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Outfit preference- Halloween party

Harry-  vampire 

Louis- 1920s flapper

Liam- Day of the dead Senorita

Niall- skeleton 

Zayn- nothing in particular…you don’t like the whole costume thing 


                                                                   july 23 8:22 pm
                            one band. one dream. one direction.

                    does it ever drive you crazy
                                just how fast the night changes?

 “you’re too talanted to let go”

                                         always in my heart Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn xxx

                                               Forever young i wanna be forever young

we always remember this


from torn to firperoof
from stairs on xfactor to big stadium in the world

one of the best memories - video diares.




 we all google this: “funny moments one direction”

i am not okay bc really????? WTF?????5 years??????????????????

directioners is my family.

i love you guys, thanks for AMAZING 5 years.

always 5/5

                                                                                    all the love xx

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when i was your man

Niall’s P.O.V.

“GET OUT!!!!” I yelled at her tears streaming down her face but I ignored them “but Niall i-” “OUT!” I yelled pointing to the door she grabbed her stuff and ran out the door slamming it on her way out. The door vibrated the house and our picture fell. “What did I just do? would she ever cheat on me?  she would never do that. Would she? What have I just done I let the love of my life go” I picked up my phone and tried txting (y/n) “princess please answer im sorry I know you would’t cheat on me please forgive me” “no Niall if I was your princess you would’ve believed me when I told you the TRUTH” “I know and i’m sorry just please come back to me I need you in my life” “Bi Niall” then the conversation ended I felt my heart beat getting slower and slower “she’s gone” I whispereed to myself and drifted off to sleep.*at an interview a month later*interviewer: so Niall what happened to you and (y/n)? *a tear slides down his cheek but ignores it*Niall: um i guess we were'nt made for eachother. *Liam pats his back and whispers “if you want to let (y/n) how you feel let her know say it” Niall picks his head up and looks at the camera* “(y/n) I miss you so much I wasso stupid but I probably won’t get you back and I just want to wish you and your new boyfriend luck” he fakes a smile and looks down. You happened to be watching that interview but you had to turn it off cause you missed him so much you leaned your head back on yor boyfriends chest. “I love you” He whispered it took you a little while to respond but then you said “I love you too"    *later that night* "hey Niall do you wanna go see Bruno Mars at the club tonight?” Liam asked “sure” Niall said getting up to get ready. You were going to the club tonight too to see Bruno Mars because he was you favorite singer your boyfriend surprised you with it and you were so excited. *at the club* You walked in expecting to have a good time then you saw the boys. You sighed hoping they wouldn’t notice you. When you were talking with your boyfriend you felt like someone was watching you but you tried to ignore it but you couldn’t help you turned around and saw Niall with tears in his eyes it really hurt you to see him crying everytime you ran into him. You felt millions of little tears forming in your eyes but needed to keep hem in you turned around and started talking again so you wouldn’t need to cry in front of Niall. It felt like his big blue eyes were burning the back of your head and it made you want to cry even more. A little while later the music started and it was the perfect  song the one you listened to when you broke up with Niall the one that made you cry every time you heard it. “perfect” you sighed to yourself.You watched Niall walk to the back og the room and sit down watching tear by tear fall from his eyes every tear hurt you more. Your boyfriend grabbbed your waiste and started dancing with you saying back and forth it just didn’t feel right not like it would if you were dancing with Niall. After the concert you said to yourr boyfriend “I’m gonna go home and i’ll textyou later” you ran out the door and went to your house. When you got the your doorstep there were roses with a note that said “That I should have bought you flowers and held your hand
Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance
Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby is dancing, but she’s dancing with another man.” “princess I miss you and I hope you miss me too I love you-Niall” a tear fell and landed one the paper making the ink smudge. You walked inside and texted your boyfriend “sorry but I don’t think this is going to work out I know I should’ve said this in person but I needed to tell you quick so ya i’m sorry but this is something I should’ve done a while ago” “its Niall isn’t it? it’s fine if you ever want me back i’ll be here” “I think you should find a new girl I don’t think i’ll be leaving anytime soon” You said and turned your phone off then went to bed. In the morning you went to the store to buy some stuff and when you saw the magazines the title on all of them were “(y/n) breaks up with (y/b/n) will she go back to Niall?” you laughed at how quick they found out about this stuff then left the store and went to Niall’s house. You knocked on his door and he answered with a whisper “hello?” “Hi Niall I broke up with (y/b/n) if you didn’t know” “ya it’s everywhere but why?” you laughed and answered “well I realised that I still have feelings for you and if you still want me to be your princess I will gladly take you back” Niall gave you a big hug and said “yes you don’t know how long i’ve waited for you to say that” Niall said you gave him a kiss and he had a huge smile on his face through the whole thing “I love you (y/n)” Niall said “I love you too Niall!"You said and smiled

(a/n) sorry there’s no paragraphs my computer wouldn’t let me do that it would delete anything. I know this is weird but it just came to me right when I heard this song. I really need feedback and I take requests 24/7 and I promise I will always have them up as soon as possible:)

Preference #21 your dirty pregnancy 4/5

Louis- “not today Louis. I’m not in the mood.” you responded to Lou as he asked you to go out to eat with him. “okay we’ll I’ll just invite another lady friend.” “um no you won’t, I have your sperm inside of me, so guess what? That means I’m your lady friend, but I’m just taking guesses. I dont know it you stick yourself inside all of your friends..but…I’m assuming no.” you almost laughed at your own joke but kept strong. “guess I’m going alone or maybe I’ll call Harry.” “no you won’t. You’re mine. All mine. Let’s just get it delivered. We can have a fun day together here.” he was convinced enough to stay. “Lou, do you think..we could..have sex..?” you asked him. “isn’t that how this whole pregnancy started and your 6 months pregnant?” he looked puzzled. “yeah but it’s what I really want we know the restrictions the doctor explained them and you said you’d do all you could for me and I need you to do me.” you’d pretty much got him there. “you know what? I guess so. ” You both stripped down and onto the bed. You passionately kissed and pressed your bodies onto one another’s. Your tongue spilled into his mouth. They intertwined. Louis went and pressed his manhood onto your stomach and then you were fully turned on. He kissed all over your body and made his way lower each time. by the time he reached your crotch, you were super wet. “gosh, youre wet. Didn’t know you wanted me that much.” he licked and kissed your inner thighs. You spread your legs and he blew into your vagina. The breeze felt nice. He started kissing it and then made his toungue inside. He licked up and down. It was like a rush. It felt amazing. He went faster and faster each time. “Lou Lou Lou! mmmmm Lou. uhhhhh.” you mumbled in between groans. He knew you well enough so know when you were going to orgasm. You had a while still. He took his fingers and spread your vagina completely and started to lick it. “uhhh louis oh my fucking god. ohhhhh.” it was like the best feeling in the world. It felt absolutely amazing. He stuck his toungue in and let his fingers go so his toungue was complete in you. It went side to side and it sent you over the edge. You cummed and decided since he was being a fucking god, you’d get him good. You took both hands and pumped super fast. You kissed his balls as you did that and he almost got the chills. Then you stuck him fully in your mouth. His fingers intertwined in your hair. He was directing your head. You Sucked really hard and took him down throat. You placed him out of your mouth, then started to pump him super fast. He was about to cum so you opened your mouth and swallowed. “mmm.” you said before you laid next to him. “god Lou, where’d you suddenly pick up the skills?” seriously though. “well, I’ve had to keep my hands off of you for so long, I guess I did whatever.” he chuckled. “while it was pretty damn good for me being pregnant. How about pizza?” “sounds good to me.” he said as you hopped out of bed and placed a delivery.

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one direction- Buying Condoms

request- Can you place do a 1d pref where you guys buys condoms together or he’s embarrassed ha please

word count- 1500+

rating- PG-13

A/N-  so in two of them he isn't embarrassed its more that you are embarrassed but i hope that's still okay. 



you were at the store with Harry buying some shampoo since he ran out of his favorite one that morning. “i think it went so fast because you have been using it” he said as you stood in the aisle. “i only used it once or twice so don't blame me” you said laughing at him as he tried to figure out why he ran out so quickly. “I'm sure its just because your hair is longer now…so the bottle gets used up quicker” you said as your hand went up to his now long hair and you ran your fingers through then ends. He grabbed what he needed and put it in the basket that he was caring along with a new bottle of tooth paste and a pack of gum that you guys had put in there earlier. as you walked to the front of the store to check out suddenly harry stopped walking. “what?” you asked him. “i feel like I'm forgetting something else i needed to get” he stood there thinking for a second before he remembered and ran towards the back of the store. you wereconfused but followed him. when you reached him he was standing in front of the condom section with a box in his hand. “should we get the normal ones i usually get or try something new?” he asked you. “i don't care…you can decide..but can you hurry there are a lot of people here” you said looking around at all the people that were shopping. “okay okay” he said picking one and walking away from the section that embarrassed you. 


you and Louis where laying on his bed as things were getting hot and heavy. both of your shirts were off and things were movie fast when suddenly Louis stopped kissing your neck and sat up. “whats wrong?” you asked him since he had abruptly stopped his previous actions. he opened the night stand drawer that was next to his bed. “i just need to check something” he said as he moved things around. “no this cant he happening” he sad a he continued looking. “what?” “no more condoms…i was going to buy them yesterday but when i went to the store there were a bunch of fans and i was too embarrassed” he explained to you. “well no sex tonight then” you said as you got up and pulled on your shirt. “that's not true. come on lets go to the store real quick” the way he looked at you convinced you to agree and go with him. when you walked in you both went straight to the aisle that had what you needed and just looked at all the choices. “pick one and lets go"you said because he was taking too long. "i need a minuet..they don't have the kind i usually get” “okay well hurry up” you said as you looked at the other things that were next to the condom section. “are you embarrassed love?" Louis asked you with a smile. "yes so lets go” “no one is even here right now because its late” he told you and he did have a point. once he picked which box he wanted he started walking away but then stopped and went back. “what now?” you asked confused. “well last time you were a little dry so i want to try some of this” he said walking back to you holding a bottle of lube. “yeah I'm going to the car” you said as you immediately walked away as you heard Louis laughing. 


Liam had taken you out on a amazing date. everything had been planned perfectly. when you got home there was a box waiting for you with a new dress to wear tonight and when he picked you up he gave you beautiful flowers. Everything so far had just been so sweet and perfect. when you got into the car after dinner he asked if you wanted to go see a movie or if there was anything else you wanted to do. “i would be happy just going to your place” you said with a smile as you rested your hand on his thigh. doing that made he understand exactly what you were insinuating. he smiled and started driving home. “shit” he said which surprised you because you both had been quiet before he swore. “whats wrong?” you asked him. “i forgot to buy condoms” he said with an embarrassed smile. “oh…that's a problem” you said also a little embarrassed. he decided to drive to a near by store to pick some up. when he parked the car he looked over to you and gave you his cutest smile he could. “do you think you could run in and get them?” he asked you. “yeah that's not going to happen…i don't even know what kind to get” you said “well i can tell you…its a blue box and says extra large on it with a-” you cut him off while he was explaining. “Liam I'm not doing it….just go in and be quick” you told him as he grabbed a jacket from his back seat and pulled the hood up as he ran inside. it was only maybe two minuets later that he ran out with a small bag. “how was it?” you asked. “well i recognized someone in there so it was almost very awkward” he told you as you laughed. 


“Niall I'm leaving” you yelled into the other room. “where are you going” he asked as he walked to where you were. “just down to the store to buy a couple things. do you need anything?” you asked him as you put on your jacket. “yeah a couple of things” he said as he picked up your small shopping list and added a few things at the bottom. he handed it back to you and kissed your cheek as you walked out. when you got in your car you looked at what he added. most of it was food and snacks that he wanted but the last thing surprised you. you got up and walked back into the house. “Niall i am not buying condoms” you yelled out and he walked back in the room moments later. “you weren't supposed to look at the list till you got to the store” he said sounding disappointed. “if you want those you have to come with me.” you told him and he said okay.  when you walked into the store he followed you around avoiding going to the aisle to get what he wanted. “okay i have everything i needed. its your turn.” you told him and he had a nervous look on his face. “what if some one sees me standing there?” he says too you worried he will be spotted. “if you want to have sex then you have to buy condoms…if you are okay not having se-"as you were talking he quickly walked down the aisle you were standing next to. he barely stopped walking as he quickly grabbed the box he recognized and walked back to you. 


"i think you should do it” he said to you. “i completely disagree…i think you should do it” you said back. this had been going on for a bout 10 minuets as you set in your car in front of the store trying to decided who was going to go in and buy condoms. “i always have to do it” he complained. “well yeah…its for your penis..so you buy it” you said simply as he rested his head on the steering wheel. “what if someone sees me?” “well have you ever been caught buying condoms before?” “no but i feel like it will happen someday” he said looking back at you. “well just be quick..in and out and no one will see you” you said as you patted his shoulder. he opened his door and stood up about to walk away but he looked back at you one last time. “are you sure you wont do it?” you shook your had and smiled. “zayn, if you are man enough to use them then you have to be man enough to buy them” you told him as he rolled his eyes and shut the car door. you watched him walk into the store as you got out your phone to play on while you waited. when you realized it had been almost ten minuets you started to worry but as you looked around you saw him quickly walking to the car. “what took so long?” you asked as he set down. “fans…lots of fans” he said as he started to drive away. “did they see the condoms?” you asked him trying not to laugh. “I'm not sure i tried to hide them…but you are doing it next time” you laughed knowing that wasn't going to happen. 

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DNA (Imagine by: Smexystyles and Clover1119)

(Olivia’s P.O.V.)

I walked up to my locker with my music stlill blasting in my ears. I walked up to my locker and started turning the lock; entering my combination. As I slowly opened my locker I saw my best friend Trinity pop up on the other side “Hiya!” She said with a blast of excitement. “Hey! What’s up with the over exciting stuff today?” I asked while getting my books out. “well when I was walking into school today I saw these five really hot guys! I guess their new and their in our first period class!” She answered with an excited expression on her face. “yea….. and?” I asked while starting to walk to my first period class. “and….. I want you to talk to talk to them with me I mean as long as you don’t have your eye on my boy!” She looked at me with pleading eyes. “ummmmm….. No!” I said and laughed as her facial expression dropped. “Why!?!?!?” She whined “Because I don’t even know their names yet k!” I answer then walked into the class nearly dropping my books.

(Trinity’s P.O.V.)

“thinking again aren’t you?” I said with a laugh as she stared in awe. “What no?!” She stuttered. I waved over and smiled at the cute curly haired boy.‘woa he’s hot! I can  so picture myself with him! But that cute blonde haired one too! And the others oh god I’m gonna die this isn’t gonna work out well, but I’m still keeping my eye on that curly cutie!'I thought to myself. A minute later the bell rang and the teacher started to talk, signaling that I needed to sit in my seat. The five boys walked up to the fromt of the room and introduced themselves.


“ok class these our five new boys that will be attending our school from now until…… whenever they decide they want to leave!” The teacher spoke then looked around the room and started directing them where to sit. “Ok um Harry you can sit…… right next to Trinity over there!” He walked over and sat down. “Hello love I’m Harry and you must be Trinity!” He said with a warm smile “Yes that is she I mean me… um hi!” Trinity stuttered a little then focused back on the other boys. Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam were all sitting then there was only one left, it was Niall. “Ummmm how about you sit next to…… Olivia right over there!” The teacher said and Olivia’s eyes lit up and she started blushing a little. “Um hello, I’m Niall nice to meet you Olivia!” Niall smiled and put out his hand for her to shake it.

(Niall’s P.O.V.)

of course she knows im Niall! stupid! the teacher just said it! dang it! ugh why am I so bad with girls??!! I mean look Harry is doing perfect! charming Trinity by the second and I’m over here staring at Olivia like a creep! Oh yea!I think to myself and start to blush while I look to the front of the class where the teacher is. “Um Niall I know this is weird but um would you and Harry like to hang out with me and Trinity after school? umm uh I-I wouldn’t mind that if you want to?” She says with a smile “um yea I would love that! WAnna go out for ice cream or something?” I ask quietly. “Ye-yea that would be great!” She smiles “Hold on one second!” She says as she gets upa nd walks over to Trinity and Harry asking if that’s ok then makes her way back to me. “Sounds like a plan!” She says then sits down and we start to listen to the teacher.


After a boring day at school we all walk around town until we reach the ice cream shop. “it’s on us girls!” Harry says and smiles “No it’s ok we got it!” Trinity says starting to take out her walet. “No we got it guys really!” Niall says and they pay before anyone can complain. “thanks guys!” Olivia says and smiles. The sun is starting to set and it’s getting pretty late but it’s a friday so you all decide to go to the park and watch the sunset. You all run to the bench but there isn’t enough room and both of the boys got the seats. “Hey where are we gonna sit?” Trinity asks as she puts her hands on her hips. The boys glance at eachother “well Trinity you can sit right here with me!” Harry smirks and pats on his lap and Niall does the same to Olivia. “Com on’ Liv!” Niall says grabbing her rist and sits her on his lap. WE all watch the sunset then decide that it’s time to go. “I"m really tired I’m gonna get going I had fun though! Thanks for this! I already know we’re all gonna be like the best friends on earth!” Olivia said and gave both the boys hugs as did Trinity then they hoped in the car and started to drive home.

(In the car ((Olivia and Trinity)))

“woa they are great aren’t they!” Trinity said as Olivia focused on the road. “yea but I hate to say that I think Niall and I aren’t gonna get any closer than best frineds” Olivia says with a half smile. “No no no obviously you like eachother trust me it’ll happen!” Trinity says with a reasuring look on her face. “Yea no probably not but you and Harry are definately gonna work out!” Olivia says with a smile as she pulls into her driveway. “yea, I know not to brag or anything haha!” Trinity says as she steps out of the car. “yea, haha it’s fine wanna sleep over tonight?” Olivia asks as she opens the door to her flat. “yea, oh and Harry just texted me and we’re gonna video chat!” Trinity says with a smile as she runs into your room and gets on your computer and sets everything up.

(video chat)

“ready! their here!” Trinity yells and Olivia walks over and waves “Hi! But, I’ll be back I’m gonna get some pj’s on!” Olivia says as she walks into the bathroom and changes. “yea, I’m gonna go get some pj’s on too!” Niall says and leaves Trinity and Harry allone. “Hey, um I know we just met and everything but I really like you Trinity and I want to ask you to be my girlfriend! So, um will you?” Harry asks nervously. “yes of course, but um I just want to ask you if you think Niall and Olivia should date? Cause Olivia thinks they won’t become more than friends!” Trinity says witha smile. “What?!?! that’s the stupidest thing ever! obviously they like eachother! Wait when they both get back say your going to get some food and I’ll do the same and we could see what they say!” Harry says then Olivia and Niall walk back in soon after eachother. “I’m gonna get some food!” Trinity says as she gets up “Me too!” Harry says and leaves the room. “what!?” Olivia says then focuses back at Niall. “Hey Ni, I mean Niall haha!” Olivia says nervously “haha it’s ok Liv-Olivia!” Niall says then things get silent “so I had fun tonight!” Olivia said “Yea me too!” Niall says and runs his hand through his hair. “Ummmmm yea……..” Olivia starts waiting for something to happen

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