louis tomlinson bird tattoo


Naruto: I can’t think of anything but a fox tattoo for Naruto, probably on his arm

Sasuke: I see Sasuke with a badass dragon tattoo

Sakura: I always imagine Sakura getting a cherry blossom tattoo on her hip or back

Itachi: probably a crow on his chest or something

Hinata: I like to think Hinata would get a sunflower tattoo

Shino: I just can’t imagine anything but some type of a bug tattooed somewhere on his body

Kiba: I imagine Kiba with a badass tattoo sleeve with like skulls and shit

Ino: I read this somewhere (this is the fan art of it) but I think Ino would get the InoShikaChou clan symbols tattooed on her back with flowery designs

Shikamaru: I imagine Shikamaru with a deer tattoo on his bicep (like the one Louis Tomlinson has)

Neji: I see him getting a bird tattoo on his neck

Tenten: I imagine Tenten with a tattoo sleeve and probably a few others

Lee: I wouldn’t be surprised if he tattooed ‘youth’ on his forehead, but besides that, I think he’d have ‘never give up’ tattooed somewhere on his body (his arm or chest)

(note: I don’t own any of these pictures.)

All Larry’s matching tattoos:

- Hi and oops

- Boat and compass

- Butterfly and it is what it is

- Anchor and rope

- Rose and dagger

- Birds and cage

- 17 Black and deer

- Heart and arrow

- Horseshoe and nails

- Key and padlock

- I can’t change and question marks (harry cover up his i can’t change tattoo with the anchor tattoo)

They have 10/11 matching tattoos and you still think it’s just a coincidence?

I was minding my own business, walking home with Ed Sheeran on shuffle when I had to stop dead in my tracks. Harry always said that his favorite Ed song was Little Bird and I never thought much of it until listened to the chorus again.

now I don’t even need to explain their size difference bc

anyways i instantly thought of the swallow tattoos

and we all know the know conspiracy (which!!!?!!?!)

in conclusion louis is harrys little bird and i am emotionally distraught.