive-aggressive behavior of his son towards him, but he had to be a good example and give him a lecture, or at least try to. You see, Robin Tomlinson inherited from his dad, not only the baby blues but also the sassy behavior, making it extremely hard to have a conversation with him without any type of smart remarks or sassy comments. That made Louis proud sometimes, but he would get furious if Robin tried to pull that on him.

Walking into the kitchen he found his teenage son sat in the counter top with his feet close to his chest.

-Your mother spent her time cleaning this kitchen, so you put your feet down young man, and show some respect!- Louis demanded, sending Robin ‘The glare’.

The glare was something neither Robin, neither his little sister Lexy would ever want to be, but with time, Robin got used to it. It still didn’t mean that the youngest in the Tomlinson household wasn’t afraid of it anymore.

Raising his hands up so Lou could see his palms, Robin put his feet down, but still kept sat on the counter. This was what Louis disliked so much about having serious conversations with him. Robin would pretend he didn’t listen, he would ignore you until you got tired of giving him bullshit and that way he would walk away freely.

Oh, but Louis wasn’t having it this time.

He rested against the door frame so he was facing Robin who was mindlessly eating an apple and was about to plug his headphones to his iPhone when Louis stopped him, grabbing them from him.

-I just got off the phone with the principal Robin!- Louis informed

-That’s great dad, now give me my headphones back!- He extended his arm, leaving his anchor wrist tattoo to the sight of his father.

-Don’t test me Robin!- Louis warned

-Test you on what?- He mockingly asked

-Don’t play dumb with me Robin Charles Tomlinson. Why are you skipping your classes?-Louis demanded, his face a mixture of anger and disappointment.

While that was going on, Robin was slowly starting to slip into outer space, when he didn’t hear nothing, only mumbles and loud world. He wanted to forget his dad was there, or that his grades were awful.

Believe it or not, Robin was once a good kid. His grades were amazing, he never missed anything, never talked back, he never even got called to the principal’s office for god sakes. But two years ago when he was fifteen, he changed radically. He started to talk back, yell, he started to hear the kind of music who talks in swearwords instead of regular verses, the calls from the principal were more often and he repeatedly forgot to hand in homework or even show up to class. He didn’t bother anymore. But Louis knew his son better than anyone and he knew something was up.

-Robin, don’t shut down on me!- Louis growled as he grabbed his sons shoulders, turning him so they were face to face.

It was amazing the similarities present. Robin had pulled towards Louis an Lexy towards you, but now they were blue eyes in blue eyes.

-Talk to me son!- Louis helplessly begged. Tell me what’s wrong!

-Nothing’s wrong! That place’s just boring!- Robin said, getting free from his dad’s hands and running his own in his chocolate brown hair.

-Don’t lie to me Robin!-Louis warned

-I’m not lying!- Robin said in the same tone

-Don’t talk to me like that!- Louis yelled

-You started it!-Robin claimed

-Robin I’m your dad and I…- But Louis got cut off

-Enough!-They both turned to face the small girl standing on the entrance of the kitchen.

Lexy’s small pink dress was slightly covered in dirt as she spent her afternoons playing football with the neighbors kids. The ten year old might look small and cute with her long brown hairs and her pink dress, but she was a fighter. She could make anyone laugh just by laughing herself, and her dad was proud of it, but the important thing at the time was making her dad and her brother to stop fighting.

Lexy never told anyone, but she knew why Robin was like this. She helped him once with the bruises.

-Mean kids are hurting Robin dad! - She said.

Louis widened his eyes and turned to face Robin. He had a pale face now, a tormented expression. He looked…scared.

-Robin, is that… Is that what’s happening?-He asked, an uncommon tightening in his chest thanks to this situation. Robin only nodded.

Louis felt a tingling sensation running up his chest, a feeling he could identify as rage. He grabbed the phone he had placed on the table and headed out the kitchen.

-Dad, where are you going?- Robin asked

-To make a call! My son being bullied! Anyone else lays a finger on you again and they’re dead. How dare that crappy principal blame you when he doesn’t even know what’s happening in his hallways. Sun of a…!

The Payne’s:

He found it strange when he drove around the corner of his house and found you, his wife, carrying a box to the garage of your house. He had just came from the Styles household because Lara Payne had forgotten her books with Tammy Styles from their most recent study session.

Not that irresponsibility came easy to his daughter, but Liam offered to go see the Styles girl, especially to give her some words of advice. Tammy was going to have her first ballet recital later that day, and the entire 1D family was invited. Of course Tammy would never go without her cousins and aunts to give her unconditional support.

When he saw you struggled to put the box inside of a shelf, Liam ran to help you, wrapping his arms around your  back thighs and lifting you just enough so you could place the box. He lowered you down the second you did and you pecked his lips.

-Welcome back!- You happily say

-Thanks!- He smiles – What’s all of this? He asks, pointing to all the boxes displayed around the floor –Are your hooding symptoms coming back?- He asked and you giggle

-No, these stuff are from Lara’s room!- Liam frowned immediately

-What do you mean?- He asked immediately

-She’s changing her room!- You inform, turning around to pick up another box – Li, could you help…- But it was too late.

Liam had already gone up the stairs of your house to find Lara, his fifteen year old daughter, standing on a chair, duck taping some posters of a new band to her walls. Her straight brown hairs were pulled into a pony tail as she worked. The heels she was wearing made it almost impossible for her to stay up, but she managed to, because that’s who Lara is. She’s a fighter.

Liam noticed, with bitterness, that the posters and drawings of Disney princesses had all been ripped off her walls. Now there was only the face of four guys everywhere… EVERYWHERE. They were in the walls, and in the door of her wardrobe, in a frame next to her bedside table.

-Dad! - Lara called, excitement dripping from her tone as she safely descended from the chair she was in.

The girl was excited to get rid off all the kid stuff she had on her room. She was a young woman now, and she wanted to be seen and treated as one. But Liam only felt brokenhearted when he saw the picture they both had taken on Disneyland was gone. Vanished. Disappeared.

Lara was only eight when they took that photo, and she looked so happy with her big grin all over the dozens of photos they had taken.

Liam couldn’t accept the fact that he was being exchanged by a band she wasn’t even going to like a few years from now. But who was he kidding? She probably would. He knew how loyal his daughter was, and when she started liking something, she would like it for a very, very long time

-I like what you did to the room!- Liam lied.

-Thank!- Lara smiled

-Hey, hum, what have you done with that picture of us, the one that was on your bedside table?-Liam asked

-Oh, that one, I asked mom to take it downstairs for me!

Liam was scared she could hear his hear breaking into million pieces when those precise words came out of her mouth.

This was it.

His daughter was growing up.

She was no longer the small girl with a big grin, that loved princesses and dresses and was never ashamed of her dad in her life. Now, she was the girl who obsessed over boy bands and had no traces of her embarrassing childhood around.

His only child ,besides thirteen year old Daphne, was slowly becoming a woman and there was nothing he could do about it.

Obsessing over Disney was something Liam was excited to do with his daughter, when he found out he was going to have one. He did everything with her when she was younger. They went to Disneyland, Liam got her a princess bed when they first turned the nursery into a room for her and she had every single dress of the Disney princesses in her wardrobe. Unless she had throwed those away too.

But what hurt Liam the most was the fact that she threw away a picture of both of them. Meaning, she didn’t want that in her room, she wanted to get rid of that picture in her room. She was no longer a daddy’s girl.

-Everything alright dad?- Lara asked when she saw his dad holding the new frame on her bedside table

-Yeah, everything’s… amazing!- Liam said, the word not coming exactly as he had planned

-Dad!- Lara called , making him turn around to face her- Is this about the picture?- She asked, raising a eyebrow at him

-No Lara, I’m fine!- Liam said, putting the frame back on the bedside table and waking towards the door.

-Hey dad!- Lara called again, her light brown ponytail whipping the hair as she turned her head as fast as one can- Can we take a picture?- She asked him and he turned around fast, his  eyes wide

Lara Payne had inherited his dad’s kind heart, weak kidney and beautiful brown eyes. But what she liked the most was the ability she got to notice when people were lying or telling the truth, that’s what she liked the most about all the things she got of him. And her kind heart could never let her dad get out of her room with an expression that could lead t heartbreaks around the block.

She grabbed her phone and told her dad to make a goofy face. So they both did and later that day she posted the picture on instagram, with the caption:

‘I love my daddy really much!’

Later that night, when they went to Tammy’s recital, Liam found out that the picture she had sent downstairs, was now inside a little necklace she wore all the time, and nothing made him happier than that.

The Horan’s:

He laughed his head off as both of his eight year olds tried to climb him up like a ladder. Dylan and Braden were both similar and incredibly energetic. They got it from his dad, and maybe from the sip they took out of his energy drink that morning too.

Braden wrapped his legs loosely around Niall’s neck as he hanged upside down and Dylan insisted on grabbing his leg, keeping him from moving. As much as he wanted to tell them to stop because it was dangerous, Niall couldn’t stop laughing.

He knew it was a good thing he could enjoy these times with the ‘terrible duo’ as the 1D family called them, and since you were out, helping Tammy and Mrs. Styles with shopping it meant he had more time with the bright eyes fellas.

It would have been all perfect… If Oliver decided to show up. The sixteen year old had got out of the house that morning and hasn’t returned, wich got Niall quite worried, but he sent Oliver a text to wich he replied immediately, telling his dad that he was fine and would be home in an hour or so.

Knowing Oliver, Niall knew he was nervous about something by the way he acted that morning. He barely ate, wich was a big deal for a Horan child, and spent more time on his hair than he usually did. But, whatever it was that got him worried, Niall was sure he could get out of it if he used his charming personality, amazing laugh, humor and handsomeness.

He was quite proud of all his boys, but he never got the right way of saying it. They might not be the brightest in the bunch, or the most talented, but they sure as hell were the purest kids he had ever seen. Not by actions, because he was pretty sure they did naughty stuff from time to time but by heart. They were pure at heart.

Niall would never forget when Oliver was ten and the twins two, that Oly gave up his food to give to a homeless person. And food is a big deal for all the Horan’s. Oly was a genuinely good person and, as much as it’s hard to see right now, the little devils hanged on him are also pure at heart. At least it was what he thought, his opinion matter more than anyone else’s in this world when it came to his kids.

He was in the middle of swinging Dylan back and forth by his arms when the door swung open, almost carving a hole on the wall.

Oliver Horan stood on the hallway, his blond hairs flat over his forehead as he kept the icy blue eyes on the ground. Niall frowned at his son’s behavior and the twins were smart enough to get off Niall before Oliver ever got to him, because when he did, Oliver pushed a poster and a sheet against his dad chest.

Niall couldn’t stop noticing how his fists were clenched and his lips were in a straight line. Oliver is normally the most relaxed person in the world. He’s secluded to his bedroom while the twins are more outgoing, but Niall knows he’s trying to learn how to play the guitar with the help of some books and Niall’s first even guitar, so he doesn’t get in the way too much.

He has a good relationship with his kid, as much as he has with the other two, but Oliver had shutted him down a few months ago, and Niall had no idea why. He just knew he didn’t like it one bit.

-Her name’s Karen! - He managed to growl between his shut lips

-What? - Niall frowned, grabbing the items and looking down at them.

He recognized a poster from a younger self and photograph from a few months ago. He frowned eve more and looked up to face his son. Oliver was going to be taller than him, that was undeniable. At the age of sixteen, Oliver was five inches away from getting as tall as Niall. But besides that, they were the exact copy of each other.

Now that Oliver decided to adopt his dad’s style and dye his hair blond, they looked more like each other than they ever did before. The cheekbones, the nose, the piercing blue eyes, they were the same. Niall was proud of his job as a dad, but apparently Oliver was having some troubles with being his kid.

He had left that morning to go to a date. He found this girl named Karen really sweet so he asked her out. He was nervous that morning, and he had a feeling mom and dad had noticed, but he decided to tell nothing in case it didn’t work out as he had planned. The date ended up going fine, she was talking he was listening, until the conversation (or monologue) became completely about him.

Not Oliver, but Niall.

It turned out that Karen still liked One Direction. Even though they’re older now, she claimed his dad was still hot. So she asked him to give him some things for him to sign.

Oliver had enough of people recognizing him not by his name but by ‘Niall Horan’s son’. He didn’t want that. He wanted to be known as Oliver, just Oliver. No last names, n nothing. Hell, he would even take ‘that kid who likes to skateboard with Zayn Malik’s younger daughter’, just so he could have a taste of normal life, of how it’s like to know people love your for who you are and not so you can ask your dad for his autograph. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time it happened to little Oly.

-I went on a date this morning dad!- Oliver said, his fists still clenched

-Really?- Niall’s semblant became lighter and happier

-Yeah, it could have gone well, if I wasn’t your kid!- His words purely venom

Niall felt like his heart was pulled out of his chest as Oly made his way to his room. He knew it was his fault, and his Oly wasn’t like this, but he was angry right now and Niall had understood why.

His kid felt like he was living in his shadow. He wasn’t. Oly was so much better than Niall was at his age. Oly knew how to skate. He knew how to play the guitar, well, he was still learning but still it was his initiative. He had muscles that he had work for, and he was trying to become a known artist all by himself.

Niall knew it must be hard on Oliver to grow up on someone’s shadow.

Niall let himself fall on the couch and he just stayed there, really still for what felt like hours, thinking about stuff. Suddenly, he heard muffling in the kitchen, but he never really cared, he just kept starring at the black TV Screen.

He smelled pancakes and heard someone clearing their throat. He turned the slightest bit to find Oly, holding a tray with food.

-Dad…-Oly called

Niall sowed him a smile and turned again to face the TV. The couch next to him moved and soon, dad and son were sat together, stiff and uncomfortable.

-Sorry dad!- Oly said, putting the tray in front of his dad on the coffee table.

Niall turned to face Oliver and smiled, truthfully this time and opened his arms, taking his son in and hugging him tightly.

-Sorry Oly!- Niall said, hugging his kid tighter.

Niall knew his kid wasn’t bad, he was just angry and that lead him to say those things. but Oly had a big heart and always knew how to win him back.

-Attack, attack!” They both heard the twins yell before they were covered with two small and sleazy bodies, making them both laugh

The Maliks:

He woke up to the sound of sniffs in the room next to his and yours. He heard yelps too. He widened his eyes at the idea of his younger daughter Sam bringing someone home and doing… things.

He pushed the covers back and only had time to put a pair of sweatpants on before storming inside his daughter’s room. Knowing Evan and Sam, they would normally be sleeping this time in the morning. Wich Zayn didn’t really know because he didn’t check the time.

He had stayed up till late, helping Harry and other parents with the preparations for Tammy’s recital. Zayn was asked to help with the scenery since he had a way with art. But thing was, he had stayed up way too late and barely had any time to sleep.

He only knew his heart jumped out of his chest when he intruded on that room. Not for what was happening in the bed, but because Sam-Sam was sat on it, crying because she was bleeding really bad from her knee.

Zayn rushed to her side and yelled.

-Evan, get me the First Aid Kit! - He yelled, really not caring if Evan was asleep or not

-Dad, what’s…- Evan said, coming out of his room from the other side of the hall, but he stopped when he saw Samantha- What the hell?! Where’s the First Aid Kit?!- He yelled

-On the bathroom! Quick! - Zayn said and Evan ran out

Sam was crying in Zayn’s arms, her knee looking dirty, bloody and just awful. Zayn was happy with Evan’s actions though, he really had nothing else than love for his little sister. He found out that in seventh grade, Evan had beaten up a guy from the fifth because he badmouthed Sam. No one ever called her anything like that again.

Zayn was happy, yes he was. He raised two strong and courageous kids, but he was wondering how Sam-Sam managed to get such a nasty bruise. Her legs weren’t immaculate thanks to her skating, but this was really severe, and who knows how much blood she had lost already?

-Here, dad, take it!- Evan said, kneeling in front of his sister.

He was happy to have Evan around since his skills as a lifesaver in the beach were a great use for now. Evan always liked the beach, and it was a secret to no one that he surfed once in a while, but what he really loved to do was swimming. He always had a weird inclination for sports, so his body is all defined and his caramel brown eyes are often used to melt the younger bathers’ hearts.

Carefully, Evan stretched Sam’s leg and pulled the alcohol from the open first aid kit and grabbed cotton too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be gently or it would get worst and probably infect, so the cotton was to keep the alcohol from running everywhere that’s not her knee.

-Hey Sam-Sam! - He sweetly said – Look at me!- he smiled- Keep your eyes on mine yeah?

Fourteen year old Sam nodded and kept her eyes in his brothers as he squished alcohol into her leg. A yelp of agony left her full lips as she held her black hairs, controlling herself not to cry.

-Dad!- She cried, squeezing his hand that was holding her arm too tight.

Zayn hated to see his kids suffering. He didn’t want to watch the two people he created going through pain, but Sam had to be stubborn and take shots to the skate park when you told her exactly not to do that a few weeks ago when she came home with a scratch on her calf, and it wasn’t pretty.

Zayn let go of her arm the minute he realized he was hurting her. She smiled at him through the pain and extended a hand for him to grab. Zayn carefully watched as Evan perfectly bandaged Sam’s knee, kissing over the bondage like it would make it better, just like he would do when they were kids.

Zayn was proud of the kids he had, he raised them to be there for each other. All of the Malik’s had a chilled out personality, so confrontation in that house was rather unusual. He was proud of raising an almost doctor and the next Tony Hawk… well, in the female version.

-You should have listened to your mother Sam-Sam!- Zayn said, looking at her in the eyes - Wasn’t Oly there with you?

-No! Oly had a date!- Samantha explained

-Then why didn’t you call me? - Zayn asked.

Evan was listening closely to the conversation, curiosity overflowing him, with his big brown eyes taking in every detail. Yeah, that Malik was faded to study medicine.

-I didn’t want you to think less of me!- She mumbled, making Zayn widen his eyes.

-Why would you think that?- Zayn asked her

-I’ve seen you with the board dad! You’re awesome! I just wanna be as awesome as you!- Zayn smiled and pulled both his kids in for a hug.

-You’re both the most awesome thing I did in this life!

The Styles:

Liam had just left from picking Lara’s books, but Harry was still at the door. Not because Liam’s car wouldn’t start, or because he was frozen because of something. No, he was nervous.

He knew, that if he was left alone, he would obsess over the smallest things like: ‘Is she ready?’ ‘Can she really do this?’ ‘Am I ready to let my little butterfly fly away?’. Because if someone picked her for some weird overseas internship, than he would most likely say no. And what a big no that would be.

Today was a big day for Tammy, ad Harry was being selfish and thinking about him. Even the rest of the 1D family was going. Just so you understand how big this is, Sam Malik was going to put a dress on and that girl lives on a close relationship with skinny jeans and baggy t-shirts, plus, she always dragged her skate board along with her, wich she promised her mom she would leave at home.

Harry didn’t want any of his friends to change their kids or lives just because of one recital, thought every family was perfect on their own way, and he loved everyone, with a special care for his godson Oly, but he still loved them all equally.

He would never forget how all of them used to play on Harry’s back yard, the guys closely watching their kids as they tried to discuss their future.

Harry only noticed he was stuck at the door when Cameron called him, and he woke up to reality, going to sit next to his son on the couch.

-Dad!- Cameron called –You’re worrying too much! She’s got this!

-I know Cam, I know! I’ve seen her dance before!- He said to his fourteen year old son

-Then why are you so stressed over a thing you know she’s got in the bag?- Cameron asked, focused on a game he was playing on his tablet

-What if she’s so good that someone tried to get her away from me?- He asks. Well, that certainly got Camerons attention.

-Get rid of my annoying older sister? Bring it on!- He chuckled, but his dad kept a stern face.

-I mean, if someone makes her a one in a million proposition and she takes it but she has to go away from here? I love you son, and you know that’s exactly how I would act if it was you!

-I know dad!- Cameron said – But she’s not even that great you know!

-CAMERON!-Both Harry and Tammy yelled at the exact same time, making the boy chuckle.

They both looked up to find the perfect curly headed girl with the silkiest skin ever looking at both of them. Tammy and Cam were kind of the sitting image of each other, not that they were twins, but no one really knew how they were that gorgeous because they had the same amount of things from the both sides.

From Harry they got the height, curls and personality. But most importantly, they both got his green eyes. The emerald jewels that turned the Styles household the most precious of them all.

-Cam’s right dad! I’m so that good that I’m going to nail a one in a million opportunity! But, even if I was, I wouldn’t leave you!-She smiled.

Harry pulled both of them into a hug, Tammy complaining of how her brother was going to make her hair stink and Cameron was complaining of how he had lost the game because of the so called hug.

Eventually, they just stopped arguing and hugged their dad back, the living room falling into a silence peaceful place where they could just feel each other’s presence and love towards each other. Of course that the word ‘love’ would make the two kids run away from each other.

But even though they didn’t want to admit it, they loved each other as much as they loved their mom and dad. 

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