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One Direction get pranked on Nickelodeon (Good Quality)

Preference #18: You Get Hate for Your Weight

A/N: This was requested by @secretdreamer531, so here you go babe.

Liam: You weren’t fat by any means, Liam loved your curves and he made sure you knew it, it was a normal day and you and Liam were leaving your house, the flashes from the paparazzi started as soon as you stepped out of the door “Hey Y/N you’ve gained a few pounds eh?”  Liam squeezes your hand glaring at the pap and gets you in the car.
The tears fall down your cheeks as you put your head in your hands, you sob quietly and  your boyfriend holds you close to him “Baby don’t listen to them, you’re beautiful” he murmurs
“No I’m not you heard them Im fat!” you argue and cuddle into him more, your sobs continuing.
Liam’s heart breaks and he rubs your back trying to soothe you “Sweetheart please no crying, it breaks my heart to see you like this”
You wipe your cheeks and look up at him , my wonderful boyfriend “ I love you Liam” you sniffle and kiss him softly rubbing his stubbly cheek, he pulls out his phone tweeting this:

Niall (His pov): Y/N and i had gone out to a club and were just getting ready to leave, walking out of the club i was surrounded by fans and lost her “Fuck where’d y/n go?” i look around worried you had gotten hurt.
“Its a good thing she got her fat ass out of the way” a fan snickers and continues to snap pictures of me.
I loose it, i don’t want to blame the alcohol but i lost it “ The fuck did you say?” i grab her phone “Get that out of my face! what did you say?” i repeated and glare at them not caring if I’m mean at all. the rude fan cowers back and the crowd disperses. “Y/N?” i see her around the corner tears in her eyes.
“Niall” she chokes out as she covers up a sob with her shirt sleeve, i rushed over to her pulling her into my arms.
“Im here princess, I’m so sorry, none of that is true” i stutter out trying to calm myself down, “Lets get home” i whisper and rush her to the car, making sure her face was covered from the fans and paps with my jacket.

Louis (your pov): I have been hiding the hate from louis, i know he’s been stressed and i don’t need to add to it, he came up behind me and threw his phone down on the bed making me jump.
“Whats this Y/N” he questions and i look at the phone seeing the hashtag ‘#Y/Nisfat’
“your fans are bored” i shrug trying to play it off as if i haven’t starved myself for the last two days.
“You and i both know thats a lie, did you know about this?” he presses on and i stand up, stumbling a bit “woah woah” he catches me and frowns “Lie down. now.” he helps me into the bed and lies next to me “Whens the last time you’ve had a decent meal baby”
“yesterday i had some celery”  I mumble feeling like i could pass out at any second.
“Is that all you’ve eaten? baby…” he trails off and pulls me closer “ I’ll order whatever you want in.. anything. you need to eat now”
I sigh “Im craving McDonald’s, can you send someone?” i confess and look up at you sadly “Im sorry”
“shh don’t be sorry baby girl its ok” he coos and pulls out his phone to tweet:  

Harry( your pov): Harry has always dated models, and i was far from a model. That thought has been running through my mind for almost 12 months now, and  harry had taken notice a long time ago “ morning beautiful” he pulls you closer as i suck in my stomach.
“Morning haz” i murmur and look back at him
“why do you do that?” he frowns
“Do what?” i look at him confused
“Suck in your stomach whenever I touch it, i don’t like just feeling your ribcage” he pulls you closer not letting you go.
“Its because my stomach isn’t flat like you like” i whisper and sigh
“What do you mean ‘ like i like” baby?” he strokes my cheek making me whimper
“Im not skinny like the other girls you dated before.” i confess and hide my face in his bare chest
“what in the bloody hell baby?” harry sits up “You weigh nothing! you need to gain some weight if you ask me” he kisses you “You’re perfect”

He tweets about your tattoo







1D Hiatus: Day 42

* Ashley (Briana’s cousin) posts a picture of a baby on Instagram/someone photoshopped it, it’s deleted after a while, TMZ tweets that picture with caption: “Louis Tomlinson – Newborn Son … Ridiculously Cute (PHOTO)” with a link to an article about it, but later deletes it; it’s weird because if you search “newborn baby tumblr” on Google this picture is the first to pop out

* The Sun and Daily Mail post articles about Louis’ child’s name being Sydney Rain

* A fake Daisy Tomlinson account tweets that Louis’ child’s name is neither Sydney Rain nor Jacob, Ashley retweets it (probably doesn’t know it’s a fake account)

* Liam is in LA

* Louis’ mum is in LA, she replies to a fan’s DM on Twitter

* Harry, Anne and Robin attend Jeff Azoff’s birthday party

* RBB’s Twitter account posts two pictures taken at the Heathrow airport in London

* The band Baaba Maal tweets a picture of RBB at their concert

* An unseen picture of Louis in Chicago from December is posted on Twitter

It’s Jan 24th, 2016.