louis tomlinson suspenders

My favorite things in the world
• headband louis

• cinnamon swirl hair louis

• quiff louis

• the I just rolled out of bed but I am still perfecter than you could ever be fringe louis

* louis’ cute adorable fucking ankles

• the way louis’ eyes fucking crinkle when he is smiling

• the way when louis is sing he puts his hand on his tummy to support his notes

• how louis tomlinson is so adorably small he literally rolls up his pants and it shows off his cute ankles

• louis’ collection of oversized sweaters

• the way louis is hella curvy and his thighs are so thick and his booty is outrageous

• when louis wore suspenders and they just accented his curves

• when louis wore glasses and they made his blue eye pop

• the way louis says love because he makes the long o sound like an oo and the v and L are over accented and it’s just magical

• louis’ accent because its like so heavy and thick especially when he is singing or when he gets excited and starts talking with his hands more

• how louis is 22 yet his voice is so high and he is absolutely the most tiny cutest thing

• the way louis’ eyes turn from this deep ocean drownable blue to stormy as fuck gray but always have a line of green in them

• louis being just absolutely gorgeous from his absolutely high cheekbones to his blue eyes to his long eyelashes and arched eyebrows and cute button nose and pink thin lips to his adorable jawline

• the way louis has tattoos on all of his most cutest features such as his arms and ankles and collarbones

• the fact that not only is louis tomlinson the most adorable creature in the world but he donates to charity and does anything to make someone smile

Basically louis tomlinson is my most favorite thing in the world


Louis and Harry in 2012 gear!

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