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Could you do one where Harry gets sick, and even has to go to the hospital maybe? and the missus takes care of him?

y/n has never met anyone more stubborn than harry, he would go through anything to make sure she knew how strong and brave he was. So that’s how they got to where they were.

It’d been a good week since harry’d gotten sick, y/n would take care of him as much as she could by offering him medicine (that he wouldn’t take, so she often had to put it in his soup) and starting baths for him and washing his hair— and whatnot, as well as rubbing his back, but now he had gone too far.

Since he hadn’t taken his meds while y/n was at work he felt worse than ever. He had a pretty bad fever, he felt like he couldn’t breath properly, he also had chest pains, and he felt incredibly tired and weak. Harry didn’t want to alarm y/n so he didn’t inform her of the situation.


“Is he going to be okay?” was the first thing harry heard when he woke up. When y/n got home he found harry unconscious in their bedroom so she called an ambulance and cried the whole way to the hospital.

When he opened his eyes he looked around to see where he was, his girlfriend was sat next to him on his small bed and a nurse was standing in front of her, “yes, dear, according to the tests he has pneumonia, but if he takes his medication and gets plenty of rest he’ll get better in no time. He should be able to leave the hospital tonight,” said the middle aged nurse.

After y/n thanked her, the nurse left and she turned to look at harry. He gave her a small smile before greeting her, “hi, my love,” “you’re in big trouble mister,” she said before kissing his forehead.

“What’d i dooo?” he asked, frowning slightly, “you know what you did, you git. Do you know how i felt when i saw you laying there? Harry, you’ve got pneumonia for god’s sake!” she said, “and just wait till your mother hears about this, she was already so worried about you having a small cold,”

Harry didn’t know what to say, he knew what he did was wrong, he just wanted her to see that he didn’t need anyone’s help, that he was strong enough get over a stupid cold.

“I’m sorry petal, I didn’t mean for it to come to this. I just didn’t want to worry you, you already have enough problems as it is,” he answered, y/n knew what he said was true, she was just so worried about him.

“Harry, you will never be a problem for me. it’s my job to be there for you and to take care of you, I’m always going to no matter what because I love you, it’s my responsibility to keep you safe,” she said with tears in her eyes, “please forgive me, my love, I love you too, pretty girl, with all my heart,”

they stayed there until a nurse went in to give them some instructions about how Harry should be treated and what medicines to buy, and also to tell them it was okay to take Harry home. y/n helped him get dressed (even though he didn’t need much help) and went home.

on their way home, y/n had to stop to get Harry’s medicine, apparently he’s got to take eight pills a day and more pills to counteract the first pills. (do I gotta take ‘em all, bet it tastes like sad rocks), and he was grumpy the whole way home, “have I told you how much I hate being sick?” he asked y/n, “no,” she answered, “that’s because I don’t.”


“Harry, please you’ve got to take your medicine,” y/n said pushing the medicine towards Harry’s face, “but I don’t wanna,” he complained, “I know, baby, but you have to.”

Harry sat there with a thoughtful look on his face, “if I take it would you go take a nap with me?” he asked, y/n hesitated before answering, she had to do a couple of things for work, but she guessed that could wait til later, “fine, but you’ve got to take every single one of your pills, okay?”


“petal?” harry said half asleep, they were cuddling on their bed now like she promised, “yeah?” “thanks for taking care of me and sorry for worrying you, didn’t mean to scare you,” he said, “it’s okay, I’m glad you’re okay now,” she said petting his hair.


sorry for any mistakes and for the shit writing (guess who else had pneumonia) 


I never understood what love was really like, but for the first time I felt it looking in your eyes. - loved you first, one direction.


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ughhhhh…  his eyes are so breathtaking !!. I wish I could just get 5 minutes where I stare into his eyes. It furiates me how i’ll never get to see him up close