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Their new song is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait for the fifth album ! I’m so proud of these four boys, I love them more than everything.

He’s sick during the night.

Anon request:  “ Can you write a One Direction preference where he wakes you up in the middle of the night with a bad stomachache or headache? Thank you!” Well here it is, hope you’ll enjoy!

Liam: You heard him calling your name, you couldn’t tell if it was a dream or if it was real, when you opened your eyes you saw him, sat against the head of the bed. ‘Hey babe, you alright?’ you asked, patting his shoulder gently, a gesture that you stopped at the moment your skin touched his. 'Oh my god Liam you have fever’ you said, but he seemed too weak to even answer, he just mumbled something impossible to understand. 'Come on, you need to take a cold shower, then I’ll bring you a big glass of water’ he just nodded and you helped him to get out of bed. His skin was so hot, it was like you could share his pain. 'Undress babe, I’ll bring you back water’. You almost ran down the stairs and took a cold water bottle from the fridge and pourred a drink. When you walked back to your room, you heard the water running down the shower’s floor. You entered the bathroom and placed the glass next to the ivory washbasin. 'You’ okay honey?’ you said softly, because you knew how sensitive to every noises he could be when he was sick. 'Not really, but it’s better than one hour ago’ he said turning off the shower head. You picked up a blue towel from the drawer and gave it to him. 'Thank you’ he said with a smile. 'Put only a boxer on, your body needs to cool down’ I said softly. 'Thanks to take care of me babe’ he said, starting to drink the glass of water. 'Bottoms up’ you said cheekily. You went to your bedroom to take a clean boxer from his underwears drawer. 'Come back in bed’ you said, handing him his grey calvin klein boxer. 'I love you’ he said, kissing your hand in the process.

Louis: You woke up and looked up to see the hour which was projected on the ceiling and your blurry vision drawed a shining red «3». You looked next to you, where Louis should have been sleeping, but his side of the bed was empty and cold which meant that he was awake since a little bit of time now. You get up and checked if he was in the bathroom, maybe for a shower, during summer, nights were really hot in California, but he wasn’t there. 'Louis?’ you started calling. You heard something coming from the kitchen, or maybe the living room. You started to imagine different scenarios and walked down the stairs really slowly, not to make any noise. Only the light of the TV was lightning up the little kitchen and you saw the silhouette of Louis, sat on one of the island chairs. 'Hey babe, you’re ok?’. When he looked at you, you almost gasped, he was really pale. 'I have a damn stomachache, it hurts so bad’ you came towards him. 'Did you vomit or…I mean you know?’ you asked. 'No and I think that’s why it hurts so much’ he said taking a sip of his tea. 'I took a medicine, I just wait till it takes effect’ he said, sighing. 'I didn’t slept of the night, and I didn’t wanted to woke you up, tomorrow I need to go to rehearsals and…’ 'Hey, it’s ok, we’ll call your management and the boys to tell'em you’re sick, it happens sometimes Lou’ 'I think I’m just gonna sleep on the toilets…you know…in case’. You laughed slightly and looked up at him. 'I’ll stay with you till your little stomach feels better’

Niall: 'Fuck’ you heard him mumble. You open one eye and turned around on your other side to face him. 'Hey Ni, is everything ok?’ you said, placing your warm hand on his thigh. 'I have the worst headache ever, I swear it’d never been so hurtful before’ he said, placing his hand on his forehead. 'Can I check?’ you said as he let you place your hand on his forehead, 'You’re a little bit hot’ you said. 'Every sound is assaulting me like…even the sound of cars which are passing by outside’ 'Sleep honey, you’ll feel better when you’ll wake up’ 'I tried to sleep, but…I can’t, I mean I’m so nervous, tomorrow the boys are doing a photoshoot for our new single and…what if I’m missing?’ you placed a soft kiss on his hand and looked up at him 'Just relax babe, do you want me to massage your forehead or else?’ 'No thanks babe, it’s nice from you but I think I’ll just try to sleep a little’ he said, relaxing, closing his eyes. 'Can we cuddle?’ he said opening one arm. 'Of course’ you said in a whisper, as you get closer to him, placing his arm under your head. 'Wait’ you said getting out of bed. You entered your bathroom searching some medicine for heachache in you messy drawers. 'Found it!’ you said, heading towards your bed. 'Take it with some water, then sleep, and you’ll feel much better’ you said, placing a single kiss on his forehead. 'Thanks babe, you’re the bestest’ he said, with a wink 'Yeah keep your strenght for later, I’m going back to sleep now because I’m working tomorrow’ you said, turning off the light. 'Goodnight love’ 'Goodnight Ni, 'hope you’ll feel better in the morning’

Harry: You woke up suddenly after an awful nightmare, your hand searched Harry’s body next to you but it reached only a cold sheet, what if your nightmare had been real all that time? You abruptly get out of bed and ran down the stairs, only to find a sleeping Harry on the couch, in front of the TV which showed Friends’ old episodes. You looked at him, he was more pale than usual, his lips were less pink and he was foaming a little. You wondered when he came here, you didn’t even knew what time it was. You tried to be discreet but the clumsy person you are dropped the remote on the tiled floor. 'Shit’ you whispered. 'Did I woke you up babe?’ he said in a deep look a like morning voice. 'You didn’t woke me up. But I did’ you said, placing the remote on the coffee table. 'Why did you came here in the middle of the night?’ you asked, relaxing in the sofa next to him as he held a hand to his forehead. 'Bad headache, I was shifting a lot so I decided not to wake you up, and come down here. Lucky me, there was old episodes of Friends on TV’ he said with a weak smirk. 'You should take some medecine’ I said, patting gently his tattooed arm but he giggled. 'If I continue to take medicines every time I’m a little bit sick, my body will lost every immune defenses’ ’…but if it’s really painful…’ 'It’s not that painful babe, I mean, it was one hour ago, but I slept, and I feel already better’ you placed a kiss at the base of his neck, his skin was so hot against your lips. 'Do you want me to make us tea, lemon tea, your favorite when you’re a little bit sick’ he smiled and ran a hand through your Y/H/C hair. 'It would be really nice from you kitten. I love you’


Other fandoms/famous people: *talks mad shit about 1D*

1D Fandom: *ends careers and roasts other fandoms but also talks shit about 1D bc they’re their boys and they don’t give a fuck*

I Don't Even Know Your Name (Louis Tomlinson Imagine) *HIS POV* - Handwritten Album Series)

I Don’t Even Know Your Name | Handwritten Album Series

I’ve waited so long for this day, it’s hard to stand out when you’re plain me. I’m not like other girls. I’m not perfect, I’m not what you’d put on a front cover. I’m me. And I, happy with that. I don’t have to do anything at prom but be myself and have fun. Louis Tomlinson the most popular guy in school, is talking to me. He’s noticed me.

“Wow, y-you look great.” He says looking at me wide-eyed. He looks into my eyes, it feels like it’s the first time we’ve had eye contact. I smile at him. “You have beautiful eyes.” He says to me over the blaring loud music. He leans in, nearing my face, I assume it’s to tell me something, but whatever it was he was gonna do, it was interrupted. His friends came and pulled him away, and then he was gone. The highlight of my evening has just been taken away from me.

Everywhere I go, I see Louis’ face. Now I can’t get him out my head. The schools almost ending and he’ll never know the effects he had on me. Now he’s gone, he’s with his friends, he’s probably forgotten about me already. Yet I can’t stop thinking about him.

I can’t handle Louis not knowing how I feel about him. All this time and he’s finally noticed me. I pace around the hall, searching for him. There’s not even a place to begin as everywhere space is occupied, there’s no easy way to find Louis. He’s punched a hole in my heart somehow, I feel so different. No ones ever made me feel like this. I won’t stop looking for him, I want him to hold me in his arms at least once. Just one time. That’s all I ask for.

The prom is ending and I haven’t found Louis, this is horrible. Everyone’s slow-dancing and having fun, yet I’m sat in a chair wishing the guy of my dreams would appear right now.

I feel a slight tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see Louis. I smile widely at him. Just like I did before. “Look, I’ve been searching for you all night. A-And I don’t even know your name. I remember your eyes, and that smile. I know it’ll be in my head everyday. And it may be weird but I want to know you. I-I want to know who you are.” He stutters to me. “Let me start, I’m Louis.” He grins. “I’m (Y/N).” I smile again, no smile can be wiped off my face now. Now he knows me as (Y/N). It all began with ‘I Don’t Even Know Your Name’.