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  1. Briana deleted a lot of Freddie pictures
  2. B’s family relatively silence on SM
  3. Denial on friday with Dan Wrinkle
  4. Eleanor’s name being key on interviews
  5. Dan Wrinkle has yet another exclusive with Louis tomorrow (monday)

I dont wanna get my hopes up but my my hopes are doing the tango over the moon right now

Lilly : Ok, c’est à moi ? Logan.
Logan : Vérité.
Lilly : Qu’est-ce que tu as pensé de Veronica la première fois que tu l’as vue ?
Logan : Je sais pas, j’ai pensé qu’elle était bonne.
Veronica : J’avais 12 ans quand tu as emménagé !
Logan : Oh, et comme si tu ne le faisais pas exprès, avec ton short et tes grandes chaussettes.
Veronica : C’est mon uniforme de foot !
Logan : Et alors! Ça a marché !

Veronica Mars. 


Started back to school this week. It kind of sucked but here are some fics that are good at distracting from the wonderful world of school. Enjoy :)

Feel The Chemicals Burn In My Bloodstream (123k)

“Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender.

Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.”

Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?”

“That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.”

Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

As Wicked As Anything Could Be (21k)

It starts when Louis decides that he wants to lose his cherry and announces that he thinks the best way to do that is by going to a gay club. Naturally, Harry can’t let him go alone, so he tags along and spends the night rating guys with Louis until someone finally catches Louis’s eye.

Harry shoves him out to dance with the guy, and he can already tell that it’s going to be a quick and dirty hook up, so he’s not surprised that Louis and the guy disappear into the bathroom ten minutes later.

It is a surprise when Louis comes out not even two minutes later, pale and clammy, grabs Harry by the hand and drags him right out the door.

Somehow Harry comes to the decision that it would be a good idea for him to be in the room with Louis while Louis gets laid.

It’s a stupid fucking decision.

Turning From Paradise (128k)

Louis has had a strict Christian upbringing that he never realized he resented until he meets Harry Styles, a boy who lives to rebel and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. But the better he gets to know Harry, the more he begins to realize that maybe Harry does care. And maybe “the children who God forgot” are closer to God than the devout will ever be.

Always One Foot On The Ground (47k)

“Listen. We’ll spend the next month pretending to be madly, outrageously in love. And then, we’ll stage a breakup so horrendous and heartbreaking that Liam and Zayn regret setting us up on this ridiculous blind date for the rest of their lives. You in?”

The Valentines Day themed AU where Liam and Zayn won’t leave Louis alone about his policy against dating, Louis enlists Harry on the fake boyfriends adventure of a lifetime, and Niall is not above bribing everyone with food to get what he wants.

Sing While You’re Winning (90k)

Harry is fifteen minutes late to the office on the day Louis Tomlinson comes out as gay.

Or, the one where Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other.

Can I Make It Any More Obvious (35k)

“I don’t have a good past. With boys. I’ve dated some crap guys who’ve done terrible things to me and I've…I’ve done some crazy shit with some guys, and Niall and Liam have always pulled me through, they’ve always had my best interests in mind. And they…they don’t think that you’re good for me.” Louis finished, sighing and looking down at the tiles. “And the least I can do is listen to them, because I really do adore you, but if I get with you and I fuck things up, like I tend to do, then I’ll lose their trust and yours, and I don’t want that. I can’t–I can’t deal with that. It’d kill me.”

[AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from]

Tomlin-Toes: A barefoot Louis masterpost

I must confess that I have a Louis Tomlinson foot fetish. I never thought it would be possible to like anyone’s feet, but I seriously love his adorable tiny feet and how he loves being barefoot. So I have decided to make a masterpost of sorts with different pictures and gifs of barefoot Louis collected over time. Enjoy ♥

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