louis tomlinson is my superman

Dear Louis, my superman

Dear my life saver Louis, You may not know me, and you havent seen me before. Yes, you have went to Hong Kong before but I couldnt make it to the concert.

When i first have a liking on you, which is when i am eight years old, i like you not only because of your beauty, but also your voice, taste of wearing, like everything. You are always so cheerful, and i look up to you, which, you are one of my idols, and it is because you are positive, i used to have depression [i still have, but less serious, I used to self harm, not only cutting], and you light up my world in a different way than my family did.

Well, i am also proud to say that my little brother’s first word is Lou, and which is the only Lou, you. He thinks you are a superman, and your jokes always makes him laugh. His first song [not nursery rhymes] is your solo of One Thing, and being the proud sister, I forgot to record it but just cried.

That’s you, Lou. You are very special. Thanks for supporting me without you knowing.

Stop thinking you are the awkward one in the band, I think you are the most talented. I love you.

Beatrice [a slightly depressed 13 years old Hong Kong teenager] 26-06-2017